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61  Economy / Trading Discussion / Best way for Hodlers to sell their BTC's at new ATH's? on: November 24, 2020, 08:13:59 PM
Whats the best quickest, cheapest way to sell bitcoin for fiat cash at good volume liquidity markets but in a decentralised way?

Theres centralised exchanges like Coinbase or Binance but imagine sending 1000 bitcoins there to sell at the all time high price only to realise Coinbase or Binance hijacks your bitcoins by freezing it in your account and force you to have to go through all that AML & KYC crap by showing your life history in documents they requested from the day you were born. Yes I'm already a verified account holder on Coinbase & Binance so can this shit still happen after being verified on those exchanges? Stories like this already heard by many?

Who has the nerve to even to send even 0.1 bitcoin to an centralised exchange to sell at new ATH facing that risk above?
62  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is there really only 2 types of Altcoins from a Investor's view? on: November 19, 2020, 12:04:14 AM
Come across this research online:

Hes saying theres only 2 types of Alts:

- Oscillators

- Degenerators

Okay, how do you filter these on Coinmarketcap or on Coingecko?

Whats your take on this ignoring the yearly bull trends like De-Fi, ICO's, STO's, NFT's etc?

Finally the best time to sell a non-trending Altcoin is when Bitcoin market dominance at its low, best easy indicator?
63  Economy / Trading Discussion / Can I Invest in Bitcoin Mining Companies/Pools/Stocks? on: October 24, 2020, 02:55:05 PM
Can I Invest in China or anywhere where electricity is cheap and the mining pools or companies there can generate earnings/profit for their investors?

What are the best bitcoin mining stocks out there and do these mining companies pay a cash dividend and are they regulated? I'm looking for the longest running and established and can such mining companies go bankrupt when bitcoin prices go to the lows and has this happened in the past?

If mining costs and difficulty goes down then share prices should go up as long electricity costs are cheap right?
64  Economy / Trading Discussion / Crypto ETF's available? on: October 21, 2020, 11:26:16 PM
Buying individual altcoins is too risky.

So is there like a altcoin only crypto ETF that does not include bitcoin and does not hold the other top 4 and has holdings in the best fundamental altcoins from the top 200 market cap?

Or is there specific ETF's like a De-Fi ETF or, Proof of Work coins ETF or Proof of Stake tokens ETFs, different hashing algorithms ETF's or whatever where the ETF provider choose the best fundamental altcoins?

How can bitcoin have its own ETF when bitcoin is just 1 asset on its own?
65  Other / Beginners & Help / What is considered a Small Balance for Altcoins holdings Exchanges & DEX ques? on: October 05, 2020, 09:14:57 PM
I have altcoins on the big exchanges but each altcoin I have on each exchange are not in the thousands but small balance like for example under 50 balance for each altcoin. Do holders holding such small balances get email notifications from exchanges of upcoming delisting's or coin swaps or only big bag holders entitled to these emails notifications?

Problem is when I click on hide small/0 balances to see my alt holdings on these centralised exchanges it also hides my small alt balances that have values greater than 0 so I see nothing in my wallet overview.

Can you hold alts on Decentralised Exchanges and if so do you get the same email notifications from DEX's?

Finally why doesn't this happen with Bitcoin holdings on centralised exchanges? Lets say I had 90 Bitcoins on a exchange and click on hide small/0 balances it will still show? How is this fair or what kind of exchange system algorithms are they running?
66  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How many Max supply of Ethereum there will ever will be? on: September 09, 2020, 03:33:19 PM
Currently Eth is POW and its changing to Eth 2.0 POS.

Whats the max supply of Eth 2.0 there ever will be?

If theres no max supply then Eth is just like fiat money right where many tokens can be created or will Eth will say unlimited supply but not inflationary but in slow gradual inflation?
67  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is Bitcoin truly Decentralised? on: July 25, 2020, 05:10:17 PM
Whats this Original Bitcoin and this BTC? Are they different coins with different visions at the beginning or there was a hard fork or something?

Is bitcoin or BTC truly decentralised? Who registered the domain name back on 18th Aug 2008?

Does Japan have any archives or medical records of Satoshi Nakamoto? Japan is always known to be a advanced tech country so surely there must be some trace of Satoshi electronically or on paper trace if hes really old. Whats Japan authorities saying on this? Its near impossible to just vanish without trace in these times of technology where your traces are easily recorded somewhere unless Satoshi was a hacker and wiped himself clean from govt. databases leaving no trace fearing the current Zionist worldwide financial system will come after him or something.

