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1  Economy / Games and rounds / - 2mB Twitter giveaway on: September 16, 2015, 10:22:16 AM
Claim 2mBTC free to play at

How to claim:
  • You must have a Twitter account with at least 100 followers.
  • Your account must be junior level or above on this forum.
  • You must have at least 30 activity on this forum.
  • Follow

Tweet the following:
Playing dice at the worlds No.1 trusted #Bitcoin Casino. Win 270 Bitcoin in one bet! @PRCasino

Post a link to your Twitter post here along with your PRC username or account Id.

You will then be tipped 2mBTC

Allow up to 48 hours, in rare cases, to receive your bonus.
Twitter accounts with a lot of fake followers will not receive the bonus.
One bonus per Twitter/PRC/Bitcointalk account.
PRC reserves the right to cancel the promo at any time.
PRC reserves the right to deny a claim for any reason, most likely if some user looks to be gaming or abusing the promo.

2  Economy / Services / Convert Image to CSS - 0.25BTC on: September 04, 2015, 06:38:29 PM
Looking for someone to convert this image to CSS

Must be done within the next 6 hours.
0.25 Bitcoin will be paid upon recieveing working XHTML/CSS.
An extra 0.1 will be awarded if you can produce valid BBCode to use the banner in signature on this forum.

Read the requirements below and then reply if you can do it.
I will choose someone asap to work on it. (previous samples of similar work would help)

DO NOT just post the code for this here as I don't want to have people working on it if I have chosen someone who will be paid already. You would be wasting your time.


Recreate as much of the image with just HTML and CSS as possible. The cards in the logo and if needed the dice and the red star with the 1% in it can be converted to CSS box shadow using this site

Try to keep the CSS simple but DO NOT minify it. Do not use inline CSS, put it in a script block to use in header or external file.

Your HTML must be valid XHTML.

Test your HTML/CSS looks ok on this page, where it says your ad here,

The top lines of text, Win 270 BTC etc, should be all bold, not just the first word.

3  Economy / Services / Banner Contest - 0.5 Bitcoin prize on: August 27, 2015, 07:18:55 PM
I am looking for a banner design that could be used on this forum for
The contest will only run for 2 days.

The banner should be 890x50 in size.

The banners here need to be in CSS but there are tools to convert images to CSS box-shadow style pixel art.
If you can convert your design to valid CSS that would help.

You can try and include the PRC logo (it would need resizing) and keep your colours to mostly red, white and black.

Have a look at my signature and the website for ideas on the text to include.

You can see here the current ads used on the forum

I will pick the winner on Saturday night at around 8pm GMT, no set time.

There will only be one winner and they will get 0.5 Bitcoin.
However, if I like two designs and wish to combine them in some way then I will award the second design 0.5 Bitcoin also.

Depending on the design there may be extra work in future if you wish to take it.

4  Economy / Auctions / - FOR SALE- 3080 BTC PROFIT - Bitcoin gambling site on: August 07, 2015, 11:53:16 AM
Description: is one of the oldest Bitcoin gambling sites, launched in April 2013, and has since grown to become the most
trusted and one of the most popular Bitcoin gambling sites.

Profit is over 3080 Bitcoin in the past year, 580 in July alone.

251,521 Bitcoin wagered.

Here is the main Bitcoin Talk thread:

Starting bid:
2000 Bitcoin

Bid increment:
100 Bitcoin

End date and time:
21/08/2015 16:00 GMT

Payment methods accepted:

Additional information:
The buyer will get full source code to the website, all domains related to PRC and all social media accounts.
You will also get training and tutorials for running the day to day operations.
I will help you deploy the code to a new server if needed.
I will also offer 2 months free support if you need it. This does not include adding new games/features.
Sale also comes with Softswiss integration for 20-30 extra casino games (not launched yet).

Although currently PRC has a crowdfunded bankroll any current investors would be cashed out before transfer of assets.
You would want to provide your own bankroll of at least 500-1000 Bitcoin to keep PRC having one of the highest max payouts but it could be less.

How to bid:
You can leave your bid amount as a post in this thread.
Alternatively you can private message if you wish the bid to remain anonymous or email
You can also visit the chat on and private message me there.

5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Any UK banks allow trading of Bitcoin? on: June 04, 2015, 12:19:50 PM
Just tried Barclays and RBS and none of them allow setting up a business account for trading Bitcoin.
I thought Virgin would be something but they don't actually do business accounts.

