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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Facebook Issue on: December 10, 2020, 09:32:41 PM
If you guys didn't know, Facebook had an issue hours earlier and this includes the Messenger and Instagram, if you're using these two about 6 hours ago you'll be likely to experience the same issue as mine. But this isn't the main concern of me, what bothers me is this, as we all know Facebook has this Libra, their own crypto and I think they are near deploy it, wouldn't it be too dangerous for people who will use Libra when they are still having a major issues with their servers? What if a more complicated issue happen when Libra is already there?

CT Downdetector
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Yeees it's happening on: October 05, 2020, 02:14:16 PM
Do you think that the adoption is really happening? I've seen this picture, a convenience store literally selling bitcoin through an ATM, I know it isn't new at all but this proves the actuality of innovation, something that we are dreaming of since we knew bitcoin. Hail the King! I still haven't tried it yet, I'm still wondering how complex it is.

3  Other / Meta / Is this a bug? on: September 16, 2020, 03:59:02 PM
Sorry if this already been talked here, but I didn't see one so I wanna here you guys

I didn't change anything on my browser, the language is English but this happened to me just now. I tried opening different threads but it seems fine.

looks like Vietnamese/Indo language

a minor bug that has something to do in the forum? or with my browser?
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Sign of improvement to the market price of the Bitcoin. on: March 22, 2020, 01:41:51 PM
To the previous weeks the market price of the cryptocurrency rapidly fall down and that is not a good sign, one of the reason why does it happen is the virus rapidly spreading and some of the people pull back their investment and also some of them use the money to things they need just to buy foods and other stock of supplies their need to survive the pandemic plague because some of them have a lot of lockdowns to avoid the spreading of it.

After the market price of the bitcoin fall for over $3845 it becomes a huge loss and we are hoping to improve this again and after a week the price of the bitcoin becomes stable for over $5000 dollars and after 24 hours there is a huge change before over $400 million dollars investment to the cryptocurrency and that is a huge impact because this is a good sign of market changes any time, one of the things why this happens because of the halving is coming that the supply of the coin will be limited still we are hoping that this year is profitable of the year of 2020.

Sorce :
5  Other / Beginners & Help / [GUIDE] A good post/reply and formatting [UPDATED] on: February 08, 2020, 02:54:22 PM

For months and years of posting. I've seen a lot of replies in various formats. Some had aesthetic appeals while most are made just simple texts. Now, I would like to suggest some users in here, especially those Beginners, to what a good posts must look like. This would contain not only the aesthetics, but also tips on how to construct a quality post. Let's get started!

TIP #1 KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE - Many posts have a long explanations with repetitive arguments and some are just circling around on a single idea. Remember to always keep your ideas and words focused. Many would find this ironic due to the fact that Quality Posts contains a long and descriptive posts. This is just to remind that some posts/replies are just repetitive and contains less sense than those fruitful-short posts.

TIP #2 RESEARCH. RE-COMPREHEND. REPLY. - Research first on a topic that you think you could help such as threads like How to make blockchain... and etc. to at least build a forum of not only ideas and opinions, but rather with pure facts and referenced studies. Recomprehend what you have just researched, then instead of just copying it, PARAPHRASE it together with you own thoughts and ideas. Then finally, do your Reply.

TIP #3 USE QUOTE AND/OR MULTI-QUOTE - Quality posts doesn't necessarily to be original and be your own opinion. Yes, this forum isn't a perfect forum that has professional users and some could only give ideas. But still, Read first before replying. I have found some users whom just click reply on a thread without reading first the existing replies. Quote existing replies, and if you ever can manage replying on a lot of users, Multi-quote them. Remember, separating your posts is just spamming and a waste of time. As long as you could manage replying multiple users on a single posts, go for it.

TIP #4 DON'T REPLY ON OLD THREADS DATING MONTHS FROM NOW - Never ever pump unnecessary posts. There's a lot of wasted efforts as many people posts on an already answered thread. And as I stated above, many are just replying without further reading. Making their posts less good and less meaningful.

TIP #1 USE BOLD CHARACTERS - Use bold characters for important ideas and mostly main subjects such as what you have seen in this posts.

TIP #2 USE ITALICIZED CHARACTERS - Use italicized words/phrases/sentences for supporting ideas. It is commonly good for ideas that is most likely required a highlight, but not of too much highlight.

TIP #3 USE BIGGER FONTS OR CAPITALIZED CHARACTERS - Use bigger fonts if and only if it is either a title, a greeting, or a necessary message that requires bigger amount of attention than the other content of your posts. Capitalized characters are best used for ideas that can be the same font as the explanation but is much important than them.

TIP #4 USE ONLY 3 FONT COLOR/SIZES AND LESS - Using of exaggerated font colors is irritating to the eye. Even exaggeration of bold characters are already unpleasing. Use basic colors such as gray, red, and blue (disregard the black as it is the default and standard font color). Also have 3 font sizes to use, one for the title/header, one for the subject title, and one is for the explanation and supporting ideas.

TIP #5 BE CONSISTENT - Have some consistency with your posting format. Many users are still using a lot of various formats and it would only destroy the simplicity of one's profile. Be consistent and have only one format in making your posts and even replies.

The tips mentioned above can be supported by this article (if you ever had any doubts why I didn't include highlights and underlining):
Bold, Italics and Underlines: How to Use Them Effectively? (Thanks to @Shimmiry)
I hope bringing this up would make a simple change not to the community, but to those who builds it.
Some might find this unnecessary. But what are your ideas and suggestions?




For formatting, I would have preferred bullets using the "Insert List"
  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2

Or use a numbered list
[list type=decimal]

  • If you want to make the post as good as possible and use the format then first read some of the guidelines that were previously shared in the forum. Its certainly very useful and helps you make good and interesting posts.
  • A quick way to style of this writing is see how other people do it, and you can try it and practice it. But when there are too many unnecessary writing styles, people will feel bored to read to the end and finally you have to consider it before you post a reply or thread.
  • Ignore the style of writing if the post you made does not contain any meaning and information that is useful for others, because no matter how good the writing style, the post will also be categorized as spam.

The most important thing to make a quality post or thread is not the writing style or formatting, but how we make it informative, useful, and easily understood by other members.

I have my two threads which can help OP and the others to make good posts as well as threads.
A reminder for all:
  • Formats and language usages are important but they are not decisive factors for your post quality, in case your English writing skill is noto too bad, and you organize your posts/ threads at acceptable levels.
  • Titles of your threads help to catch more attention at first glance but after that, your contents will decide readers will keep reading your posts/ threads or not.
  • Keep your posts/ threads as short as possible because no one want to read long posts/ threads (if they can read in shorter versions)

For bullets, you can also use Alt+0149
Using this method you can place the bullet wherever you want, even at the beginning of the row.

List example:
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