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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Co-Founder of Zynga launches a blockchain project. Beta is live!! on: April 18, 2020, 05:14:42 PM
Zynga's (publisher of one of the most viral free to play game, Farmville) co-founder, Eric Schiermeyer has officially entered the blockchain space. His new project named Gala is a blockchain gaming ecosystem, where players can earn cryptos by playing various games. First game, Townstar is already in public beta and is designed a bit like Farmville but with more focus on town management. Read more about it here:

What do you think? Can games like Townstar help onboard millions of mobile users including ur grannies to the crypto world?
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Which is your favourite crypto game and why? on: September 19, 2019, 05:24:04 AM
Hi Friends

Do you think crypto games can really help in mass crypto adoption? Which is your favourite crypto game and why?

Till now, most of these games have been pretty lame, but some are thinking out of the box. Like this one:
What do you think?
3  Economy / Services / Hash Rush needs a social media manager on: July 25, 2018, 05:00:16 AM
Hi All

Posting this on behalf of Hash Rush (a crypto gaming and blockchain solutions company). They are in need of a professional social media manager who can manage their different channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. and generate user engagement via these channels. You can read more about it here.

Kindly contact the company directly via the email:

4  Other / Meta / Bitcoin Pizza Day - Why old members are no longer active here on: May 23, 2018, 05:48:52 AM
Hi All

So yesterday, I was reading about this Bitcoin Pizza day on Cointelegraph and then I saw this link.

I am aware about this Pizza Day for past 2 years, but only yesterday I came to know that Laszlo had posted this legendary offer on Bitcointalk. I always thought he posted it on either his social media page or some random forum.

Anyways, while reading through comments made on this topic, I noticed a strange thing. Most members who posted at that time are no longer active on Bitcointalk. Many were last seen years ago. Even Laszlo isn't, even though he has somewhat of a celebrity status in Bitcoin community. Many even credit his sacrifice of Bitcoins as the main reason for Bitcoin's current price.
And it's not that he has gone anonymous or so, because recently ledger launched limited edition Nano S, themed on Bitcoin Pizza Day and Laszlo gave the permission to do so.
**Does anyone know what happened of the guy (jercos) who actually provided the pizzas for Bitcoin? He/she was equally important in this milestone.

But what I am curious about, especially from the old members here; that why the early adopters of Bitcoin and then active members of Bitcointalk have gone inactive now. Is it because they are bitter about not holding to their Bitcoins and selling it for a few Dollars or because they have found better platforms to discuss Bitcoin. Or maybe that they made quite a fortune and don't care anymore. I read that even Vitalik was an active user here, but again he has also become totally inactive on Bitcointalk. So why this trend?

5  Economy / Scam Accusations / Beware of Bitplay It is most probably a scam on: April 16, 2018, 05:36:15 AM
Hi All


Around 1 week ago, I came across the Bitplay bounty campaign in Services section. The things which I noticed about this campaign were:

1) A neutral trust, single merit guy was managing the campaign. You would usually expect green trusted or experienced managers running Bitcoin Signature campaigns.

2) Payment is escrowed by the Company itself.
What kind of an escrow is that!! When I asked them about it, the dev (not manager) said that they have contacted Lauda for the Escrow and they are waiting for her approval of the application.

OP why is that the funds are escrowed by Bitplay itself. Shouldn't it be escrowed by a neutral third party? Or am I missing something here?
youve got a point there ,why is it the escrow is the Dev itself?and since that theres a fund for payments why not distribute it weekly?why need to wait for the end of campaign?it seems like theres something going to happen if the project dont succeed,correct me if im wrong..maybe the dev has to make good explanations about this ..

Ps..this is for transparency only and im not pointing bad about the project

We have gotten in touch with the most trusted escrow agent on here "Lauda" before hand and she is in the process of reviewing the project before she offers us escrow service. Fund's would be escrowed as soon as she signals a go.

Thank you.

