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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: [Torrent]
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1  Economy / Games and rounds / [ACTIVE]✨🎱🎱🎱 50 Million Grand Event🎱🎱🎱✨ on: November 11, 2019, 01:36:29 PM
Ladies and Gentleman,
dear 888 family,

The 888team is pleased to announce that the BIGGEST event on the #TRX blockchain is now LIVE!

Come join us and have a chance at winning a part of the 50 MILLION TRX prize money.

💰There will be several ways to PROFIT and WIN during this 50 MILLION TRX Grand Event💰

♦️Every DAY 10 RANDOM WINNERS will be chosen amongst all the players of the day who have mined 100 888TOKENS.

♦️20 MILLION TRX in total will be given away to the TOP 20 888TOKEN miners during each of the 20 mining levels.

♦️Every 100 888TOKENS MINED and FROZEN will give you ONE unique LOTTERY TICKET. With this LOTTERY TICKET you will be able to be one of the 50 winners of the Grand Prize of 30 MILLION TRX. The number of lottery tickets is limited. The luckiest winner will go home with 6 MILLION TRX!

♦️ We have added a unique Token Bonus Multiplier that will decrease during each mining level. So hurry!

♦️ 🚨The BONUS MULTIPLIER NOTIFICATION🚨 we’ve added to the site will be ACTIVATED  from time to time. When active, it will BOOST your mining skills even further!


We will airdrop an EXTRA ⛈ 5 MILLION TRX ⛈ in Telegram when community breaks our 256 million TRX div pool record during our 50M event! This will be the biggest airdrop ever performed in Telegram!!

2  Local / Altcoin Announcements (Pilipinas) / [ENDED]Malaking Event ng 888Tron ngayon on: October 29, 2019, 10:20:07 AM
Ang Event na ito ay tapos na. Iaannounce namin ang mga nanalo sa mga sususnod na araw!!! Salamat 🌟☄️

Hello kabayan!

Ang ay meron Malaking Event at ang Premyo po ay umaabot sa tamataginting na 100K TRX sa lahat ng mananalo!!!

Ano ang
Ang ay isang TRX Blockchain base sa decentralized gaming platform na may isang 888token economy business model na nagbibigay sa players ng habang buhay na income sa TRX.
Ang platform na ito ay nagbayad ng higit 434 million TRX sa dividends ngaun taon.
Napanalunan ng Team ang Tron accelerator contest mas maaga sa taong ito.
Ang Tron blockchain ay nagbibigay ng mabilis, ligtas at murang transactions. Ang Blockchain na ito ay nagbibigay sa mga players ng instant winning payouts,  patas, malinaw at anonymous game play.

Ito ang mechanics ng 100K #TRX Gambling Event

1. Ito ang kanilang WEBSITE at idownload ang TronLink para sa desktop at TronWallet naman para sa mobile.
2. Maglaro ng kahit anong slot game, Dice 52 o kaya’y Dice 3D
3. Isend ang winning screenshot sa kanilang Telegram channel kasama ng inyong wallet address.
4. Limang top winners ang marerewardan ng tig20K TRX bawat isa.
5. Upang maging kwalipikado ang minimum na halaga ng panalo ay 15K #TRX
6. Kung sakali mayroong higit sa 1 player na may eksaktong parehong halaga ng panalo, ang reward ay maibibigay sa kung sino ang may pinaka maraming taya.
7. Ang Competition ay magsisimula sa October 27 ng 0.00 GMT+3 at magtatapos sa October 29 ng 23.59 GMT+3

3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Your thoughts about 888Tron and their gambling competitions? on: October 29, 2019, 07:16:18 AM
Have you already heard about 888Tron of TRON Blockchain? They are one of the most famous gambling Project of TRON Network and they are doing a lots of gambling competition or Big Grand Events and has a big Prizes. Like today, they have a Big Grand Event which is up to 50Million TRX of Prizes.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Are you updated on gambling Competitions of TRON Network? on: October 28, 2019, 01:15:47 PM
Heya   Grin provides players with passive life time income in TRX. Also this  platform has paid out over 434 million TRX in dividends this year.

Casino and gaming platforms are all over the blockchain. How 888Tron are different?

“We are a social gaming platform where all players automatically become share holders of a gaming  platform by owning a token. 888 platform has one token economy. Token holders receive 65% of platform’s revenue in TRX every 48 hours. Tokens can be used to play games as well.
Plus our token can be used to purchase goods on decentralized market place DSmarket. We have the the best game providers from gaming industry and a great game assortment that’s expanding rapidly.  We pay out winnings instantly and directly to the players wallets.   And we do not require KYC and AML.” -CEO of 888Tron

Yeah I can see there are lots of games available on 888TRON. A lot of members here are die-hard fans of 888TRON as well. May I know what’s your favorite game?