If no one knows I'll try calling more tomorrow and report back here in case anyone is interested.

6  Economy / Securities / - FOR SALE - 3000 BTC PROFIT - Bitcoin gambling site on: April 30, 2015, 04:42:48 PM
Announcing Pocket Rockets Casino is for sale.

About PRC:
Pocket Rockets Casino is one of the oldest Bitcoin gambling sites, launched in April 2013, and has since grown to become the most
trusted and one of the most popular Bitcoin gambling sites.

Pocket Rockets Casino offers the best Bitcoin dice (Hi-Lo) game.
Fast and easy to use with the largest max payout of any other Bitcoin dice site, 423 Bitcoin.

Software also includes roulette and blackjack games.

All games load instantly, are provably fair and offer fast betting on desktop, phone or tablet using your browser.

Here is the main Bitcoin Talk thread:

Over the last year PRC has become the most trusted gambling Bitcoin site with a crowdfunded bankroll of 4943 Bitcoin.
Profit is over 2980 Bitcoin in past year, most within last few months.

Why Sell?
I have worked full time on PRC for 2.5 years and I have some other projects I would like to pursue.
The right buyer would be able to improve PRC for existing users and grow much larger than I can do alone.

What you get
The buyer will get full source code to the website, all domains related to PRC and all social media accounts.
You will also get training and tutorials for running the day to day operations.
I will help you deploy the code to a new server.
I will also offer 2 months free support if you need it. This does not include adding new games/features.

What you don't get
Although currently PRC has a crowdfunded bankroll a sale would only be made to someone who can provide their own bankroll.
You would want at least 800-1000 Bitcoin to keep PRC having one of the highest max payouts but it could be less.
Any current investors would be cashed out before transfer of assets.
Any potential personal details of user accounts will be removed.
Gambling License. You will need to check the laws of operating a Bitcoin gambling site in your country.

Serious offers
Only serious offers should be made from buyers who can provide their own bankroll.
Offers should take into account the past year profit of 2980 Bitcoin.
You can email or pm on here. I can provide a pgp key if needed.
Profit/wagered stats for all games will be provided in a detailed report for serious buyers.

If no sale what happens to PRC?
If there are no serious offers or I feel that the buyer is not going to run PRC legit or to the standard that players expect then I will not sell and continue to work on improving and running PRC as normal.
I am not looking for a rushed sale. I am just looking to see if the right buyer is out there who could make the site better than I could by working alone.

Feel free to ask any questions here or on email/site chat etc.

7  Bitcoin / Project Development / Looking to discuss new method of storing funds securely on: March 14, 2015, 03:14:18 PM
Proposal of a new method of securing funds in cold storage at

Current Method:
At Pocket Rockets Casino we have a system for securing funds in wallets that differs quite a bit from other gambling sites.

The majority of funds, at least 90% of the total invested funds, are in a cold storage investors wallet.

There's also a hot wallet that has a small amount in it so people can have instant withdrawals.
Instant here can mean up to 1 minute if enough funds are available but if not then users can expect it to be less than 12 hours.

The main difference from other sites is deposits do not go to the hot wallet but a separate player funds wallet that is also in offline cold storage.
This was a choice I made about 2 years since if someone deposits 100+ Bitcoin I didn't want that to be in any hot wallet system.
This is a reason why the hot wallet can be short of funds more frequently. I thought it was a safer compromise.

The investors wallet and the funds wallet were both created using Armory on an offline computer.
Armory allows signing of transactions offline. Usually through USB but I wrote a program to do so via QR codes to be safer.
I wish they could build this in to the software.

Finally these wallets have an encrypted paper backup stored in multiple secure locations off premises.
This can lead to slow withdrawals of large amounts as I don't have easy access to funds.

New method:
The main reason for change is to have:
  • Multi-sig wallets
  • Multiple wallets with less funds in them
  • Investors be signatories

I would want to continue using Armory for this. They support multi-sig via their lockbox feature.

The plan would be to have many multi-sig wallets with 5 signatories, 3 needed to sign a transaction.
Each wallet would have around 200-300 Bitcoin in it.
4 of the 5 signatories would be investors.
No 2 investors can be signatories of more than 1 wallet at the same time.
The signatories of each wallet will remain private, no players or other investors would know who has a key to any wallet.
Addresses would only be used once then a new multi-sig wallet would be created.

