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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Gambling Companies and Bitcoin on: September 20, 2022, 12:53:43 PM
What I know is that these gambling companies that accept Bitcoin as one of their accepted currencies are registered and licensed from Cyprus and Curacao (an island located in South America and a part of the Netherlands). We all know that there are only two nations that lawfully accept Bitcoin as a legal currency, El Salvador and Central African Republic. So how come that these gambling companies are allowed to put to use Bitcoin as one of their accepted currencies when neither Netherlands and Cyprus aren't legalizing Bitcoin as a currency? Are the authorities of these nations turning a blind eye on the Bitcoin use?

Or is it possible that gambling companies are allowed to accept any forms of tangible or non-tangible objects so long as they deem it valuable to their operations? Take for instance, casino chips and tokens are used to play games in the tables and on slot machines. So is this the case of Bitcoin too?
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Gambling Companies: First Massive Bitcoin Adopters on: September 01, 2022, 06:24:43 AM
Bitcoin developers aimed the creation of this decentralized coin to avoid transactions going through financial institutions. Developers and its early investors and believers never expected that it would be the gambling companies that will start the massive acceptance of bitcoin as a currency. Gambling companies accepting bitcoin have two effects on people:

1. People will think positively on bitcoin because gambling companies are carefully and well-managed kind of business. They are built to entertain people and to earn money in return. And there are hundreds of millions if not a billion or billions of people that are into gambling and many of them are exposed to bitcoin and its potential. Investing companies also have no problem with this as investing is also related to gambling with both facing levels of risks.

2. Many people take gambling companies as something dirty. People might as well take bitcoin as something dirty too. And bitcoin's decentralized form as a good way to evade authorities and government regulations.
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