Stay tuned and Join their TELEGRAM CHANNEL and visit their WEBSITE

COME!!! Join us in every competitions 🌟☄️ Try your luck now with
5  Economy / Services / Deleted on: September 16, 2019, 09:05:14 AM
6  Economy / Gambling / 🎲🎰 DICE X CRYPTOMANIA 48h LAUNCH EVENT —2,560,000 DICE + 256,000 MANIA on: August 22, 2019, 09:32:00 AM



✅Must play on DICE platform

✅Wins must be 5 of a kind; can include wilds

✅ Be in the FIRST 5 for each 12 hour event to post a win tx id# in the DICE main tg.


✅ 1 Win per account for the entire event. COMBO wins allowed but will only pay up to the maximum prize ☝️. Choose wisely. e.g. Win on multiple lines

💰Verified winning bets will receive (X2 with a Screenshot):

5 X 🍇 = 2.5K DICE + 250 MANIA
5 X 🍑 = 2.5K DICE + 250 MANIA
5 X 🍒 = 4K DICE + 400 MANIA
5 X 🍉 = 5K DICE + 500 MANIA
5 X 🍋 = 10K DICE + 1,000 MANIA
5 X 💲 = 15K DICE + 1,500 MANIA
5 X 👑 = 25K DICE + 2,500 MANIA

🎁🎁🎁 MEGA BONUS 🎁🎁🎁

Highest win multiple of the whole event will win 10,000 MANIA ! Any bet amount and any combination are allowed.



7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / 🌈🎰💰[ANN]CryptoMania Slots 🍋🍉🍇🍒🥭👑 on: August 08, 2019, 09:46:17 AM
1. Intro

2. $540B USD Industry

3. CryptoMania Slot Machine

4. What is the MANIA token?

5. How does CryptoMania Spin-to-Mine work?

6. What is the MEGA BONUS Event?

7. How to Start Playing?

8. How to stake your MANIA and earn daily dividends?

9. More Info

1. Intro

CryptoMania is a blockchain powered, provably-fair and profit-sharing slot machine platform and technology provider built on EOS. The project is building the technology that will transfer slot machine gaming to the blockchain. CryptoMania operates it's own platform ( but it is planned that CryptoMania games will be implemented in many 3rd party EOS/Crypto casinos in the future. MANIA token holders will get a 50% of all net-gaming revenues including 3rd party integrations.

It’s also worth mentioning that CryptoMania is providing top-notch RNG fairness with the unique implementation of the Mersenne Twister algorithm - the only pseudorandom number generation (PRNG) method approved by the international casino industry.

2. $540B USD IndustrySlot machines account for more revenue than all other casino games combined and this industry is ripe for disruption.The main benefits of blockchain powered slots are:(a) Borderless - play wherever you are(b) Anonymous - no KYC, no registration process(c) Self custody of funds - no 3rd party risks: risk of theft, bankruptcy or malicious operator(d) Tokenisation opens new possibilities -by playing, users can become stakeholders and earn dividends on a daily basis

See this infographic to learn more about the slots industry:

3. CryptoMania Slot Machine

CryptoMania released its MVP (minimum viable product) in late May 19', the first title delivers a fast and smooth gaming experience never seen before on blockchain and proves the technical supremacy and industry know-how of the team .

CryptoMania 1st game features:

🍒 500X Max Win

🍒 Win up-to-2,500 EOS in a Single Spin

🍒 Huge Progressive Jackpot

🍒 Play to Mine and earn HUGE daily cash rewards

🍒 Win the MEGA BONUS and become a MANIA Whale!

4. What is the MANIA token?

MANIA is our profit-sharing token which grants it’s holders a share of the platform profits. Fifty percent of the net-gaming profits are distributed to MANIA token holders daily (00:00 UTC). As more participants use the platform, more profits will be created and shared, and the value of MANIA should appreciate.

The total Mania supply is hard-capped at 2.1 billion tokens which are to be distributed over 30 levels. The biggest allocation of Mania tokens, at least 50 percent of all MANIA tokens, are reserved for players.

Currently, MANIA tokens can only be earned by playing CryptoMania Slots. It is important to note that there was no pre-mine. For each MANIA mined by players, another MANIA is minted and distributed between a marketing and bounties pool (15%), the development team (15%), and the platform’s early investors (20%).

