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1  Bitcoin / Press / [2018-4-18] The Bitcoin "Flippening": Why it won't happen on: April 18, 2018, 10:20:59 PM
The Bitcoin "Flippening": Why it won't happen

As implied by the title, I do not think that anything will be replacing Bitcoin for a long time. This is mainly due to 4 reasons: Transactions, Agreements, Adoption Levels, and Mutually Assured Distruction... Read More

2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Have you used Lightning yet? How did it go? on: March 29, 2018, 03:07:08 PM
I keep hearing that Lightning is live now (although not very well adopted yet). Have you used it yet (even just to test it), and if so how did it work and what are the steps you would need to take in order to use it?
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / NY State might repeal the Bitlicense on: March 20, 2018, 02:35:55 PM
The Bitlicense might be repealed! Check it out:

Any fellow New Yorkers hoping it will go through?
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Electroneum Enabling Mobile Mining the 5th on: March 02, 2018, 06:57:59 PM
I posted about this on Steemit here, but Iím not going to be the kind of person to just drop a link and go.

Anyway, Electroneum is activating their mobile mining on the 5th of March (three days from now). Hereís an excerpt from their newsletter:

Itís sitting at about 0.069$ at the time of my posting and this news doesnít seem to have effected the price yet. Iím expecting a modest pump soon after it actually happens, so this is defiantly an event you should look into (Ďcause remember, do your own research).
5  Economy / Speculation / My Assessment of Bitcoinís Long term price, an article by me on: February 03, 2018, 06:12:08 PM
I hope this doesnít look like spam.

Anyway, I just wrote an article on about my take on Bitcoinís sudden rise in the last year or so. I donít have a very established account on steemit, so I figured Iíd share it here.

If it sounds like something that would interest you then itíd be great if you checked it out. The title is ďMy Assessment of Bitcoinís Long term priceĒ and it's @
6  Other / Off-topic / Any good free ebooks/content? on: January 22, 2018, 03:36:02 PM
For those who are unaware sites like,, and (although I really haven't checked out much) offer free legal and public domain content (ebooks, music, videos, ect). Most of it is not all that amazing, but there are some decent works hidden in there. So far I havn't done much browsing, but the various field manual archives caught my eye ( Care to share any of your findings?
7  Bitcoin / Project Development / Going to try to start a small Steemit community on: January 10, 2018, 06:24:48 PM
Starting Fresh. Apparently nobody responds to my emails, so just PM me if you want to join and I'll invite you to a telegram group. Please be sure to include your steemit profile link and telegram name.

Update 2: *To those who want to join:*
If youíd like to join then you can fill out the forum, however there may be a decent wait time as there will be a number of steps I have to take (and then notify everyone about them) in order to add you.

Update: I've sent out an email to everybody interested and temporarily closed registration

I recently joined Steemit to try to improve my writing skills but the community has seemed to grow on me. Being new my posts donít generally get seen often, so I thought that I might see if I could start my own little corner of the community.

Iím looking for 10 or so people (probably people who are also new). Weíll all follow each other, regularly comment on each others work, and up vote good content (this is not an up vote exchange where we up vote all of each others content, but up votes to good content will be heavily encouraged).

If youíd like to join then fill out this forum. Just be warned that this is only an idea and I'm sure there could be many bumps in the road. [link removed, see above].
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How do I generate a transaction offline (preferably with an offline website)? on: January 02, 2018, 04:47:53 PM
I generally use a Debian Live CD and an offline version of a web based wallet generator to create paper wallets for cold storage. When I go to spend from them I sweep them into a regular wallet and then send the funds I want to keep cold into a new cold wallet. However I was wondering if it would be possible for me to cut out some of the headache and just create the transaction on the offline computer and skip creating a new cold wallet. How would I do this?
9  Economy / Exchanges / What exchanges allow margin trading? on: December 19, 2017, 04:01:39 PM
So, as the title says, Iím looking to lose (not intentionally, but inevitably) a few dollars margin trading. I asked this recently, and since I am from the state of NY I canít use some of the big exchanges so I specifically asked for exchanges that allowed NY residents to register and margin trade. Since I got no replies Iíll ask again, but instead please just list all exchanges that allow margin trading and I can do my research as to whether Iím eligible to join.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Is there any legitimacy to the rumor that XRP and DASH will be added to coinbase on: December 19, 2017, 03:11:03 PM
Iíve heard the rumor a couple of times that XRP and DASH will be added to coinbase some point in the near future. Have you heard it too, and if so, is there any legitimacy to that rumor? That would explain the recent boost in price of Ripple and DASH, although I am yet to hear the rumor from anywhere except random users on BTC Talk.
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / How do I see the prices of a custom altcoin list on 1 page? on: December 16, 2017, 08:12:23 PM
So, say I hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and XRP (just a random example). Is there any website that would allow me to customize a page that way I can view a specific set of coins and their price/change? Iím looking to do something more effective than search coinmarket cap for a list of coins one by one every day to see their changes.
12  Economy / Service Discussion / What legitimate exchanges that service NY offer margin trading? on: December 15, 2017, 07:35:57 PM
So, Iím looking to bet a few bucks (and probably lose a few bucks) in margin trading. Since I come from the state of New York there are many exchanges that wonít service me like Poloniex (NY requires a Bit License for companies that deal with Bitcoin). So what (if any) exchanges offer margin trading who also allow NY resident to register? I'd prefer to not have to prove my identity, but I canít really be picky at the moment.
13  Economy / Service Discussion / Whatís Better, Changelly or Shift; or should I avoid both? on: December 15, 2017, 07:34:23 PM
So, I know that the fees of a ďnormalĒ exchange would probably be best, however on occasion I may want to use one of them because of the speed/simplicity (and because they are both built into the Coinomi mobile wallet).

