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1  Other / Off-topic / Holiday Crypto Fundraiser!! on: October 14, 2013, 12:07:45 AM
Hello everyone Smiley

Jdtmp4 aka The CryptoHobo here.  

Around this time of year, (christmas), there are a lot of needy families in my area. There is a very worth while cause in my area during holidays and that is the local Foodbank. The foodbank has been having issues keeping up with demand lately and I know they will appreciate absolutely anything as far as donations. This is a service my family had to use occasionally while I was younger, so I know just how much people appreciate the food around holiday times. I want to donate GOOD food to the foodbank as well, not just canned peas and beans. I want to get a couple hams or a turkey or two as well. We have such an amazing opportunity to spread crypto-love here. I will be taking ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the donations, 100% of everything will go to buying the food for the food bank. I will take pictures and post receipts online as well.

I have an account on  CryptoChristmas is my username there, and the account has had withdrawals and transfer-out's frozen. If anyone ever has a question as to the balance of the account, or the legitimacy of the account, feel free to contact BitJohn on Cryptsy for verification. He is lead Mod on the site, and he can verify for you that those functions have been frozen, and the balance of the account.

The Charity Drive's Cryptsy Transfer Number is - 4709b96d78b6a136b546e4cafaeddeeab0f57ad8

The Charity Drive's Bitcoin Address is - 13eqeb9Vjw7mtEzkybLb9cPApLe2bAbyUY

The Charity Drive's Litecoin Address is - LSsd3exmv9ySQNSjgE8iLgALdDW1LKJYxg

The Cryptohobo was looking for a way to give back to his community, and think of a way to bring crypto popularity.  I feel this is a perfect way to do both Smiley    Please feel free to ask any questions below and I will answer as quickly as possible Smiley

All faiths and religions use food banks, and just because it is a christmas drive, don;t think it is going to one group. It is going to the needy, regardless of what religion, skin color, or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves a warm meal for the holidays, and this is a chance for us to actually help someone and make some kids Christmas's a little nicer Smiley

I want this to wrap up about December 7th 2013, as that gives me time to transfer the btc to money and go buy the groceries in time to be donated for christmas. Thank you everyone for anything they can do to help out, Peace, God Bless and Happy Holidays!!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / IS A SCAM, This Scrypt FPGA does not exist!!! on: September 18, 2013, 01:58:32 PM

Some of you may have seen an apparent scrypt based fpga company. Well after careful analysis of their website, video and other clues Ive personally decided this is a clear scam. To make some points publicly known and ask for other's citation I would like to list these below.

Technical Points:
1) The prototype looks like a dev board - Components that have little to do with a possible scrypt implementation - i.e. various misc connectors and multiple usb ports etc. Even the serial port area looks like it has a VGA connector on board.  If this is your prototype board why would you have all the extra stuff on it?

2) The FPGA does not look like it is supported by any external RAM - none to be seen on board. Are we to assume that they are using the on chip (blockram, etc) memory resources? Seems unfeasible for the high hash rate claimed.

3) An Altera chip being used with an OMAP processor - looks like a cyclone part, the neither are clear. Assuming the hashing algorithm is using internal blockram on the FPGA (see above), you are not going to achieve 4MH/s out of 8-16 chips (that would be 500-250 KH/s per FPGA - unlikely using blockram on a low/midrange part).

4) States they are going to use 8-16 FPGA chips per device - if you have proofed your hardware, you will know exactly what the hashrate per chip will be. Major concerns here - even if the hardware is hashing in the video, surely you know the hashrate unless this was just a proof of concept and you are no where near ready for production.

5) Price is on the low side. 4MH/s for $4500 = $1.5 per KH/s which seems too good to be true. We all know a scrypt fpga will be pricey but gains to be made on power saving. This clearly voids that logic and meets the general aim of around $1.5 per KH/s…. this is not real.

Not so technical points -
1) Shoddy video - no professional company in their right mind are going to release such a low quality video
2) Shabby website - grammatical/spelling errors, general poor presentation.  They state that they have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the past - evidently not on this occasion. Where has the money gone unless they were paying themselves
3) You are not the worlds first FPGA miner. Plenty of unreleased implementations from the likes of koolio, jasinlee and not to mention kramble and co with his opensource project - actual demonstrable and operational code there.

I call bullshit!

**Multiple people have called out similar points on their YouTube videos, however every negative comment is being deleted by the author…. ADDS MORE SUSPICION"
3  Other / Beginners & Help / The Cryptohobo! on: September 05, 2013, 07:30:50 PM
Hello friends Smiley

I have finally started using bitcointalk!

I am waiting to get posting priviledges, so it should be fun. Im not used to forums but they seem pretty straight forward. Is everyone on here?

My site is  feel free to take a peek Smiley

Anyways, this was me just saying im new to the community and this looks like a good site Smiley
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