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1  Economy / Reputation / hilariousetc put a bias red trust on my wall. on: June 04, 2018, 06:53:30 PM
It isn't against forum rule to open up a thread about your own escrow service if it defeats the entire purpose of an escrow I think it is only your bias opinion about escrow in general if you find any link/ref stating that opening an escrow thread should have at least a trusted feedback I will in all sense accept my red trust as justified as you said on my trust wall.

That's why I have a tremendous 2% fees so someone will not think of me as a fraud escrower just waiting a chance to run away with their money.

Alternatively it seems I pissed hilariousetc in any way that's why he deems my red trust is for what is worth it somehow.
2  Economy / Services / Cobalt9317 Escrow Service 0.5% fees on: May 11, 2018, 04:49:43 AM
Cobalt9317 Escrow Service 0.5% fees

What is escrow?
A man in the middle to make sure transaction is pleasant for both parties involve.

Where can I use it?
If you are going to exchange some altcoins/bitcoin to an individual or you are going to buy something internationally and you have a second thought to your man.

Why should I trust you?
You need not to trust me, I just merely want to help the community with an increasing popularity of scammers and I can give a helping hand to the person need it the most.

Why it is 0.5% fee?
I will charge a 0.5% fee now although I do not have any escrow deals so far but still I want to do this I'm developing a python program in which I will publish on my personal blog about my web of trust someday.

How to calculate the fee? divide the funds I need to hold by 100 and multiply it by 0.5 in other words you can include the escrow fee.

You can run this program in python3.7 to have an idea.
escrow_fee = 0.5% # escrow fee
percentage = 100 # percentage
amount = 0.033344 # total amount I hold

total = amount / percentage * escrow_fee # to calculate the escrow fee
total_to_be_receive = amount - total

print(total)                # transcation fee will be included in the escrow fee unless bitcoin transaction fee is not enough to cover the fastest transaction.
print(total_to_be_receive)  # you will receive a total of 0.03317728

When are you usually online so you can help me?
(GMT+8) 01:00 AM to 01:00 PM

How to conduct this service of yours?
Input everything in this order below
Bitcointalk name:
Type of coin:                # if it is an altcoin
Detailed information:
I can hold funds in bitcoin/litecoin/ethereum/token and any other altcoin requiring different wallet as long as it is not hard to synchronized like monero, etcetera.

Stake address / GPG key will be updated soon.

Holding/Receiving address will be sign with this address: 16pq31EG2G5VMkuqEARN1paFwCxgjZi9wi

For fastest communication DM me on Telegram

I am also accepting tip: LYnQUZZxfL1TtkMa7CpGjcdkysjPpS1QVe.

Personal note: I have all the rights to deny any request to be your escrow agent whatever reason I see fit just to be clear.
3  Economy / Lending / Need a loan of 0.01ETH without collateral. on: May 08, 2018, 04:30:46 PM
Loan amount: 0.01ETH
Loan Repayments: 0.001BTC
Repayment Date: 1 day
Reason: Need to move my ABT to specific exchange.

Address to filled the loan: 0x627887B02e8107ba6B9847821d3F4dc2c4e9e644

I hope you can help me with this one I can sign a message using my unedited stake address upon the request of the lender.


4  Economy / Web Wallets / There's a vulnerability found in MEW. on: April 24, 2018, 05:05:57 PM
If someone know your wifi password it is quite possible to compromise everything about you including your MEW/any wallet available as of the moment I know how certain things work from a perspective of a white hat hacker but being unable to study it for a few days now.

Take care.

5  Other / Beginners & Help / How to understand English Language((newbie friendly)) on: April 19, 2018, 02:50:57 AM
The sole purpose of this guide is to help someone to understand the core of English language.

If you are here to promote services and other sort of things to earn bitcoin it is a must to understand English context not mandatory but hey how are you going to sell something if you use your own language but local board is still a good place to start your knowledge about cryptoccurrency.

I only started this thread to help someone how to use English language in his/her daily life so it will become easier to participate in everything that English language is the primary speaking language.

Here is the list of things to do in yourself to maximize English aspect of your life.

Just make sure you practice your English Language everyday you will improve eventually and ready to advance in something wonderful.

This is as far my knowledge can go to teach you English language if there's anything you can add just reply.
6  Other / Meta / The flaws within the merit ranking system? on: April 02, 2018, 05:52:49 PM
Good day fellas I have two questions in mind regarding merit system and the flaws within it?
The first question is a redundant catchphrase you always read somewhere, but the second one is about the flaws?