5. How does CryptoMania Spin-to-Mine work?

With each 1 EOS bet the player is rewarded with a set amount of MANIA tokens.

MANIA are mined in 40 EOS accumulated bet cycles, consisting of 4 x 10 EOS rounds. With every accumulated 10 EOS bet by a player, a round is completed and the player is granted an increasing amount of MANIA tokens (1x-2x-3x-4x). For example, in the first mining level players will Spin-to-Mine as follows:

Round 1: 1.6 MANIA per 1 EOS bet

Round 2: 3.2 MANIA per 1 EOS bet

Round 3: 4.8 MANIA per 1 EOS bet

Round 4: 6.4 MANIA per 1 EOS bet

6. What is the MEGA BONUS Event?

Approximately 50 percent of all MANIA mining will be earned via MEGA BONUS events. Every time a player completes a 10 EOS accumulated betting round, a MEGA BONUS event takes place where the player has a 1/40 (2.5%) chance to win a huge MANIA MEGA BONUS prize.

The Mega Bonus prize is always 10x the amount of MANIA mined by completing a full 40 EOS betting cycle. For example, in the first mining level, players can win an astonishing 1,600 MANIA (the equivalent of 400 EOS normal Spin-to-Mine mining reward).

7. How to Start Playing?

Browser: Enter, and log-in with Scatter.
Mobile: You can play via any EOS mobile wallet by entering the URL CryptoMania is officially listed on the following mobile wallets: 📱Nova Wallet📱TokenPocket📱Meet.One📱Math Wallet📱BitKeep📱StartEOS
Set your desired bet amount by pressing ‘+/-’. The max bet is currently 5 EOS for a max win of 2,500 EOS in a single spin. That’s a whopping 500x.
To start the game, click on ‘SPIN’ or hold the ‘SPIN’ button to enable the auto-spin function.
Click the ‘INFO’ button to see the pay-table and game rules.
Click the MEGA BONUS coin or question mark to see the mining info.

8. How to stake your MANIA and earn daily dividends?

In order to get your share of the daily dividends, you will need to stake your MANIA tokens. Here’s how to do it:

Enter the ‘Stake for dividends’ page from the main menu.
Stake your MANIA by entering the amount you wish to stake and clicking the ‘STAKE’ button.
Your share of the profits will automatically go towards your balance daily (00:00:00 UTC). Click the ‘CLAIM BALANCE’
If you wish to use your MANIA tokens elsewhere, you will need to click the ‘UNSTAKE’ button. Un-staking takes 24 hours and un-staking more MANIA while un-staking is in progress will reset the 24 hour timer.

9. More Info

Visit where there are helpful FAQs and fairness sections.

Join their Telegram group.

Read the ’Manifesto’.

Download the full token economics breakdown.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Have you already tried CryptoManiaSlots Game? on: August 07, 2019, 12:02:57 PM
This August 1 to 20 CryptoMania Slot made a Contest where you can possibly win $10,000 USD in EOS. The Promo consists of 10 X 48h events with $1000 usd in Prizes. You can Join now!!!!

For more info about the contest visit this thread
9  Economy / Gambling / [ENDED][CryptoMania Slots Contest - $10,000 USD Prize Pool! August 1st-20th] on: July 30, 2019, 08:50:51 AM
Prizes have been distributed to winners 💸

🎁Winners Announced: Event #7 (August 13–14 UTC) 🎁🔥
🎰 Highest Win Multiple
🥇 14/08/2019 6:39:25 PM ansdlrtkd222    X120
🥈14/08/2019 7:33:33 PM gy3dgmrzhage  X115

💰 Wagering Contest
🥇 thesunshine3 5745.6 eos
🥈 2thedarkness 3547.3 eos

🎁Winners Announced: Event #8 (August 15–16 UTC)
🎰 Highest Win Multiple
🥇 16/08/2019 3:55:24 PM thesunshine3 X127.5
🥈15/08/2019 4:24:58 AM  X105

💰 Wagering Contest
🥇 thesunshine3 15,299 eos
4545.3 eos

🎁Winners Announced: Event #9 (August 17–18 UTC)
🎰 Highest Win Multiple
🥇 18/08/2019 9:11:02 PM c14ylmt2eyzz  X185
🥈17/08/2019 12:54:03 AM cryptofarm11  X165

💰 Wagering Contest
🥇 thesunshine3 5202.4 eos
🥈mingguan1234 1193.3 eos

🎰We just distributed 750 EOS  in prizes for the last 3 event winners!!
We are seeing some big wins with @LiuchengBTC currently on top of the charts with a huge 637.5 EOS WIN on a 5 EOS bet 😎💰 (X127.5 16/08/2019 3:55:24 PM - crmaniaslot1 contract).

