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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / "NFTs are overrated, over valued and nothing but useless tech fetishism" on: May 04, 2022, 06:10:06 AM
Is how people commonly take NFTs as.

And I'm like, really now?

Look, it is pretty obvious that as long as there is interest, there will be demand, and with demand, there will be traffic then money. This is what NFTs nowadays capitalize on. The hype of the "New Thing." Which are seen by close minded people as the title which is only the surface.
This is nothing too complicated but most still can't manage to see this.

What makes NFTs important and revolutionary is not just the art and the games that we see nowadays. There is so much more to NFTs than just that. While it is evident that crypto related games today are mostly ugly and are reliant on profits, it doesn't mean it'll stay like that forever. And the art? It won't be just the custom made apes and monkeys that aren't even that great to be appreciated as true art. How they skyrocket in prices is beyond me. But hey, each to his own, just as how anyone has their own fetishes. Just saying that if these type of arts are already being appreciated this much today, what more in the future?

The main point is that most people failed to take into consideration that the NFT industry is still in its infancy. Honestly, the way I see it, the huge potential of NFTs when it finally matures is unfathomable.

Things we should be excited about with the NFT industry in the coming years :

- Gaming : When games finally become truly fun and not only profitable. Which would rake in the multi billion dollar gaming industry outside the crypto space.

- Arts and multimedia :
* historical arts * - When historical arts like the starry night, Guernica etc., get approval from owners and museums to be produced as an NFT to reach many more people that appreciate its art and historical significance, it will be massive!

 * Music and other media * - Just like how television and radio were over taken by smartphones and computers, multimedia NFTs will overtake the likes of Spotify, iTunes and other paid streaming services. Just a few days ago, I came across an article about the experience of a composer/musician in the world of NFTs and he has earned more than he has using these streaming apps. What's best is that artists like him doesn't have to surrender the rights to their works anymore. The guy is now making 85% of his living off NFTs. And he's just one of the many that are in the MultiMedia side of NFTs today plus there are more that are considering this alternative as well. In fact, here in my country a couple of celebrities/musicians/influencers have just coordinated with a developer and started a project where they create a platform that caters to artists and content creators that want to venture in the NFT space. Just imagine what'll happen if more celebrities decide to jump into these platforms in the coming years!

- Other utilities : Being used as tickets to concerts and more which already happened a few times already. Souvenirs from specific shops, memorabilia from iconic stars and athletes and so much more!

#Moral : Do not be easily satisfied with what you know. Do not close your doors to possibilities and be ready to throw some knowledge in order to make space for new and better ones.

- P.s. I may have missed some info but I think you guys pretty much understand the value of NFTs.

- PP.s. If you were interested with this topic, then come check this one as well : SocialFi Discussion Thread. I would really love to see your thoughts and would really appreciate them. Smiley
2  Local / Altcoins (Pilipinas) / SocialFi Discussion Thread(pinoy) on: April 29, 2022, 01:50:40 PM
Greetings mga kabayan!

Nung nakaraan, gumawa ako ng isang thread sa AltcoinDiscussion na kung saan maaring pag usapan ang kung ano anong bagay tungkol sa SocialFi o mga existing social media sites na nag e.integrate ng crypto o may planong mag integrate ng crypto sa mga kani-kanilang mga platforms. Pati na rin sa mga earning potential at iba pa.

Sadly, wala akong nakuhang mga responses. Siguro wala pa masyadong interesado sa SocialFi dun sa international side ng forum kaya walang nag bother mag respond.

So ngayon, paste ko dito link at baka interesado kayo sa topic na'to.

Basahin mo saglit kabayan, at kung interesado ka sa topic, share mo naman thoughts mo dito, pag usapan natin. Smiley

Thread link:

A link about SocialFi:,not%20controlled%20by%20a%20middleman.
3  Economy / Economics / Binance blocks crypto accounts of relatives tied to the Russian government on: April 29, 2022, 01:21:48 PM
Yes, You read that right. Binance has taken their bans against Russian people up a notch. Which is quite clever on one side and on the other, quite unfair. Imagine being on a different country miles away from Russia but having relatives there and you suddenly see that your account has just been banned from binance. That'd be pretty infuriating.

