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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Does the high gas fee make the altcoin make less volatile from bounty hunters on: March 31, 2021, 01:51:03 PM
A few years back people always said bounty hunters were responsible for some alts crashing because whenever they got paid their bounty tokens they cashed in for eth or btc forcing price to go down sometimes lower than ico price.

Now with current high transaction fees we experiencing sending tokens of a value of $10 or so is expensive as this could cost you twice the value of your reward which has seen less micro transactions of erc20 tokens, with this development is the high transaction fee good for crypto as micro transactions have reduced on the ethereum blockchain?
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What is the best way to get the best gas fees for eth tokens on: March 17, 2021, 06:17:34 AM

not the worst

The days of the 21 gwei are long gone but we must move forward with the growing demand of cryptos.

Now if sending tokens with a value of $10 will cost your $20 or more in fees this is very uneconomical and I can't take this anymore...I bet you can't take it as well !
So is there a way of calculating the most optimal fees without running out of gas or paying too much? I have used the metamask gas calculator and etherscan gastracker to get estimates but I think these are not cost efficient.

What is the best way to get the best gas fees when moving Eth tokens?
3  Economy / Exchanges / Livecoin Exchange Closing Shop on: March 16, 2021, 06:47:06 PM
Don't know what happened to Livecoin exchange but from what i have read it seems they got hacked and have no way of recovering and they have decided to close shop.
But most importantly, if anyone had coins on the exchange of not less than $10 you can claim your coins by sending an email to their support [ email withheld]


NB: Not sure why old domain isnt in use(

Dear clients, as we reported earlier, our service were under attack in December 2020. Investigation is in active phase right now. Our service has been damaged hard in technical and financial way. There is no way to continue operative business in these conditions, so we take a hard decision to close the business and paying the remaining funds to clients.

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ethereum High fees, Opportunity for other blockchains to Come forward on: August 30, 2020, 03:31:49 PM
With the continued high transaction(gas) fees we seeing on the ethereum blockchain is this not going to be an opportunity for other blockchains like "TRON" to come out of their slumber to help ethereum with the overload it's experiencing? We can't be talking of the blockchain technology going to disrupt old systems when the transactions per second take forever and is expensive. Let's Remember this is not about competition but working together as crypto
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Stablecoin Halving on: August 19, 2020, 04:10:02 PM
This is something that just came to my mind, do stablecoins have or under go halving?

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Whats Your take on Chainlink on: June 24, 2020, 04:17:06 PM

Hi crypto world there is this altcoin called chainlink that has been on my radar for a long time and I have also noticed that it has the support of other big projects like Bancor just to mention a few and also grabbed the attention of coinbase and many others.

I would like to think it's in the same category as AION but only better has it goes the extra mile of interoperatability of blockchains and oracle tech!

What do others think is the chainlink coin worth the investment or I can wait a little longer and try catch it at a lower price..??
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Gambling habits that will cost you on: August 05, 2019, 07:13:16 PM
Those that have been gambling for a long time will agree with some of these bad habits (if I may call them this) which I have found to have a negative effect on our gambling experience.

Any comments or additions, drop them in the thread Smiley

1. Cancelling a withdraw because the sportsbook takes long to process it or because you saw a game you think will bring easy profit, stop right here.. my advice don't even think about cancelling this it's a trap that will leave you with no money to withdraw.

2. Don't gamble while you are intoxicated, for obvious reasons judgement is impaired and you will be reckless with how you play.

3. Never gamble with money that isn't yours, this includes taking out loans for the purpose of gambling  because this always ends in you losing all the sourced funds and will result in putting yourself in bad books with friends and family.

4. Avoid accumulators, sometimes these are good but if you in it for the money avoid them! I know many will say if you don't risk it you won't win or say something like "go big or go home" but honestly think about it , you place an accumulator with 3 games and 2 games with big odds of 5 and 7 odds go through and you are left with the multiplier of 1.2 odds which goes on to lose Huh I guess you get my logic

5. Avoid gambling when you are angry or feeling emotional about something or someone, this too affects your game. If it helps talk or see someone before you do something you will regret.

Feel free to add more to the list
8  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-08-02]Elliptic Launches Data Set to Identify Crypto Money Laundering on: August 02, 2019, 11:11:16 PM
Cryptocurrency compliance company Elliptic has released the Elliptic Data Set, geared toward identifying cryptocurrency transactions associated with money laundering (AML). The development was announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Aug. 2.