🎁 Event #10 first half leaderboard: (August 19–20 UTC)
🎰 Highest Win Multiple
🥇 c14ylmt2eyzz   X69.1
🥈c14ylmt2eyzz    X60

💰 Wagering Contest
🥇 ansdlrtkd222.   1,514.3 eos
🥈c14ylmt2eyzz.   533.1 eos

🎁 Event #10 WINNERS : (August 19–20 UTC)

🎰 Highest Win Multiple
🥇20/08/2019 12:43:37 AM   pocket123mw5
🥈20/08/2019 12:52:35 PM   c14ylmt2eyzz

💰 Wagering Contest
🥇 thesunshine3 17,437 eos
🥈2thedarkness 4.018.4 eos

Was a great event everyone!! Stay tuned as more promos are coming soon! 🤑

CryptoManiaSlots are doing a Slot Contest this August where you will be able to gain a share of $10,000 USD in Prizes.

Timing will run from 1st of August until the 20th of August

✓Highest Total Wagered
✓Highest Win Multiple

Prizes will be delivered in EOS


10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN]CropBytes- TRON Based Virtual Farming Game on: July 16, 2019, 12:27:34 PM

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][ART]BOOK NETWORK Decentralize the Publishing Industry on: July 10, 2019, 12:20:50 AM

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / 🌿🌿🌿 [ANN][CCGX]CRYPTO CANNABIS Blockchain Technology House DApp Game 🌿🌿🌿 on: July 01, 2019, 12:56:16 PM


Crypto Cannabis is a blockchain technology housed DAPP (Decentralized Application) Game. The game begins by creating the gene plants of "Legacy Landrace Strains" by utilizing the TRON Foundation cryptocurrency (TRON TRX) and PotCoin Cryptocurrency. Essential to the very idea of Crypto Cannabis is the new cryptocurrency created which is StrainGeneSeed tokens, the SativaGeneSeed (SATIVA) and IndicaGeneSeed (INDICA). This two StrainGeneSeed tokens are designed to unlock the “Strain Parent” and also serves as supplement for strain parent to breed a “Hybrid Crypto Cannabis Plant”. Hybrid crypto cannabis plant may differ depends on the combination of the StrainGeneSeed tokens. For example, Afghani strain parent will cost 100 INDICAs to unlock it`s ability to grow or breed into a hybrid crypto cannabis plant like Super Skunk which is composed of 35% of SATIVA and 65% of INDICA. You can directly sell the Hybrid Crypto Cannabis Plant like Super Skunk and other strains to other game players for TRON (TRX).

They have Initial Token Offering(ITO) which is to gene the legacy landrace strains spend TRX on the Crypto Cannabis native "StrainGeneSeed" tokens. They have 2 kinds of StrainGeneSeed tokens:

1. SativaGeneSeed(Sativa)
2. IndicaGeneSeed(Indica)

      Each Crypto Cannabis Indica or Sativa tokens is equal to 1 TRX or 1 PotCoin. Each Crypto Cannabis Indica and Sativa equals 1% of strains Cannatributes.

      The Sativa and Indica is design to breed a hybrid token. For example 65% Indica and 35% Sativa will result "Super Skunk Strain". 1 Sativa or 1 Indica is equals to 1%. So, it will need a 100% in order to succeed mining(growing). Then you can sell your Super Skunk Strain and other strains to other game players for TRX.

The Team also made a marketplace in order to sell your strains. These strains may then be brought into a variance of open marketplaces within the Crypto Cannabis Game Engine’s Ecosystem once legacy landrace strains unlocked, created and crossbred into new landrace phenotypes and hybrid strain creations.

You can open your own dispensary and choose from a variance of dispensary store style designs. You can also upload your own logo store design into the game ecosystem to represent your custom strains stemmed from hybrids, phenotypes and legacy landrace strain breeds. To own a dispensary shop the player must  must own and hold in their connected TronLink wallet the CryptoCannabisDispensaryLicense token (CCDL). There are on 420 CryptoCannabisDispensaryLicense token (CCDL). You can receive weekly TRX as a reward on holding CCDL TRC10.