I really can't decide myself whether this action is proper or not.

For people out there though that get to read this post and may get affected by this, I advise that you start taking precautions and transfer to a different exchange.

Anyway, what do you guys think about this?

News link:
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / SocialFi Discussion Thread on: April 27, 2022, 09:48:27 AM
Edit: It seems like people here aren't that interested about SocialFi just yet..

Seeing the emergence of dozens of Crypto related social media sites, I want to see how the majority of the people here thinks about it. I mean, where else can you get the best opinions in this industry than here where most of the crypto veterans are?

Sooner or later this topic will get talked about anyway so why not just start it now right? Besides, it just makes sense to question how blockchain and the emergence of web3 will disrupt social media networks in the near future and the challenges it will face since Social media has already become a big part of our lives already specially the younger generation.

And so, I am creating this thread having the sole purpose of talking about Socialfi and other social media sites that are slowly integrating crypto into their platforms, earning opportunities, effects, some personal experiences and more!
(Not gonna be very strict about this I only request everyone to please stay on the subject at least)

-I won't be starting this thread with explaining what SocialFi is though, since it is easily searchable. But still, for your convenience I'll be placing a link below that explains a bit about SocialFi.

I want to start with a hot topic like this one: "SocMeds(SocialFi) in crypto space vs SocMeds outside crypto space."

Nowadays, I've been seeing lots of social media sites that are related to cryptos popping out one after another which are composed of bad, good and great interfaces and functions. Most of these sites offers a lot of benefits to its users. Be it in terms of data ownership, earning tokens(altcoins) while socializing, built in NFT market place where you can create, promote and sell your NFTs or whatever.

Now with all of these new social media sites, with awesome new features you just have to ask yourself; - Why is it that people still refuse to leave instagram, twitter etc.? It really made me wonder and so I tried putting myself into their shoes(though it didn't fit that well 🤣) and tried to look at things in their perspective.

This is what I realized:

- They have dozens of contents already which took hours of work; blood, sweat and tears(on some content creators, literally). Which can be reuploaded but would have low chances of gaining as much traffic(views or reactions) as it did on where it was originally posted on.

- A well established fame and reputation on their respective handles(it would be a nightmare to start from zero again specially for the mediocre content creators).

- Lack of audience or content creators having the same interests in crypto related socmeds.

- They've gotten so used and comfortable on the platform they're in(not all but mostly)

- Most of the features they like in the platform they're in are nonexistent on the new ones or doesn't work in the same way making them uncomfortable.

- Lack of understanding of web 3 or crypto as a whole which isn't really that much of a problem since it is easily solved with research(The thing about this though is not every content creator or viewer has enough interest in this industry or enough time to actually spend hours in researching about how things work in this space).

- Lack of crypto mass adoption or fame(let's face it, we don't even have that much people who are a hundred percent active in this space yet. Good news though is that the numbers are gradually increasing).

These seven predicaments I have mentioned are probably the main reasons why these content creators and viewers refuse to transfer into new social media sites that are related to crypto currencies(SocialFi).

It doesn't get talked about much but this makes most developers that push for crypto related Socmeds to lose self-esteem and become less motivated for improvement despite having a well made platform. Which then leads to poor management and platform development. This then becomes another reason for hesitation of new users to migrate.

Now as for solutions, there aren't really much that I can think of that doesn't need mass adoption of crypto currency. And I reckon that most of the solutions that can be thought of out there have already been tried out at least once.

But still, doesn't this very fact make you more eager to find better solutions?

As for me, I think it would be nice to highlight or focus on the importance of contents/thoughts that makes way for groups of like-minded people with shared interests to interact and socialize, rather than focusing on complicated new features that most of the people unfamiliar with them may not and may find pretty tedious to understand. Besides, it's not like these new features can't be added/introduced gradually as mass adoption and community population and interest increases.

