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1  Other / Beginners & Help / HELP for MEW wallet on android on: August 14, 2021, 06:04:28 AM
I reformat my Cellphone and....

What to do when you forgot your recovery phrase? Any solutions? anyone can lend me a hand or rather an idea of what to do?

Iam really devastated I might lose my earned altcoin from my previous campaign



Looking everywhere in my computer for months and in old stash or  papers here at home  and I don't know if I would be happy because my latest eth address I made in 2020 is still missing and I am still in a mission to go through my files and pieces of papers here at my house.

that latest 2020 eth has my latest earned altcoin from a previous campaign instead I found my supper old eth address that I created wag back 2017 or 2018 T__T that has 0 balance
2  Local / Pilipinas / Bitcoin price not in a good Hight. ano masasabi niyo ang dahilan si Elon ba...? on: June 07, 2021, 03:14:01 PM
Bitcoin price alam naman natin ngayon na possible ilan sainyo na lugi or di kaya nag dalwang isip. Ang mga tanung ko

1)Ano masasabi niyo ang dahilan si Elon ba...?

2) Naramdaman niyo ba na baba ang bitcoin? marami ang umasa na tataas or magiging stable pero hindi. Isa man ako sa nagsabi na anything is possible pweding bumaba or tumaas pero iba ang pag ito yung napanuod ko

At ayun isa pa tong napananuod/nabalitaan ko para kasing maninniwala na ako alam naman natin kahti ano pwede na mahack or hindi kaya mapakinggan sa mic natin pinaguusap ng mga hackers

Anong tingin mo sa pinost ng Anonymous? maniniwala ka ba? or sa sell high buy low ka pa din kakapet?

Sakin talaga na tamaan ako dun sa posting manipulation din pala.
3  Local / Pamilihan / Nagkaproblem pa kayo sa Gcash? using it to trasnfer to on: May 19, 2021, 03:48:51 AM
Dahil nga wala na sa option si sa 7/11 g cash gamit ko at ang problem ko.....

Nagkaproblem pa kayo sa Gcash? using it to transfer to maglologin ako ngayon my problem kinabahan ako at medyo malaking pera nandun sa g cash ko

lolock ko din ito later or tomorow pag nakakuha ako ng kampanting mga sagot gusto ko malaman na hindi lang ako yung my problem sa g cash.  

4  Other / Off-topic / IS captcha typing/encoding real? on: May 16, 2021, 09:09:26 AM
IS captcha typing/encoding real?  can you really earn from it? I have friends on Facebook who are not my real friends in real life, so Iam here asking. I see pictures of them withdrawing money but I still don't believe it that much.

If you're doing captcha typing/encoding please share with me the details

share more if you know?
5  Other / Beginners & Help / What are apps you used when it comes to see the value for BTC and others? on: May 12, 2021, 05:31:26 AM
I have been using Blockfolio on Mobile and when I am on my laptop I don't rely on Blockfolio, I search google to see the value for BTC and now one day I notice when Iam using My cellphone and later search the value of BTC on the net it is different.

What are the apps or website that is right and you used when it comes to seeing the value for BTC and others? please do share

It's like as far as my years in holding Bitcoin I have been betrayed.

6  Other / Beginners & Help / Any other webiste or other platforms that pay you crypto? on: May 05, 2021, 04:52:45 PM
So this days we need money and I would like to ask any of you guys do know? Any other website or other platforms that pay you crypto?

Like Bitcointalk you all know where I can get more bitcoin or altcoin outside this website?

If you guys can see my last post was as an example I am asking comments of opinions if this thing is good. like when I asked if watching video ad was good but said it is waste of time.

In our local forum, I asked a website from my fellow men if they know it, and here.... You can click the link and see the photo if your curious (preventing spam on my post ) and I am curious if you know it what can you say? Did you try that or know it?
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / BTC price is affecting your? Tips and ideas you must know (for newbies as well) on: May 01, 2021, 08:52:15 AM
Today bitcoin might fall to 30k flat to 29k (base on myself prediction ) or surprise us on a skyrocket today as I went back to know more about bitcoin or other cryptocurrency there is a lot of newbies that just hold bitcoin or trade without having a thought of what they might experience if they lost what they have invested. Its good to invest but you must know this...

Here is what I would like to share

If you're having anxiety be on different things you must know that every rich man or woman does not walk in bitcoin.
1. If you must, call an emergency hotline or know a professional you must know the number or a way to communicate with a professional to talk about what you are experiencing like hotlines for anxiety and depression. (or simply talk to a friend)

2. If you have a passion and you decided to focus on bitcoin you must stop and think, like I said every rich men or woman does not run or walk in investing in bitcoin they use their skills to earn more money

3. Don't work hard that likely you get extra jobs just to invest everything in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

4.Connected to previews tips and concerns of mine you must save money for yourself not everything for bitcoin.