Or satoshi was born outside Japan? if not and if he was in Japan when he created bitcoin then why didnt he registered bitcoin website as instead of Japan is know to have the latest tech 1st before the whole world has it. For example Japan is known to have HDTV back in the 70-80s before the whole world had it like 30 years later! Also theres tech/inventions thats never gets released worldwide and only available in Japan.

Japan has its own economic inflationary problem so is bitcoin was originally designed for Japan and its population only?

Does Gavin Andresen still control the code at the code repository located at GitHub? Does he still have the Network Alert Key?

Gavin Andresen became the lead developer at

Final question who funds and and who funds the development teams at bitcoin core? Updating bitcoin core with latest releases takes time and money so obviously somebody is funding it or are they all just happy crypto geeks who are volunteering at this so called non-profit organisation for the greater good for mankind financially?

What happens if governments took down the github repository, and the .org websites associated with bitcoin and put all those geeks in jail as well whoever is funding it? Will bitcoin still run?
68  Economy / Economics / Yearly >Trendy< Crypto Markets, Is Crypto becoming like Tech Fashion? on: July 25, 2020, 01:31:10 PM

Theres this yearly new trend I keep noticing in the crypto markets, where these trendy coins have their own bull market till its not trendy no more:

- 2017 = ICO's

- 2018 = STO's

- 2019 = IEO's

- 2020 = De-Fi

In the Tech markets old tech never comes back as we all know. We all know the Sony Walkman hasn't come back and tech gets outdated quickly.

So the questions are can outdated trends in Crypto markets can come back in normal overall bull and bear market cycles?

Lastly what you guys think what Crypto Trend will be popular for 2021 next year? Privacy coins?

69  Other / Beginners & Help / Which VPS recommended for Bot Trading? on: June 10, 2020, 09:18:40 PM
I am after a VPS service with the following criteria:

- Will the bot run fine on older generations of CPU hardware architecture without 99-100% cpu usage most of the time?

- Which VPS has NVME hard drive as standard?

- I am looking to buy VPS directly off a company officially not through Resellers.

- A Secured VPS that prevents the common server attacks out there. Which operating system is recommended that the bot likes and also is secure? Is Windows Ok?

- Finally the VPS service must have a long established record and of course be reliable like the google's, amazon's, microsoft's out there where it still be operating in 10 years time with less strict Terms Of Service and of course allow the bot to run without getting banned.

So which VPS comes to mind with the best value for money or any good deals going on at the moment matching the above criteria?

Also which is better Value and better VPS SkySilk or Digital Ocean?
70  Economy / Trading Discussion / Best Trading Bot out there? on: June 04, 2020, 06:51:30 PM
Can Bots nowadays have smart algorithms to take in past history info and be smart enough to make right trades in bull and bear markets? Or is it just dumb trades that is buy low sell high whenever the bot sees the chance that can be many trades in a day or can bots be efficient like the best human traders and do less trades with the maximum profit?

What I dont want is a bot buying in bull market then bull market finish into bear market and bot still holding at high buy price you know what I mean.

Any bots that do shorting?

Are bots live, that is all bots trading is done from the bot's server/website running 24/7 or do I require a VPS?
71  Other / Off-topic / Sim Swap Scam Hack? on: May 20, 2020, 10:28:51 PM
The only way for this hack to work is the hacker bribing someone at the cell phone sim company? Or can hacker just know your cell phone number?

If bribing then how does hacker know which cell phone network provider your with to begin with in the 1st place? Shall I assume hacker is already known to sim company or have a already existing relationship with someone at the sim company or does sim company employees nowadays accept any bribe for any amount offered? How does the hacker and sim company employee cover the traces of the bribe? Does the first few digits of a cell phone number reveal which cell phone network sim provider you are with?

So these sim swap hacks are organised in advance right? and if so how do they know their chosen victim is worth their hack and time? Usually is it the victim with lots of bitcoins? Yeah everybody knows bitcoins are on a public not private block chain that can be viewed by anyone. So small time bag hodlers are not victims of this, only the rich whales?

This hack can target individuals only, not groups of people at the same time right?

Does Google 2FA stop sim swap hacks?

So any website that uses normal sms text verification can be sim swap hacked?

If hacker already knows password to victim email account then no sim swap hack required? Just hacker requesting password changes. The sim swap hack is just needed to access the victim's email?

Finally whats the single best most convenient way of preventing a sim swap hack?

72  Other / Beginners & Help / Decentralized services? on: May 05, 2020, 10:38:48 PM
Is there a site that shows a list of all the decentralized online services up and running available now, not beta services?