Making the crypto world more transparent
Having developed a data set of 200,000 Bitcoin (BTC) transactions with a total value of $6 billion,  Elliptic claims it to be the largest set of labeled transaction data publicly available in any digital currency in the world.

According to the announcement, the product is designed to help users more efficiently identify illicit transactions, as well as transactions associated with money laundering, sanctions violations or terrorist financing (CFT). At the same time, the product should reduce compliance costs and eventually eliminate criminal activity from cryptocurrencies.

9  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-07-26]Biggest University in Western Australia Accepts Bitcoin for PhD Prog on: July 26, 2019, 09:24:04 PM
Curtin University, the largest university in Western Australia with over 58,00 students, announced the launch of a cryptocurrency PhD program on July 23, 2019.

Curtin University Accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum
The Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund will allow companies and individuals to help PhD students studying  blockchain, cybersecurity and data analytics through cryptocurrency funding.

Full story
10  Other / Meta / Why arent REPUTABLE signature campaign managers merit sources by default? on: July 05, 2019, 12:53:01 PM
With reference to the subject above I am interested to know why signature campaign managers aren't merit sources by default?

I know for a fact that one of the few people that read most of our posts around the forum are SM's(fact) but why aren't they merit sources by default?? I see most of the merit sources to have a certain niche which is commendable but this cuts out most members as no one is in their circle.

As a matter of fact  you can only get merit this time around if you are in merit sources niche which usually falls under being a technical person, speak a certain language or at least remained an active member for a long time, anything outside this is for your eyes only which ultimately leaves an empty void.

AFAIK anything out of this means you have slim to no chances to earn merit which I honestly think SM's can bridge the gap as we need more eyes to encourage users to contribute positively towards the forum, besides SM's know the spammers and will give merit on merit basis .

NB: this default merit source should only be  available to those that have proved without reasonable doubt that the hold high standards in how they go on with their business and have shown commitment to uphold forum rules and of course been on the forum for at least a certain number of years to be considered a merit source.
"A problem shared is a problem solved," what do others think?
11  Bitcoin / Legal / [2019-06-30] Bittrex User Alleges Funds Were Withheld in Recent Lawsuit on: June 30, 2019, 05:22:41 PM
A New York resident has filed a lawsuit against crypto exchange Bittrex for allegedly withholding funds, industry news outlet The Block reports on June 30.

Per the report, the plaintiff claims to have deposited $120,000 onto her Bittrex account in August 2018 and that the company suspended it and refused to release the funds until November of this year. She also alleges that the exchange “attempted to extort her by withholding the funds she had in her account” unless she signed an agreement giving up her rights to sue the company.

Bittrex claims that the plaintiff’s allegations are not true and that she failed to provide evidence of the source of funds as required by New York state and U.S. federal law. According to Bittrex, when the plaintiff registered on the cryptocurrency exchange, she agreed to the platform’s terms of service, which include an arbitration clause.

The first page of the terms reportedly specifies that the aforementioned clause “governs resolution of certain disputes and waives any right to trial by jury or to participate in a class action.” The defendants reportedly moved to compel arbitration or transfer the case to a federal court in Seattle.

The plaintiff did not respond to the request, which has been granted by the court. The report’s author notes that he believes the plaintiff to have little cause for optimism:

“One imagines an uphill battle convincing an arbitrator that (if we assume Bittrex’s argument is correct) that requiring documentation of source of funds is somehow unlawful, if required by state and federal law.”
As Cointelegraph recently reported, clientele from multiple states in Brazil have filed lawsuits against bitcoin (BTC) investments firm Bitcoin Bank Group for inaccessible crypto funds.

Also in April, news broke that a former employee at United States-based crypto exchange Kraken is suing the firm for over $900,000, claiming the exchange failed to pay him for his work there.
12  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-06-19]Big Four Auditing Firm PwC Releases Cryptocurrency Auditing Software on: June 19, 2019, 12:59:42 PM
Big Four auditing firm PwC announced the release of a cryptocurrency auditing software solution in a press release published on June 19.

Per the release, the tool newly added to PwC’s Halo auditing suite can be used to “provide assurance services for entities engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.” The firm claims that, with the new addition, the Halo suite permits PwC to provide independent evidence of private-public key pairing (to establish crypto asset ownership), and gather information about transactions and balances from blockchains.

