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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 25.0 [Torrent]
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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / EmilioMann, John Connor, & VanillaCoin/VCash are lying about Monero exploits on: May 16, 2016, 08:59:44 PM
My post was deleted from this thread: and is included below for reference.

Just an addendum:
Exploit 13 (v2 block) was found and reported by John Connor to monero devs months ago.
Even after the devs and trolls from monero community try to destroy Vcash with fud and lies, John Connor informed the exploit because he thought that would be able to make the worms stop with their slanders.
Well, he saved monero once the problem was solved, but after this the trolls and fudders unscrupulous and without ethics back to attack him again
Now, after a new thread was created by smooth to slander JC and Vcash, he found other 12 zeroday exploits.
Do you really think he will help monero community again? is a blatant lie.

John Connor has never reported a single exploit to myself, or to any of the other Monero Core team members. Not one. Not two. Not five. Not ten. Definitely not thirteen.

Do you want to try again?

It is disgusting and appalling that people resort to outright lies, and then double down on those lies by deleting objections. Shame on you, EmilioMann, and shame on those you surround yourself with. VCash has become an embarrassment to the cryptocurrency community.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [Private IPO] VertPay - Vertcoin Payment Gateway on: May 04, 2014, 06:47:13 PM
Hi all - I'm involved in a Vertcoin payment gateway project called VertPay (if you're a regular on #bitcoin-assets and know me you will recognise that a deal has been struck and my payment gateway project has been rolled into this existing project). We're doing a private IPO, with a view to taking it to an exchange at a later stage (those exchanges I am comfortable will not implode will not look at a project like this at this stage). I'm doing the announcement here, as Peter Kuhn has just registered here and isn't in the OTC WoT, but he will be here to answer questions as well.

They say that an idea is great, but execution is everything. With that in mind, seed funding for VertPay has been provided by Peter Kuhn and Riccardo Spagni. This has enabled a small team to be put together to not only architect, plan, and begin development of the VertPay system, but also to begin seeking key merchants. For our final phase of development, our launch, and all of our marketing we have decided to open the project up to investment by the VertCoin community - a VertCoin driven IPO!

What's been done

All of the ground work has been laid from a regulatory and legal perspective, including incorporation outside of the United States. The software architecture has been finalised, the initial bank of servers have been configured and are live. Work has been progressing on the core of the software for some time. Our rates API is live, for example, and updates every 10 seconds or so. You can use it right now to get the rates of all of the fiat currencies supported, or the rate for any specific currency such as USD, GBP, or EUR! Merchant acquisition has also been moving along, although that is more recent than the architecture and development, and we are aiming to launch with a few very well known and influential merchants.

What still needs doing

On the software side there is still some work to be done integrating with backend financial systems, completing the API core, and completing the Merchant Management interface. Ongoing code reviews by our Internet security partner have begun, but a more intense final code review and pentesting will happen closer to launch. There is much to be done on the merchant acquisition side, and a great deal of marketing that has to be completed and planned. This is where the investment opportunity comes in.

How the IPO is structured

The IPO is going to raise a total of 200 000 VTC. To do this, VertPay will authorise 1 million shares (1 000 000), and issue a block of 200 000 shares at a nominal value of 1 VTC per share. On Monday, May 12th, 2014, a Vertcoin deposit address will be made available on the website, and investors will be able to send a round number of Vertcoin to that address. A portion of the Vertcoin received will be converted to Bitcoin in order to be stored in a multi-signature wallet and thus prevent the misuse of invested funds by any person within the company. In the event of an oversubscription of issued shares, VertPay's management team will decide whether to issue new shares to meet the oversubscription, or whether to refund those that have invested too late.

Whilst VertPay shareholders do not have voting rights, from time to time the management team may seek advisory, non-binding votes from shareholders on issues that will have a significant impact on their shareholding. Dividends will be paid in Vertcoin to all investors on a monthly basis, although revenue will not exist to pay dividends until VertPay's launch. Dividends will be derived from profits made in that month, and will be paid fairly to all shareholders in proportion to the shares they hold. Dividend payments will be made to the Vertcoin address that was used to make the initial investment. For this reason, shareholders will need to control the address they send from.

About the share agreements

All share agreements will be Vertcoin-signed by the investment Vertcoin address, and the signed agreements will be published for all shareholders to have access to them. Investors will be able to submit a Vertcoin-signed message with their backup email address, which can be used to verify a change in their dividend payout address in the event of them losing control of their original Vertcoin address. Investors will not be barred from trading their shares privately or running a pass-through, and changes in an investor's Vertcoin address can be made by means of a Vertcoin-signed message from the previous address. In future Vertpay may choose to list on a crypto-denominated stock market, in which case investors will be able to register there and have their shares issued to them on the exchange. You can view a sample share agreement here.

