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1  Other / Meta / theymos CYrus, Stop them: Veleor, Marina Uni and others. on: August 09, 2018, 09:57:30 PM
Who gave this permissiveness to this user and his multi-accounts? - What is it?? Look at this: Today is the next new topic with the Accusations of two Russian moderators:  xandry and Xal0lex, and now the mprep moderator from Lithuania.
Where did such impudence and permissiveness come from, and if they are not satisfied with the forum and the moderators' actions, maybe it is a time for them to Leave this forum, isnít it? Marina Uni, Veleor, Noads have chosen the position of Defamations of everyone, although they themselves are malicious violators of the forum. I do not create a theme every day in contrast to Veleor, today I created the first topic against them, because I had to write only in Their every day created topics and they always close them, as soon as information about them becomes unprofitable.
What is that supposed to mean? After a couple of days ago I wrote about their violations, and that Marina Uni's release from the ban was a mistake, they accused Me and now two Moderator, the only moderators in the Russian local, and a moderator from Lithuania.

What that is?

russian moderators without any questions blocked the account Marina Uni
I'm afraid they couldn't do this since local mods can ban only Newbies. You'll need to apply to Global Mods if you want to ban a Full Member.
If Marina Uni was banned by a global moderator, then I wonder was it a mprep?
At one time he not just closed the English branch about Worldcore but completely removed it, when there began posting a criticism of the company.

As I understand mprep lives in Lithuania.
You probably don't know, but it so coincided that considered organizer of Worldcore Pavel Krymov got the Lithuanian citizenship in 2017.
It is also known that the representative of the Worldcore company FintechEU visited Lithuania at the same year.
Great news!
I'm planning to visit Lithuania next week and will try how it works.
I will report my review here.
I am by no means hinting at anything, but the coincidence is very entertaining.

Are we a fools here, all understand his broad hint that the topic was then deleted by Worldcore for numerous violations of Marina Uni, Veleor, researcher194, Noads and so on, and the theme was deleted allegedly for the fact that the moderator mprep has interest because of the fact that the Moderator is Lithuanian and lives in Lithuania, and one of the team members of the WorldCore team visited Lithuania? - This is an obvious defamation on the Reputation of the moderator, just because he lives in Lithuania, we understood the hint, I think this is already pushing of the accepted Boundaries. So you can blame anyone who lives in any country from the moderators of the bitcointalk forum, but Marina Uni, Veleor and their team here at the forum of multi-accounts do not understand That themes were removed because of violating forum rules.

As for the accusations of the Russian local of the moderators, that they deleted topics, closed topics related to WorldCore Scam and eventually banned Marina Uni or someone else did it who has rights, Veleor unfoundedly blames everyone, but do not understand that they are lying brazenly and defame everyone and attacks on everyone who writes about Marina Uni anything, start creating threads with whining on the forum, after getting Unban of Marina Uni - they just started trying to dismiss three Moderators, consider, three moderators, and attacked me yesterday, attacking the WorldCore project. They do not understand that they were banned for violations; it's a pity that Marina Uni was released, deleted the topic for violation of the rules, as 3 different moderators deleted themes about WorldCore Scam and closed them. I just want to say that Veleor does not understand that it was happen for violations, but they know how to create black PR and just lie. Russian moderators see what Marina Uni, Veleor, Noads write. Russian moderators see it all, read and add to ban for their violations in the local bans and delete or close the topics.

After That Began a massive attack on us, theymos, the open smearing of reputation, lies and so on, that's what all these users are doing, and they've already written all the messages to me in one topic. WorldCore Scam Marina Uni, Veleor, Noads = 2k messages, 99% of them in the WorldCore Scam - Black PR company in action, which they demonstrate against moderators now.

I just want to say that they tried to inflict reputational damage to me 2 days ago, saying that I received some money from the WorldCore team - It turned out to be a Lie because as I saw this message I decided to make screenshots and show everyone that they are lying! - Proof: - but in the Russian theme WorldCore Scam - after providing information that I did not get anything from the WorldCore team, and bought Wrc, they posted information that I was allegedly paid

Спасибо за расследование!
Образ Эльдара Мамедова, уклоняющегося от бана и выполняющего за деньги грязную работу, очень хорошо характеризует WORLDCORE СКАМ.
Quote translated on English:
The figure of Eldar Mamedov, who evades the ban and performs dirty work for money, characterizes WORLDCORE SCAM very well.

Defamation from Marina Uni - and he wrote in the topic when I provided the screenshots that I bought by myself  and did not receive money from WorldCore Proof:
See the dates: August 07, 2018, 04:41:03 PM
Denigrating of my reputation in Ru local message August 08, 2018, 08:20:06 AM Allegedly paid me.

and in the English topic - they did not respond to my proofs and closed the topic about Meta / Re: free Marina Uni! That you, theymos, probably did not change your mind, and did not ban Marina Uni again.
Veleor also accused several accounts, and when I gave an extensive response and offered Veleor to answer for his violations, Veleor stopped responding in it Proof:

I have only one question, from where is such permissiveness for Marina Uni, Veleor and arrogance, Defame everyone, including me, the three moderators created themes against them, and themes with WorldCore scam are the same Black PR company about what I wrote to you, theymos Cyrus, in PM.