PwC further notes that it is already employing the new tool to support audits of clients involved with cryptocurrencies, and assisting companies for which the firm is not the auditor in implementing processes and controls necessary to obtain assurance reports from their auditors. Still, the company notes that the tool is not without its limitations:

“Our ability to audit an entity engaged in cryptocurrency activities is very much influenced by our client’s control environment, and at this stage, by the breadth of tokens supported by our Halo software. These considerations will be key when determining whether we are comfortable to accept an audit engagement.”
Lastly, it is specified in the announcement that the new addition to the Halo suite supports bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin gold (BTG), bitcoin diamond (BCD), litecoin (LTC), ether (ETH), OAX (ERC20 token) and XRP.

As Cointelegraph reported at the time, PwC was the top recruiter for blockchain-related jobs on recruitment platform Indeed at the end of March.

Also at the end of March, PwC competitor and big four auditing firm Deloitte announced that it was testing data management on the Ethereum blockchain with three Irish banks.

13  Economy / Trading Discussion / New Malware Campaign Spreads Trojans Through Clone Crypto Trading Website on: June 06, 2019, 09:32:53 AM
Twitter user and malware researcher Fumik0_ has discovered a new website that spreads cryptocurrency malware, according to a report by Bleeping Computer on June 5.

According to the report, the host for transmitting these viruses is a website that imitates the website for Cryptohopper, a website where users can program tools to perform automatic cryptocurrency trading.

When the scam site is visited, it reportedly automatically downloads a setup.exe installer, which will infect the computer once it runs. The setup panel will also display the logo of Cryptohopper in another attempt to trick the user.

Running the installer is said to install the Vidar information-stealing Trojan, which further installs two Qulab trojans for mining and clipboard hijacking. The clipper and miners are then deployed once every minute in order to continuously collect data.

The Vidar information-stealing trojan itself will attempt to scrape user data such as browser cookies, browser history, browser payment information, saved login credentials, and cryptocurrency wallets. The information is periodically compiled and sent to a remote server, after which the compilation is deleted.

The Qulab clipboard hijacker will attempt to substitute its own addresses in the clipboard when it recognizes that a user has copied a string that looks like a wallet address. This allows cryptocurrency transactions initiated by the user to get redirected to the attacker’s address instead.

This hijacker has address substitutions available for ether (ETH), bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), dogecoin (DOGE), dash (DASH), litecoin (LTC), zcash (ZEC), bitcoin gold (BTG), xrp, and qtum.

One wallet reportedly associated with the clipper has received 33 BTC, or $258,335 at press time, via the substitution address ‘1FFRitFm5rP5oY5aeTeDikpQiWRz278L45,’ although this may not all have come from the Cryptohopper scam.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, a YouTube-based crypto scam campaign was discovered in May, luring in victims with the promise of a free BTC generator. After users ran the alleged BTC generator, which was automatically downloaded by visiting the associated website, they would be infected with a Qulab trojan. Then, the Qulab trojan would attempt to steal user information and run a clipboard hijacker for crypto addresses.

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [2019-06-05] Facebook to Announce Cryptocurrency Project This Month on: June 05, 2019, 11:32:11 PM
Social media giant Facebook will reportedly announce its cryptocurrency project this month, allowing employees to take part of their salary in the coin, CNBC reports on June 5.

Citing a report by The Information, CNBC states that Facebook furthermore plans to cede control of the cryptocurrency to outside parties in order to ensure that the digital asset will not be completely centralized.

Third-party organizations will purportedly pay as much as $10 million dollars for the opportunity to act as a node — to validate transactions — on the network for Facebook’s native token.

The rumored stablecoin — which will purportedly be integrated as a payment tool on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram — will also be accessible through physical ATM-like machines, says The Information.

Facebook’s own cryptocurrency has been the subject of much speculation over the past several months, as the company has revealed little about the project. Earlier this week, the Financial Times reported that the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is in talks with Facebook about its upcoming stablecoin.

In May, Facebook reportedly acquired the “Libra” trademark for the secretive project. Sources familiar with the matter claimed that Facebook was recruiting financial firms to develop the coin and that the project codename is Libra.

Later that month, Facebook also registered a new financial tech firm, Libra Networks LLC, with the Geneva Commercial Register in Switzerland.

15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Copyright Registrations Do Not Recognize Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto on: May 23, 2019, 08:38:36 AM
Copyright registrations for the Bitcoin white paper and the bitcoin (BTC) source code by the United States Copyright Office do not mean that Australian computer scientist Craig Wright is recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto by the government, the Financial Times reported on May 22.

