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1  Economy / Service Discussion / Is entry into the signature campaign due to luck, achievement, or something else on: March 18, 2024, 02:31:02 AM
Those enrolled or accepted into the signature campaign are based on qualifying merit or because of greater numbers, or because of luck, or for other reasons known only to the Manager.
Because if I look, there are several participants who have a higher number of achievements but are not accepted.

I just want to know, because if there is another reason besides the many achievements, I or other people can follow or apply it if the reason is good and makes sense. Because in my opinion, achieving achievement is not an easy job.

Sorry if my question is wrong, I just want to know the reason, hope I don't get judged. Smiley
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Planning to invest in Bitcoin to perform Hajj. on: February 23, 2024, 10:58:20 AM
I have an investment plan for my mother by collecting $3 every day from the results of my mother's business and that $3 is a small portion of my mother's business profits. My mother owned a grocery store and after my father died, I built a grocery store for my mother with the goal of giving my mother something to do at home.
And my mother already knows that I have been involved with Bitcoin for a long time and I have discussed this, and my mother agrees because she knows the benefits and changes that I get from Bitcoin in the long run. And my mother has great hopes that Bitcoin can provide good profits in the long term, she wants to use these profits to perform the Hajj or can be used as extra money which my mother has long planned.

And I would like to know your opinion whether this plan will be successful in the long term and aims to provide additional funds to carry out the long-desired Hajj. My mother is currently 60 years old and wants to perform the Hajj at the age of 70, and my mother also has savings that she has been working on for a long time and also has the same goal and is sometimes used for emergency funds.
And with this I took the initiative to plan this which I will do in stages and my plan is, using $3 a day from my mother's grocery store in 30 days = $90 that I will spend in Bitcoin every month. And I will also increase my purchases when my mother has excess money or unexpected money because that often happens.

And I ask for prayers from the BTT Forum which I respect so that my mother's dream of performing the Hajj can come true.
3  Economy / Economics / Quitting Smoking Has Two Big Benefits. on: February 01, 2024, 02:48:04 AM
Quitting smoking has two big benefits, and I've been doing it for over 3 months. And both can be said to be long-term investments, apart from long-term health, the money used to buy cigarettes can also be used to invest and I invested in Bitcoin.
In one month I can spend approximately $90 to buy cigarettes, and the price of the cigarettes I buy is around $2/pack for one pack a day and sometimes more than one pack.
And by quitting smoking, I was able to increase my regular monthly Bitcoin purchases from a portion of my monthly salary as well as $90 per month in cigarette money.
And I definitely felt a difference in my health and also saw a difference in my Bitcoin holdings after increasing my purchases, and I wish I could do it forever. Honestly, even though I don't do it, sometimes I am still tempted to want to smoke again when hanging out with friends and also at certain moments.
And the strong reason I stopped smoking was because my wife likes to nag me if I smoke at home because I have small children, and over time I decided to stop smoking. And previously I tried it several times but failed, and now I haven't smoked for more than 3 months and I hope I can do it forever because it has two extraordinary benefits. Health and can increase my investment.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Everyone Calls My Child's Name Bitcoin. on: January 29, 2024, 09:55:02 AM
Because of the story, until now most people, especially my entire extended family and also people around me, call my child Bitcoin.
Actually, most of them don't really know what Bitcoin really is, especially old people and small children because in my area Bitcoin is not very popular and only certain people know about it. And with this story happening, those who know that my child's birth expenses were paid using Bitcoin, want to know more clearly and also want to know what Bitcoin actually is.
And after I told them the basics of what Bitcoin is and its benefits, they finally understood and in my conversation with them I did not suggest investing, only that Bitcoin can be used for long-term investments that are profitable from other investments. And it can be used for trading, and can also be used as a transaction tool like money. And both must have a Bitcoin address or wallet that can be done privately, because in the country where I live, Bitcoin or other crypto cannot be used as a means of transaction.
And until now when explaining Bitcoin I don't know the developments whether they are involved or not.
Actually that's not the purpose of this thread, but more aimed at my son who most people call my son Bitcoin.
And at first I felt uncomfortable because my child had a beautiful name, but over time I got used to it and if my child was called Bitcoin he would definitely respond more because he was used to it. And I'm worried that my child will be called Bitcoin when he grows up, and I also feel uncomfortable if there are questions about Bitcoin because I'm afraid of answering it wrong.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / I Want To Invest Money From My Inheritance In Bitcoin, But? on: January 27, 2024, 10:25:27 PM
After my father died 3 weeks ago, we as 5 brothers agreed to fulfill my father's wishes by selling part of his land to be sold and distributed to 5 members. So my parents' house still has 250 meters of land next to my parents' house which is currently still occupied by my mother and two younger siblings and the land area of the house is also quite large.
Long story short, from the sale of 250 meters of land, 5 family members each received $4,400. And I have plans to buy Bitcoin to increase my Bitcoin amount in the near future so that the money is not reduced for unimportant purposes. Because it cannot be denied that if I see large amounts of cash, I will definitely want to buy what I want, not what I need.
And what confused me was that 2 of my family members, namely 1 older brother and 1 younger brother, wanted to share some of their money to invest in my Bitcoin. And they themselves don't want to do it for reasons, they don't want to bother.
Even if he wants, I will teach him to make a Bitcoin wallet. But they still don't want to and want to combine their money with my money to invest in Bitcoin, and they already know that I have been involved with Bitcoin for a long time and they also know about my changes. And maybe that's what makes them want to do it, so that their money will increase.
And this makes me confused and I haven't made up my mind about their money that they want to put into my Bitcoin, and they also know that investing in Bitcoin takes a long time to get good profits. And I'm always in this for the long term, and I need a way or an opinion so I can make good decisions.

