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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] VISIO COIN - ultimate video streaming & sharing platform | UNMODERATED on: March 08, 2017, 07:12:21 PM
Original Thread:

This post was deleted twice from the Visio thread and I believe it has grounds to warrant caution in regards to Visio. Sindren similar to how when Odrak requested the ICO addresses, has done nothing but attempt to evade answering these important questions among other.

So azzlack posted these two images in Slack admitting to insider trading which warranted a more in depth investigation

Sindren, you stated in the pre-ann / ICO thread that

ICO will start 27th of Feb and will end when 75btc will be reached or 5th of Mar

Sindren you later post on the 26th that

ICO starting in 6 hrs guys.

implying that the ICO will start at 11:00pm UTC however if we look at azzlack's transaction we see it was sent on 10:55pm UTC

here is another transaction which occurs as early at 4:53pm UTC on the 23rd!

this is BEFORE the ICO thread was even posted

here are some other addresses that sent in btc early before even the 26th!

Can you comment on how people knew to send in BTC before 11pm or even how it is fair that you changed the time from the 27th to later part of the 26th at the last moment? Also comment on the clear indications of insider trading and self-buying as admitted by azzlack and by these transactions on the blockchain.

Here's the list of addresses as provided by Sindren for context

| btc_deposit_addr                   | visio_withdrawal_addr              |
| 15rHwkgL88MWE29qU3axffZ6ncSGm7L9CA | VjWjjDQhSJ38oTXRGwbhj9XsKsr22dJCo9 |
| 1LgdkwBax1TYznoeQMXKMfDYs6tWd7AhfN | VfkFCnrhLWmN8dCMZw5tAEtgbaRa1nfWj6 |
| 1KjhfsoGPiXe7XvyukvCS9WL8PdCKSo1uc | NULL                               |
| 1EPmfr8LspKNYzGvXRbMyhCjWG9LvWMiq9 | Vi8kN4AArsTxxoUbs3Xmjsn7cdnk1Dcyqp |
| 1C5bFVorH7sFeyideYJkZv5p7TDtAXf6xZ | NULL                               |
| 1DLGbFMBRVaLGUboELSULxF5hR2DyiiRPo | Vq9C1g1CgiviwvnrMA1MWoX1Qjn8mBJN2T |
| 1BMavWdyWZeWAyp8iYNgbnEF8G54wTWiqE | VjEHLjXcjHPaBr1eWKvZ7NsvxwQJoc8nUE |
| 1Dx9FNvgQxfEt3uWZ1JoNkziY8Hh3AVLaT | NULL                               |
| 19xzz3mA7aerxZnN2ELGwbY36dkrNC6GiV | NULL                               |
| 19ca4KnqtKJ6L2yKr8qDzhhgxgwG7UCpeU | VepupRX7bVtQZWqEWHNdFSmC7Pqw1U3jNZ |
| 1EZaQsZ7fTQssW2tQFQJVV1f7SwxtB5K1N | NULL                               |
| 1GsVWEvKdJ6vFTsNzP8sNr9ZwAzamXcZBt | NULL                               |
| 15MZia8GXjZiKuKW9xvoYUGjymwZ5Vcv1f | VaXZzokr2axJVemAuE5q9rvADwEYhPAbnW |
| 14RJrSAPFqiR2ny2VWH48M6RmC13ArBgq6 | NULL                               |
| 14aMpkqRGwYJJHVvG4N72JAFWGsnsc4dKB | NULL                               |
| 16tQpWhGzgt6GQEV9ieZwiLy4CjtSRRB1G | NULL                               |
| 12fmehBTWT4dNNv2CwiyKHTLc6wiDwx3MZ | VmczqnpHS7g6snFgsZnXiPap1dGofbFiUp |
| 13YEE74R5CVBCd8SHqZ9jYeiZ4WTCukuPE | NULL                               |
| 14szaVcJrsTAjFPWg3XLamYTw4UP59kX3Y | NULL                               |
| 1BLg64zq9MioxKxkZzco4hSSYdS4rRfL7m | NULL                               |
| 15Azpsnp9TLJwF8wu5NETDZYBchmtVBRZJ | NULL                               |