Or a site that shows the best decentralized service for each category, categories such as for example:

- Decentralized email

- Decentalized cloud storage

- Decentralized domains

- Decentralized exchanges

- Decentralized whatever

- and many more

Okay the following questions on Decentralization:

- Does the above decentralized services has to based off blockchains and crypto?

- Can decentralized services or websites be hacked or can law enforcement obtain info from these services?

- Are decentralized sites & TOR .onion sites the same?

- So if I create a decentralised website or upload files to a decentralised cloud storage, then they will be forever be available to access as long I have a internet connection? Nothing can bring it down? Impossible to bring down?

I ask because a favourite youtuber of mine got his channel censored and deleted on youtube. I know youtube is a centralised service website and I know centralised sites can be hacked and taken down, Even can be taken down but Decentralized services are impossible to take down or hack?

What are the drawbacks of a decentalized service or site apart from internet traffic and current popularity?
73  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Dump or HODL these coins? on: May 02, 2020, 03:39:57 PM
I been holding these coins for a few years:

- Stakenet

- Blox

- Monetha


- DigitalNote

- Gulden

- Quantum Resistant Ledger

- Ubiq

- Nexus

- All sports

- Gamecredits

- LBRY Credits

Which of the above are Genuine projects that were victims of the bear markets and will in a year or two will climb back up to the top 50-100 rankings in the next bull market? And which of these genuine projects had coin swaps or had been hard forked within the last few years?

I also been holding these coins for a few years too, the following coins have higher rank than the coins listed above:

- Power ledger



- Civic

- Bancor

- Syscoin

Which of the above are Genuine projects and will in a year or two will climb back up to the top 50 rankings in the next bull market? And which of these genuine projects had coin swaps or had been hard forked within the last few years?

Finally the last coins that I have been holding for the past few years are in the top 100 rankings:

- Golem

- Siacoin

- 0x

- Augur

- Bytom

- Nexo

- Verge

- Ethereum Classic

- Digibyte

- Tron (recently added to portfolio, will hodl obviously)

- Dogecoin (recently added to portfolio, will hodl obviously)

Which of the above are Genuine projects and will in a year or two will climb back up to the top 10 rankings in the next bull market? And which of these genuine projects had coin swaps or had been hard forked within the last few years? Or shall I assume these coins are genuine because they survived the bear markets for past couple of years and yet still maintaining that top 100 ranking?
74  Economy / Economics / Best Free Site for Global Market Data/Charts? Beginner friendly & Ease of Use? on: April 21, 2020, 09:43:04 PM
Firstly in the Whole World are there just 5 Main Markets?:

- Equities

- Currencies

- Commodities

- Bonds

- Funds & ETF's

That can only be represented by Indices or Currencies? Any main markets I missed from list above?

Which one does Real Estate market fall under?

I understand Coinmarketcap and Coingecko are best popular market data sites for Crypto however which best free site allows a overall glance of the global markets?

Who are the top 10 richest actively day traders in the world and the top 10 richest actively long term investors in the world and do these top players share their portfolios to view and where do they go for their data or they have access to Insider Trading that the public dont?

75  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 5G & Bitcoin Risks? on: April 13, 2020, 06:55:20 PM
Okay firstly lets clarify the wireless frequency tech:

Is 5G just bandwidth where it just carries dumb data packets via frequencies to smart devices requesting it or has the 5G network protocol has advanced from previous wireless tech where the 5G towers/satellites or even 5G frequencies can do any sort of advanced smart processing data like a cpu processor in a computer? Meaning the dumb raw data has been processed by 5G before it even reaches the 5G smart devices that all have cpu processors in them anyway? For example if whatsapp want to censor the word Bitcoin in messages then the 5g network can process that without whatsapp AI servers doing it.

If there is any sort of smart processing by the 5G frequencies then how is 5G different to Neural Networks that uses Smart Human Brain type of processing?

Lastly I remember each wireless tech had a mid life upgrade like 3G had a mid life upgrade to HSDPA. Then 4G to 4G LTE or 4G+.

So will 5G have a upgrade in few years time to 5G MAX or 5G+ or 5G ultimate or whatever they wanna call it?

Do these mid life upgrades require new hardware masts/satellites/towers?

Lastly coming onto Bitcoin Risks with the 5G being rolled out everywhere as we speak. Like discussed above if 5G can do some smart processing on its own independently then can the Government use the 5G network to ban Bitcoin Payments done outside the home if phone is connected to 5G? For example if I want to pay for my coffee or groceries using bitcoin on my phone connected to 5G then will 5G block the payment leaving me no choice but to use the government centralised digital coins or tokens?

