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1  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB Obelisk SC1 miners. (er...dubious but thinking about it) :( on: February 26, 2020, 04:57:37 AM
In the last 6 days, mining profits on these units are down 61.69% with whatever pump and dump reason on top of the BTC dump in price which,

as I type BTC looks like it is gonna go below 9K. I'm looking for cheap units from folks who have made their profits on these units and want to bail out.

( 6 days ago Siacoin price was 0.003600 and currently today it is at 0.002221) that is a 61.69% decrease in price and/or mining profits. Yech!

So don't get your hopes up boys and girls, but I may take a chance and buy some of these prices are right. But with the current BTC/Crypto sh*tstorm it

may be very 'difficult' to put it mildly to make any kind of deal..but what the heck....I'm a stupid 'optimistic type' made this posting here.

Currently, an Obelisk SC1 1st batch with 3 cards is 800gh at 750 watts and a 2 card unit conservatively would do 500gh supposedly at 500 watts..supposedly or so it states on eBay auctions,

which are 'insanely high' by the way...and this is why I'm posting here.

A 'supposed' 3 board full batch 1 SC1 model unit will run at 800gh and 750watts makes at 10c kWh exactly  $0.45 USD by using this calculator

(put the values in above with your electric costs per kWh)  

So call me stupid, but considering buying some in I think this dump may be a bit more and some recovery will happen...but again, be realistic on my 'guess'

and what has happened in the last 6 days.

You can post your views here....people can look at my past escrow and or such on here via Trust Settings or suggest someone we can use in escrow should

some deal comes to pass.

So, I'm betting on this dump being excessive and looking for those with Obelisk SC1 Siacoin Miner equipment (only Obelisk brand does Blake2b-Sia now FYI)

that what to trim their amount of miners or are taking their past profits on these used machines and selling them here and/or just getting out of Siacoin Mining.

Anyway, again feel free to PM me or hell hash out the likely 'demise' of my plan here as being silly, I don't mind...on the thread here...I'm just 'winging it' here.

Do your own research and double-check my work and calculations above to your satisfaction and let me know if you want to sell any via pm or on this thread.

And for all of us good luck and hope that BTC/Crypto recovers enough where our 'dubious' hardware purchases of whatever flavor of Algo or ASIC improves

beyond the sh*tstorm we seem to be in now. Sad


2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Coronavirus & quarantine & effect on BTC Difficulty. How Bad/Likely? Poll! on: February 06, 2020, 08:00:27 PM

Coronavirus & quarantine & effect on BTC Difficulty. How Bad/Likely?

Indeed, IF, I think it is 65% of ASIC miners are out of China and IF this Coronavirus Quarantine drags....indeed even past halving...

I'd guess that difficulty would stay flat for that time period? If this is not the case then my view is that any workers that could be

gathered under such a scenario, would be used to MAYBE build units (5nm maybe Q1 as stated by Innsilicon and Bitmain) thus if we

do see a rise in BTC difficulty, I'd pretty much count on the main ASIC makers feathering their own nest first by filling data halls on a

flat difficulty universe and consumers are just damned and SHOL. Sad

Anyway, my own view is this coronavirus mild or otherwise will last as long as the typical 'flu season' which would be well into May 2020.

So, my guess is flat difficulty at best and at worse the China ASIC makers taking full advantage of limited workers to fill their own data halls with

equipment first with this flat difficulty for a few months. Or it could be worse, they could do the above with NEW 5nm equipment 'supposedly' due in Q1 2020!

Your views?

Take the Poll.

3  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Samsung Announces 3nm prototype chip! What does this mean for ASICs? on: February 06, 2020, 02:07:21 AM
LOL. Not sure what this means with 5nm coming out for Bitmain and Innsilicon for Q1. So we will have 3nm in Q4? WTF!
For that matter will even 3nm matter much after the halving of blocks to 6.25 BTC per block after say around May 7th, 2020? (currently)

Will the madness continue? Take poll?

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Cashing out Legacy BTC-Core Wallet (empty) of BSV/BCH/Other to BTC-Core. Poll! on: January 26, 2020, 09:06:29 PM
Well, I moved some BTC-Core to another wallet. Thus I have like 48.45779675 BSV and BCH from this legacy address burning a hole in my pocket.