The development follows news that Wright filed copyright registrations for the Bitcoin white paper authored under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. A news release from May 21 claims that U.S. officials received confirmation that Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto, but the news has been met with skepticism from the crypto community.

A spokesman for Wright told the Financial Times that “the registrations issued by the U.S. Copyright Office recognize Wright as the author — under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto — of both the white paper and code,” claiming the Office to be the first government agency that recognizes Wright as the creator of the leading digital currency.

However, the claim has no basis in reality as when the Copyright Office receives an application for registration, it does not investigate the truth of any statement made in that application, nor the identities of people registering for copyright. The Office told the Financial Times:

“In a case in which a work is registered under a pseudonym, the Copyright Office does not investigate whether there is a provable connection between the claimant and the pseudonymous author.”

Moreover, the registering the source code does not protect the intellectual property of bitcoin as an invention.

The Copyright Office can cancel a registration application if it is certain that presented information is a false claim and the person claiming to be the author of a work is in actual fact not who they claim they are.

Recently, a scandal around bitcoin SV (BSV) — the altcoin backed by Wright —  placed Wright  at the center of international attention when cryptocurrency exchanges began delisting the coin amid Wright’s campaign to deanonymize one of his critics, so called Hodlonaut.

Hodlonaut targeted the Australian businessman with offensive tweets, calling him “a very sad and pathetic scammer. Clearly mentally ill,” and allegedly participated in creating the #CraigWrightIsAFraud hashtag.

16  Other / Beginners & Help / Appreciating Cryptos Great Minds on: May 16, 2019, 07:54:00 PM
So I found this gem of an article   with some fascinating links to the bitcoin inventor Mr/Mrs  Satoshi Nakamoto & the articles rich history, and in it I found another gifted mind Mr Hal Finney... all In an effort to get my facts and crypto history up to date! One of the arfticles from businessinsider linked Hal to this forum and also stated that he passed on in 2014( from the wired article>>> website) but a look at his account seems it was last active in 2017.

All this has brought in some questions?
  • Are these records correct?
  • is or was the account hacked?
  • Why aren't these people recognized in our crytpo history , unlike having the likes of Craig force themselves in our history books???

Maybe a hall of fame badge should be introduced to honor great contributors to the crypto ecosystem, especially if they have contributed to this forum. Roll Eyes
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / ⚽UEFA...WHAT HAPPENS NOW ⚽⚽ on: May 14, 2019, 07:38:59 PM
So I was doing some thinking of who qualifies to next year's most prized soccer competition putting into account that both the champions league and Europa league finals have an all English teams final. All this has led to some unanswered questions..

So my question(s) is: if Arsenal win the Europa cup...they automatically qualify to next year's champions league, so does this mean 5 teams could possibly make it to the champions league including the top four ?? If this gets to be the case does Manchester United get to play in the Europa league as arsenal will be playing in the champions league and they secured a Europa slot??
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / CASINOS AND SPORTSBOOKS CLAIMING TO BE THE BEST on: May 09, 2019, 09:55:21 AM
Why do most crypto casinos and sports books claim to be the best ?? I know we have many user generated threads of which casinos and sportsbooks make the list but without reference to these threads who makes them the best Huh
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / IS THE LIGHTNING NETWORK UP AND RUNNING on: April 29, 2019, 11:24:00 AM
The lightning network has been something that has been considered to be the solution to some of the problems bitcoin has faced in the past , and is said to be the possible lasting solution for BTCs future use.

But my question is the lightning network up and running?

I have seen some services already using LN and I am fortunate to kind of use it  Roll Eyes...and honestly am not convinced that this is it, Why???
  • First, LN products like their wallets aren't user friendly IMO,example mobile wallets aren't easy to use like what we used too, i think you need some technical knowledge to use

  • Secondly, I feel we are just being charged more for the so called LN transaction which ordinary bitcoin transactions could do when a high TX fee is paid.

20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Bad Faith in the Gambling Ecosystem on: April 04, 2019, 01:02:22 AM
Ever since crypto gambling came alive, many of us have enjoyed these services without the need of know your customer aka KYC and avoided any territorial restrictions that come with most of our fiat casino and sports books. But what am really interested to learn about this do we have users, shills or competitors that are in it to give false reviews or generally bad press in the name of discrediting these companies?? I don't know about you guys but I have seen many crypto companies being put on the chopping board even when we customer's/players are in the wrong but still the company has to take the bullet and put it's reputation on the line....Are these business practices of saying the customer is always right justifiable? And who protects these companies if reputation is gold in the crypto world??
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