Steps to setup:
Bootup a Linux usb key on a new offline computer. Create an encrypted volume to install armory and generate a wallet.
View the paper backup root. Encrypt this and then write it down twice.
Ensure you can restore from this backup on a fresh boot.
Store this encrypted backup in 2 separate secure locations.
Store the encryption key in 2 other separate secure locations (not the same locations as the paper backup).

All investors who wish to be signatories would need to do the above steps.

I would then generate enough lockboxes (multi-sig wallets) to hold all funds with my own secure offline wallet.
Backup these lockboxes (no extra encryption needed)
Test restore of all these lockboxes on fresh boot.
Send each lockbox (it is a public object that cannot be used to spend funds) to the relevant investors to get them to add their signature via their wallet. I'd use qr code to get this off of the offline computer.

Send existing funds to these lockboxes.

  • More security
  • Addresses are more anon if only used once.
  • No single wallet has a huge amount of funds in it.
  • No risk of site closing with investor funds.

  • No guarantee that investor followed the steps to secure their wallet used to sign lockbox.
  • No guarantee that investor backs it up properly.
  • Very unlikely but if 3 investors of the one wallet were to go awol then there's 200-300 Bitcoin lost forever?
  • Risk of investors finding ways to band together and steal all funds from these wallets. Again unlikley but not 0% chance.
  • Many wallets and investors needed.
  • Investors need to use Armory.

What do you think of this method? Any major flaws or improvements?
Is it maybe better to do a totally different thing? Maybe not use Armory or not have investors as signatories?
Or instead use only a few of the top investors with fewer wallets?

If I have glossed over any details let me know and I'll clear them up.


8  Economy / Games and rounds / - Come try our new roulette game - 0.01 Bitcoin free! on: March 07, 2015, 12:54:45 AM
Promo over!

Introducing new Pocket Rockets Casino Roulette.

New Roulette Game

We just added a new roulette game last week and are offering you the chance to try it for free!

Just post your Pocket Rockets Casino username or user id in this thread and a tip of 0.01 Bitcoin will be sent to your account within 24 hours.
Post on the site lobby chat to claim faster!

To be eligible you must have 200 activity on this forum. First 100 posters only.

Come check out our new roulette at and leave feedback.

Pocket Rockets Casino reserves the right to deny the bonus to accounts without reason.
9  Economy / Games and rounds / Free 0.03 Bitcoin to try Pocket Rockets Casino on: January 31, 2015, 10:39:15 PM
Head over to to claim your free Bitcoin.

You will be asked to retweet a tweet by Pocket Rockets Casino.
After you retweet enter your twitter username and the click claim.

Good luck
10  Economy / Gambling / - 20% Rakeback Christmas Bonus - Most trusted Bitcoin Dice site on: January 01, 2015, 12:39:25 PM was launched in April 2013 (formerly Pocket Rockets Casino) and has since become the largest and most trusted
Bitcoin gambling website allowing crowdfunded investment in the house bankroll.

Earn commission by referring players to
Provably fair:
Prove that the house has not rigged or changed your rolls by verifying your own bets. Use the excellent 3rd party verifier here

Choose your risk when investing. Leveraged kelly options allow you to reduce counter party risk. You can keep a much smaller portion of your investment funds on site.

All funds are stored in cold wallets. Connections are encrypted using SSL and you can enable two factor authentication on your account.
2fa locks withdraw, divest and other security options.

Anonymous accounts:
No signup required. A account will be created for you when you visit the site. It is still recommended you add a username and password and setup 2fa.

Excellent customer support
1% edge
Instant withdrawals
1 confirm deposit

Good luck!
11  Economy / Services / - Signature campaign + Affiliate Program on: October 11, 2014, 07:08:25 PM
New signature campaign.

Hero / Senior members: 0.025 BTC per week (up to 0.1 per month).
Full / member: 0.0125 BTC per week (up to 0.05 per month).
Lower members (member, jr member / newbie) are not able to participate in the paid signature campaign.

Full Member is now the lowest spot available, members enrolled from the first week will still stay enrolled)

Add your affiliate link to the sig to earn more!

0/50 slots total available.

