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21  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / How to ensure you won't be trapped in the hybrid graphics in Windows? on: August 19, 2013, 06:43:08 PM
many people may ask how to. Are you annoying as you have not fully read the manual to me?

Currently, the installation, only few people are truely professional as people use Linux at all times.

I have no problem as I use Linux. Even this. I have discovered that SLI, Crossfire or MVP, it is special distribution functions.

You may connect two cards with crossfire, SLI or Lucid MVP before Dip in mineral oil or Load water if applicable.

Switch off after you play your PC games.

One more thing, Purchase Windows License before do, i am serious as I care the legal
22  Bitcoin / Pools / P2Pool, new node: on: August 15, 2013, 05:00:49 AM
I used to ask some people if there is an option to run P2pool in order for safety and fulfill the basic design.

Fee: 3%

I now like to announce there is a new node for interested parties, The server location is in Hong Kong, Powered by OpenSUSE 12.3, 4GB, CPU-cooling is powered by Seidon 120v, which is suitable for long run as it is expected to work 20000 hours at least.

P2Pool Speed for Bitcoin: 4Th/s+

Why P2Pool? Not easy to get attacked.

To Take Part in,

For Bitcoin: 9332

Username is default as your bitcoin payment address
Password is anything


The username is your litecoin payment address
Password? well, anything, You may just put an x into.

Software can be used?
cgminer, cudaminer for litecoin, pooler-cpuminer

Negative, The pool is down due to name changes and equipment upgrading issues.

23  Bitcoin / Group buys / [Group Buy] 400Gh/s Kncminer (80 shares) on: August 12, 2013, 03:09:55 AM
Total planned Price including neccessary: 118 BTC
Contain? 12 month hosting package, 400Ghash/s
Payment? weekly basis
How? Some received (25% of the mined before send) will be invested for next.
Total share amount: 80

Share: 1.475 BTC (BTC) per share

To Take part: Send your bitcoin to 1GoriiT9gqSUt39Mmxkco5ZQ7z27yzsGCT Once I have collected 80, then the fun begins.

Closing Date:From now, 60 days.

If cannot fulfill, Then switch to Saturn one with 6 month package, some people will get refund.

The worst case is refund to people all.
24  Bitcoin / Project Development / Two-Stage Bitcoin hosting mining service on: August 10, 2013, 11:53:37 AM
Hello all, I like to  introduce my first offer, two-stage bitcoin mining service.
Bi-Weekly payment is risky for you? I have provided a better way.

Why Two-Stages? 72 hour payment at stage one once cost recovered like What Avalon user does.

Price: 1,300 USD (14 BTC) per 50Gh/s, requiring 4 packs to work. This is it. Pm before Pay.
25  Economy / Services / Mining Contract with Kncminer on: August 09, 2013, 06:33:11 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is my first offer about bitcoin mining service, which shall be powered by Kncminer's offer.

Share available: At most 20 (That means 1000Ghash/s in total), at least 4 (200Ghash/s in total), Each represents 50Ghash/s.

Are you looking for remote mining service?  Only few services provide reasonable amount. I hereby to provide.

Question Found on current service
1. Payment time is too long, two weeks for payout?
2. Low hashrate even a supplier provides impressive 250+ Thash/s for this kinda service.

To address above, I hereby offer one thing to address these.

72 hours pay-out, 50Ghash/s instead of Bi-Weekly Payout,25Ghash/s

Price: 1,300 USD per 50Ghash/s
Duration: 5 months
Expected When?  In October Under supplier's (Kncminer) condition as The service shall be powered by Kncminer-OrSoc.

Interested? PM to me on or before 25 August 2013 first with Titled "Bee stuff,please" as I have to check if there is specific amount like 4,8,12,16 or 20 before execute after the day.

Note that I neither promise anything about Fiat exchange nor token received in total due to mining difficulty (I have estimate 100M if I had 200Ghash/s on hand before offer the service) and the dynamic on the exchange services. Only reasonable hashrate.

26  Bitcoin / Group buys / [Pre group buy] mining contract (proposal) on: August 07, 2013, 04:10:38 PM

 13 hundred usd for borrowing 50GH for 4 months.
Real stuff has Real epelement like address and the contact person at least.

This is my first proposal.I like to make stronger due to defects found on different cases.

Known risks of shared mining(mining contract):
1. Miner Delivery is not on time
2. Fiat exchange rate varies so dynamic, Although I try to provide a proposal of better contract due to bad effect, still need to remind the main risk as people use the token for fiat. SINCE. the date, according to BTC-E price,At least USD 95.00 for one BTC. The worst price can be reached to zero like Forex exchange.
3. Pool used may be down due to DDos attack.
4. Documentation for performing wire transfer can be very lengthy due to excessive transactions and the transfer amount a day.
5. Country issues so I only,help you to obtain some tokens.

In animal kingdom, to survive, to make stronger, work together for this. Real business should be.

However in mining contract written the payment received can be problem, Bi-weekly or weekly, too long for some people. So I hereby say, normally 72 hours, you shall receive  payment.

I currently, may be luckily to obtain a 0.11 BTC giveaway contract issued by cloudhashing for further prediction and evalations, constructing a better service for believers.

Expected return in Fiat
This relies on operators, even one of the famous contracts known as Cloudhashing, the expected return may be too good to be true due to bi-weekly payment scheme, also for new comers as all people know if you like to receive the reasonable amount in fiat, 72 hours payment, 50Ghash/s at least may be a more reasonable option in lower pool hashrate but not in high ones. Currently cloudhashing is in beta run, at least 700Ghash/s for the time being.

The purposed plan
The service shall be operated with kncminer first then some other companies excluding BFL,Avalon and ASICminer for the time being.