First question?

If some member is obviously exploiting the merit system what could be the possible outcome they have to face? Gradually I know they will be tagged as a merit farmer or spammer those two terms resemble each other so basically they just can't be a human member of this community and will always try their best to earn in Bounty, Sig camp, ICO, or any other similarities as long as there is always money involve. Furthermore those member will get rid of on the surface of the forum eventually and it is taken care of is there any fundamental aspect I don't know about merit system beside from not ranking up to the next rank without the required amount, score or quantity of merit?

Second question?

In all honesty this question is a statement consisting how a merit system is a flaw that hidden from the naked eye.
every spammers that spent a lot of time in this forum for the greatest cause they accumulated a random amount of merit calculated how long they've contributed well, now the problem is if someone with a good certain quantity of merit can send some to his/her alt but for very evident reason his account will be tagged along with all his alt account however if that person send noticeably wrong amount of merit to someone that person is highly possible to be tag as one of his alternate account that he is utilizing to rip of the forum in which he isn't.

how to prove that his account isn't involve in dishonest activity of that high rank member or similar situation?

I prefer that you answer my second question cause it is really a bothersome on my whole livelihood in a community and that question is subjective I can't disagree I just don't want to see question popping in meta (e.g a dude send me a merit and wreck my life or some psycho send me a dirty merit need to cleanse) how annoying to witness such event.

share your opinion if this question have been answered long time ago please refer me to the thread and I will read the whole content and locked this purposeless thread.
7  Other / Meta / Finally a thread that doesn't talk redundancy of merit quantity. on: April 01, 2018, 10:53:10 AM
If you already knew there's a new ranking system well specifically new new rank requirements a thread officially created by truly yours theymos.

head to the specified thread and look for yourself they are not talking about merit over there a refreshener for the forum, and guess what this thread is only created to greet everyone a happy easter eggs sunday. it will be lock after a certain amount of assessment spam have been submitted in this greeting thread.

I'm gonna read everything about the new rank requirements to be capable of ranking in the next Tuesday if it is seemingly unknowable I advised you to examine the pile of information. Fundamentally speaking if you think this thread is a sort of a spam I must admit I really want to be a spammers once in a while and I know you would not blame me for being a spammers just for today I let it slip.


8  Economy / Services / Decrypt my encryption and receive 1 merit Newbie, Jr. Member, Member all welcome on: March 22, 2018, 09:42:27 PM
I have a 1 sendable merit and don't have a time searching for a good poster instead I come up with a good idea.  Smiley
The first person who decode this jpg image will going to know what is written in the readme.txt file, the first individual who comment what is written in the readme.txt will receive my 1 precious merit?

[alt=cain slaying abel]:

  • Unedited comment will be the only qualified entry, edited comment with the right answer will be disqualified in all my merit giveaways
  • The exact hidden text is needed to qualify for the giveaways in other words this is case sensitive
  • How to submit your entry?
Profile UID: u=938170
Answer: My PrecIoUs rIng

  • In case I received more merit throughout the day as long as this giveaways is open the half of it will be transferred to the person who got the right answer (ie: 10 merit was given to me)
    and the remaining will be kept to continue this service of mine. You can run the code in phython to get the idea but human can read it actually.
#calculation of merit that someone will be receiving.
print ("I will be receiving the below merit in fix 3.50 is 3")

my_smerit = 1
smerited = 10
my_deduction = smerited / 2
deduction = my_deduction / 2

new_smerit = my_smerit + deduction
print (new_smerit)

  • In case the encryption is unsolved in the last 24 hours a hint will be given at that interval time.

Good luck every Newbie and Jr. Member

9  Other / Serious discussion / I am planning to run a web server any advices to share with me? on: March 12, 2018, 04:09:21 PM
First of all I don't want this question to be posted in off-topic.

To make it simple, I'm simply saying that I've plan to run a web server after crossing to an article how to set it up.

I don't have a first hand experience setting up a server, but after witnessing the said article it was sort of easy to understand especially that I know how Linux/Ubuntu work.

I want to know exactly if is it possible to run a web server if the my internet connection have a data capped/limit with only 800mb per day?
to make it more simple does it affect my internet data if someone is roaming around the site? generally I want to make a forum exclusively in my local country but I have a consumable 800mb.