I contacted Lauda to confirm this and she told that even though Bitplay dev had contact her once, they never replied her message as of April 14th!
You see, even though 1 week has passed, they have not secured the Escrow from Lauda. Escrow is secured before the start of contract, not in midst or after it.

3) Even though these guys have $46K in their own Escrow address, they have chosen to pay the bounty 3 weeks after the start of bounty. That is on or after 30th April. That is another very rare thing you witness in Bitcoin signature campaigns.

4) These flags are still minor. But the biggest flag is what I found on their site. Along with major cryptos, they are accepting payments via Paypal, Visa and Mastercard also. Can you imagine that! I don't know of Mastercard and Visa, but I can assure you that if Paypal comes to know that this project is an ICO project, then they will freeze the account immediately. Even Visa has shown numerous times that it is not in favour of crypto purchases.

5) No MVP, generic whitepaper. The whitepaper is not proofread and there are lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. *Don't judge my English level, I am not writing a whitepaper here!

6) Even though tokens are reserved for advisors, there is no advisor mentioned in the team page. Some teammates don't have profile pics in their Linkedin accounts.

7) In the partners page, there are 12 ICO and token listing companies mentioned. No links and no info about these partnerships.

After witnessing all these things, I can say that this project is risky. Could be a scam also. But I won't label it scam right now. Let's wait and watch. I would appreciate your opinions regarding this project.

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / CryptoPets: Digital Characters Across Infinite Virtual Worlds on: April 15, 2018, 04:16:03 PM
Hi All

Cryptopets is an upcoming blockchain game which is being developed in partnership with Arcade Distillery and Luc Bernard! The cryptopets game aims to solve these issues by creating the next level of blockchain games with their own story, virtual world and immersive gameplay. Crypto influencers like Steven D. McKie endorse this project. The game is so promising that even though the game has yet to launch its first public version, it has already been featured on crypto-gamers website!
Cryptopets recently announced their sticker contest in which I also participated. The aim was to create Stickers using the reference art given. Here is one of my submissions.

You can view my entry post here:

You can apply for the whitelist on official website for Beta participation.

I am not affiliated with the Cryptopets game in any way, but since I like promising crypto projects, especially interactive ETH Dapps; I though to create this thread. I will be posting regular updates here. Let me know what are your opinions regarding blockchain games and Cryptopets.

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What should Indians do to stop upcoming Bitcoin and other crypto ban in country? on: April 06, 2018, 06:38:10 AM
Hi All

Yesterday, India's Central Bank RBI has directed all Indian banks to stop dealing with crypto related businesses. This essentially means that banks will close accounts of India based crypto exchanges which accept INR payments. That further means that Indians can't buy or sell their cryptos in INR through legal options. Now the only solutions that remain are basically selling cryptos on sites like Payeer, or to someone who can send payments via Paypal, wire etc. These options are risky and also lead to loss of your crypto assets in form of high fees.

What can you do to make RBI reconsider its decision?
1) First of all, stop using abusive words, images on RBI's twitter handle. Sometimes I seriously feel ashamed of being an Indian, when I see Indians using harsh and abusing language when things don't go as per their wishes. By warning RBI chief that you will rape his mother, you guys are only accelerating the doom of cryptos in India.
Make valid points and tweet them on RBI's twitter handle.

2) Sign this petition.
7K+ people have already signed it. If it reaches a big number, the concerned authorities will surely take a look at it and might come up with some better announcements.

This is what you can do right now. Don't panic sell. Wait and watch. There is still a time of 3 months before the full implementation of this directive. A lot can happen during this time frame.
8  Other / Meta / Is there a reason for no new tabs? on: March 31, 2018, 06:56:26 AM
Hi All

Just recently I noticed that links, signatures on Bitcointalk don't automatically open in new tabs. In fact, even if you try to include parameters like target="_blank" in the URL tag, then also the links don't open in new tabs. I think links opening in new tabs is better since the current page remains open and user can easily jump between multiple tabs without having to go back and forth again and again. I also heard it is better for SEO, although of course that's not relevant for Bitcointalk.
But if the links open in the same tab, then there must be a reason. Does anyone know why Bitcointalk does not allow new tabs?