According to they charge a 0.5% fee and charges only the miner fee. However, A) are there any hidden fees that I should be aware of (like several transaction fees or an inaccurate exchange rate), and B) have you ever run into any trouble using them?

*Update: Thanks for the info everyone. I know the miner fees for BTC will be a bit high (although I'd have to pay at least of portion of that when I withdraw for a normal exchange). This was a lot of a "curiosity" as I usually use regular exchanges, but I figured that an exchange like this would be nice to have in my metaphorical back pocket. Also, I'd never risk any large amounts in an exchange like that.
14  Bitcoin / Legal / Senate Bill S.1241 to prohibit the hiding of Cryptocurrency Ownership on: December 08, 2017, 07:45:41 PM
For those who don't know, about news about Senate Bill S.1241 is going around. You can read the bill on here:, basically (if passed) it would become illegal to hide (or attempt to hide) ownership of digital currencies.

What exactly "attempting to hide" a cryptocurrency would be interpreted as I do not know, just thought I'd get the news out.
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Are corrections like today actually a sign of health? on: November 30, 2017, 03:03:04 PM
Just today Bitcoin has lost nearly 2,000$ after itís sharp rise. So could this be a sign of health/maturity, meaning that Bitcoin wonít shoot up or down really fast without correcting; or does this just mean nothing other than a normal correction?
16  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin just hit 10K. What's Next? on: November 28, 2017, 03:32:05 PM
As you can see in the screenshot below Bitcoin just hit 10K:

So, what do you think the price is going to do? How long will it take for Bitcoin to hit 15K, or maybe 20K, or perhaps to you expect Bitcoin to correct and start going down?
17  Economy / Speculation / Will Bitcoin dip during the Holidays? on: November 27, 2017, 02:20:54 PM
Itís been on my mind a bit, do you think that we will see a dip during the holidays from people cashing out? With Bitcoin nearing 10,000$ I am just curious as to whether itís got a chance to hold itís value or if itís a given that people will start cashing out soon.
18  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Have you tried Pseudo Node? on: November 24, 2017, 04:16:06 PM
Recently I found a wallet called ďPseudo NodeĒ (, which claims to be node that doesnít download the block chain and instead relies on peers. As somebody who lacks the internet to run a full node (but still would like the trustlessness of running one) this seems interesting; has anybody used this and if so, how has it worked?
19  Economy / Exchanges / Anybody used the SHIFT card? on: October 18, 2017, 04:59:14 PM
So now that it is available in my area I am thinking about getting the SHIFT debit card ( and connecting it to my Coinbase balance. Has anybody here tried using this card in this setup, and if so have you had any issues with it and/or would you personally recommend using it?
20  Bitcoin / Electrum / How do I send varying ammounts of BTC to a list of addresses in 1 transaction? on: October 18, 2017, 04:54:26 PM
In light of the high transaction fees (albeit much better then before however) I was going to try to group some transactions together. Then it struck me that in Electrum when I chose ďPay to ManyĒ I can list addresses, but then I still have only one box to list the amount, requiring that I pay all addresses the same amount. I must be missing something, because I am sure there is a way to send varying amounts of BTC to a list of addresses and include it all in one transaction while using Electrum.
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