I doubt if anyone have tried this before on a limited internet connection but I need ideas. bandwidth is not a problem I could just use a 1terrabytes for it.
10  Local / Pamilihan / Trade lang po. on: March 02, 2018, 12:50:12 PM
Wala na po kasi akong account pwede po bang makipag trade ako dan ng 500 load.
Mag babayad po ako ng 0.0009 shoulder ko na po ang transaction fee.

kung gagamitin nyo 10% rebate pa.

para maiwasan po ang double send ng load, sa unang interested ko lang po ibibigay yung number.

11  Economy / Service Discussion / Perks of Signature Designer. on: February 07, 2018, 10:08:57 AM
A successful projects need to have a better appearance to attract potential customers, or investors but It will not happen if that person see your advertisement as distorted as it was.

We all know that if you join in any Signature Campaign you can't change your signature because of the campaign rules, However as a Signature Designer I know that a certain Signature Design will look vary in different Operating System, Browser, Monitor Display.

I need to test the Signature in different Operating System to make sure the quality is good enough, apparently the campaign rules will contradict the evaluation.

P.S I don't know if this has occurred before if so just deleted my thread. I don't need merit

For an instance:
Windows 8.1

Ubuntu 16.04

Can we change our Signature just for the testing of the design?
I need a campaign manager to answer this question.

12  Local / Others (Pilipinas) / For Newbie (How to accumulate merit points) Guide by Cobalt9317 added log. on: January 29, 2018, 03:23:03 AM

There will be a hard time accumulating merit points this is meant to educate a newbie members or newly created account so they will not a hard time using this new forum system. I will always try to update this thread as soon as  possible, regarding any new info or update according to the forum system

There will be a chance that a new member that will discover bitcointalk as a means of extra income will create a new account and chances are there will be a rough time to get a higher ranks for them, so this is solely a purpose as a guide to help newbie to get a higher rank without thinking about it too much.

Accumulation of Merit
Rules of Merit
List of rules

Ito ay base lamang sa aking kaalaman sa forum kaya kung may suggestion ka pa pwede nating idagdag sa thread na ito.

Introduction FAQ

Q1: Paano ba ako mag kaka merit points sa mga post ko?

A1: Ang pag-asa na mag ka merit ang post mo ay zero walang pag-asa dahil sa tagal na ng forum na ito alam na nila kung ang isang post ba ay bago lang o nabasa na nila dati, sa madaling salita ang isang post mo ay maaring garbage sa paningin nila kaya wala itong magiging merit points, hindi dahil quality ang post mo kung hindi dahil nabasa na nila yun dati.

Q2: Paano ako makakaiwas makapag post ng na sabi na ng dalawa o tatlong beses para mag ka merit points?

A2: Iwasan mong mag post sa napakarami ng reply o kaya naman ay tumambay ka sa isang board at may makikita ka doong wala pang reply subukan mong mag reply doon ayun sa iyong kaalaman sa nasabing topic/thread, iwasan ding mag reply ng mabilisan sa isang topic/thread kung hindi naman ayun sa iyong kaalaman lalabas lamang na walang point ang sinabi mo o kung meron man ay pointless na.

Q3: Paano makakakuha ng merit points kung pahirapan na ito?

A3: Merong merit source na tinatawag na rerefill ang kanlang sMerits o Spendable Merits sa bawat buwan, kaya kung meron kang quality post o quality topic na naiambag sa forum ay maaring makakuha ka ng merit points, mula sa kanla.

Q4: Paano ako makakapag ambag sa forum para mag karoon ng merit points?

A4: Kung gagawa ka ng isang artikulo para sa ating ka member o para sa newbie maaring lagyan ka ng merit ng mga merit sources o ng kahit sino kung sa tingin nila ay helpful ang isang thread mo.

Q5 Paano ako makakasigurado na mag kaka merit points ang isa kung thread/topic?

A5: Walang kasiguradohan na mag kaka merit points ay isang thread o topic mo dahil hindi natin masasabi kung may makakapansin nito.

Q6: Kung ang bawat isa sa atin ay mayroong merit points na maaaring ibigay sa iba. Ilang po ba ito? Tuwing kelan po nagre-resfresh ang merit points na mayroon tayo? Permanente na po ba ang merit points o maaari pa ding mabawasan?

A6: Ang isang tiyak na member ay isang merit source ilig sabihin nag kakamerit sila ng walang ginagawa every month, at ang pag kakaalam ko wala atang sMerits na na gegenerate para sa atin every month nag simula ang aking sMerits sa 22 malalaman natin kung mag kakaroon ulit ako, at walang unlike sa merit meaning hindi na mababawasan ang standard na merit ng rank mo.

back to top

Accumulation of Merit

You can Accumalate Merit points by posting a thread or topic like this.

back to top

Rules of Merit

Alam nanaman natin na pweding pag laroan ang merit points sa pamamagitan ng pag send nito pero mag lalagay parin ako ng rules para sa mga newbie.

