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1  Economy / Reputation / This guy is so butthurt. on: May 01, 2016, 04:18:44 AM
So, this started when I'm not removing my negative feedback off of Skeptical One profile.

He offers to give me good feedback if I remove my negative feedback, but was rejected.
Only reason I deleted because you gave me bad feedback for it.
That's shady af.

Let's make a deal. I give you good feedback you give me good feedback. Deal?

Then, he gave me so-called phishing link and threaten to DDoS me and publicly post my DOX.
Look what I posted about you lol now everyone will know you're a scammer lol look
You clicked on my phish link lol I'm gonna Ddos the shit out of you. You got until tonight to delete your feedback or I'm gonna expose your real name your home address and your IP address. You got til tonight if not everybody will know your true identity on this forum and I'll give everyone you scammed your address and tell them to prosecute you and sue to get their money back you stole. Last warning to you.

I said it won't change anything. Then, he became even more butthurt. LOL.
Then you'll see tonight lol
It won't change anything.
Well let the people you scammed decide that lol You messed with the wrong hacker this time bud lol
'Hacker', what a script kiddie.

He even threatens to report me to the authorities.
You got til tonight. If you think I'm playing with you just wait and watch. Also, im report youto online police investigators for you scamming aa lot of people online.

And faking that he has asked a mod if it is allowed to post my DOX. Roll Eyes
I asked the mods here if I can post your address on here and they said that I'll be banned if I did that so that plan is a no go  Sad I noticed you like asking for loans. I'm one of the known people here doing it and have worked with all the best loan members here. Why can't you just do the right thing & delete your feedback? It was unfair. If you don't take it off I'll warn everyone on every thread you create asking for a loan or trying to sell something that you're a known scammer. Your business is gonna be ruined and its all because you can't do a simple thing like deleting your feedback because you were wrong.
2  Economy / Services / «60+ Services § High Quality § Affordable § 100% Safe» ◣◥Social Media Shop◤◢ on: April 10, 2016, 07:28:23 AM
(click here)

(click on a social network icon to see price lists)

Please keep in mind that some of my services are only meant to boost views count, followers count, likes count and so on.

We also provide followers and likes from real and active users.
Besides, real and active followers may unfollow any of your social media accounts anytime they want since they are real and active users.
However, they could also be your followers for ages, but it depends on your post quality or your account niche.
We pretty much can't do anything to prevent these users from unfollowing you.

Please read...


Service                                                            Price/1k               Note
High Quality YouTube Views/Retention Views$2.50Retention views is around 75%-90% for up to 5 hours.
Medium Quality YouTube Views/Retention Views v1$1.70Retention views is 90%+ for up to 25 minutes.
Medium Quality YouTube Views/Retention Views v2$1.50Retention views is 90%+ for up to 1 hour.
Medium Quality YouTube Views (Fast)$2.30-
Automatic YouTube Views/Retention Views$2.50$2.50 per new video (price is for 1,000 automatic views).
YouTube Video Likes v1$12.00Maximum quantity 401, per video.
YouTube Video Likes v2$14.00Maximum quantity 2,000, per video.
YouTube Video Likes v3$14.00Maximum quantity 1,000, per video.
YouTube Video Likes v4$13.00Maximum quantity 7,000, per video.
YouTube Video Dislikes v1$13.00Maximum quantity 401, per video.
YouTube Video Dislikes v2$16.00Maximum quantity 10,000, per video.
Automatic YouTube Video Likes v1$20.00Maximum quantity 401, per video.
Automatic YouTube Video Likes v2$16.00Maximum quantity 1,000, per video.
Automatic YouTube Dislikes$20.00Maximum quantity 401, per video.
YouTube Video Favorites$8.00-


Service                                                            Price/1k               Note
English Real Facebook Page Likes$17.00Real Facebook Page Likes DOES NOT work for music or band pages.
Middle East Real Facebook Page Likes$10.00Change it to another category if you want to buy this service.
You can change it back once we are done processing your order.
Automatic Facebook Fanpage Post Likes$4.00$4 per new post (price is for 1,000 automatic post likes).
Automatic Facebook Fanpage Post Shares$15.00$15 per new post (price is for 1,000 automatic post shares).
Facebook Fanpage 5-Star Ratings$70.00-
Facebook Post/Photo Likes$2.00-
Automatic Facebook Profile Post Likes$4.00-
Website Likes$7.00-
Facebook Video Views$5.00-
Group Members Joins$3.00-
Event Joins/Attendees$15.00-


Service                                                            Price/1k               Note
High Quality USA Twitter Followers v1$2.50Maximum quantity 2,381, per account.
High Quality USA Twitter Followers v2$3.50Maximum quantity 10,000, per account.
Medium Quality Twitter Followers$2.50Maximum quantity 30,000, per account.
Russian Twitter Followers$3.50-
Arabic Twitter Followers$3.00-
High Quality USA Twitter Likes$2.50Maximum quantity 2,381, per tweet.
Medium Quality Twitter Likes$2.40-
High Quality USA Twitter Retweets$2.50Maximum quantity 2,381, per tweet.
Medium Quality Twitter Retweets$2.60-
Automatic Twitter Retweets$3.50Maximum quantity 2,381, per tweet.