Additional information can be found on the website
3  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / [ANN] OpenRigs Aquarius Water Cooled Frame/Fish Tank on: April 01, 2014, 02:37:28 PM
Presenting the very pinnacle of frame engineering...the Aquarius

Aquarius combines a fully stocked fish tank with a water cooled rig, ingenuously controlling the temperature of the tropical fresh water fish tank whilst lowering the
temperature of your GPUs through water-cooling. Make Aquarius the centrepiece of your living room, and become the envy of the neighbourhood all over again...

An Aquarius filled with Hotorius Dogarinus fish

Note: please keep discussions on topic. Moaning/complaints about surface mail shipping times/complaints about not being aware of surface mail shipping times/complaints about how surface mail isn't an option any longer and the rest are too expensive/general hatred and vitriol can be directed to the regular OpenRigs thread:
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Known Scammer: Dzelil Salihovic / botcoinExpress / xU2 on: February 24, 2014, 02:14:32 PM
Background: Dzelil is well known to many on this board as kr4x. Recently, he got caught out in the OpenRigs forum thread. Since then he has made it his personal goal to destroy the OpenRigs brand, including registering multiple accounts and loudly accusing us of being a scam. In the meantime, several customers of the 1600+ orders we've received since November have not, as yet, received their order (they have all had their order shipped by surface mail, which we used to list as a 4-6 week shipping method, but have since changed it to 6-10 weeks given the delays experienced by some). Whilst we try to assist them and possibly replace/refund the shipment if it has gone missing, we have had to deal with Dzelil's constant trolling, eventually having to lock the previous forum thread and start a new, self-moderated one. He has switched tactics to opening a number of scam accusation threads, such as:

It is incredibly hard to keep a cool head and to assist irate and frustrated customers when this is going on. Some customers have very genuine complaints, and we are trying to find the most appropriate way to assist them and turn their negative experience into a positive experience. But Dzelil's trolling makes for an incredibly unpleasant experience, and he is doing serious damage to us as a brand - we have had potential customers contact us asking for clarity or telling us that they're afraid of ordering because they've seen the scam accusation posts. I am fascinated that he has such a personal vendetta - he placed an order, he trolled the thread, he got caught out, I refunded his BTC in full and his order was cancelled.

Current scams: Dzelil has unfortunately fallen in to the trap of using the same modus operandi. His new accounts often lash out at OpenRigs within a few days of being created. He also tries to create posts where he sells mining hardware for BTC (GPUs or ASICs). To bolster his "reputation" or when a sales thread gets too hot he shuts it down, claiming its been sold (in reality, had it been sold there would shortly be a scam accusation thread). He typically claims to be in Canada and never accepts escrow, although he has claimed to be in Europe before.

Invariably he's running so many scams he can't keep up with all the lies he tells. For example: under his botcoinExpress moniker, in our old thread he claims to be from Europe:, a claim he repeats in a WTS thread claiming to have 4 ASUS 280x cards: However, he then suddenly appears to be in Canada: He also uses his xU2 moniker to try bolster the credibility of the thread:

Previous known aliases: You may remember Dzelil as kr4x, his most well-known moniker on the forum. So far I am aware of the following aliases he has used in recent months: skyisthelimit, paradiselife, goldbars, botcoinExpress, and xU2.

Resolution: It seems that fewer and fewer people are falling for his obvious scams. Not accepting escrow is the big red flag. There is little I can do to protect OpenRigs except point out when I see his modus operandi (which will probably change now that it's been laid bare). I do hope that as time progresses and more customers voice their positive experiences (even if it ends with us refunding them if they haven't received their order) that this drowns out Dzelil's noise.

We do not aim to scam anyone, and try our best to be as transparent as possible. To that end I have left all sorts of negative comments stand even in the self-moderated thread. There is no need to delete negative posts when we are trying to assist people - I understand the need for them to vent their frustration and anger in public, and we will continue to do everything we can to assist them. I must admit, though, the experience thus far has really dulled my desire to operate a business in the cryptocurrency space. I have spent more time explaining and defending myself and my business on this forum than I have creating a smoother logistics chain for our customers.
5  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / [ANN] - Aluminium Frames for Mining Rigs on: February 17, 2014, 01:34:36 PM
Hey all - provides flat-packed aluminium frames for GPU altcoin miners, and we'd love you to take a look at our product offering.

The Vitalia Standalone GPU Frame

The Giorgina Horizontally Stackable GPU Frame

The Arianna Grid GPU Frame

All available in 4, 6, or 8 GPU sizes

Our frames are fabricated on-demand in South Africa and shipped worldwide. We have a variety of shipping options available to suit customer's needs and budget, and are happy to look at customised orders where requested.