So with no real risk, IMHO, (I'm so into BTC Core as to make the BSV and BCH irrelevant), I should really just dump all the above and the other forks

of this emptied BTC-Core wallet and just pay the capital gains (15% cap gains 10% state taxes in the USA) and that would give me at today's rates enough

to get me 5.29 BTC-Core. Guess I'm gonna dig the paper wallet out of the safety deposit box on Monday and do this ASAP before the BSV (if not BCH) crashes

big time. No matter what, not a bad haul for just HODL'ing BTC from back in the day. (Let the hating commence on this thread now) Smiley

So what are your views on my "flushing" all forks of BTC-Core above paper wallet of forked that I moved the BTC-Core coins to another address?

Is this something you would do in my place with BSV and BCH and/or all the other forked altcoins on this 'legacy address'?

Chump or Champ, whatcha think?

Take the poll!


edit: messed up fixed BTC after cap gains and state taxes above to 5.29 BTC.

5  Economy / Speculation / Trump's iran War Pump in BTC Price. Will it last? Poll. on: January 08, 2020, 05:00:12 AM

Well, interesting times indeed! Do you think this pump in BTC price will fade as 'hopefully' Trump's Iran War talk fades? Or is this simply

a pre-cursor to the halving pump coming and this price will be maintained and go yet higher?

take the poll (I've not a clue!) Smiley


6  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Bitmain & Canaan To Release 5nm chip ASIC Miners in Q1 2020! on: December 27, 2019, 03:43:37 AM
Well, it looks like my (ONE) Bitmain's S9i's days are numbered. Sad

What do you all think?

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Black Swan Event: IF Craig Wright was part of Tulip Trust and dumps it all! Poll on: December 24, 2019, 06:09:50 PM



Just to stir the waters a bit with some likely FUD drama. I was trying to 'scare' myself the other day and was thinking:

What if Craig Wright was part of a Satoshi Group that really did have the other 2 members being Hal Finey and Dave Klieman?

Also what if they did form a 'Tulip Trust' of all the development coins and now that the other 2 members have passed away Craig Wright

(still noT Satoshi) benefits from this arrangement from back in the day and now really does have access to such development coins worth

approximately 10 Billion dollars from what I understand.

Assumption: He dumps all of his BTC as he states to try and destory Bitcoin Core and drive the price of BTC down furthering his own ends.

So the other assumption is the 1/2 will go to the Klieman Estate and the other 1/2 to Craig Wright.

So what are your views on what happens next under such a 'dire' scenario? Feel free to 'scare' your little selves silly with replies! This is all in fun! (shudder!)

Take the poll and post your replies below.

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BTC Adoption & HODL'ers Increase Yearly Rate and Halving in 2020. Poll! on: November 30, 2019, 07:13:36 PM
This topic may go no place. But I was thinking, I found the below link on the % of HODL'ers are increasing.

This got me thinking about Adoption rates per year. IS BTC Adoption increasing and if so what data is there on this? with the above links I've found 2 links that state that HODL'ing is increasing and Adoption is increasing.

Now when you add my third part in the title of this thread : Halving in 2020.

Where does that put us as far as pricing in the future?

So it seems to me if the above 3 items are indeed correct. Whales are HODL'ing and accumulating...Adoption is still happening at an OK pace

and Halving next year in 2020...All should be great right?

Anyway, I started this thread for discussion and folks with better google skills and hopefully math skills to flesh this out in a more logical manner.

Hell, there is probably a 'site' and graphs etc with all my above 'impressions' on this very topic.

Anyway, if there is a better thread or site on the above three senarios put the links here.

Anyway, hopefully, some folk with better skills than myself with the above 'supposeded' correct data can run with this and see if it offers any info on

the future price/use/etc for BTC.

I just tripped over the first 2 links above and went huh? I wonder if there is someone who has looked at this historically and/or towards the future

with the above BTC Adoption & HODL'ers Increase Yearly Rate and Halving mind.

Please feel free to do better analysis and post on here in more depth than me and consider taking the poll!