The main goal is to not bombard the new users with all these awesome new features that puzzles them to an extent that it makes them incapable to utilize and socialize comfortably with the community.

I get it, web3 is awesome and all but, what is awesomeness if the traffic you're after can't appreciate and utilize it at all? This just spells disaster.

This is just my opinion though so please don't hate.

How about you guys, what do you think?
let's get this conversation going, come share your thoughts or some of the solutions you can think of!

A link about SocialFi:,not%20controlled%20by%20a%20middleman.
5  Other / Off-topic / Dear reader, on: April 26, 2022, 04:22:47 AM
know that there are times in our lives that requires us to rest and take a step back on everything occupying our time.

If such moments come into your life, do not forcefully reject it. Instead, embrace it. One rest won't kill the whole journey.

It's just that sometimes, we need the space and time to meditate on things going on in our lives and within our heads; to sort things out.

If you've been trying and trying yet you're still stuck and are tired, rest. You owe that to yourself.

Sometimes failing dozens of times is a way for the universe to tell you to re-evaluate and look at the space beyond what's outside of the box or to simply just toughen you up.

I remember reading somewhere about how steel gets beat up dozens of times and in many ways depending on the material just to see what works best in getting rid of its impurities making way for a masterpiece to be born.

That's basically life beating the crap out of us a lot in a variety of ways to turn us into the best we can be; a masterpiece.

So stop beating yourself up even more than how life does. You'll just end up delaying your journey on top of making things more difficult for yourself.

Brother, do yourself a favor, take the time to rest and regroup if you need it.

- Life is brutal, persevere smartly not mindlessly.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / sports betting sites that return your money when you lose. on: April 10, 2022, 04:08:59 PM
Yup. Just like what the title says. I have recently been recommended or referred (since it was a referral link that got me to register) by a friend of a friend into an online sports betting site. Being new to such things, I thought I should ask opinions from veterans here whether such things do exist or not. Although that friend claims that he had already made huge amount of cash from this site, I am still pretty skeptical and haven't topped up yet. But I gotta admit it is pretty fun and appealing to me, just wanna make sure before I put some money into it.
I would really appreciate some online gambling veteran insight Smiley)

Edit: this is the website -

Another Edit: I have tried the website out since I had a few extra profits on binance just to get it over with. Sent about 10k php and is now 12+k.
will be updating in a few weeks if I manage to get back my capital plus profits or I get scammed.

- One thing I've realized though is that it is pretty rare to get authentic help from people you don't know and so if you don't have anyone you know that can answer your questions, test things out yourself though you may suffer consequences, at least you save yourself from the hassle of being ridiculed or explaining you're not a scammer or anything.

Also, many thanks to everyone who have answered me seriously and had real intentions to help. I believe in good karma and so I hope someone helps you guys as well in times of need.

Another edit : I'm up 14k+ now

Another edit : apparently there are issues going on about LMB right now and the TG is not recieving messages anymore just a bet signal and a note that users who top up more than 20% of actual account balance will have hastened withdrawal processing time. Now it is really looking more of a scam.

Haven't tried withdrawing funds yet just to see what'll happen although I already know what will. Just trying to give it some benefit of the doubt I guess.

And for the one accusing me of changing the link or whatever to avoid suspicion of some sort, I didn't. And most of the people who were in this thread earlier than you can testify on that. The feeling of being at the recieving end of accusations isn't good. Hope it doesn't happen to you people.

Edit (April 25, 2022, 01:25PM):

Okay, so I am already up 17k+ but the withdrawal and deposit buttons have disappeared as seen below and the telegram is blocking messages now. Seems like the scammers finally decided to rake in the net.

With what I understood, the site was claiming to be a charitable something and they give signals for bets and the signals they give never lose so it seems with the time I've been there. So up to now, I really cannot confirm as to whether they would really return the money if bets ever lose. But yes, if by a miraculous chance they decide to come back(which is impossible in my opinion), I will post an update on this post.