The hashrate, For the trustful europe group called KncMiner, In order to run efficient, at least 200Ghash/s with six months 24/7 running hosting service. If lucky, the base cost will be USD 5,200. For package introduced, the package is split into four shares, each share costs you USD 1,300 , which may be more reasonable for users.

If there are more people liking to, then I shall upgrade the plan.

Maximum Duration: 4 months.

Payment plan
The stage one should be operated every 72 hours at most
After the cost retained, which I will announce, the payment will be a weekly basis like buying weekly magazine.

How to order?

Contact me with private message first . Please tell me the hashrate you woukd like first, I will send you in detail as trust is the most important for business. At this moment, who still write a real letter to you to ensure the truth?

If confirmed, the registered should be sent as I treat this seriously.

Deadline: 30 August 2013 2359 hrs +0000
27  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 現況分析 on: July 11, 2013, 10:14:40 AM

價格基本上由位於日本的最大莊家主導的. 價格主要受不同事件影響的多,包括自身, 法律,富人稅,存款稅等. 我相信大家知道最大莊家的情況, 故不詳述. 由七月上旬陸拾美刀低位回復至今日九拾美刀的水平, 只是僅僅二拾日內. 不簡單,相信是提款問題處理妥當. 若果收買價返回近百美刀水平, 將會有人更樂意開動專用裝置加快收集資金的速度.

以史為鑑, 單以收集回來的資金, 不增值是沒有用的, 若果你知道美國淘金歷史, 你會更清楚. 前題是, 請先找清貸款.

直接的,其中一個方法, 可以借用政府拍賣來增值. 因為部份充公了的貨品, 完全沒有使用過,內有稀土金屬,新款式的或是很實用的. 我最近看香港報章,加上部份拍賣常客的描述, 自行車或汽車是有用的. 問題是你可以維護與否. 例如,報章上說,若果在五拾輛自行車內, 找到最少一輛以硬鋁為基礎的. 可說是超值. 因為一輛全新, 市價最少港幣三千, 但買入價?每輛最低平均價為330港仙.


有部份人對此感到負面, 因為維護成本很低, 但破解"寶箱"的機率提升了, 故有機會拖低成品價格. 事實上. 成品價格的高低主要受信用, 需求,事件的影響, 與礦機無關. 例如2013年4月升值很高(二百六拾六美刀)的主因, 有二, 存款稅和富人稅, 為了避開才會如此. 現時, 大部份情況主要是炒其中約三拾多萬BTC的多, 不太多人挖掘新的BTC. 挖掘的人主要也是往其他地方如FREICOIN,LITECOIN發展.

直到目前為止, 只有兩間公司的裝置是可信的. 一個是南瓜張, 另一個是烤貓. 你介意的. 買他們的股份或買交收合約(asicminer). 我之前買過債券, 製造了三個分身,就是要分散風險, 該行為與數位訊號處理的理論相若. 在顯示咭故障的情況下, 仍然協助我一點, 但不夠多. 要很多才有辦法. 該時,要投入一定資金.

視最大莊家的情況,你破解的力量,需要的電費(請先假設電費是每度25美仙)而定. 因為, 若你子細留意烤貓賣的工具的話, 烤貓不會再用, 但為了滿足部份人的快感, 烤貓樂意賣昔日的工具. 烤貓手上應該有更高速的模組,但只限購買該股票的人才可以用. 若果你真的需要的.暫時,你最好考慮ORSOC代工的礦機,烤貓股份或採用PYRAMINING. 我暫時主要用最後的一個, 因為股份太貴的原故, 儘管速度暫時不夠,但真的做事, 不是說笑.

歐洲"黑馬",kncminer, 聲稱與orsoc合作, 儘管orsoc確定了上述事實,同時製造了樣版,但推出時間有懷疑, 因為,"黑馬"今年四月上線, 六月展示基本樣本, 極準確預計今年九月可生產100GH

美國蝴蝶公司,bfl. 我不信他所說的一切, 因為BFL模組找誰代工, 完全沒有說, 跳票了很多次, 有部份人認為違了規, 加上態度差. 我之前向該公司買10GH, 時間是4月30日, 只是因為首35個樣本而已. 因為我用PAYPAL的, 故我可以用PAYPAL政策影響公司行為. 因為公司無法提供準確時間,加上難度增加, 故要求公司退款,我收了退款. 之後再查, 原來在六月份開始正式流片. 逐步把二萬多部加速裝置逐步提供予久等的客戶. 但不幸的是, 該客戶很大機會只是陪跑,即使你用BFL出品的500G也好, 因為用電問題, 若"黑馬"成功在限期前,推出100GH模組的話, BFL將會被其打下. 因為"黑馬"創辦人說過,"蝴蝶太過份了,我索性找代工合作打造更快的".

最基本是AMD"小島"系列顯示卡(HD7000 系列). 不過,該礦機比較雜. 因為主要用途是繪圖,同時有少許空間作分散計算, 只宜試驗用. 我最初用的,就是這個了,而且是"咭王"(TAHITI XT2). 後來因為成功製造多個分身後, 就把其轉手予其他人. 因為要成功,就要用寄生.

你指的礦機, 類似音效咭, 把不必要的東西移走. 只負責計算特定的數值. 因為礦機現時只對應相關的算式,2-STEP SHA256, 重點是FP32多很多.

28  Other / Beginners & Help / Back to 1 Hundred dollars for 1 BTC again on: April 12, 2013, 08:49:07 AM
To whom who concerns,

New miner just got in. And The market is still adjusting, since I have split the cost for 12 pieces so I hope I can get at least USD$60.00 to fill some.

Can I ask you one thing, How can I get ASIC circult on hand? Does all the companies the forum know, all are fake? I need to know so I can adjust.
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