9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BTC mining becoming less profitable, many countries not allowing BTC mining on: March 17, 2018, 05:58:24 AM
I think we all know the fact that BTC mining consumes lot of electricity and many cities/countries are banning Bitcoin mining or charging heavy bills. The cost of mining is rising, places to mine are become less. And this will only get worse as the mining difficulty will rise. And not only that, as per this Cointelegram post, the profit margin has drastically lowered.

How do you think this will impact Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin itself. Do you think mining will become way more centralized due to this? Do you think mining difficulty will be brought down (I know this option is almost impossible)? Maybe we will have new mining hardware? Or mining will become a loss service and there will be almost no Bitcoin miners left?

I would really like to hear your opinions on this topic.

10  Other / Off-topic / Is it possible to show different address in sender address than the actual on: March 09, 2018, 07:04:38 PM
Hi All

Today a very strange thing happened with me. I received an email from my own Gmail account to my other hotmail account. The email was visibly a phishing email (lottery with link shortners). The surprising thing is that I never sent the email and I am pretty sure that my account was not hacked. I checked the detailed login history also. Plus there is no security alert. Other major thing is that there is no such sent email from my Gmail account. But when I replied to this email from my hotmail account, the email arrived to my gmail account only. I don't understand how this is possible. Is there any possibility of showing email other than the actual sending email? If yes, then how come the reply landed in my gmail account.

I wonder if anyone of you have experienced it and how to make sure my gmail is not hacked.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What happens if everyone starts using Xapo for Bitcoin transactions? on: March 01, 2018, 02:11:26 PM
Hi All
I had this question (probably stupid) regarding Bitcoin transactions. As you might know Xapo to Xapo or basically same Bitcoin wallet to same wallet transactions are free and off chain. So what happens if everyone uses just 1 wallet for the transactions among them. I know this case is not possible practically, but just think about it in theory. If this happens, then will Bitcoin mining become non-existent? I know I am missing out something, but just not able to get it.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Discord group to vote for good quality posts on Steemit! No vote for vote shit. on: February 13, 2018, 05:49:11 PM
Hello All

From a long time I was thinking to create a Steemit group, where the members can upvote on good quality posts of each other, without having to do upvote for upvote shit. If you think that you make good quality posts on Steemit, but aren't recognized, then this group is for you. You can read more details below.

How will the group function:
1) There will be a date specific channel for each day. You can link 1 of your Steemit posts for upvote. Based on the posting rules and quality of the post, members will poll whether to vote or not. Based on the votes and discussions, coordinator will mark the post for group upvote or remove it.
2) If a post is marked for group upvote, then members are expected to vote that post. If any member does not want to vote, then he/she can state their reason. Upvoting is not obligatory. But yes, if you keep on skipping the group upvotes without any valid reasons, then other members might not upvote your posts.
3) If you have less than 500 SP, then you will have to upvote with 100% weightage. And members with 500+ SP have to cast a minimum of 25% weightage vote. If you want to upvote with higher weightage, then it is completely up to you.

Which kind of posts will be considered for group upvote:

1) Every user will be manually verified based on their post quality. You don't need to be a skilled writer. Anything like this post will do: That is, average to high quality posts.
Only English posts will be accepted.
2) If you are a new user on Steemit, you must have an introduction post and some sort of verification pic, like a selfie while holding your Steemit account name written on a paper. That way we can verify that you aren't impersonating anyone or just copying posts from other writers.
3) Since the focus is on writing; therefore posts with just pics, 1 liner posts, memes etc. won't be accepted. Minimum 100 words post should be there.  
4) No Utopian open-source contribution posts. Only blog posts will be accepted.
5) Posts promoting terrorism, human trafficking, Pedophilia etc will not be accepted. If you are a verified member and are found to be promoting these topics, then you will be removed from the group.
6) Porn related posts are accepted, as long as they have good quality textual content. If nude pics are shown, then use of NSFW tag is compulsory.
7) Your posts don't need to be unique. For example, it is totally fine to make a post on something already known, say the recent drop in Bitcoin price. The only thing is that your post must have your contribution. It must have your viewpoints, your opinions.
8 ) If you are using pictures in your post, then make sure to cite the sources. And prefer sites like which provide free, high quality images for commercial uses.
9) Only 1 post per day per verified user will be accepted for group voting.