This has been an amazing learning experience for me both in scams like this and the way some people are too lazy to look into details more and choose to accuse and conclude right there and then because it's easier.

Anyway, I hope that this experience that I have shared here would be able to help newbies like me in the online gambling space to avoid getting scammed or the hassle of having to ask random people about such things.

And once again, thank you so much for the people who genuinely tried to help me.

7  Local / Pilipinas / $2.5B in stolen BTC from Bitfinex hack awakens on: February 03, 2022, 05:08:58 PM
So yun na nga mga ma'am at sir, na aalala nyo pa ba yung nangyari na big scale hack noon sa bitfinex Exchange noong 2016? Kung naka follow kayo sa twitter ng whalealert (sa mga di nakakaalam, malaking tulong ang whalealert kase every big transactions sa crypto inaannounce nila sa twitter handle na to) at naka on notif nyo, makikita nyo dun na nag announce sila (di ko lang ma alala araw basta bago lang) na me transactions na nangyare mula sa hacking wallet papunta sa isang unknown wallet.

meron din ako link ng isang article na nabasa ko din sa forum eto oh.

Ang pinag tataka ko lang is ano kaya plano ng hacker sa funds na yun eh di nya din na man ma ka-cashout or ma ebibili ng kung anong crypto or NFT kasi naka mark na yung address nya mismo. Siguro nga plausible talaga yung sabu sa article na baka attempt lang to oara takutin ang karamihan at isipin na mag da dump nanaman BTC. Kase sa totoo lang, kahit mixer di gagana dito kase madaming experts dito sa industry na'to when it comes to hacking and tracing.

Kayo mga lods ano sa tingin nyo?
8  Local / Pilipinas / para sa mga na wiwindang din sa mga conspiracies about whale manipulation on: January 24, 2022, 01:20:49 PM
So eto na nga mga kabayan, mula sa topic na "bitcoin as a commodity market?" Umabot tungkol sa conspiracy theory about sa market manipulation ng malalaking crypto whales at nagandahan lang ako sa sagot nung ka forum natin na si franky1 kasi sobramg eye opener response nya. Kaya yun e.she.share ko dito baka makatulong kasi baka me mga katulad ko na matagal na sa industriyang ito pero me mga misconceptions padin.

alot of people think its "whale" manipulation of exchanges.
but after studying things. its not. its actually the minnows

in 2013-4 when the markets were $400 there were whales making walls of 1000btc
obviously with prices at $40k now it means a similar 'wall' only needs to be 10btc deep

this is because although the market is portrayed as supply and demand. where instead of 2013-4 supply was only 12mill coins and now there are 19mill.. the more supply in circulation has not resulted in more supply on the market.
eg. if average order was 2btc in 2013-4, youd think with 50% more in circulation average orders would now be 3btc

however, most market orders now are of 0.01btc-10btc not 1btc-1000btc in earlier years.

meaning there is probably an equal 100x less coin in exchanges offsetting an equal 100x more price.

sellers have figured out that buyers are not spending more money. they instead are spending the same amount.
so if someone in 2013 wanted to spend $600 a month he would get 1.5btc in 2013-4. where as now he would get 0.015btc.

the market price does not mean someone in 2013-4 who regularly paid $600 a month to buy crypto is now buying $60,000 a month.
buyers value per order has not changed. and so its the sellers who dont want to crash the market by selling 1.5btc now or even 2.25btc with there being 50% more supply in circulation than in 2013-4.
instead decide to play the economics game, offer smaller amounts of coin

imagine it this way. a seller.. with 1.5btc. wanting $60k
right now he can make 2 choices.
sell 1.5btc at $40k/btc =$60k fiat
sell 0.1btc(15 times) at $4.01k= $60.15k   (0.1*15=1.5)

sellers find it easier to not try selling 1.5btc at 40.1 as that creates a wall keeping price below that, but if he has small orders that fill of 0.01 for $401, they fill fast and are seen as a price lift to $40.1, even without buyers having to buy up tens of thousands of dollars to achieve it.