5.  Do not let your emotions get the best of you.

 TAKE A DEEP BREATH and THINK or call someone, I know it may be funny calling hotlines for anxiety and depression but who knows it may help I may not experience it but in which from different stories I read I think it may help you.

Creating this topic is coming from my 20121 self and coming from different people who try to help and talk about their experiences.

NOTE: Once I was finish typing I remembered creating a topic before connected to the subject that I made now. So, as finished this topic I hunt down my old post and decided to post a photo to avoid spam, and here it is coming from the version of my 2018 self ( which made me proud a bit ) which knows the basic that others should also know and might already know.


"let's help each other"

If you want to add up tips or something, add it to the list follow or add it to my number, and so on.


7.  -------------------------------------------------------------
8  Local / Pamilihan / Is there an social media account for feedback about campaign/companies? on: May 01, 2021, 08:00:25 AM
Habang nag gagala ako dito sa forum na isip ko meron kayang website or social media account that gives feedback on campaign at sa company nila? parang malaman natin na good or scam itong company na toh.

I searched pero baka hindi lang makita kasi my secrect name kaya kung meron sana my alam kayo?

Since there is a lot of scam companies and campaign na kinukuha yung mga kilalang campagn manager na pati itong mga kilalang campaign manager na loloko at sapamamagitan nila nahihikayat tayo sumali.

Naisip ko meron kayang social media na nagbibigay ng feedback or group page about sa campagin natanung ako dito kung my alam kayo at kung wala naman bakit hindi tayo gumawa ng group page? Ako pwede ako gumawa, basta my mga tao na active na tao para magcomment at bigay ng feedback sa gusto nilang malaman na campagin or company makkatulong yun sa lahat ng tao or sating mga Pinoy pweding exclusive sa Pinoy or sa lahat ng tao sa buong mundo.

I thought of asking here about different certain campaigns nagdadalawang isip kasi ako sa mga ibang campaign na gusto kong salihan hagang sa naging kampate ako present kong signature campaign.

9  Other / Politics & Society / Did you went insane because of lock down? what did you do to cope? on: May 01, 2021, 07:03:49 AM
Months become very fast when you think about it and very slow when you do a lot of things when you are adults.

We from different countries went through a lockdown and some made them crazy. A study was shown that COVID (Here is a source about that study if you need it and can cause people anxiety and depression and who were experiencing it before COVID-19.

Another reason was family who makes everything worst for you those who are misunderstood that it's all in the mind which they don't see what is the problem, they only try to understand us but in reality. We all know if we tell them they don't believe us that is to go berserk and ask for help from others.

Like me,  especially when you have a physician, a doctor in your family, and that doctor only believes you just can't go out with your friends which is not true for me because on my side I want them to understand me to know that what Iam experiencing is no joke.

My question is for you who may have experienced this.

1. What did you do to cope while you were in lockdown? if you are a student or working outside, employed please specify.

2. Or what did you or your family did every on lockdown? is there a family time game time?

10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Paying FEES? on e-wallet same To Paying TAXES? to your very own community? on: April 25, 2021, 09:19:32 AM
While I was scanning different forum I read stuff about:




-Bitcoin value/price

LASTLY, Bitcoin will be used on a daily life basis as equivalent to money? that are Questions and Topics relating to it.

To the point, I got to a thought What if fees and taxes are just the same? I searched google and type "is a fee of cryptocurrency is just like paying taxes?" It gave me something about mining and something else that was interesting but did not answer my question directly (Or I am just slow-witted? so please bear with me Smiley )

My question

1. What do you think are fees (cryptocurrency transactions) equivalent/same, you paying taxes(When buying something using your own money/ currency)?


One of the given articles was this

Entitled: Cryptocurrency Taxes 2020: What You Need To Know


11  Local / Pilipinas / ito is it worth a while? para makapagearn ng other altcoins pagsumali dito on: April 25, 2021, 01:28:22 AM
Alam naman natin lahat ng Pinoy o tao kailangn ng pera at lalo na ang studyante na ayaw na magpabuhat sa pamilya na gusto na maka pag earn ng mas marami.

Lahat ng nakikita kong pwede makapagearn ng money without any skill set (medyo di pa ako kagaling sa skill ko or sabihin na lang natin ang baba pa ng tingin ko sa talent ko).

Sinearch ko at nagtanung tanung ako sa ibang forum ng mga nakaraang linggo, talagang pagsali lang sa Signature campaign ang nakikita ko worth it.

My nakita ako sa ibang forum na nagtanung din kung ano ano mga pagkakakitaan at ito na kita ko matagal tagal ko na pinagiinteresan kaso yun nga di ko sinubukan. Ngayon pumasok sa isip ko my mga Pinoy kayang pumasok sa ganto?