9  Economy / Economics / Timeline: Gold vs BTC price from start of mining and HODL. 9.18.2013. poll. on: November 07, 2019, 10:46:07 PM
Why you don't listen to those in the 'know' from back in the day. The 'you have to use BTC for Gold argument, as a newbie, rather than 'virtual BTC' Glad I went with my gut on this. Smiley

The price of gold and Bitcoin when I started mining BTC Sept 18th, 2013. I really started with the KNC Jupiter ASIC miner on 10/18/2013...but hey, 0.69 BTC on the GPU cards count. Smiley

price of gold exactly 0 years start 2013 (more or less) it was $1,348.09 USD and BTC was about $130.86 (more or less) the same/closest day on the charts.

price of gold exactly 1 year later 2014 (more or less)  was $1,226.96 USD and BTC was about $475.37 USD (more or less) the same/closest day on the charts.

price of gold exactly 2 years later 2015 (more or less) it was $1,121.32 USD and BTC was about $229.09 (more or less) the same/closest day on the charts.

price of gold exactly 3 years later 2016 (more or less) it was $1,328.57 USD and BTC was about $606.97 USD (more or less) the same/closest day on the charts.

price of gold exactly 4 years later 2017 (more or less) it was $1,327.06 USD and BTC was about $3,630.70 USD (more or less) the same/closest day on the charts.

price of gold exactly 5 years later 2018 (more or less) it was $1,202.50 USD and BTC was about $6,371.30 USD (more or less) the same/closest day on the charts.

price of gold exactly 6 years later 2019 (more or less) it was $1,502.51 USD and BTC was about $   10,242.27 USD (more or less) the same/closest day on the charts.

The price of gold as of TODAY 11/7/2019 is $1,470.65 USD and BTC is currently today $9,271.90 USD as I type this here.

Using this chart for days closest on such chart (iffy by a day or so) for the price of GOLD historically.

Using this chart for days closest on such chart (iffy by a day or so) for the price of Bitcoin historically.

Hmmm....good thing I did not listen to all the Gold Bugs who said I needed something 'Tangible' as a store of value.

I know a LOT of folk back in 2013 that cashed out or put it in Gold/Silver. It was a lot of talk about which was better, back in those early days. I just went with the HODL

idea on Bitcoin and so far it seems to be working out quite well.

Take the poll if you wish. Smiley


10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Facebook Libra, Why Not Bitcoin/Bitpay? Or is it a problem with scaling? POLL. on: October 23, 2019, 09:27:37 PM
On the whole Facebook Libra thing. Looks more than dead in the water to me. I still don't get why they simply did not

buy out BitPay and Facebook just does as it pleases with crypto transactions.

Is it:

1) Facebook prefers its own currency Libra for the power/control/data mining on personal info from users as a result of use?

2) Bitcoin can't scale enough for transactions maybe? Technical people help me here, please! Scaling up for that many users on Facebook using Bitcoin just not do'able?

3) The governments of the world would lose their frigging minds on such an effort, due to the decentralization and thus make Facebook's life hell? (Not really sure,

how that differs from today's hearings..but let's go with that anyway)

So, it seems to me, that Facebook could use Bitcoin using Bitpay like and others without issue. Hell, even Opera is adding it to their Android Browser,

if I remember right.

So what am I missing here guys? Or am I just frigging clueless on the politics and big business on all this?

take the poll


11  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Fears/Backlash on ASIC mining and miner capitulazation with BTC/Crypto. POLL. on: October 22, 2019, 10:55:51 PM
just annoying as hell...some of the fears/and a damn lot of moving parts that come to mind below on ASIC mining today. Be you a small miner (< 10 ASIC's) or bigger than that.

Below are some off the cuff fears and IMHO how much more complicated ASIC mining is today vs 1 year ago.

(1) the frigging Tariff at 25%. That is like you are already dead and they put a stake through your heart just to make double sure. ie...deader than dead for ASIC miners in the USA.