Some extra features:
1) I am thinking of doing a Steem pool every week. Basically what will happen is, that every week a verified member with consistent quality will be randomly chosen, and all other verified members will donate him/her some fixed amount of Steem. Say 2 Steem. The beneficiary will then power up that Steem, increasing his/her effective SP. This way our members will get stronger without having to buy a lot of Steem directly from the market.
2) High quality post members can assist other members in increasing their post quality. We can even reward these high quality members with some Steem for their review services.

Nothing is set in stone right now. We can always discuss and change these raw rules and guidelines. All I want is that writers who have been consistently making good posts on Steemit should get some support, without having to beg in front of whales or do things like upvote for upvote. Also the group will help members to increase their post quality. Who knows that Ned or some other whale may support our group in future, if we maintain the quality of our group.

If you are interested in joining this group, then you can join it via this link. . I will repeat this again, that this group is not for shit posters. Join only if you make good posts.

Siddartha Gupta

13  Economy / Scam Accusations / Game Chaingers is not from UNICEF on: February 03, 2018, 07:55:34 PM
Hi All

I just came across this Game Chaingers project in the altcoin discussion section. Somebody mentioned that the project is from UNICEF and it aims to collect funds by ETH mining on visitor's computers. I tried to search about it on internet and you will actually find a video posted on UNICEF France YouTube page, asking gamers to visit their site and help mine some ETH for donations. Upon a bit research I found that the Youtube page was fake, even though it has all those videos relevant to UNICEF. It was pretty simple to find this scam and my steps can probably help you identify such scams in future.
1) Visit the Unicef France official twitter account (verified):
2) Visit the site linked there.
3) Go to the bottom of page and click the youtube icon.
4) You will get this youtube page:
5) The Youtube page given on these news sites is a fake one, even though it has more subscribers:
6) Also the site where you can mine cryptos for UNICEF is not a sub-part of UNICEF website, but entirely different site.
7) Clicking the Unicef logo on this site does not take you to UNICEF's site.

So please don't support or promote this project.

P.S. I have already mentioned in the original topic that this project is a scam. The only reason I am mentioning it in this section is for more visibility, so that people are more aware of such scams.

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Interested in playing Cryptokitties? Let me make it easier for you!! on: December 18, 2017, 05:07:10 PM
Hi All

Just a quick message. In case anyone wants to explore CryptoKitties without investing anything, then here is a golden chance for you. I am hosting a CryptoKitty giveaway contest on Steemit. There are 20 kitties in the prize pool and there will be 10 winners, winning 2 kitty each. More info can be found here: .

Please see that I am in no way affiliated to the CryptoKitties, but just a normal player. I am doing this giveaway in the spirit of Christmas and even the kitties will be sent on Christmas. You don't have to pay anything in any way. Just a comment on the linked Steemit post on why you should win 2 CryptoKitties.

In order to avoid any kind of spam on this Bitcointalk post, I am locking it myself. If you have any questions, either PM me or post it directly on the Steemit post.

**Respected mods, please feel free to delete this post if it is not allowed here. Although after reading the @theymos post on giveaways, I came to know that outside links to giveaways can be posted here. But again, no issues if this post does not belong here.