Majority nakalagay diyan maging:


-Testing (maging BETA tester ata)



-Bug Bounty

Alam niyo tong website na ito? nasubukan niyo na? ano feedback niyo? kung oo.

(I am not endorsing this po pala talagang need lang to earn more money)

12  Economy / Speculation / What's your bet? how many years could bitcoin go to its highest? on: April 24, 2021, 02:26:49 AM
Now I made very little researcher because the value for bitcoin went down.

Some said that the value of bitcoin will skyrocket in about 3-4 years. (I am sorry if I can't give you the source I forgot where I read that, but it is possible if you might find it is in one of the forums here. I just remember a topic that I think talks about "bitcoin go bullish" but mine is kinda different)

Now I am curious base on this chart what can you say? what is your bet? on how many years will bitcoin go bullish again. If bitcoin all sudden went down on the value of 3k? give me only one number of the year "don't go an a possibly 5-8 years"

For me, my answer and bet for this, from 2019 3k value to 2022. From 2019 it took 4 years it can go reach more than the value of 60k base on this chart from my point of view, How about you what is your answer? and why?

Give me one answer don't just tell me that "we cannot specifically tell that year that anything is possible"(As I do always say Grin but here I want your answer specifically, please )

Remember base on this chart and your own prediction, not the prediction that can found on the internet on various websites.

13  Other / Politics & Society / When do you think COVID-19 will last?2 to 5 years? or.... on: April 23, 2021, 05:52:41 AM
When do you think COVID-19 will last? I made a little research because I am really tired OF COVID-19 that I want some basis on how could possibly COVID-19 will last? that I want everything back to normal.

More questions added while I am researching and making this topic.

1. Will people believe that COVID is not a joke? (Let us not fight if you who are reading this don't believe let's respect others opinion Wink )

2. If people died more and more will people believe that pandemic is not made up by the Government? or people will just say "The Government killed them not the Pandemic COVID-19"


Lastly answering my question here is my point of view on how long COVID-19 will last.

2 years if people finally listen 1-year people start the following rule this Virus will stop spreading and another 1 year to clear things up by the Government and Scientist, clearing everything up that everything to know it is good that everything is back to normal.

The source for this 2-year basis of mine is this ->

if you don't want to see the link here is a screenshot of the first page that I did not just look at to make my year bases on how long the pandemic will last. I read a few more article that can be click or found when you open this link

3 to 5 years if people do not follow every guideline. Why? people don't follow and people do not take it seriously.


How many years you think will everything be back to normal? do you have any basis like mine? or likely if not, you can just explain your opinion.

14  Other / Beginners & Help / Did the campaign you joined altcon campaignis a scam? Tell us abouts it on: April 21, 2021, 05:23:40 PM
I have been scammed it was 4 or 5 years by an altcoin paying company and I got some idea on how to identify it but I don't know or it is good to use it this year 2021

I have worked with this company doing a video explaining how to buy. So I got paid and it's my first time so I am a noob back then, I got paid in altcoin and later did not receive it.

My first option is to research everything and last is
my first idea when joining a campaign paying in altcoin I pm the head and just ASK like job hunting.

 I will say I do this like I do video Blah blah... conversation started and later ask what will you pay me? And if they said bitcoin I already got the idea okay 99% this is not a scam

If they tell you is it is altcoin I will properly end the conversation by saying I only accept bitcoin if they said altcoin there I will carefully end the conversation and not join the campaign that pays an altcoin.

Main Questions:

1. Today how will you identify if it's a scam? (just put or reply what you know I just want to know if the majority do the same or different ways to identify)

2. Did you got scammed? What are the points you noticed that it is a scam?

3. If you have experienced the same with me share it, please?

First, no judging around thanks,  about this I should already know I would like to say that I start going back last year in November and a little serious in December and got fully back to it this January.

I hope you got the point that My memory in the knowledge is slowly going back and gain more (and if some of you  would say "To slow its April you should be back at it right now" I am  kinda sorry I am not that genius and good at multi-tasking so partly I needed to work on college life)

15  Local / Pilipinas / Focus on Bitcoin this year or sa ibang bagay?+ Qs about trading ad sa YT on: April 21, 2021, 03:23:14 PM
Focus on Bitcoin this year or sa ibang bagay?

Kunting background :

Iam a college student in online class and medyo na strestress sa school ang yung feeling ko na mas my matutunan ako sa face to face class.

So ayun naiisip ko mas okay pa po ba tumigil ng online class and mag focus sa gusto kong gawin?


Kagaya ng bitcoin alam ko maraming dapat alamin na di ko nagawa gawa ng pumasok na ako mg college nitong mga nakaraang ilang taon kailangan ko na mag focus. Yun, Sabi nila bull run ang bitcoin from this year up to few years later ito ang isa sa dahilan na napapaisip ako na balikan ko kaya bitcoin na nakatulog sakin.