You can compete your Strains into Crypto Cannabis Cup and win the Prize pool of TRX, PoyCoin SEED and GeneSeed tokens. The watchers holding TRX, SEED or Indica and Sativa can vote for you on winning the prize in the game. Four Crypto Cannabis Cups takes place at the end of each years 4 Quarters(4 Crypto Cannabis Cup A year).


"Leaf Up points System" utility of LeafUp token:

         By creating or having strain types utilizing the LeafUp token you earn in game experience or LeafUp "points". You can also LeafUp by winning Cannabis Cups. You can also earn 0.25 LeafUp points per strain grown and unlocked through SativaGeneSeed and IndicaGeneSeed bought with TRX. LeafUp toke=2 TRX. Then you can now spend 50 Leaf Up token for 100 GeneSeed tokens to mine(grow). So, the price of GeneSeed and LeafUp is no diffirent. After earning 100 LeafUp points breaders may begin to cross the breed  their own custom names "Cannatributes" and control the Indica and Sativa percentage(%) ratio of each custom strain breed as well as received 100 LeafUp TRC10 tokens. Each time the player LeafUp 100 points, there will be 100 LeafUp token reward.

Custom strains creation can be sold for TRX in dispensary store. You can sold it in Crypto Cannabis Marketplace Auction House or place in Crypt Cannabis Cups to LeafUp(Rank Up) even further, by that way you can earn more points.
Example: X custom strain has 100 as a quantity of itself this will cost 10,000 Leaf Up tokens. Y custom strain with only 2 of itself will cost 200 Leaf Up tokens. This allows that custom strains are rare and not inflated with large amounts in the game.


To those who dont want to play directly in the game you can now participate through buying shares. The Crypto Cannabis Game offers an investment vehicle of game shares. Shareholder(s) receive a quarterly percentage return to the Crypto Cannabis Game's pool profit. Investors can accept TRX, TROEUROPEREWARCOIN(TERC) or  SESAMESEED(SEED) as payments. If CCGX  shareholder decided to sell his shares to each year's quarterly ends his returns will be allocated to the next shreholder whom obtain his shares via Open Market Exchange.

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY][DVM] DVMarketplace | The Future of Trading on: June 25, 2019, 01:18:58 PM
ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The Bounty is Officially  CLOSED.

General Terms

The Team will pay for every link/work after check. We reserve the right to close the Bounty Campaign when we already reach the target number of people who participated. The Token Sale will end on July 31. Price 1 DVM=1 TRX. The work will be check by the Team.

Articles and Videos Campaign

•You can make it in any Languages
•Write an article about DVMarketplace (Min. 1000 symbols) and get 500 DVM tokens
•Make a video about DVMarketplace (Min.1 minute) and get 1000 DVM tokens
•Just send us the link of your article or video here: or
•Bonus: Share your video or article in other social media platforms and get 50 DVM
•Best article and video will get special prize - 3000 DVM tokens

Join Now!!!
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [DVM] DVMarketplace | The Future of Trading[SOFTCAP REACHED] on: June 13, 2019, 03:17:06 AM

15  Economy / Gambling discussion / of TRON Network!!! Do you guys try the gambling site of TRON? on: May 25, 2019, 12:23:08 PM
Guys what do you think about this?

Recently, Justin Sun just did his own Network and TRONbet is one of the project in it. TRONbet is an online casino that uses blockchain technology to ensure that the supported games are probably fair(according to my research). WINK(WIN) is a crypto currency token issued on the TRON platform.

And in their own WEBSITE: they have like everything such as their DApp, Dividends and Exchange, it was said by others that it is more than a gambling app, it's a platform for many potential games. It was cool for me  Grin My friend gamble there and won, she has only $15 capital and make it $220 in whole day, I tried to gamble but seems like gambling don't like me in the end I never win. LOL. I don't know what is there strategy  Roll Eyes Well, there are many addicted people in gambling who use to play there.

Will appreciate your comments about this  Grin
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN]SEEDIT IS NOW ON ONTOLOGY 🤖🤖🤖 on: May 06, 2019, 04:00:58 PM
Seedit Live on Ontology

  |     |   |  

Sesameseed recently announced it is creating a crosschain community and has started to operate a node on the Ontology blockchain. This created an opportunity to expand the utility of the popular cryptocurrency trading bot, Seedit. In association with Rovak, Sesameseed is pleased to announce that Ontology tokens (ONT and ONG) can now be tipped on Telegram using Seedit. The bot will automatically generate an Ontology wallet for new and existing users. Currently, the airdrop and trade functions are only available for TRON tokens.