Thanking You
Siddartha Gupta
15  Economy / Services / English-Hindi translator 🙏 | 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 rated freelancer on Upwork | 🎯 and 👍 on: November 27, 2017, 08:28:37 AM
Hello All

I am Siddartha Gupta, a native Indian and here to promote my English-Hindi and vice versa translation services. Before I present my details, I wanted to say something regarding Hindi language and it's speakers.

Hindi is the main language of India, which is the second largest populated country in the world. I see most projects localize to many languages like Spanish, Russian etc. and in Asian sector, Chinese, Korean and Japanese is given more preference. But Hindi language is given very less preference. And I can totally understand the reasons which are mainly that native Indians are currently not much aware of the crypto world and those who are in crypto world, are also mainly for free earnings and not to invest much. Surely an average Indian invests much less than an average Chinese, Japanese or a South Korean. Maybe just a bit higher than Pakistan, Sri Lanka and  Bangladesh. But the reason to localize to Indian languages, especially Hindi is that Indians are slowly but surely becoming more aware of the crypto world. That's why even companies like Billdesk are opening crypto exchanges in India, even though cryptocurrency is a gray sector in India, that is Govt. has not banned the cryptos, but isn't interested to promote them also, and keeps warning citizens that they may lose money in the crypto world and Govt. would not be responsible for it. In spite of Govt. advice, Bitcoin trades are increasing on Bitcoin exchanges like Unocoin, which is the main Bitcoin exchange/wallet in India. In fact, Bitcoin is selling at much higher rates in India. For example the current BTC rate is $9,710, but in India it has already crossed $10k with exact figures to be $10,801 at the time of writing this post. So obviously there is a great demand of Bitcoins in India. And when people buy Bitcoins, then they are officially into the crypto world (currently Bitcoin is the only valid entry gate to the crypto world for Indians). After they acquire Bitcoins, they can then obviously explore more options like ETH, Steem, LTC etc. and then ICOs and other things.
After reading all these things, I am sure you would understand that the potential is great, it will just take more time and awareness to bring more Indians to crypto space and to get bigger percentage of contributions from them.

On to my details.
I am an Indian citizen and know only 2 languages which I can fully understand, read, write and speak. Those 2 languages are Hindi and English. I am fluent in both the languages. I am a 5 star rated freelancer on Upwork and this can be verified here: I have worked with many clients via Upwork, including famous Canadian Chef Eric Arrouzé, Wikihow, an electricity company in US, a struggling actor of Hollywood, Lionbridge and many more. Currently I am working on a localization project for Lionbridge. The project is a continuous project. My main forte is localization and practical translation, instead of literal translation. This is what I learnt while working with Wikihow and Lionbridge, that translation should not be literal, unless and until required by the particular projects. They should be more practical and if possible localized, which includes changing the words, but keeping the original meaning intact. I have seen many translations on Bitcointalk, and most of them are literal translations. People now a days don't speak their languages in a pure state. The focus is more on native language + English and that should be respected while translating the content.

OK, well I guess I have ranted enough! If any project manager, individual wants to translate their project, lines in Hindi language, then they are most welcome. My current rate per 1000 words is $50. Of course the price is negotiable, you just need to convince me!! I am more than happy to take payments in Bitcoin, ETH and Steem. Also if your project is a token based project, then I would love to have some of the native tokens as souvenir.

You can contact me via this thread or PM me on Bitcointalk, Skype(siddartha1492), Telegram(siddartha1492), Discord(siddartha) etc.

Thanking You
Siddartha Gupta
16  Other / Meta / Can bitcointalk trust system be misued? on: November 09, 2017, 07:47:58 AM
Hi Bitcointalkers

I am having a confusion regarding the trust system on bitcointalk. I see that you can easily give trust ratings to other bitcointalkers. I have never given negative ratings to anyone, but I guess that's easy as well. So my question is what happens if someone gives negative trust rating to other user for revenge, to threaten, or just to shut mouths? Can't a person make multiple newbie or junior accounts to give multiple negative ratings to single person? And as we know, even one negative rating means you can't participate in most of the reputed sig campaigns or even fb and other bounty campaigns. Not to mention, no one would take your posts seriously, even if you are not in any bounty campaign. So what am I  missing here? Can a user ask to review his negative rating, if he/she believes that they have been wrongly/maliciously given negative rating?