Service                                                            Price/1k               Note
Real/Active Instagram Followers$6.00Maximum quantity 1,700, per account.
Real/Active Middle East Instagram Followers$7.00-
Real/Active Russian Instagram Followers$7.00-
High Quality USA Instagram Followers$2.50Maximum quantity 165, per account.
High Quality Instagram Followers v1$2.30Maximum quantity 10,000, per account.
High Quality Instagram Followers v2$2.50Maximum quantity 75,000, per account.
Medium Quality Instagram Followers$2.70Unlimited quantity.
Middle East Instagram Followers$7.50-
Real Instagram Likes from Active Users$4.00Maximum Quantity 400, per photo/video.
Real Instagram Likes from Active Russian Users$4.50Maximum Quantity 10,000, per photo/video.
High Quality USA Instagram Likes$2.50Maximum Quantity 165, per photo/video.
High Quality Instagram Likes$2.00-
Automatic Instagram Likes from Active Users$3.50$3.50 per photo/video (price is for 1,000 automatic likes).
Automatic Instagram Likes$3.50$3.50 per photo/video (price is for 1,000 automatic likes).
Instagram Views$4.00-


Service               Price/1k               Note
Vine Followers$2.50-
Vine Likes$2.50-
Vine Revines$2.50-
Vine Loops$3.00-


Service                              Price/1k               Note
SoundCloud Plays$1.00-
SoundCloud Downloads$1.00-
SoundCloud Likes$20.00-
SoundCloud Reposts$25.00-
SoundCloud Followers$20.00-


I, krunox123, is in no way responsible for any account suspension, deletion of your pictures or videos, that may occur from the usage of my services. Please contact YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any other social network when such cases happen.
Read our refunds policy before demanding a refund.

Refunds Policy

I do not guarantee an accurate delivery time for any of my services.
I will always give you an estimated delivery time. However, there is no guarantee that your order will be completed in said time.
No refunds will be given when we are in the process of delivering your order.
You will only be refunded in such cases that we are unable to deliver or to complete an order.

Please make sure that your contents or profile is not in private mode or changes your contents or profile from public to private when we are in the process of delivering your order.
Should such changes be made, your order will automatically be cancelled, and no refund will be granted.
Please only made changes to your contents or profile once we are done processing your order.

3  Other / Archival / Which one is better? on: March 04, 2016, 05:18:43 PM
Hello, I need your opinions.

I want to purchase a domain for my website, but I'm not sure if I should purchase a numeric .IO domain(NNN) or letter(mixed with numbers) .IO domain(LLN etc.).
It is a multi-purpose website, FYI.

Which one is better and why? Well, I'd choose the second option but I'm not sure.

Thanks! Smiley

I've decided to choose the second option.
4  Economy / Digital goods / FREE SOCKS5 PROXIES on: January 24, 2016, 01:41:13 PM
Halted for a few days.

I will try my best to add free fresh socks5 proxies into this thread at least once a day.
5  Other / Meta / Threat and Feedback on: January 13, 2016, 01:39:18 PM
So, I've just received a threat message from this user, Pov.
If you take a look at my untrusted feedback, he sent me two untrusted feedback when I never deal with him.

Left you a negative feedback. Will remove for 0.01 BTC.
ONCE PAID, I WILL REMOVE AND YOU AND ONE CHOSEN PERSON WILL BE IMMUNE. Should you choose to decline I will open a legitimate looking scam report.

So, my question is, is there a way to remove the fake feedback from my profile?
6  Economy / Digital goods / NAMEBTC.COM for sale! on: January 01, 2016, 07:45:22 PM

DOMAIN                  REGISTRAR      Expires On
namebtc.comNameCheapJanuary 02, 20170.1BTC OR best offer
                                    BUY ALL FOR 0.1BTC                                    

Price is negotiable, PM me or make a reply in this topic with your BEST offer.