what im saying is dont worry about the only last few whales pushing 10btc.. instead watch out for the minnows putting in 0.01btc orders spaced out by $1 a coin meaning small orders causing large movements in prices

sellers realise instead of trying to push 1.5 coins on a market which can cause the price to go down. if they sell small portions in small amounts at a slight premium. the buyers dont notice the big hit as much. but it pushes the market price

ill add this for reference
screenshot taken from binance whilst writing this post

When it only takes  0.32725btc to                         When it only takes  0.31331btc to
change the price by $6(38772-38766)                   change the price by $7 (38773-38780)

then you know the problem is not due to lots of orders or lots of buyers/sellers.  but instead its the LACK of traders, which means that a price can change, not by 1cent amounts but by $2-$3 in one order line fill

if there were thousands of users:
which would put orders 1cent above the next and so order fills would only move by 1cent
many people will put lots of coin on one priceline meaning it would appear  as 1-20btc not 0.02btc
but instead.. look at
SELL 3->4 one order fill can change the price by $3.39
BUY 2->3 one order fill can change the price by $4.35

code can prevent big whale wallers, but human emotion and greed will play the opposite and find a way to play the markets
9  Local / Pilipinas / pag lalagay ng topic tungkol sa mga crypto sa mga paaralan sa pinas. on: November 04, 2021, 12:24:51 PM
Magandang gabi po mga kabayan, E rerepost ko to dito kase na gandahan ako sa topic eh, gusto ko marinig opinions ng kapwa ko mga pilipino tungkol sa pag e.insert ng crypto currency topics sa mga curriculum ng mga paaralan. O kung ano e sasagot nyo jan sa mga tanong na yan.

I don't know if this topic is already tackled but I want to know your random opinions.

What happens if Bitcoins will be adapt in schools especially in college level?
  • If it does get adopted in schools for such it will be great for the people wanting to get into this industry and would also be a great thing for this industry as a whole since it will spread balanced awareness about crypto currencies instead of biased opinions or lies. The thing is though, is that just as how much investment topics are mostly found on seminars, topics about cryptocurrencies are in the same table. Both can be talked about in and outside of schools from time to time but not something that schools would consider vital for courses (YET). So I wouldn't bank on that happening any time soon.

What are the best for beginners between  Hodl and invest?
  • Both go hand in hand. Only having one won't give anyone gains. Because when you invest, you will have to hodl and hodl is hodl regardless of how long or how short the duration of doing it is. Same goes with hodling, you cannot hodl if you do not invest time, effort or money. Bottom line is that if you are a beginner, better focus in gaining as much knowledge as possible about your desired endeavour(s) then acquire needed wisdom in how to apply the knowledge you have gained. I don't care how rich or how poor you are, if you lack knowledge and wisdom in anything you want to get yourself into, you are bound to lose. So beginners, invest on knowledge and wisdom and hodl the necessary.

Does the government allows Bitcoin to be tackle in school?
  • The government, at least here in my country is quite neutral about talks regarding crypto currencies at the moment. But to put it into curriculums in schools is a different story, while some may agree, most will disagree since this industry is still early and consists lots of conspiracies and variables that heightens risks. And yes, just as what I have mentioned on the first question, it is the same as investing topics on seminars. Not to mention the required resources to make this possible; both human and technological which is certainly not something my country right now can provide nor afford.

Does Education in Cryptocurrencies is the best way to avoid being scam?
  • Of course it is. It is pretty obvious that you need knowledge and wisdom in anything you want to get yourself into to avoid always getting fcked all the time and win more instead. To succeed and excel in any chosen field of interest and endeavour of yours, you need to be resourceful. If you cannot find what you are looking for from one source, get it from another. Do not rely on just one source and be done with it, this is what makes people lose the chance to gain vital knowledge most of the time since they tend to close their minds to other possibilities just because of the norm. (Relying to much on knowledge provided by schools)

 - Only positive thing I see in cryptocurrencies being added in school curriculums are ease of access to fundamentals and publicity for this industry. Which are evidently something we all can live without since with a little effort, you can find good knowledge either paid or for free and in regards to publicity, we are already getting a good enough amount at the moment with all the ETFs and more.