17  Other / New forum software / Can we implement this feature to make Bitcointalk more secured against scammers? on: September 23, 2017, 05:15:34 AM
Hi All

From a past few weeks, I was thinking that now a days, ICOs are popping up like mushrooms on Bitcointalk. They come, advertise their ICO to the most visible, popular, targeted audience and result oriented site, get bounty workers for free in exchange of promise of tokens, take money from the investors and then are never to be seen again. Of course, not all ICO founders are same, but many are like this only. I think we should have some features on Bitcointalk to discourage such ICOs or at least compensate some losses. I don't have many ideas, but have 1, which we can brainstorm upon.

So my idea is:
Bitcointalk should charge a % of the ICO goal from these ICO founders and keep it reserved with itself. If the ICO is honest and fulfills its promises then this reserved money can be released back to the ICO guys. Also some part of this fund be charged in form of advertising fees. This advertising fees can be used to run the forum without any issues and can also be used to pay the mods etc.

If in case, the ICO is a fraud, then the reserved fund will not be released back to the ICO guys. Instead it will be paid to the bounty hunters, investors etc. Of course, Bitcointalk will still take out its advertising fees from this.

I think this fund reserve feature will allow scam ICOs to rethink about using Bitcointalk as a platform for scamming. Also in case, they do, then we can at least recover some amount of the money.
I understand that this forum is supposed to be free for all forever, but still changes are something we can not deny. And we can have a section for the free ICO founders also, but of course, members will give them less priority.

Do you think this feature with some improvements can be implemented on Bitcointalk to keep the scammers away, even if just to a small extent. What other features can we have to safeguard the interests of the investors on Bitcointalk. Please discuss this, and who knows we may have some good ideas.

Thanking You
Siddartha Gupta
18  Economy / Lending / Need a loan of 0.15 ETH. Interest of 5% will be given. on: September 18, 2017, 07:20:51 AM
Hi Guys

I need a loan of 0.15 ETH to participate in HashRush ICO which starts on 20 September 2017. The first 3 days of the ICO are very important as they will give 20% bonus coins and some in game bonuses. I wouldn't need the loan if the dates were a month later, but since I can not arrange for 0.15 ETH in such a short period of time, I am asking for a loan. I will return the base amount with 5% interest within 30 days. As a collateral, I am on a bounty campaign of Hashrush and will get my reward tokens after 20 October. And they are a lot more worth than 0.15 ETH. Also my Bitcointalk account is Full member level. Other than that I am also on Steemit with high reputation: . My own Bitcoins are invested in some other sites and I don't have enough SBD (Steem backed Dollars) equivalent to 0.15 ETH. I will be getting some Bitcoins and SBD within next 30 days and so I will pay the lender on time. I have already done a successful trade here without any issues:

Please let me know who all are interested in giving me the loan. I still have 2-4 days left.

Thanking You
Siddartha Gupta
19  Economy / Digital goods / Selling $60 lowe's E-gift card (expiring on 24/08/2018) at a big discount on: August 25, 2017, 02:35:47 PM
Hello Friends

I bought a Lowe's gift card worth $60 from my balance in, which I got from working on Amazon Mturk. Since I live in India, I could not order any physical product, since the shipping fees were way too high and most sellers don't deliver here. The only option I had was to buy a gift card and later sell it at a discounted price to get at least some profits. But now I am stuck, no trusted card exchange site is allowing outside US members to register or not accepting e-gift cards. So I thought why not sell my gift card here, which does not have any such restrictions.

So the deal is that I will sell my $60 worth of Lowe's gift card for just $50, which is a pure $10 profit. I prefer payments in Paypal, otherwise Bitcoin, ETH or steem. The card has almost 1 year of expiration left, so you can rest assured it is not expiring anytime soon.

