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1  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Kontes Becassine Pertama: menangkan hard wallet, steelwallet, dan satoshi! on: April 29, 2023, 08:51:53 PM
Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Salam sejahtera untuk teman-teman SFI semua.

Ini adalah Kontes Becassine yang Pertama, dia Menyelenggarakan Kontes di mana teman-teman dapat memprediksi Harga Bitcoin pada Hari Pizza pada tanggal 22 Mei dan memenangkan hadiahnya dompet hard wallet, steelwallet, dan satoshi! Tujuan dari kontes ini adalah untuk memprediksikan harga bitcoin dalam mata uang Prancis (CHF). Berikut ini hadiah yang dapat dimenangkan dalam kontes ini:

  • Dompet hard wallet BitBox02, senilai 139 euro (untuk juara pertama)
  • Steelwallet, senilai 65 euro (untuk juara kedua)
  • 0,003 BTC. Jika tidak ada sponsor yang bertambah, hadiah dalam bentuk BTC akan dikirimkan (untuk pemenang juara tiga)


hadiah pertama: bitbox pilihan Anda (tersedia 2 model). Nilai 139 euro.

hadiah kedua:  steelwallet. Harga : 65 euro.

Namun, Jika jumlahnya sponsornya bertambah, maka akan dibagi sebagai berikut: 50% juara pertama, 30% juara kedua dan 20% juara ketiga, Untuk lebih lengkapnya teman-teman bisa langsung pergi ke utas aslinya.

Penulis: Becassine
Utas original:

Syarat dan ketentuan:

1. Peringkat peserta minimum Full Member
2. Peserta harus memperoleh merit minimal 10 Selama tiga bulan terkahir
3. Dilarang menggunakan Multi Akun
4. peserta harus menebak harga BTC dalam Prancis (CHF) di CoinMarketCap pada tanggal 22 Mei, saat Hari Pizza Bitcoin.
5. Batas waktu prediksi hingga 6 Mei, 23:59:59 waktu Paris.

Ada tambahan juga, Jika teman-teman yang berminat memakai tanda tangan juga bisa, kode tangan ini dibuat oleh jayce khusus untuk kontes.

[center][table][tr][td][/td][td][url=][color=#000][font=Arial black][size=8pt][i]GUESS [size=11pt][color=#f7931a]BITCOIN[/color] PRICE[/size]
AND [size=13pt]WIN A BITBOX![/size][/size][/font][/td][td][/td]
[td][center][url=][font=Arial black][size=9pt][color=#5e94bf]MAKE YOUR GUESS BEFORE[/size][/font]
[font=impact][size=17pt][color=#5e94bf]►  [color=#000]7[sup][size=9pt]th[/size][/sup] May 2023[/color]  ◄[/size][/font][/td]
[td][center][font=Verdana][size=7pt][b][i][color=#5e94bf][u]        [color=#000]Sponsored by        [/size][/font]

2  Economy / Economics / Why America Can Be The Biggest Economy In The World? on: April 18, 2023, 03:22:03 PM

Sumber gambar :

In this thread, I want to discuss the story of a country that for the last 100 years has succeeded in becoming the largest economic power in the world, especially if it's not the United States. even though about 150 to 200 years ago the American economy was nothing when compared to, for example, the British Empire, the Chinese empire and also the kingdoms in Hindustan, but only in a short time, the current American country could become a giant power in proportion to GDP (Gross Domestic Product). reached 24% of all GDP in the world.

right now even if for example compared to other countries, America is 20 times larger than the GDP of other countries, even the number of financial assets in America in 2021 then covers 28% of all financial assets in the world. in the same year, now entering America's natural wealth, it has the second largest natural resource in the world with a value of 45 trillion dollars which includes coal, natural gas, copper, gold, wood and many more specifically with gold America has the largest gold reserves in the world. world today, namely 8,133 tons. this gold reserve of America's wealth does not include its vocal vocal industry like Hollywood and also the music industry and also the technological empire that almost monopolizes access to information technology around the world.

So the question now is why did America become such a big economic power? even though if we look at the history of America 100 to 200 years ago it was just a nomadic colony which was a runaway from the Europeans so at the beginning of their independence in 1776 the American people were still very far from the word prosperous, most people in America needed to fight to fight against the ferocity nature and winter even fought against the local population to be able to survive everyday with a GDP that was only 2% of the world's GDP at that time. The United States is by no means considered a force to be reckoned with. My question is what are the factors that make the United States the largest economy in the world?
3  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / adakah disini yang pernah keliru memasukan privat key saat mendaftar project. on: September 22, 2017, 12:12:31 PM
Sekedar berbagi pengalaman saat di depan monitor dalam kondisi ngantuk atau kurang vit, coba share kesalahan apa yang pernah agan lakukan?
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