E dagdag ko na rin if ever, saan kaya mas nababagay e insert, kung sa elementarya ba, jr. Highschool, sr. Highschool or sa college or kung mas ok ba kung gagawing separate course ito like a two year course o di kaya e merge sa isang investment course or business administration at gawing 4 year course.

Eto nga pala link ng actual post :
10  Local / Pamilihan / Clear Junction nag bye bye na kay binance ano kaya epekto o magiging epekto? on: July 13, 2021, 03:39:47 AM
Ma init init pa: Clear junction(isang european payment processor) hindi na raw tatanggap o mag pa -process ng kahit anong transactions na konektado sa binance(pinakamalaking crypto exchange sa buong mundo na paborito ng karamihan dito). Ang rason ng desisyon na to ay dahil daw sa babala ng Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) at desisyon nila na e ban ang binance dahil na rin sa wala itong lisensya para mag operate sa UK. kaya naman halos lahat ng bangko sa UK ay nI lilimitahan na ang kanilang mga account holders sa pag access sa binance exchange.

More info :

All in all, attempt ito para daw ma prevent ang money laundering which is plausible naman. Kaya lang, sa tingin ko parang masama ito in terms sa price and reputation ng crypto industry kasi nga, sa mga ma bababaw ang utak, black money na ang profits na galing sa crypto. At ang mas masama pa is hindi pa masyadong marami ang nasa crypto industry kaya naman napaka importante na mayroong paraan ang tao na makapag invest ng fiat through banks papuntang exchange para makapag trade.

Eto din kase si binance ayaw mag lagay ng physical branch kaya umaabot sa ganto. At di malayong mangyari na sumunod din ang ibang bansa sa UK dahil sa problema na ito ni binance. Which can lead to more fud and more price dump.

Ano sa tingin nyo mga boss? Magiging malaki ba epekto nito sa market o hindi? O di kaya, baka isa ito sa dahilan bakit red ang starting ng week na to.
11  Other / Politics & Society / What does the indian government do about the coronavirus in india right now? on: April 23, 2021, 03:30:06 PM
As the title says, I am quite curious because just recently I have heard from the news that the coronavirus surge in India went from bad to worse. To the point where dead bodies have to be cremated at parking lots. How true is this? Can other countries do something about this? I feel so sad for the families there specially for the elderly and the children. I just wish the government finds a way to help their own people who are suffering right now if they cannot rely on other countries.

Update: I just saw a tweet from @sandeepnailwal saying:

"Can't take this sitting down anymore, I am going to run a Covid relief campaign in lieu of what’s going on in India.

Need help from the Global crypto community.

I will take full responsibility for transparency, funds usage and regulatory compliance

If you want to donate.. 1/n"

I am really hoping for the best and that there would be not much hindrances with this plan so that people in India can really get some help. Kudos to this guy for actually doing something for his fellow country men.
12  Economy / Economics / stop being negative and start being positive. on: February 16, 2018, 07:46:22 PM
Good day people of bitcointalk forum!

I am writing this to all those people who are already way in too deep on the addiction of being negative. Yes, this message is for you my dear friends, and for all the others out there that are on the point in their lives where all they see are negative things which are unconsciously getting drawn into the addiction of being a negative thinking person.