(2) the increase in ALL from what I can tell ASIC makers prices by probably (IMHO) 25% plus versus a compatible ASIC's made 1/2 to 1 year ago. (Hell, it is the same frigging chips just more of them nm wise)

3) Electric has gone nuts.. add a BIG assumption I could even find 6c kWh electric in Canada. (People say if big enough you can find 4c kWh in the USA) I have a buddy grandfathered in a data hall in Colorado at 8c kWh, no hidden fees, no drama. (I'm at 10c kWh no hidden fees, no drama) Anyway, his was just raised to 9.5c kWh. My House electric bill was 17.29c kWh this last month. (No mining at home obviously) with 1/2 winter rates included in this months bill, it is now 16.01c what .maybe I'll get 3c kWh to cut my electric bill down on the next bill with FULL winter rates to 14c kWh at the max? Also, remember I'm getting off 1-2c kWh because of Xcel Utilities still think I get that off as electric heat from last year, thus a 1-2c kWh break. It's a deal if your house is heated by electric. It is, I told them back in the day 'server equipment' and they said sure. Then again if they compare with the gas company, pretty obvious where my heat was coming from ASIC mining at home. But this year may be a lot different still. Sh*t.

The problem is Xcel is heavy into community Solar and such, as a lock-in plan. They 'tried' to lock me in 1/2 a year ago at renewable/Solar rate for 10 years or some such silliness at 20c plus kWh etc. I think that supposedly could go down...but also could go up...seemed fishy as hell. I figure in a few years if it gets that bad, I'll simply get solar myself and/or deep in the Trump fueled 'deep depression' I'll be using LED's and a car battery and it won't matter.

4) The difficulty is going to the moon...hell, even LTC is only down 10%..eventually, complete miner capitulation will happen, with 65% or more of BTC and LTC pow mining being Bitmain units, hell they all go off more mining, no more miners hodl'ing btc/ltc/crypto..price dumps too boot...will drive confidence in BTC/Alts to the floor.

5) If the stock market goes poof 20% to 40% recession...will whales who had their own data hall businesses or were living off crypto then, sell a mess of BTC/Crypto in a depressed market to keep their trophy wife and Puerto Rico Lifestyle? Even if every whale only dumped say 5% or 10% in a recession, I'd bet the price would dump,  40% on such a contingency (IMHO) in other words, was BTC/Crypto purchasing and HODL'ling just something for good times? When the economy was good? Thus discretionary income and then that goes away with a recession so does BTC/Crypto Hodl'ing? Sure people buy GOLD ahead of a downturn...but I'm pretty sure they don't buy gold during the downturn..that is when they liquidate...if same goes for BTC/Crypto in for a long, again they say 7-12 years now, tough bit of recovery, if true. Again, double death for any ASIC miners to get for years. Be them Big/Medium/Hobby ASIC miners.

Also, If we have a recession they say it is 7-12 years to recover. Confusion if that would be a good thing or bad thing for BTC/crypto? No clue. But I'm working on the assumption we do for a recession, thus the above effect on BTC/Crypto. Again, so many moving parts it makes my head hurt. Looks unlikely as hell IMHO I/we(?) will be able to get an ASIC miner in the next 2 years with all the above drama.

So 2017 the price of BTC went up at the end of the year? In 2018 the price of BTC went down? So flip a frigging coin on mining/no mining or hodl'ing/no hodling or sell/buy get the drift. Take the poll, beat me up, tell me I'm full of sh*t, I miss ASIC mining and am more than a bit whiplashed on what is going on with BTC/Cypto..prove me dead wrong...I'll thank you! Smiley

(end of rant)


12  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Current Bitmain Hardware Dump 10/13/19. Very ugly at 10c kWh to ROI Ever! POLL! on: October 13, 2019, 04:39:26 PM
But on 10/13/19 the Bitmain site had a mess of stuff for pre-order or direct purchase.

Well, I think I know why Bitmain is dumping product now in mass. From the following link seems they are looking at 5nm in early 2020 and are working on 3nm chips as we speak. See this article:

We are utterly screwed as small miners unless the price rises significantly before these 5nm and 3nm chips are in play. Again, IMHO, why Bitmain is dumping ASIC's in mass.

I'll post 3 of the large units as examples of what they offer for prices and watts and what they would make in the USA at 10c kWh. WITHOUT the USA Tariff and Import Fees (27.6%) and shipping price from China. So I will do my calculations (again without tariff/import fees/shipping) at 10c kWh.

For these two pre-order units at least. As long as I did the calculations anyway, I'll post my links to calculators and results here.

Note: There are other units on the Bitmain site that I've not listed. Some I would have but Bitmain lists no watts for some of these units.

Also only did the below high-end units. The result is dismal enough, IMHO, no need to beat a dead horse and list all units. You'll get the idea.

I used the below link to determine hash/power/profit.