  • Payments are made weekly on Sunday.
  • The week starts Sunday 12am GMT
  • Must post a minimum of 25 posts per week to qualify for payment.
  • Your signature cannot contain any other advertising.
  • Your trust level must be either neutral or positive
  • If you join during the week you still need to post the minimum of 25 posts to be eligible for payment. No rollover
  • To resign you must give notice before the new week starts. If you resign before the end of a week you will not be paid for that week.
For a post to count it needs to:
  • Not be spam, bump, +1 or link to another post.
  • Not be advertising, anti-gambling, forum abuse or posts to claim prizes/giveaways etc.
  • Not be in signature campaign threads, including this one or in offtopic.
  • Must be in English

You will be disqualified and banned if you:
  • Change your signature at any time.
  • You receive negative trust or are marked a scammer.
  • Use multiple Bitcointalk accounts to have more slots in the campaign

How to enlist:
  • Change your signature
  • Post in this thread asking for enlistment. Include your BTC address.
  • If you are eligible I will send you a private message confirming or reply on the thread if I see your post in time.

To be removed from the campaign send a private message.

Signatures to use:

Members, Full Members: - Largest Dice invest site - Open since 2013! - 1% house edge | provably fair | Chat, Play, Invest!

[url=][color=black][b]P[/b][/color][color=red][b]R[/b][/color][color=black][b][/b] - [color=red][b]Largest Dice invest site - Open since 2013![/b][/color] - 1% house edge | provably fair | Chat, Play, Invest![/url]

Senior, Hero:
- low 1% house edge | provably fair | Chat, Play, Invest!                  
- Largest Dice invest site - Open since 2013!

[size=12pt][url=][color=black] - low 1% house edge | provably fair | Chat, Play, Invest![/color][/url]                  
[url=][color=red] - [b]Largest Dice invest site - Open since 2013![/b][/color][/url]

Change each of the links to include your affiliate link to earn more.
Affiliate link is where username is your username.
Find out more about the affiliate system here

I will be managing the campaign just now but will most likely have someone else managing it asap. Will post more details soon.



Current enlisted members:
Este Nuno      
El Emperador   

Disqualified/Banned/not participating members:
yrask (changed sig during the campaign)
nandaltc  (used multiple accounts)
nor9865  (used multiple accounts)
madmax6688 (used multiple accounts)
robhimself      (not enough posts)   
crazy-pilot      (not enough posts)
lucaspm98      (not enough posts)
seedtrue      (not enough posts)
Gianluca95      (not enough posts)
b4basit      (not enough posts)
a1choi               (not enough posts)
srgkrgkj            (not enough posts)
Vortex20000     (low content)
btcmaze      (not enough posts)      
bitkanu      (not enough posts)
virtapayseller666 (low content)   
logofeek      (not enough posts)
diego10      (not enough posts)   
Jybrael      (not enough posts)
bajlox           (low content)
megamore      (not enough posts)
usupnaruto       (low content)   
rohnearner         (not enough posts)
CryptInvest   (not enough posts)
21pilot           (not enough posts)
Ejarwan       (low content)
Fraxinus       (not enough posts)
zarton       (posts not in English)
diazepam666   (posts not in English)
jiayuan      (posts not in English)
pafzlo      (posts not in English)
erenna      (posts not in English)
JoeMattie       (not enough posts)
ondratra      (not enough qualifying posts)
Joca97      (low content)   
Nerazzura      (low content)
jeffthebaker   (not enough posts)
umairsaleem010   (not enough qualifying posts)
Wexlike      (not enough posts)   
forsakenpnut   (not enough posts)
MultipliedCombo   (not enough qualifying posts)
cryptasm      (not enough posts)
12  Economy / Gambling / - Largest Dice invest site - Open since 2013! Chat, Play, Invest! on: June 23, 2014, 09:43:50 PM
PRCDice is now the largest Dice invest site. Been open since 2013!
-provably fair and trusted
-investment option - Be the bank!
-low 1% edge
-instant withdrawals based on hotwallet
-majority of funds stored in secure cold wallet, address published
- Affiliate program


Sign up now at!
13  Economy / Games and rounds / - 0.96% house edge - Leaderboards - Bitcoin + Dogecoin - Invest on: May 12, 2014, 04:53:37 PM
Just launched

0.96% House Edge
Bitcoin and Dogecoin betting
Provably Fair
Mobile friendly

Weekly leaderboards. Each week a seed prize of 0.1 Bitcoin and 100,000 Dogecoin are added. As bets are made the leaderboard prizes grow.
Week ends Saturday 12 am GMT.

This is a sister site of to allow a better dice playing experience than the existing PRC site.
Accounts from there work on and the same investment funds are shared.