Escrow are welcomed, but you pay the fee if any.
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / [RESOLVED] Story of 1.5 hours in my life. on: December 24, 2015, 06:19:54 AM
What happened:
So, Cypherious offers an easy job that pays you $10 per hour. I got the job and worked for 1.5 hours, which I will be paid $15.
I have wait for an hour but I am yet to be paid.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=424540

Reference Link:
Amount Scammed: 1.5 Hours of my life.
Payment Method: Bitcoin
Proof of Payment: NONE

PM/Chat Logs:

Additional Notes:
I have given him another an hour to resolve this. Deal with this user at extreme caution until this is resolved.
Will close this thread once I receive my payment from Cypherious. Smiley
8  Other / Archival / [DIPV] Get your favorite photos or videos! on: December 14, 2015, 03:17:27 AM

What does DIPV mean?
Download Instagram Photos or Videos.

So, do you ever seen a photo or video shared by someone on Instagram and you fall in love with their account, but you are not able to download any of their photos or videos? Then, you are at the right place!

You simply tell me their Instagram username and how many photos or videos you want me to download and download link to the photos or videos will be send to you! Only public account.
Take a look at Pricing.


Only Photos
Total               Price (BTC)               
>1k0.00009 per photos

With Videos
Total               Price (BTC)               
>1k0.0001 per

Escrow are welcomed, but I will not cover the escrow fees (if any).
I am not responsible for what you will do with the pictures or videos.
9  Economy / Lending / [REPAID] I need loan of 0.13 BTC or $58 BTC on: December 10, 2015, 06:20:37 PM
Hello, so I need a loan of $54.70 and I will repay in Bitcoin as stated in the title. But you will need to have credit/debit card in order to provide me this loan, the fund will be donated straight to the fundraiser. I will PM you the details.
Hello, so I need a loan of 0.13 BTC. Since no one can provide me loan with their card, I have changed my loan request to Bitcoin instead.
If you can provide me this loan, post below or you can PM me.

Amount: 0.13 BTC or $58.00 BTC (whichever is lower, Preev rate)
Repayment Amount: 0.14 BTC
Collateral: NONE or BCT Account
Reason: Donate to a fundraiser.
Repayment Date: Once I received payment from my current signature campaign. ET: Between 3rd to 4th January 2016

Only one person is needed to provide me this loan.
I do not have collateral and I cannot give you this account as collateral. Because I won't be able to repay you if I do not have access to this account.
I've discussed about this with my signature campaign manager, and roslinpl said, I can provide my account as collateral as long as the lender will not remove or change my signature and make posts with my account.


This is krunox123.

11th December, 2015.
Here is the unedited post where I posted that address:

10  Other / Meta / The presence of cake in your profile. on: May 04, 2015, 05:01:06 AM
At first, the presence of the cake in my profile was a mystery to me until Vod came with a solution.
Vod, the one who solved the case, said that it was a birthday cake from the forum to me to wish my birthday.

Thank you, Vod! Smiley

PS: Even though I have been in this forum since April 2013, this is the first time in 2 years I saw a cake in my profile.

Guys, I checked my profile a minute ago and I saw this cake??

Can someone explain why it's there? Huh

PS: Is this the right place to ask this question?
11  Other / Archival / ╞═ Offering Microloans ║ 6% Interest ║ [✓/✗] Collateral ║ Up to 0.1 BTC ═╡ on: March 08, 2015, 11:27:45 AM
Total Loaned: 0.1472 BTC      ||      Available Balance: 0.531156 BTC


Need microloans? You were on the right place.
You can loan up to 0.1BTC maximum, depends on available balance.
My interest rate are as low as 6% but you can set higher interest rate if you want, as long as it is not lower than 6%.

Loans repayment date should be no longer than 2 weeks, can be negotiated through PM after I approved your loan request.

Loan request with collateral is highly recommended.
All collateral must be worth between 110% to 130% or more of the initial loan.

I accept these as collateral:
  • Altcoins
  • BCT Account
  • Any other valid collateral

Please use the following format for your loan request:
Code: (Format)
[b]Amount[/b]: xxx [btc]
[b]Repayment Date[/b]: DD/MM/YYYY
[b]BTC Address[/b]:
*Note: Your loan request will be denied if you cannot properly follow the format provided.
**Note: Loan request made through PM will be ignored.
1. All collaterals will be held by a trusted third party on this forum. I will not cover any Escrow fees.
2. Collateral will be released to me if loanee(you) fail to repay after 48 hours of your repayment date. Please inform me the day before your repayment date if you need an extension of time if you could not repay on the day of your repayment date.
3. If you are late to repay your loan, you had to pay late fee of 0.005 BTC.
4. I will leave a postive feedback after you repay and vice versa.
5. All loan must be repaid to the repayment address that were given to you. If I do not provide you with a repayment address, please repay your loan to the repayment address above.
6. All loan requests are subject to approval by my discretion.
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