1. Wag abusohin ang sMerits o ang Spendable Merits dahil nababawasan ito ng kalahati
2. Walang ma idadag dag na kontribusyon ang pag abuso ng sMerits
3. Mas mainam pa na mag gawa lang ng makabuluhang topic o thread kaysa mag antay ng sMerits na pwede mo pag laroan.
4. Walang maitutulong sayo ang pag abuso ng merits points dahil hindi rin mag tatagal mababago na ang forum under development na ang bagong forum
5. Maaring may ma bago pang lalong mag papahirap sa mga newbie pag na abuso ang merit system.

Overview of Merit and how they function
Merit & new rank requirements by Theymos
Translated by YouShallNotPass
Infographic that explain merit system by JetSet11

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Mga palatuntunan sa loob ng forum

Ang mga nakasanayan ng mga rules sa forum pero mas maganda sana kung sama sama na sila sa iisang thread lang para hindi sayang sa oras sa pag click click, at walang tatalo dito dahil ito ang standard na electric fan kung baga. Lahat ng ito ay sticky ito ang etiquette ng forum at mga bounty

Forum ranks/positions/badges (What do those shiny coins under my name mean? by John (John K.)
Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ by mprep
FAQ: Everything you need to know about forum 'activity' and ranks by hilariousandco
Do not post off-topic replies by Theymos
Security bounties by Theymos
Recovering hacked accounts or accounts with lost passwords by Theymos

Newbie Welcome Thread by Shinpako09
General Board Rules - Philippines by Dabs
Other sections for this forum? by Dabs
To all newbies, feeling newbie read this before opening a new thread by rickbig41
Non Bitcoin Posts/Threads will be Deleted. by Dabs

back to top

This thread is for future reference of newly created account or newbie to help them familiarize in the forum if you have any suggestion feel free to leave an opinion.

If I help you somehow care to send me a cup of coffee with your transation fee. PHP wallet: 32SSt4ZeFthZBkX1zQLw5qKYVJJ44D9hiY Ethereum: 0x627887B02e8107ba6B9847821d3F4dc2c4e9e644

Update Log
Added camuszpride question in number Q6 01-30-2018
Added bill gator sMerit Post-Review in accumulating merit list number 6 01-31-2018
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / (CLOSE) |Signature Design by Cobalt9317|Only 0.02 Bitcoin on: January 28, 2018, 11:18:03 AM

I am one of the signature designer in this forum you can see my original service here, and I decided to move my service in this section that I believe will get more potential customer, and could easily spot when you don't have the time to back read in service section looking for a signature designer.

Come and order now.

For quicker response send me a Private Message. or by Telegram

Bitcoin: 1CobALTr8qG5cVGxzt3ExPTsfiu7jSQ5eh

Ethereum: 0x627887B02e8107ba6B9847821d3F4dc2c4e9e644

I'm also accepting any Altcoins that listed in Bittrex.

Designers Note: The Signature will look different in different Operating System, Browser, and Monitor display.

Personal Note: 40% of the payments need to be upfront so I can start designing whether you change your mind later my work will not be in vain, also we can discuss about it the price is very negotiable.
14  Local / Pamilihan / (Currency Exchange)My 0.068ETH to your PHP on: January 18, 2018, 10:22:38 AM
Good day Guys!

Bakit dito ako nag post ng currency exchange, wala kasing transaction fee sa pag din ang papasahan mo ng pera.
Offer nalang kayo guys kung nag tratrading kayo binebenta ko na yung ETH ko kailangan kasi ng load at pera.
15  Economy / Lending / I need 0.0008btc for remittance. on: January 09, 2018, 07:26:11 AM
Loan Amount: 0.0008
Reason for Taking out a Loan: To push remittance
Amount to be repaid: 0.001BTC
Repayment Date: 1 week
Type of Collateral: None if possible
Bitcoin Address: 3NY6eSqGrEq1NufyHgaSEpqXj8HCVN7KHc
EDIT: Format taken from zazarb

I need this amount to process my conversion to fiat currency, I am willing to pay after I received the money or 1 week after.

P.S You can only put 0.0001BTC for transaction fee  Smiley I will push it viabtc

16  Local / Pilipinas / Bitcoin Donation for Charity Work? on: December 31, 2017, 04:49:57 AM
Good day guys.

Nais ko lamang mahingi ang inyong opinion about sa project na naisip ko.