Current stats - 2014-05-12
Total Bets: 108,654
Total Investment: 56.260 Bitcoin
Total Profit: 7.4 Bitcoin

Total Bets: 595,182
Total Investment: 42,140,183 Dogecoin
Total Profit: 19,137,275 Dogecoin

Good luck

14  Economy / Games and rounds / 0.96% House Edge Dice - 1mB free - - Casino&Poker on: February 07, 2014, 02:07:08 PM
1mB free for the first 100 people who want to try out Dice poker or Blackjack. Just post your username in here.
Be great if you left a review after and point out anything you want to see added or fixed.

One bonus per user, minimum 20 hands/rolls must be played before withdrawing the bonus. Must have minimum of 20 activity in this forum.

Main thread that has more details on the games and investment features here

Site moved to
Good luck
15  Economy / Marketplace / UPDATE - Looking for investment on: December 03, 2013, 04:43:50 AM
My name is Dean Nolan, founder and sole developer of

Pocket Rockets Casino is a multi Bitcoin casino and poker room that can be played in your browser on PC or mobile device.
The site was started with the aim to make online poker more fun for the casual and recreational player.

PRC was the first Bitcoin poker room to offer Open Face Chinese poker (including Pineapple variant), one of the most popular new games in Vegas and the most played game on the site right now.

I am from the UK and server is based in UK. I also have domain names for and eu

PRC is now multi currency allowing people to play for Litecoin, Dogecoin and Catcoin. Since adding Dogecoin traffic has tripled and users almost doubled.

Currently the only other non poker game offered is Black Jack.
The other traditional games are being worked on and will be multi player and have table chat soon.

You can see the official thread in the gambling sub forum here for more details

PRC has over 2000 users signed up. Games run mostly in the evening EST time.

I am a software developer and have been working on it full time since January 2013. The site has been live since April 2013.

I am looking for funding to use on marketing as the biggest problem is low traffic and not many people know of it.

I also still have a lot of development work to do over the next 6 months including more games (casino and poker), p2p sports betting and features.
With investment it would also be possible to offer higher stakes casino games too.

Currently looking for 75 Bitcoin investment for 10%.
I am looking into getting listed on HAVELOCK.

Feel free to ask any questions about the site or me.
You can also pm me or email with any offer.

If there is anything I have left off of this type of post let me know and I will add it in.


16  Economy / Gambling / Poker 30% RAKEBACK, Blackjack - INVEST + PLAY + CHAT @ on: May 31, 2013, 01:47:51 AM
Pocket Rockets Casino - your trusted Bitcoin Casino!
-provably fair and trusted
-investment option - Be the bank!
-new games will be added as they are developed
-all games are browser based requiring no Flash or plugins and can be played on PC, phone and tablet
-instant withdrawals based on hotwallet
-majority of funds stored in secure cold wallet, address published

Current Games:
-30% Rakeback paid weekly in all games
-Hold em
-Open Face Chinese (including Pineapple variant)

First Bitcoin poker room to offer Open Face Chinese, one of the most popular new games in Vegas!

-low 1% edge
-lots of community contributed tools: realtime user/site charts, an advanced dicebot and more
-Weekly leaderboard prizes
The top 5 players who wagered the most on Dice that week will receive a share of the progressive leaderboard prizepool. Min 0.1 Bitcoin guaranteed.
Check out the dedicated dice interface for the dicers out there: @
and the corresponding thread with links to community contributions:

-Roulette in multiple variants
-sports betting
Sign up now at!
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Hi, new here. New Bitcoin poker site looking for testers on: April 11, 2013, 10:28:23 AM
Hi everyone. I have been working on a brand new browser based poker website,

I have a small group of people who have been really helpful in testing and sorting any problems.

However I am looking to have a larger test with multiple players and tables running at the same time to see how smooth things go and find/fix any major issues before doing a proper launch.

Currently there are play money and Bitcoin tables for no limit Hold'em and pot limit Omaha. While testing Bitcoin tables will be 100% rake free.

I am also looking to have a guide to Bitcoin on the site for beginners to get a wallet, buy bitcoins and deposit/withdraw from the site.

This would need to list the best options for buying based on territory, UK, EU, US etc. Currently I am having trouble buying bitcoins from the UK.

Would anyone be able to provide links to any guide that currently exists or recommend what I could include in my own?


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