| 1CHwYxVANz2nzh2vMDConHrRhcBuiM6qJV | NULL                               |
| 1G1MCt1AXLERLvyuwyY89pMiTAZDKeXtnU | Vo73UMD6m94JkzsX2BuCH627TBiit8Eoe2 |
| 17zL6vKeptEqdVnqPEzx6QJ31okK5TyWYD | NULL                               |
| 1BjuCYrMaaRSA5pXqsb4asysRnSfcsaXvk | VaTG5xRP3ANesVvuqpC4fJo33iFdu1z1HD |
| 1H9cZKKZaXC2kwnFqGLrddTs4tePyX6pvy | NULL                               |
| 15pD1MAMkmZ6BZE6TmzxGReNAqaLiooBXs | Veh5NhLf1RXahNQ3c7yptWPtxDp95eLNqH |
| 16816XXNdD9MaepcbEzvFXEiAmod3NotY7 | VtUnaF4PaUaT1tsPbfczaBorVuc1vuBH8k |
| 1QLWMFMPv3UCKGYvhkyVQdg5qjhyJBWbcB | NULL                               |
| 1Gc84X2WXvEED9M8sFdCHy6ZNg3ZrDicsh | NULL                               |
| 1Dp9cZMdRVrycz8cGRTNnUJjdG9pusjZA7 | NULL                               |
| 1295rMFRbPWPVcbF85wSdVZ454esGkGHti | VjNUqdSEJGTry2v3Rb6TaHpCae5ohUwaZk |
| 17osHfnYsDNQZF63L3eGKGsDuUuUFEdr7u | NULL                               |
| 16oUNouW2Y8BHnPkQFUhY5dkwnCNtt66eU | NULL                               |
| 1LFLS9BamrgViGRCaQdxoeWDquLp1oHEJN | NULL                               |
| 1JhdNmYzQQ1QN3Kh1bTyN9gc6Lg3JRDQsC | NULL                               |
| 1FMZHJngr2Jatmj7FomeZ25opy5GugfhFR | NULL                               |
| 1PjEoD8N5dtkagyJ1fbnnRpQwebEGLaxbC | NULL                               |
| 13kBon4KZFD6fg2GhfL8BRB2RYsDSVMSkZ | NULL                               |
| 15vgecYcJRsHrJ9sboWnAtP1xQvFGkNL71 | NULL                               |
| 14foTEB9nEFX5bfKk4R3Bo535pYkdsVKHZ | VsbsU677c2JA5y8DSgxrrWPuFeJfYXP7BX |
| 1G6kckyK7mpZBiLNqzyn43rE8pqeRzikmh | NULL                               |
| 13RUnE2p5v6aUqEdbKTMrM1wsFAEG7jwpi | NULL                               |
| 1FVwWxCSrLd1kW7wmnD75mVj7iRVew5Foj | NULL                               |
| 1JsewKLJFNPo8H9ZbwKJM1ooPmEddj3Y8J | Vsv7XFr4WmRew3365V7LPnbbuALB7LLxMU |
| 1G99ePJa6VNnY5wpusJgBrVwyi1Z2eqmZy | NULL                               |
| 1AB4j4RF9FCxv9Byj7q5KtVjuTDy2joxCG | VrP3otSYbXg4S7iLyaWRAW8Tt19mMivxoX |
| 1NtJK7G44VYcVk18iEeMVNeSiErtheN9Vr | NULL                               |
| 19wjY6o24ntxXhZ4LTW8DNDSWdwqC1HbCm | NULL                               |
| 15hjtdm2o4zraqxydcpigs7zvphM1vnBnw | VeUPsNYYzWQrqyNQrEGtTKaN8w2YF1zheq |
| 1Cnn1QepUfyW9yaoSsqk9akxPNi2gxUMSq | Ve71iPjKa6r4d4SJQszQxEtvsg1dzLbfU7 |
| 1BqYdTA9ygzv5JgCKEpqvYQjZnSS1PsFDm | VvLr6Ra6qJchy2ERaouZULqHG5iCk5qQYc |
| 1KJ5mFMJwaQatXxRJH7EsWhh1TQ1HbfUG7 | Vn1NamQQZ6GQd1BR8jNcgxbDnp6vXmP6bA |
| 14SF45yiUSaaqstFx9qELRimCEd65hVHjG | NULL                               |
| 19DNkpyqiGg1Y5XQLpSJpACfbmrBB1NuqR | NULL                               |
2  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] League Of Legends RP code on: March 14, 2015, 04:31:53 PM
Anyone have a $20 or $10 RP code for sale?
if so what rate?

Post here (No PM)
3  Economy / Digital goods / The Collapse of the Bitcoin Generator Bot on: March 12, 2015, 05:52:06 PM
Rich is no longer trustworthy.  I would avoid all contact till he makes right of his wrongs.  A lot of users have lost quite a bit of money purchasing a bot that doesn't function correctly.

First off I would like to say master-p and I were just the reviewers for this and we were given vouch copies ONLY to test this service.  