And to be honest, I'm still in a state of mourning because of many things and stories that I can't just forget.
6  Other / Off-topic / Have you ever lost someone who is sincere and good at advising Bitcoin. on: January 24, 2024, 07:00:27 PM
It's sad to lose someone who really supports, helps, advises and is also a forum where we can exchange ideas and also help in making decisions and we think he is a good person.
Even though there are forums and several friends near and far, sometimes we gather and discuss to exchange ideas and give each other opinions about cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, and that is very good and can help because we have one thought. But apart from all that, have you ever felt less comfortable compared to people we consider sincere?

And long story short. I had someone who was very sincere, kind, and helpful to me when I first got involved with Bitcoin. He always gave me a little of his salary so that I could continue buying Bitcoins and as time went by I finally had a job and I could buy my own Bitcoins from part of my salary. And we both often talk about Bitcoin, moreover he always asks and I also often ask about income and other things about my decisions in Bitcoin and his advice is right.
He's not an expert, but he knows my enthusiasm for Bitcoin and he's always been supportive. And two weeks ago he died and before the operation and his critical period he was still asking about Bitcoin and advised me to continue investing in Bitcoin using extra money so that in the future you can be happy and can also help your mother, your siblings. When they were in trouble, and after going through 3 critical days after brain hemorrhage surgery, he died. And I really felt very lost, lonely and also very empty. Because he is my father who can be a friend and also a place for me to discuss the best Bitcoin among others.

Goodbye Dad, may you rest in peace and quiet in God's heaven. And today is two weeks since his death.

And my aim in making this thread doesn't have any aim or purpose, I just want to tell you about my current situation and I haven't been able to forget everything. Angry
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Silly and scary questions, and what would you do if that were you. on: January 21, 2024, 01:55:26 PM
I became worried and found it difficult to answer after my friend asked me scary and ridiculous questions about Bitcoin ownership.
he asked. If friends, new acquaintances, or other people find out that you have a sizable amount of Bitcoin, and you don't tell them. Then you are kidnapped with several people covering their faces, with the aim of getting your wallet address with the risk that if you don't give it you will be killed.
And another reason, you have given your wallet address to members you trust, such as family members or your wife and children.