Now the major part, trust. As for the trust points, I don't have any since this is my first sale here. But you can trust me on my rank and also I am participating in hashrush ICO bounty which will pay in October, which I believe will be much more than $50. So surely I wouldn't want to risk my account on Bitcointalk. Other than that I am posting my official Facebook and Steemit pages, so that you can trust me more easily.


Here is the screenshot of my recent purchase of this card:

In case the above image does not load:

I personally think I have provided enough proofs so that you can trust me. I really can't cheat u with this, even if I wanted to. Since I live in India, I just can't use this card in any possible way. I will be doing this trade with a member rank or above with neutral or positive trust rep. I can provide the serial number to serious party, to check the available balance. The PIN will be given as soon as I get the funds. I hope that would be fine with you guys. Hoping to see someone buy this card and so that we both can profit.

Thanking You
20  Economy / Service Announcements / Gibiads - Earn, Advertise, Entertain and Socilaize on: May 08, 2017, 06:37:32 PM
                                         Hello Everyone  Smiley

First a bit info of the Owner.
Owner is a real businessman in UK, having real companies and He has been running them for many years and has now entered the online earning market also. He is a FCA approved businessman and is very honest in his dealings. If someone lives in UK, they might have even bought services from these sites. You can find this info in the FAQ section of the site also. I am one of the Admins on this site and I will be managing the community related part of it.

Little info of the site:
Gibiads is a powerful hybrid social platform where members can earn, advertise, entertain and socialize; all at the same time. Gibiads has a progressive development model, that is new products and services will be launched one by one. We aim to develop as many as resources possible for our earners to earn a good income online and at the same time provide the best advertising platform for our advertisers.

We will start the revshare part next month after analyzing the profits which the site can make in 1 month. We want to go in a planned way and not just rush through. The profits will be less compared to the other sites, as we will be completely sharing the profits only, no fresh funds. 90% of the pure profits (not adpack purchases) which we make in the previous month, will be shared during the next month. This way there would be no scope for ponzi, but yes for a few months profits will be less. We will be launching many useful and profitable products during the course of Gibi's evolution, which will increase the profits of the adpack holders. Revshare will be just be a small component of this platform, but the main earning would be through GPT, PTC, trading, mining, freelance services etc.
The site is just a basic, only 5% of the real Gibi.
Join now and experience an honest site which you all have been waiting for.
official Gibi group:

Some salient features of the site:

1) Advertiser only section, which can be accessed from the homepage itself. No need to register also. Advertisers can create and publish their campaignes via using their email id. Campaign reports will be sent directly to their emails.
2) Effective and easy to setup targeted advertising. (under development, but it will surely be liked by the advertisers.)
3) Honest Admin. Probbaly for the first time a real businessman (not affiliate marketer or online earning expert). When you will research the above mentioned sites, then you will be more surprised, than satisfied!! Not hyping anything, everyone says that. But do your own research, use wayback machine, read reviews, visit their FB pages, and things will be clear to you. This is the main reason that I joined with this admin. Also since I am already an Admin there, you have more reasons to trust this site.
4) Anytime seed back option. Anytime, you want your seed investment (invested in adpacks), you can have it (minus the withdrawals of course). For small adpack ($2) holders, there would be no deduction and for bigger adpacks ($10, $25), there will be a 20% deduction.
5) Social media like concept also implemented in the site. Search and add other members as your friends. Chat with them like on any other social platform. Shoutbox to tell everyone on site your opinions.
6) As we will have more members, we will keep adding more revenue sources. Majorly, our own crypto coin along with a faucet to make it useful and popular. A marketplace for exchange of digital products and services, mining pool, forex and crypto trading platform etc.

Please give us honest feedback of this site, so that we can keep making it better.

**All affiliate marketers are most welcome to contact me and get more info. There is a representative form also in the site. You can fill that and be a representative to gain 10% ref commissions.
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