What to Mine Site. BTC Checked Box. Also, the price was taken from for BTC.
Antminer S17+ 73TH at 2920 watts and the price of $2,833.00 pre-order. Delivery December 1st-10th, 2019. PRE-ORDER.

At the current BTC price of $8,430.00 at 10c kWh. You would make at flat difficulty (now) and price (today) of $5.00  per day profit. With an ROI of 566 days! Yech!

Antminer T17+ 64TH at 3200 watts and the price of $1,802.00 pre-order. Delivery December 1st-10th, 2019. PRE-ORDER.

At the current BTC price of $8,430.00 at 10c kWh. You would make at flat difficulty (now) and price (today) of $2.84 per day profit. With an ROI of 635 days! Yech!

Antminer S17 Pro 50TH at (using middle watts at the low figure of the high scale) of 2250 watts. Price is $2,502. Delivery October 21st-31st, 2019. AVAILABLE NOW.

At the current BTC price of $8,430.00 at 10c kWh. You would make at flat difficulty (now) and price (today) of $2.84 per day profit. With an ROI of 881 days! Yech!

Also as you can see from the above, this is very, very, unlikely for anyone in the USA, in particular, to get an ASIC miner at the USA average price of 10c kWh, even if NO tariff/import fees/shipping. This is also my electric rate, so hopefully, you can beat this by a considerable margin and laugh at my expense! Sad

So anyway, IMHO, we have all seen this game before. Bitmain dumping equipment in mass just before Christmas. Takes pre-orders that are not shipped around Christmas and then because of Chinese New Year the stuff you pre-ordered that will supposedly arrive end of December 2019, will actually arrive middle of February 2010, due to all the holidays. At that point, they will be distributing newer units sometime in the spring, maybe, 5nm ASIC chip units to themselves driving up hash rate for 3-5 months before releasing to the public at inflated prices as seems to be their strategy.  After say, that dump end of Summer, they then have the 3nm stuff to put in play for equipment again at their data halls first. Thus the 'long-con' IMHO (see article) of buying miners now because it is going to mature slowly theme. Hey, trust us. Smiley

Indeed it is the usual scam of rinse/wash/repeat.

The ONLY way anyone could mine these days, under these conditions, again, IMHO, is IF you are mining like heck at a loss and to HODL for fun on the expectation of BTC doubling or some such after halving in 2020 or some other long term dream. But in reality, if you believe such, you'd be better off with an automatic bank withdrawal monthly buy off BTC to HODL on an exchange until that point happens someday as your bet, of BTC doubling in price.

Looks unlikely I'll be mining anything of any note until maybe 'used' equipment in 2021 at this rate.

Anyway, fun while it lasted.


Brad (Bitmain: Trust us, we do 'evil' right!)
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin IRS Update 2019. Links & Explanation of Changes. on: October 10, 2019, 08:52:56 PM

Here is a link from the site on the IRS Guidelines 2019 update.

If anyone should know these guys should have a handle on this. This so far is the most

simple and quick explanation of the new Guidelines IRS 2019 I've found so far.

Below is the link:

Add other links first as you see fit. The above link seems to lay to rest some of the

more dire meanings flaying about on the Internet etc.

Please feel free to post your own links and or views here as well. This applies to the USA.



14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / IF Trump via Executive Order Banned Bitcoin, what are consequences if any? on: September 12, 2019, 04:34:21 PM

This is unlikely, but Trump being Trump, anything is possible. So what would be the consequences of Trump via Executive Order

banning Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies? A big Yawn? Ignored? A temporary dump in the price? A pump in the price?

I know it can't be killed by such, but what mischief in folks views here, would be a consequence of such an idiot attempt?

From this Tom Lee blurb:

Again, just saying, Trump is all over the place, so wondering what folks think. Hopefully, this will just stay a 'thought experiment' Smiley

AGAIN...this is Trump making an 'attempt' to ban Bitcoin via Executive Order Only and the consequences to price, etc, above. Not saying he can do so.

Just the odds of him being dumb enough to try to ban Bitcoin and any backlash or fallout from the attempt. Feel free to post your views.

Take the Poll.