Gusto ko sanang makatulong sa kapwa, okay kaya na gumawa tayo ng campaign about doon, kung signature design naman ang pag uusapan ako na gagawa at kung management din hindi na kailangan dahil isusuot natin yung signature ng walang bayad, kahit mga 1 month lang.

Para naman sa Charity mag isip nalang kayo na pwede.

Para sa akin maganda itong isang Charity na ito Children's Shelter of Cebu hindi narin tayo gagawa ng website kasi meron na sila, ang problema nga lang sa donation nila hindi sila na tangap ng Bitcoin or wala silang address ng Bitcoin para sa donation.

Ang Opinion mo ay kailangan kung may alam ka na Charity na mas kailangan tulungan ipag bigay alam na lang sa opinion mo.

P.S Naisipan ko lang ito, mag babagong taon na kasi wala pa akong na gagawang pag tulong sa kahit saan maliban nalang sa ibang magagaan na bagay ano sa tingin mo?


17  Local / Pamilihan / question regarding on: December 20, 2017, 03:58:36 PM
Guys may naka experience na ba sa inyo na nawala yung pending transaction nyo sa dashboard ng rebit, yung akin kasi nawala nag tatanong naman ako ng maayos kung ano ang dahilan pero walang nag rerespond sa kanila ngayon nag email na ako sana may mag respond, although unconfirmed payung transaction ko pero dapat hindi mawawala yung nasa dashboard hindi ko naman ginalaw yun.

transaction :

P.S kung may tiga rebit na nandito o may alam paki tignan naman po, hindi ko na po alam kung ano ang gagawin yun panaman ang pera na kailangan ko this coming holiday season.

18  Economy / Lending / Seriously need 0.01Bitcoin on: November 04, 2017, 09:16:28 AM
Loan Amount: 0.01BTC
Amount to repaid0.011BTC
Reason: Will buy this and financial assistance.
BTC Address: 16pq31EG2G5VMkuqEARN1paFwCxgjZi9wi
Term Length: 1 week after I received the funds from SFX   
Collateral: My account
Stake Address

--Begin Signature--
This is Cobalt9317 of asking for a loan of 0.01bitcoin will be repaid one week from now.

If I defaulted the lender will be the new owner of my account on November 11, 2017 12:00 AM forum time
--End Signature--
19  Economy / Lending / I'm in need of 0.01 Bitcoin on: November 02, 2017, 10:21:58 AM
I know that no one will trust me, however I don't have a source of income for the past 2 months, I've joined in the Soferox Signature Campaign also Opporty Signature Campaign, I am still waiting for the launch of exchange of soferox and I will have access to my funds.

Bitcointalk Name: Cobalt9317
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=938170;sa=showPosts
Loan Request: 0.01BTC
Amount to Repaid 0.011BTC 10%interest
Date of Repayment: 1 week or after I have access funds to my soferox account.
Reason: Utility bills and financial support
Address: 1CobALTr8qG5cVGxzt3ExPTsfiu7jSQ5eh

20  Economy / Services / Unavailable. on: October 29, 2017, 01:52:15 PM

I am one of the signature designer in this forum, if you want to promote your ICO or products in this community you need to have a signature design to run a signature campaign/bounty campaign although it depends to you, you can also participate in auction held here weekly which will post your html banner all around the forum in a timely manner randomization.  Smiley

Informations of Styling Per Rank

Newbie 50 Characters no link, color, and size
Jr.Member 150 Characters no link, color and size
Member 1500 Characters no color, and size
Full Member 4000 Characters no size
Sr. Member 4000 Characters no glow or highlighted words
Hero/Legendary 4000 Characters glow allowed

Come and order now.

For quicker response send me a Private Message or DM me on Telegram or Discord  Wink

Bitcoin: 16pq31EG2G5VMkuqEARN1paFwCxgjZi9wi

Ethereum: 0x627887B02e8107ba6B9847821d3F4dc2c4e9e644

Litecoin: LYnQUZZxfL1TtkMa7CpGjcdkysjPpS1QVe

I'm also accepting any Altcoins that listed in Bittrex.

Designers Note: The Signature will vary in different Operating System, Browser, and Monitor display.

Personal Note: 40% of the payments need to be upfront so I can start designing whether you change your mind later my work will not be in vain, also we can discuss about it the price is very negotiable.

How to order Note: Send me a the link of your website/ICO website and I will use the signature theme through website theme to maximize appearance also your thoughts are always welcome and appreciated.  Wink
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