Now, at some point in our lives we all have had bad experiences right? I mean, who didn't? You see, whatever it is that you are going through right now, somebody is going through worse(or something like that). Do you know what I mean? Okay, stay with me. So, how do you cope with all the negativity in your life? Wait, let me rephrase that, have you even thought about dealing with all the negativity that you have gone through or still experiencing? If not, then I suggest that you do so. You see pal, most of the people will tell you to just ignore them and look in the bright side instead and be more positive. But ask yourself, has that really ever worked for you? once? twice? a couple of times? Well, I'll tell you why not or why it didn't work out for longer than you have expected. It is simply because what you are doing really cannot make you a positive person. Well, maybe sometimes you think it works but then later on, you start feeling the same way again and you do the same cycle every damn time without noticing a single thing getting better. You do the same thing over and over again with every negativity that comes to you. And guess what? It still didn't work and probably won't ever work. This is most certainly because you are not being positive or doing a great strategy to become more positive in life. Instead, what you are doing is just running away from all that negativity and just lying to yourself using the strategy "looking at the bright side" as a disguise or a cover up for all your running away.

Now don't get me wrong, I sure ain't saying that sitting down and resting is a bad thing(a better thing to say than running away lol). I mean, resting is actually good for the mind and body. In fact, it has been proven that having a good rest physically and mentally can really make anyone be at their best at whatever they do or face all throughout the day(the same principle also applies to your lifetime as a whole). But, as what people always say, "too much of anything is never good." So okay wait, what is it really that we have to do? Well, one thing that really worked out for me is facing all these negativity straight on. I really do not know how to explain it deeper so let me just tell you guys what I did. one day, I went inside my room, closed the door, laid on my bed, shut my eyes and then let my thoughts run freely for a while until I get comfortable. And then I just started thinking about all the negativity I have in my life together with all the positivity. Believe it or not, there were actually quite a lot of images and scenarios that I saw, both good and bad mixed up altogether from biggest to smallest. Memories like losing my first pet, getting kicked out of school, being a disappointment to my family, and so much more. There were also memories of that time when I, together with my team won a school to school soccer competition when I was on 7th grade and that time when I first had a motor bike. I was literally having mixed emotions and didn't notice that tears were already falling down my face. Then it started to get harder to focus on memories that I missed, and the memories that I hated remembering. But then slowly, looking back at all of them, things started to make sense. Then the process of accepting everything as normal things that really do happen in life started all by itself. Yes, it took me a couple of days before achieving this and a few more in repeating it over and over again until one day I suddenly felt this great sign of relief. At last, I have finally been able to release all these negativity inside of me. And no, not by running away from them but by accepting them instead and seeing them as things that make me as a whole or who I am. Something that makes me even better and stronger than ever before rather than something that just cripples me that I need to rid myself off. Acceptance is what I think enables a person to really grow. And it is really ironic how we all need to accept this because the sooner we do, the earlier we start to actually grow. There just ain't no other way around it.

Even though, I really cannot deny that every now and then, I still get carried away by negativity sometimes, I am pretty confident to say that I am now more comfortable in dealing with them. Absolutely more than I ever was. Decisions are more easier, problems weigh lighter and pretty much everything is more bearable than it used to. Yes, this may be a never ending process, but so is life. So you better start early, make it a habit,  start now.

Ooookay! You may be wondering what all these have to do with bitcoins and stuff here or the crypto world as a whole. Well, just look at it this way. In the real world, we experience all sorts of positivity and negativity every day. The same thing goes when we are here in the crypto world. Because whether we like it or not, as much as we need a good working mind to make big decisions in real life, it is also the same here.

Hope this makes sense, reaches and helps you guys in any way.
good day and good luck,


13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / "Amor coin" dont miss it! on: November 25, 2017, 04:30:06 AM
Guys, just found an amazing token named amor coin!. A token that is aiming to build a dating ecosystem that will disrupt the $3 billion online dating industry!

 Not only that you may find the love of your life, but you can also earn a whole damn lot of coins in being a member of their dating ecosystem!

 This project surely is something that can assure anyone investing great profits!

 Their crowdsale will be on December 2 and they will have various tiers of returns based on when you choose to show your support to them ! So better act fast and buy this amazing token on their crowdsale as soon as it goes out!