15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / MOVED: Bitcoin Mining on an APPLE II Computer! Highly Impractical Other Devices? Poll! on: August 22, 2019, 08:48:05 PM
Legacy BTC Mining on odd devices. Apple II and apollo moon computer etc. Retro. Was mistakenly put under altcoins. Smiley
16  Bitcoin / Project Development / Using btc/crypto public addresses options limited. Any better? on: August 18, 2019, 03:21:01 PM
I'm using BTC/Crypto free option on the sign up with email prompts of your
portfolio BTC/Crypto Public Blockchain Addresses options limited. Any better?

The reason is Cointracker only has a few public addresses, less than 1 dozen.
I have asked to add more of the common at least top 100 coins on say
for example, but little action.

I have come to the conclusion that Cointracker says you have CVS access to 2,500 coins, but it is
my view that is just a lead-in for their paid service and tax advice services from what I can tell from
their ads.

This seems a fairly easy thing to do, (I don't do www pages) but looks to me they could pop something
up if they wished to fairly quick in expanding their public address coin offerings of the above.

Anyway, with the few public address coins they allow, I find this a very handy site, but it would a LOT more handy,
if for example, it showed all the public BTC forks, various sh*tcoin values as this kinda automatic web page action.

I myself would like to see my sh*tcoins in addition to the above BTC forks list the top 100
from Coinmarketcap as the parameters. Specifically, ANY forks of any major coin like BTC/LTC and/or again top 100.

Mine in the Top 100 would be LISK, Siacoin, and any forks of note. That would pretty much cover it. LTC forks ETH forks
that kinda thing. (are their public address ETH forks? no idea myself).

Anyway, is there anything like this that is set up on a FREE service? I'd want or PAID by the by? I would want a www page option
not really interested in an iPhone App for example for such. Will use it if I have to.

Anyway, again, this I think would be a fairly easy site to set up for someone to generate ad revenue
from IMHO. Even if all it did was allow you to sign in and track your public BTC/Crypto addresses and get the
daily email on your portfolio worth.

If limited to public addresses only, the worst that would happen is a site would know your public
crypto addresses. Which is not a big deal to me. Back in 2013, my bank sent the SEC, because in
2013 all BTC was 'evil' don't ya know. Also claimed I was a tax cheat. I made them look like idiots
and SEC guy was like 'why am I here' (on the speaker/voice phone).

By the By, having BTC account troubles with your bank? Use a 'commercial bank' you'll have better odds.
So with that and being hunky-dory with the IRS and SEC. I'm already 'tag'd and bag'd' when the men
in black come for us all on Bitcointalk, etc.

Anyway, just curious. Cointracker, limited in what I can track, maybe the only game in town.
I am NOT gonna give a site access to me and CSV and whatever other accounting trickery they
may claim I need. Just a simple site to track a portfolio of say BTC and say top 100 cryptos with a
daily email option for your daily worth for giggles would be amusing.

Too bad Cointracker is not interested in providing such an option in full and wants you to go full
boat and pay. Hell, I might even pay, IF, they had the above. Alas, don't need tax advice using
CSV formats and the rest. Just need a bit better web service on my public and legal BTC and
Crypto Addresses than Cointracker seems to want to provide. Free or Paid or Otherwise.

Anyway, just a thought if anyone knows of anything better to use, paid or free and hell even
as an iPhone App, if I must. Or anyone who thinks this is a good idea and wants to build such
a quick and dirty site to track public BTC and Crypto Addresses with email notices option per day
on total value. If so, contact me on either on this thread or PM.

So much BTC and so many sh*tcoins..yawn.....need a 'minion' web page to track the forks of all and such by
putting in public BTC and or sh*tcoins public blockchain addresses, in one place to track.

Let them eat cake! Such a Yuppie re-reading the above I've become. But anyway post your views on this
on this thread, maybe there is some great shining www page on the hill that will serve up my views/needs
from above.

17  Other / Serious discussion / Old Man Pondering & The End of Civilization. (Indeed!) Poll! on: August 17, 2019, 11:44:21 PM
Things that have come to light in the last week that have tripped my Old Man Pondering Angst.

(I) This of course. (If it is Satoshi, I always knew BTC started with a bang, I'd guess it could end with a bang as well!)

(II) Retirement: Or how I could get any of the previous jobs I've had back in life within a heartbeat! (Thank god I don't need too!)