Yesterday I had noticed that a lot of my accounts went offline (I believe I was the first to experience this).  All the proxies I was using were being banned.  At first I had thought it was the the fact I was using for all my emails (which could of been a trigger along with the ref links), but later on I had noticed my proxies were actually banned.  I had immediately alerted master-p and he chimed in stating all his accounts were still functioning, but during the night I had received notification via pm that his accounts were also shut down.  Another user Wafflemaster has now suffered the same fate as well as 805miner.

I want to be very clear that master-p and I have NO involvement other than giving out the reviews of the bot we had received.  We are both very aware a lot of users had purchased this bot and are now probably out a decent amount of money and yes it sucks.

I don't think or feel this was an actual scam (although it does appear like it right now).  What I do feel is that the site operators caught on and made a lot of changes.  Now for rich's absence on skype and here as well as locking the thread I can't comment on.  

4  Economy / Goods / Call Of Duty "Advanced Warfare" XBOX360 Sealed on: February 10, 2015, 04:59:52 PM
I have an extra copy (sealed) for the newest release of COD "Advanced Warfare" on Xbox360

Asking $45 in btc @ coinbase rate.  Price includes priority shipping within the USA.  

I've worked on the past 2 Call of Duty games and I usually receive free copies across various platforms (this is the last one I am trying to sell)

I am totally open to Escrow.

5  Economy / Digital goods / Ruth Chris egift on: February 10, 2015, 02:58:28 PM
Anyone have one (legit) for sale? 
6  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] LTCGear shares on: November 05, 2014, 03:22:49 PM
As title states

Pm price
7  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] $15.00 Amazon Giftcard x2 ($30.00 Total) on: September 25, 2014, 09:01:42 PM
Got 1 of these codes from that Bipolar bob dude, and the other from someone else.  I have no use for these.  

Escrow is a must, and your arranging it.

Offers should be placed in this thread for transparency sake.  If I like your offer I will PM you.

Also I will state I have no idea how these were obtained.

8  Economy / Service Discussion / Gigascrypt discussion on: June 14, 2014, 05:45:36 PM

Anyone use them?  They accept Paypal and rates seem on par with other cloud hashing services.

I have to say there website is amazing, but it doesnt work well on an ipad/iphone.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Scrypt Profitability 2014 + on: June 13, 2014, 03:20:44 PM
With all the scrypt asics coming, what is everyone going to be mining with these?  Profitability is in the shitter and no one is making scrypt coins anymore.  X11 and X13 are the new thing.

Do you think "scrypt coins" are just taking a break because its summer?

Unless you plan to mine ltc I dont see a point, or am i missing something?

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Violetcoin, Browncoin, Cyancoin, Greencoin, Magentacoin, Redcoin' on: May 07, 2014, 03:17:36 AM
Can someone hurry up and make these fucking coins and get this shit over with?

11  Economy / Scam Accusations / Crypto-Trade / Neotrix on: December 29, 2013, 05:35:57 PM
What happened: On 12/16/13 I made a withdraw on for the ammount of 7.00000057BTC.  After transaction fee's I should of received 6.99900057BTC.  I only received 6.0BTC which means 0.99900057BTC is still within the CryptoTrade wallet.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=61853

Reference Link: Here is a link I posted in Service Discussion

Amount Scammed: 0.99900057BTC

Payment Method: BTC

Proof of Payment: Here is a screenshot of the withdraw from

Proof of Payment: Here is a screenshot of the blockchain tx

PM/Chat Logs: None what so ever.  I submitted about 6 support tickets on CT with no response.  I have also PM'd Neotrix 2 times with no response
12  Economy / Service Discussion / Crypto-Trade withdraw went MIA on: December 16, 2013, 07:25:54 PM
Well part of it went mia

After fee's it should of been 6.99900057 BTC

Now after looking at the transaction

Anyone ever see something like this before?  I have emailed support and am waiting a response

13  Economy / Service Discussion / My Coinbase was just compromised on: December 02, 2013, 08:00:58 PM
As the title states. 

I have SMS verification and Google 2FA on the account.

Here is the hash/txid

It's been almost 3 hours since I submitted a support ticket and still nothing

14  Economy / Auctions / 3 Direct Shares of ASICMINER @ 4.6 on: July 05, 2013, 03:22:35 PM
I am selling 3 of my direct asicminer shares @4.6 each.

No minimum purchase quantity.  Auction will end when all 3 are sold, or if i choose to end it.  If you want escrow that's fine, but your paying the fee's (john k only)

My receiving address is


Transaction of last dividend


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