76  Economy / Exchanges / From UK, Understanding Investing Jargon help on: March 27, 2020, 12:37:03 AM

Is still the most popular 1st to go site for crypto investors?

On coinmarketcap site under exchanges> what does top 100 by adjusted volume mean and top 100 by reported volume mean, whats the difference?

I understand most exchanges lie about volume so where do I go to see real true raw volume?

Lastly I am from UK so looking for the biggest known volume BTC<>GBP pairs so which Crypto exchanges on have their main Headquarters in UK?

Is there a site that compares true volume BTC<>GBP pairs?

77  Economy / Economics / Virus Bear Market? on: March 21, 2020, 10:31:05 PM
Hello, late to all this doom & gloom news, had my head stuck in the sand for a while been busy. Just got out of it and hear this corona virus thing causing markets worldwide to crash even oil markets. Questions:

Covid-19 virus recently caused the crash of btc over a week ago?

Government saying this virus hype can last till next year, meaning Btc crash will be sustained to new lows this year similar to a virus bear market till next year when the virus fear hype is over?

Will Btc halving this May coming will get us out of this virus bear market?

Whats covid-19 virus got to do with Bitcoin? Its not a computer or blockchain virus that attacks btc so why Btc crash?

In global recessions/depressions/global economic meltdowns people turn to gold/silver and digital gold such as bitcoin so why bitcoin crash and gold market not crashing in times like these?
78  Other / Beginners & Help / Which of the following Exchanges have these Altcoins Trading Pairs/Wallets? on: December 13, 2019, 10:16:51 PM

According to a google search for 'Best Exchanges' I get the following 1st page results:

- Binance

- Bitmex

- Cex

- CoinMama

- CoinBase

- OkEx

- KuCoin

- Bittrex

- Changehero

- Bitpanda

- Kraken

- Bitstamp

- Gemini

- Changelly

- Bitfinex

- Localbitcoins

From the list above for filtering, which exchanges can we rule out that fall into the next sentences: not really an exchange service or has only a few altcoin wallets or little or no altcoin trading pairs or finally you simply believe the exchange is shady and shouldn't be in the google search results above along with explaining your reasons why.

Below is a list of Exchanges I compiled from the 2nd-3rd pages from google search results:

- Poloniex

- Coinfloor


- CoinsBank

- Trade by Trade

- Bit-Z

- NovaExchange

- Huobi Global

Again from the list above for filtering, which exchanges can we rule out that fall into the next sentences: not really an exchange service or has only a few altcoin wallets or little or no altcoin trading pairs or finally you simply believe the exchange is shady and shouldn't be in the google search results above along with explaining your reasons why.

Once the filtering has been done, I can safely choose with confidence which exchanges to use to trade my altcoins depending if they do that altcoin trading pair/wallet. I understand exchanges are not good places to store coins however I plan to trade in the UK full time meaning the coins will be on exchanges full time so I like to minimise risks to few as possible you know what I mean.

I will list the Altcoins I have after the help with filtering the above Exchanges.

79  Economy / Exchanges / Any of these Exchanges have been....? on: September 24, 2019, 06:42:31 PM
Any of the following exchanges apart from cryptopia has been hacked or considered a scam within the last few years or speculated to be a scam for the near future?:

- yobit
- hitbtc
- nova
- livecoin
- trade by trade
- bit-z

Which ones do you guys think that will still be with for years to come and will help traders affected by hacks?
80  Economy / Exchanges / Which of these exchanges shall I sign up to? on: September 24, 2019, 04:35:02 PM
OkEx - island of malta off Italy
Huobi Global - Signapore
HitBtc - Huh?
Upbit - South Korea
Hotbit - Huh?

Have I got the above locations correct and where is hitbtc and hotbit are located?

I understand these are centralised exchanges meaning risks however looking for an exchange with minimised risks.

Does location of headquarters determines the exchange credibility? For example an exchange in Switzerland or Germany will have to follow tougher regulations of that country  or if the exchange gets hacked there's a compulsory legal process or compensate scheme regulations after the hack to reimburse the customers. Or tougher punishment laws for owners of these exchanges depending of the country etc.

Whats up with location malta for Binance the world's biggest exchange? Why malta? I can see it benefits the exchange but does the location benefits the traders? Is there like a exchange that balances both the trader and exchange when it comes to risks?

What's the latest status on decentralised exchanges now, are their volumes catching up?

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