Any questions? Feel free to ask here or email our support team at
6  Other / Archival / (old OR thread, closed and moved) on: November 26, 2013, 05:14:14 PM
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin article on Wikipedia on: May 09, 2013, 06:06:12 PM
So someone very (un)kindly reported one of our Bitcoin listings on the local auction/shopping site (basically an eBay clone, but they've been around for like 10 years). They say that what we're selling is illegal. In defense of their report they quotes this line from the Wikipedia article on Bitcoin: "A large share of such commercial use is believed to be for illicit drug and gambling transactions."

Despite ongoing discussions in the Talk section of that article, and despite the quoted references simply not saying that, it seems that the sentence stands and is not going to be modified or removed. In disagreement with this, I've updated the Wikipedia article on the US Dollar and added in this line a few days ago: "A significant share of the commercial use of U.S. dollar bills is believed to be for illicit drug and gambling transactions." I do not think that the Bitcoin article should list such a specious "fact" without any evidence to support it, and most definitely not in the opening paragraphs.

So...does anybody have any sway as a Wikipedia editor that can either remove this "fact" or at least move it to a different part of the article and make it clear that it is supposition?
8  Economy / Lending / BTCJam Loan (Home Improvement) - 200 BTC Principle, Re-payable over 6 Months on: April 30, 2013, 01:16:02 PM
Hi all,

   I'm going to re-hash my btcjam listing that I just put up - for any that would like to ask questions please do so. I am also more than happy to provide copies of the documentation provided to btcjam, as well as any additional documentation you care to request. I have outlined the capital and repayment details (this is not an interest free loan, of course:) towards the end of this. At this juncture I'm not willing to risk borrowing and re-paying on BTC that is unlinked to fiat currency. The reason for this has less to do with the perceived "instability" of BTC to the USD, but because all of the costs I incur will be in fiat currency. If I could convince the builders to accept BTC that would be a different story entirely;)

   My wife and I are looking for a loan of about $30 000 that we will be using to redo part of our home. I would like to stress that we can get this from our bank, but the potential interest-rate savings on BTCjam (and here:) make it worth our while to try here first. Apart from my other documentation that BTCjam have already verified, I have also submitted my payslip that demonstrates my ability to comfortably repay this loan regardless of what happens. This isn't a business proposal that could flop at any moment, this is a regular ol' loan.

   Specifically, we are looking to build a balcony on the middle floor of our house. You can see the image gallery of what it looks like right now here: The basic idea (as drawn by a friend who is an architect, and the plans for which have been approved by the city council) is a wrap-around balcony. Effectively it will be replacing the current walls/windows with glass and sliding doors. Electronic blinds will wrap up into the ceiling (I know it's high), and extend down to keep the area cool when the morning sun shines in. We'll have a pizza oven built on to the left-hand edge of the deck for those nights when we want to make pizza.

   Repayment terms are 180 days, payable on the 1st of the month (payday is the 25th for me, so it gives me 5 days to buy BTC if necessary and fund my BTCjam account), and the interest portion on each repayment is 6%. This loan will be Dollar-indexed at mtgox rates to avoid major hiccups should the currency fluctuate wildly. I will endeavour to pay the loan back sooner rather later, partly because I hate being indebted to anyone, but also because I am cognisant of everyone wanting to profit from BTC. This way you can make your money work for your both now and later!

   By the way - btcjam's calculation on the loan is ฿200 borrowed, ฿40.67253 repaid every month for 6 months. Any lending concluded off of btcjam's site will be accompanied by a basic agreement I have drafted (we can use one of yours should you have one) that will ensure there is no confusion as to the terms of the loan, and that also gives you full legal right to pursue the claim using the full power of the law should I default on it. Also, just to answer the question before it is asked: the bank's lending rate is quite favourable, but they don't want to give us a loan of this size for such a short term (ie. they want to bleed us for as long as possible:) Repaying the loan quickly is in my best interests, which makes this far more appealing than the bank.

   Feel free to hit me up here or on #bitcoin-otc (fluffypony) - I may be connected but AFK, so if I don't respond quickly just leave a message and I'll get back to you.

   All the best!

9  Economy / Scam Accusations / BTCPonzi: an obvious scam on: April 17, 2013, 09:19:27 PM
They scammed a bunch of people a few days back (they were on #bitcoin-otc punting their scam), and they've gotten more sophisticated with a website and a Twitter feed - I know its appealing to believe that you'll throw a few small amounts at them and you'll get double back, but obvious scam is obvious.

What they propose isn't even how a ponzi scheme works; their "rules" are practically unenforceable and a glance through the blockchain page for their address shows substantially more payments to them than payments out. PLEASE don't fall prey to scams like this and similar!
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