Nobody bribed me, I'm a major investor in WolrdCore, I am the owner of Large telegram and Slack channel of crypto currency themes with 33k users, I write objectively, I invested in many other ICO projects, but you defame only WorldCore, thatís why I write.
2  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / Токены MRK что это? on: March 01, 2018, 02:22:32 PM
Ребят, мне на кошелек пришли эти токены - MRK , посмотрел их адрес они на многие адреса перевели по 71-му токену, на конимаркет зашел но такого токена не нашел, кто это вообще? кто то получал эти токены, за что начислили?
3  Local / Трейдеры / WEX МЫШЕЛОВКА! - Ежедневный отчет, о разницы Ку on: September 26, 2017, 08:38:28 AM
Итак в данной теме я буду, ежедневно постить нарастающию разницу в курсе, между основными биржами и разницу курса от проданных вами токенов с каждым днем где вы не сможете в итоге выйти с биржи!

Не для кого не секрет что WEX идет по пути мышеловки, разница между биржами ежедневно только растет, админ в чате с 3-го дня открытия биржи заявляет в чате, что скоро мы примим меры и т.д прошло 2 недели с открытия разница в курсе между биржами с каждым днём только растет, а вывод средств комиссии только вырастают.

Вас всех собирают в одном месте с вашими балансами, которые вы арбитражите и перегоняете в надежде продать в плюс 4% было изначально в первые 2 дня, потом 5% 6% и так мы дошли до 10% и разница на сегодняшний день уже более 10%. Разница только растет и вы теряете свои средства, это мышеловка ваши балансы собирают в одной корзине.

скорее всего я Согласен с заявлениями всех и в основной теме WEX что биржа соскамиться.

Начнем разбирать:

а) Перевели вы eth, dash, нейм или ppc и т.д в надежде продать, продали ждете перезакупиться - что делает бирживой манипулятор и его боты, они играет на повышение вы продали за 7% условно прибыли он начинает рости на 8% в этот день и на 9% на следющий день а уже спустя 2 дня разница составляет 10% и более процентов итог, вы в -3% пока ждали момента для перезакупа, Вы понимаете что это Мышеловка? Что вам не дают в этом WEX Betting выйти из биржи Без потерь завиди в любой день туда деньги и ты не выйдешь от туда в плюс, только минус так как курс только растет комиссии повышаються.

b) Комиссия для тех кто хочет выйти в Кэш, начнем с того что мало кто из криптовалюты, будь это трейдер или арбитражник часто выходит в Кэш, но ему надо как то сбежать с биржи, так вот В Первую неделю когда разница была в 4.5% по токенам от биржевых, была и комиссия на вывох в Кэш на Яндексе в 4.5% на следующий день когда на биржи Курс токенов от биржевых стал разница в 5.5% то ЯД увеличили на 5.5% вывод - т.е вы опять - 1% уже от проданых токенов еще вчера + Вам нужно спасаться выбегая в выводя в Релаьные деньги - в Кэш - что опять же не все трейдеры делают, но спустя уже пару дней Вывод стал 10% на все выходы в Кэш, а Самый смешной момент что TETHER USDT под 10%%%, т.е криптовалюту вывести по 10% сразу с твоего баланса.

c) Разница в Курсах: -каждый день 2-ой пост будет обновляться:
WEX BTC: 26.09.2017

Last: 4412.01 USD 3.84%
Low: 4235 USD
High: 4480 USD BTC: 26.09.2017



ETH WEX 26/09/17

Last: 329 USD 1.07%
Low: 324.372 USD
High: 335 USD


Last Price
24hr Change
24hr High
24hr Low

LTC WEX 26/09/17

Last: 58.5 USD 6.58%
Low: 54.220053 USD
High: 59.78 USD


Last Price
24hr Change
24hr High
24hr Low

PS: Понимайте WEX.NZ это мышеловка!
4  Local / Новички / Как выгодно Вывести Сумму РФ on: April 25, 2017, 07:13:36 AM
Добрый день,
Ребят кто с России как вы выводите деньги с Бирж в USD или в Rub без разницы, главное коммиссия была приемлемая и выгодная.
Сумма крупная, и все методы пока не устраивают вывод на Qiwi - комиссия 1.5% за обналичку + могут быть проблемы из за сумм?

Вот проводят ICO компании возмем к примеру Российские Ico компаниивопрос как они выводят Суммы в Млн $ -наверняка они выводят с минимальными потерями в фиат? - как вы выводе на нужды Реала - поделитесь опытом пож-та.
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