Kung ako ikaw na gusto makatulong ano tingin mong mas maganda mag focus sa Bitcoin or pagaaral?

_______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

Qs about trading ad sa YT

Isa pa yung about sa trading seminar na add na lumalabas sa Ad sa youtube ko inaaya nila magjoin tayo pero ako hindi ko binalak tingan baka scam lang. Tapus my add na na my mga Pinoy na bigla na kumita dun. Isa ba kayo sakanila? Okay ba? Or paghindi ka sumali bakit hindi?

(ayaw ko mag spam ng other thread na ibang tanung kaya nagadd na ako ng question dito sa ginagaw kong topic )

_______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________
 PS: Sa moderator or kung sino man po possible na mag rereport at di tingin na fit dito sa forum.

sana matagalan pa po ng 2 or 3 days post ko para makaipon po ako ng sagot talagang kailangan ko lang po ng payo ewan ko lang po kung makakatulong din sa iba pero please po.

Sa Bitcoin discussion ko sana I popost or offtopic ang kaso naisip ko po mas maganda galing sa kapwa pinoy at lalo na taghirap at na ngangailangan tayo, pagsa iba kasi possible na iba yung nangyayari sa kanila ngayon eh masokay sakanila nakakapasok sila or nakakawork ng normal.  
16  Other / Politics & Society / Did you take the vaccine? tell us what happend? on: April 21, 2021, 01:19:31 AM
A lot is saying the Vaccine is fake and an experiment.

A lot of saying that it will make you sick or you will just die few numbers of people I know personally, said this and not on the internet.

So yeah from the subject I would like to ask Did you took the vaccine? tell us what happened?

Also, a fact that our local government is giving it to us for free vaccine shot. I am afraid and I search the internet about what happened to the people who voluntarily took the vaccine and there is no direct answer.

I don't know if I search it wrong using the wrong sentences but still when I searched for literally "what happened to the people who voluntary took the vaccine in the testing phase" and there is no latest update news for 2021 connected to the direct question that I want to know. That maybe my country blocks this news or something.

Please don't judge me I stop watching the news on Television only reading a few articles and relying on some social media accounts like our local news network they have social media but to the looks of it, it is not enough to get what I need to know or the answer that I want to know.

PS: Please Understand that I don't like watching anything connected to COVOD-19 you may be curious or saying this post is unbelievable but please understand that I am having anxiety and fear when I watch it so That is why I do not go any deep on searching articles. Let's just say that it's different like the anxiety I am feeling is low or not that much on my side when I read anything about COVID-19.
17  Other / Off-topic / Can you really earn from just watching adds? help I want to earn ..... on: April 15, 2021, 05:49:13 AM
Now based on my researcher the one the caught my eyes was just watching adds you yourself will earn from it ?_?

Can you really earn from just watching ads? help I want to earn more not from any skill and not just posting here sharing my knowledge on Bitcoin likely I want to go out from this circle of sharing what I know and do were I earn from it.

it really hard to get extra jobs since it quarantine and I am a student I want to explore more like I am in need of getting money legally and a nice way without my own skill and knowledge.

Sorry if this is weird but I just want to explore like in the 80s no internet and like for example this one kid really goes with every job he or she could do like carrying bags back and forth cleaning everywhere to get paid.  
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / my trading is a fail help me, thanks on: April 14, 2021, 01:12:57 AM
From the subject itself, I have been trading these days, and success can be only be counted on hand and it's just damn luck for myself when I succeed a few times.

I want to explain my strategy but it's just giving me anxiety all I know is wrong for it failed a few times.

please be nice to what I am going to ask

Do you have any Facebook page or in any kind of social media that has someone who gives you a warning when you trade or not? I have been in many Facebook groups but its not what I am looking for.

Thanks for the nice response.
19  Other / Politics & Society / How is covid-19 on your home land? on: March 30, 2021, 10:26:20 AM
Its one year since Covid-19

Just curious how is it? covid at your homeland? It's been bad here in the Philippines in my country. I now I can read if not watch the news but the best way to get the news and to know if is true is from you people.

Thank for the Reply
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Did you earn or get any good money form airdrops? on: March 11, 2021, 03:39:36 AM
From when I start using and working here on Bitcointalk my opinion on airdrop was not good because from what I understand you get probably 1% or less.

Now I want to try applying or getting airdrops today.


1. Did you used airdrops that you got and used them for trading?  Did you earn from it?

Question from the subject itself:

2. Did you earn or get any good money out from airdrops? How?

I always say this sorry for the question it may be a noob question but please understand I never tried airdrops some of you might say or reply that my question is searchable on google or something. I trust (60 40 trust issue )those that I read there on different websites but it's different when you know you can ask and get replies from real legit people that are you guys, who know a lot about airdrops and experience getting airdrops.
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