And I want to know, what are you going to do.
Aren't you going to give the bad guy your wallet address, and you let him get killed. However, your Bitcoins remain safe because you have given your wallet address to someone you trust.
Or you will give it away because you still want to live, and you don't have any more Bitcoins.

And it was just a casual conversation with a friend of mine who both owns Bitcoin, and I was just wondering what other people's answers to this dreaded question made me want to create a thread.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / My story about bitcoin and my old friend. on: July 12, 2023, 07:07:51 AM
Last night I met an old friend who I haven't seen in a long time because he worked overseas for 5 years and dived there we never communicated, and before he went overseas we used to hang out together and I still remember him hating bitcoins . mainly because it's not real and that's how he talked me out of getting involved with bitcoin for fear of being scammed, and also he always booed bitcoin when we met.
and at that time i just kept quiet and also nothing changed for me as long as i was involved with bitcoin, and i said look at me a few years later but he has gone overseas. And after a long time we didn't see each other last night he came to my house and I was surprised, and he was also surprised but not because he saw me, but saw my house that had been renovated and also saw several motorbikes and one of them was a big motorbike and I see he hasn't changed.

and he straight up asked me what job or business made my circumstances change so drastically, and all i can say is have you forgotten that you used to make fun of me for being involved with bitcoin and trying to keep it away. And I'm just saying this is proof of the results I got with bitcoin and I still have a lot to tell you about the benefits I got from investing in bitcoin and I was able to make it happen and change my life, including the cost of my marriage and the birth of my child. And in the end he apologized to me and he also heard a lot about bitcoin out there but he still wasn't interested.
and after we talked at length he finally started to get interested after I told my story when investing in bitcoin, and even though I have a salary from my job, but 90% of everything I have including home renovations results from bitcoin profits and he becomes increasingly interested. But I didn't want to teach it until he asked for it many times, and he came back from abroad for 5 years only bringing money which maybe if I want to compare it with the present profit is much bigger.

and he admitted his mistake at that time, but that was also my motivation and I had to prove it and he also felt sorry, because he was not involved with bitcoin at that time and instead mocked him.

Do you have the same story, I mean a close person, relative or friend who used to dislike bitcoin, and they became regretful after seeing a significant change after meeting again.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 5 truths about bitcoin, in my opinion? on: August 11, 2022, 03:23:17 AM
1. Bitcoin will probably make a lot of people rich especially for long term holders... again
2. Bitcoin is the future and bitcoin is the medium of exchange because it is widely accepted, portable, shareable, accessible, commensurate and relatively stable. That's why it will be used as future currency.
3. Bitcoin can save the world
4. Bitcoin is not very easy to understand and there is too much misinformation about it.
5. Bitcoin has spread far, far more than most people know. There are already some of the biggest companies in the world using blockchain technology and some countries actually want to clone bitcoin, because bitcoin is so good.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Paid the birth fee using bitcoin at the clinic, by accident. on: June 02, 2022, 03:21:20 AM
The moving story about the bitcoin emergency last night has helped me, last night my wife gave birth to my first child at 02:45 at one of the nearest clinics about 500 meters from my house and at that time I didn't have any cash, which I actually had prepared for ATM birth fees.
because the ATM is far from my place and I immediately took my wife to the clinic and all I thought about was my wife's safety, and at that time I was confused about the delivery fee because I didn't have cash and if I went to the ATM it was very far and also my wife no one to accompany and provide support during childbirth.
and after my wife and first child survived, the doctor took off his robe he wore a t-shirt with a small bitcoin image and spontaneously I asked if the doctor was involved with bitcoin and he said yes. And then I rubbed my chest and I said can I pay all the birth fees in bitcoin and I ended up paying in bitcoin about 0.007 or about $210.

sorry if my words are not good and also incomplete because this is my first experience paying using bitcoin by accident and it doesn't mean the clinic accepts payments using bitcoin but coincidentally the owner and he himself is a doctor and happens to be involved with bitcoin.

and my son's name: Muhammad Alvan ...... (male) and born on June 2, 2022 at 02:45.

And it's also my first time to create a Thread because of the unexpected and unforgettable experience
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