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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / The gambler who manages to beat the casino through cheating on: January 05, 2021, 10:11:37 AM
Sometimes we are interested in playing gambling because we are inspired by someone. I am inspired by some of the people below,
not because I want to beat the casino or cheat the casino. But purely out of amazement it turns out that the casino can be beaten
by some of the people below.

1. MIT Blackjack Team

Gambling has become very popular in the US, then in 1979 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) a team of 6 people was formed
to research gambling, and how to win with counting cards. The team was led by JP Massar by gathering students who were really good at gambling,
with the aim of defeating casinos all over America. In 1980 JP Massar met Bill Kaplan and worked together to develop the MIT Blackjack Team
to 35 people. And managed to make a profit of $ 350,000. And at its peak in 1992 Bill Kaplan, JP Massar and John Chang created a company
to train many new gamblers, to beat casinos around the world.

2. Don Johnson

Is a gambler who managed to break into Atlantic City for 6 million USD in one night. His name is now famous in various casinos, and it is prohibited
to play in all casinos in America.

3. Dennis Nikrasch

Dennis Nikrasch managed to get 16 million USD from slot machines, unfortunately he cheated and had to be responsible for his actions. He cheated
by making special chips that can manipulate slot machines.

4. Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Successfully created various tools for manipulating slot machines. Like top-down joints, monkey paw and the light wand. Which makes many casinos
lose millions of dollars.

5. Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus is not a smart gambler but has lots of tricks to cheat casinos. One of the most famous cheats is when playing Roulette, by betting
3 chips of $ 5. Then the bottom chip is a $ 500 chip, so when he win it will distract with a happy shout. Then take out the $ 500 chip, but if he lose
it will take quietly the $ 500 chip.

6. Ida Summers

It turns out that not only men who are good at gambling, because a woman named Ida Summers is known as the god of gambler. With a gambling technique called Switching in Coolers and Hand Mucking. This technique requires hand speed to hide the cards from being caught, and will bring
them out again if profitable.

Those are 6 gamblers who make me even more interested in the world of gambling, maybe some of the members here also like the gamblers above.
Or there are other gamblers that you consider great that I haven't mentioned can be shared in this thread.
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