Join us!
 All information will be posted on the said date(12/2/17), so stay tuned!
Links :

Twitter link :

Telegram :

Slack :

Reddit :

Link to their website : (link:

Dont miss it or you will regret it!
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / TFTM. another great crypto currency. Come and see. on: November 22, 2017, 04:01:31 PM
Ok, so i have just found this thread :
And got interested because of its great idea. Now, i think this kind of projects really do have great potential for success. Simply because it makes being in the crypto world and in the norm a whole lot easier.
It really is pretty convenient if you ask me.

But i wanna know your thoughts about this project. So please share some opinions. Because i am really thinking of investing. Just need a little more push.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ethereum platinum is great on: November 18, 2017, 02:28:14 PM
So, i have recently stumbled upon ethereum platinum. And i have been looking at it for quite sme time now.
Amd i thnk this coin is really something that have great potential to give lots of profits to a lot of investors looking for somethinf to invest in. I really do not thno this is like other shitcoins out there. i would really love to hear some of your opinions guys about this coin. Share them. Thanks ;>
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / QUESTIO:How to help a friend stop gambling addiction before he gets in too deep? on: September 01, 2017, 03:53:35 PM
So you see, i have a very close friend(also a neighbor) and he is obviously getting addicted into gambling online and is losing a lot of money in the process, i have posted already about what drives a gambler to still gamble even when they lost a lot already and i had a lot of great answers which led me to a conclusion that the things that drive a gambler to do such things is the thrill that the uncertainty of an outcome of a gamble can give and greed.
Now what i wanna know next is how can i stop someone getting more and more addicted to gambling? I wanna help my friend because we have been through a lot together and I don't want to just sit back and watch him ruin his life like those other people i know.

Please share your thoughts.
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / I have a QUESTION on: September 01, 2017, 03:22:32 PM
So you see guys, i am really starting to like the idea of trading bitcoins and other alternative coins. And i really wanna try it, but sadly, I really don't know where i should start. Given the fact that i dont have a personal computer or a laptop. All i have is an iphone gifted to me by my sister. So my question is, can I do trading by using only my cellular phone? I mean, I can't have different kind of wallets for other coins because almost all new altcoins dont offer a wallet app for iphone. Should i forget the idea of getting into trading?
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / I have an interesting question. on: September 01, 2017, 04:19:09 AM
Okay, so you see, I am all about breaking free from all the chains of all the governments and their banks that are watching our every move and every asset we own so they can tax the hell out of everything they can. But you see, if I put everything i have onto an offline wallet or in drive wallet and put it in a vault, or anywhere you guys can think of, what then would i do if something happens to that place where i stored my drive containing almost everything i have? What if a fire happens? A war? A natural disaster? That would mean i would lose everything i have! And the worse thing is, i can also not go putting money on online wallets because i just don't trust them.

I would like to see some thoughts. Thanks.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Why do you even gamble? on: August 29, 2017, 03:33:47 PM
This post is not intended to criticize gamblers, i am just curious what drives a gambler to really gamble even when the odds are against him or even reach the point where he'd rather lose everything he has than to stop doing his gambling addiction. I said the following because i have seen friends and some relatives on my mother's side literally lose everything they have like family, wealth etc. and only a few managed to stand up again. And some of that few still gamble to this day. And an uncle was found dead from a gunshot wound, whoever did it was unknown. But rumors say that it is one of all the guys he owed large money and never payed. While a friend(not close, just a neighbor) died from suicide because his wife left him along with his 14y.o daughter and 3y.o son. Now, I ask this because i dont get it. I just don't. I mean is it even worth it? If you ask me, i don't know. That is why i am asking. And the reason why i did it here is because we all know i can't ask a gambler with this kind of questions face to face because doing that would mean mean that I wanna start a fight. I mean that might how a gambler reacts to this kind of question. Please share your thoughts on this.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / After fork happenings for you on: August 10, 2017, 04:20:36 PM
So guys, i was just wondering, what good or bad effects did the bitcoin fork gibe you??
Good day.
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