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1  Economy / Exchanges / Any Mixed Exchanges? on: May 20, 2020, 06:48:11 AM
Hello there.

I am looking for a exchange that allows bitcoin and altcoins along official currency like USD, EUR and DKK to be bought.
Someone told me TradingView, but I can't seem to find any confirmation on that.

Thank you advance! All help is very much appreciated.
2  Other / Beginners & Help / Build-a-Cryptofarm on: March 26, 2018, 10:18:40 AM
I wanna build my first farm.
Not exclusively to Bitcoin, but all kinds of coins.
I saw once an idea of how it could be.
Like a birth-tree, this was build in wood, and there were 6 GPU's inserted, in seperate places.
I cannot find this, hard as I have looked.
So I have looked at these:, and honestly, I don't know how that works.

Today, I found the following article:

I don't what a FPGA is, and it sounds like the ASIC one is Bitcoin only. That's why I wrote here in the first place.

Thanks in advance!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Litecoin/Ethererum - Is it worth it? on: February 11, 2018, 06:40:49 PM
So... I just recently started mining XMR online.

Some of you, probably know about fx. Coinhive.

I just looked into Litecoin (which isn't far away from XMR) and Ethererum, and thought - why not?

Is it worth mining, and how can I mine it?

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / CPU-mining? on: February 04, 2018, 12:00:47 PM
Hello there.

I saw a guy prompting in a video to mine DBX (DubaiCoin), and it seemed like no problem.
I know I won't get anything profitable out of Bitcoin fx. because of my Laptop, and different other factors.

I want to begin mining cryptocurrency, what can I mine - and how can I mine them?
5  Economy / Service Discussion / Cloud Mining - Legit or not? on: October 29, 2017, 04:42:11 PM
I saw a YouTube video of someone using this site -

Then I thought it looked easy and fun. But I have never heard of this Cloud Mining, thing.
I know of big supercomputers to thousands and thousands of dollars, for mining cryptocurrency.
Or a very slow and "useless" process on your own laptop computer.

Is this legit? Is it worth it? Anyone here with a Genesis or any other similiar provider experience?

Pros and cons, etc... ?
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Paper Wallet for Bitcoin Cash? on: August 20, 2017, 12:07:16 PM
I'd like to invest in Bitcoin Cash, but there's no Electrum-like desktop wallet for Bitcoin Cash, as far as I know.

Paper Wallets are also way more secure, for me.

What are the situation with paper wallets for Bitcoin Cash?
Is there any - or is there any in the making?

Thank you.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Cash - Wallet & Trading on: August 03, 2017, 10:45:20 AM
Magic happened, Bitcoin Cash arrived, and now I want to invest - but I need a wallet.

Without downloading the blockchain onto my pc, since I literally have no space for that.

Bitcoin Cash's website, recommends these:
- BitcoinABC
- BitcoinClassic
- BitcoinUnlimited
- BitcoinXT
- ElectronCash, Ledger & Trezor - Ledger, Trezor and is not an option.

A second question...
1. What is the difference between exchange buy/sell and margin buy/sell - and what exchange, would you recommend for trading?

8  Economy / Service Discussion / Paper Wallet - is legit? on: July 26, 2017, 04:05:58 PM
I don't have a hardware wallet, that is why I want to make a paper wallet. Off-the-internet, of cause.

The website's twitter account is inactive, and there is a small spelling mistake. Should I just ignore that?
Last question, if I download the generator from GitHub, and launch it without internet - can I move coins to it safely, and expect them to be on the paper wallet?
That I won't be sending them to an invalid or wrong address, that the paper wallet generated is legit, and I will indeed - have my coins, in my control.

For a fact: I know about, but I like the design on - better.
9  Economy / Service Discussion / CryptoCard (Debit/Credit) on: July 24, 2017, 07:39:10 AM
I found this start-up:

Are you familiar with this or others? Would it be smart, to invest in such a card? Perhaps not?
I was thinking, if it would be an idea - to take my bank card (debit/credit), and get a cryptocurrency-usable card.

10  Other / Meta / Have my post been deleted? on: May 14, 2017, 12:44:18 PM
I made a post, because I want to invest and i'm lost.

Why (if) have you removed it?

Post -
11  Other / Beginners & Help / and Bitcoin transactions on: April 22, 2017, 12:45:30 PM

What i've heard is that Bitcoin transactions are public available.
Most use Blockchain and so on. How can assure most privacy, when
changing Paypal out with Bitcoin?

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