(a) Pointed out inside 14-3 (15 amp) wire for use in an outside ductless A/C for house needs to be in the duct and outside graded.

     Should have been 12-3 (20 amp) (underground graded) to be safe. Not just zip-tied.

(b) Went to Menard's and Home Depot and had to show 3 staff in each place what a small brass cover in plumbing looks like for an unused Refrigerator Ice Maker line/to brass plug!)

(c) Went to Menard's and Home Depot today, to find a pair of faucets for bathroom sink. Unable to find online and both groups said that the ones I had you could not replace

    the leaky valve inside. (This time only a couple people in both places). Came home and found the faucets I want from their sites and compared prices and found you

    can take apart my old bathroom sink faucet and replace innards. This was me looking at it. The web said zip also. Took 25 minutes. Will replace anyway, but really?

(d) Earlier in the week, was at Office Depot and helped a guy, who was having trouble with Windows 10 saying it was updated, but really was not updating.

    Showed him the workaround page for windows 10.

    At least Office Depot had the decency of having a sign up for a job for a tech support person, at (gasp!) the amazing price

    of $11.55/hr or some such! (The Midwest USA pays zip!)

So what are your stories of wandering about in this world of cluelessness?

Are you feeling old and overqualified for your current job?

Do people spend all their time on their phones texting at work/or places you shop?

Or are you like me in retirement and simply wander around tripping over stuff like this?

Post them on here and take a poll!

Dismayed I am

18  Bitcoin / Mining / Bitcoin Mining on an APPLE II Computer! Highly Impractical Other Devices? Poll! on: August 14, 2019, 07:01:57 PM
Here is a link to someone who got an Apple II Computer from 'ancient' times to mine Bitcoin! (or a futile attempt at shoveling all the sand in the world from 1 side to the other in difficulty) Smiley

I found this pretty amusing!

What other links can folk find of 'impractical' devices to mine Bitcoin?

Post them here.

Also, take the poll!

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / China seems is ready with their digital currency. If/When/Launches? on: August 11, 2019, 09:19:49 PM

For what such 'silliness' is worth in the realm of 'dubious' altcoin launches. Here ya go!

20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / IRS Cryptocurrency & Tax Compliance Letters sent now. 7/26/19. USA only! on: July 27, 2019, 04:25:11 AM
The IRS announced it is sending compliance letters on Taxes paid for crypto to 10,000 folk in the USA.

There are 3 types of letters, only one needs to be signed and/or sent back with tax info.

They are as follows



These two above are warning letters IRS is aware of your crypto and/or BTC usage. No reply needed. See above.

6173         You need to sign and send tax information for this last one. See below.

Here is the article below with the above IRS links to pdf's of the letters as well.

The only confusion I have is on the 3rd letter if you got that one, does it JUST want your tax returns per se, or all info that you used
to get the stuff on your tax returns?

(sorry clueless just double-checking, I think it is just a sign and return with copies of your tax returns)

The 6173 above it the ONE you DO have to reply to with above info.

Anyway, that is my only question on this 6173, I assume it is just the tax returns themselves and you'd not have to put in all the equip/sold action

, etc. But just to clarify for me, post below if you know the answer to the above.

Looks like a 'giant' fishing expedition on the IRS's part. Myself, in the bad old days of 2013 my banker, finding out I did the 'evil' bitcoin called the SEC

on me, it was resolved with me showing them my CPA made Tax Return (revised) for 2014 IRS Guidelines on Crypto.

So myself, I'm sure I'm getting some kinda letter, in that I seem to be, since then on the 'tag' and release program from the SEC look-see.

Hopefully, it won't be the option 6173 with a letter of explanation of what the hell I did from 2013 to 2018.

Some of the choices I made of a 'dubious' nature back then (BFL, dubious equipment, etc) would suck. Not to mention my memory of how it all

shook out to get to the completed tax form would also suck, assuming they want some kinda coherent timeline to

whatever, if nothing else me and the CPA filed from 2013 onward, hard to get us for fraud, cluelessness yeah, but we tried to get it right.

Bitcoin/Crypto always drama.

Anyway, someone points out if it would just be the tax returns and signature for the 6173 form above, that would be a relief rather than every

scrap of paper and hand calculation I had to do from back in the day.

I'll let folk know when (not if) I get my letter.


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