As well, many new TRON tokens have now been whitelisted, and the official list can be viewed here. If you created a token that you would like to see listed, please contact an admin in the Seedit Support channel on Telegram. Subscribe to Sesameseed Announcements channel for further updates.

Tipping: This expansion of the Sesameseed community will bring in many new members who have never before used a tipping bot. To make that transition easier, Sesameseed has temporarily suspended fees for tipping Tron or Ontology tokens. While Seedit will not be charging a fee, the transfer fees required by the associated blockchain (bandwidth for TRON and ONG for Ontology) still apply.

Therefore, you must have at least 0.1 TRX and/or 0.01 ONG balance in your Seedit wallet to tip on both chains, respectively.

Airdrop and Trade: This feature is currently only available for Tron tokens — Normal rates apply.

A fee of 0.05 TRX per recipient of airdrop, and 0.5 TRX per trade.

How to use the Seedit Bot on Telegram
On Telegram, reply to a comment of the person you would like to tip.

In that reply type: /tip <amount> <token name> <blockchain>
Example: /tip 5 SEED would send 5 SEED tokens on the TRON blockchain
Example: /tip 5 SEED ont would send 5 SEED tokens on the Ontology blockchain
Example: /tip 3 ONT ont would send 3 ONT tokens on the Ontology blockchain
Example: /tip 5would send 5 TRX
Example: /tip 5 SEED would send 5 SEED tokens on the TRON blockchain
Example: /tip 5 ONT would not send any tokens as there is no ONT token on whitelist for TRON
Note: If no blockchain is specified in the tip, currently Seedit is set to default to TRON.

How to use Seedit to tip Ontology tokens on Telegram

For users who may be unfamiliar with Seedit, please visit its website.

*Additional features are under development. Please subscribe to the Sesameseed Announcements channel for further updates.

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY][BTT PAYMENT]LIME WALLET- Making Crypto Easier for Everyone[TRON] on: April 17, 2019, 06:49:32 AM
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] TRONLAND- Economic Game [Tron Network Blockchain][Article] on: April 15, 2019, 11:14:59 AM

Economic game built on Tron Network blockchain.


Purchase Plantations
There are six types of agricultural enterprises:







You can reinvest the earned profit in your business development. The more plantations you have, the more profit you earn.

Actual earnings and fast profit withdrawal
• Safety and reliability of TRON network
• Open source code of smart contract
• Live statistics
• Automatic hourly coin accrual
• Short payback period and stability

When did the game start?

March 23, 2019

How can I start playing?

TronLink or TronPay add-in must be installed at your PC
TronWallet iOS or TronWallet Android on your Smartphone
Charge up your wallet balance by any cryptocurrency exchange
Go to the site and Start the game.

Start to buy game coins at a fixed rate 1TRX = 25 coins.You can choose your own Plantation and pay using game coin. By that way you can take profit according to your investment.

How safe is it?
This project is based on Tron Network smart contract; it is completely decentralized and independent.
All operations between participants and contract are absolutely clear. You can check it on your own.







19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [KSUMNOLE] VIP CLUB IS NOW ACTIVE!!! JOIN US!!! on: January 15, 2019, 01:59:35 AM

PHASE 2 of KsumNole VIP CLUB Enrolment is active

Philanthropy is a domain apt for people who have a giving attitude and a heart 💓 to serve people without having any expectations of getting something back in return. The law of #GoodKarma ensures that people who help the needy eventually lead the best life possible because their life is blessed with HAPPINESS 😊😊.

We here at KsumNole thought to create a platform to recognise and felicitate our early adopters and supporters by creating the
🌟Very Integral Part (VIP) of KsumNole Club🌟

✨The current benefits of VIP Club includes..

🍃 Unique personalised VIP Pass.
🍃 VIP presale and crowdfunding discounts.
🍃 Entry into the exclusive VIP Telegram group.
🍃 Welcome goodie bag 🎁 ( including exclusive NoleWater tokens - the next stage of project KsumNole).
🍃 Feature listing of Name / Telegram ID on the official website as our VIP.
🍃 Become part of the voting process to choose whom to donate among the charities available on the website.
🍃 VIP category invites to events we will conduct across the globe.
🍃 Exclusive discount coupons for the merchandise section of our website.
🍃 Exclusive LIFETIME eligibility for airdrops and rains , not only of KsumNole and TRX but also of our future partners as well ( future development may ensure that even if you are not active in the room the drops hit your account)


🍀🍀 NoleWater dividend share( more details to be shared soon )🍀🍀


🍃 Enrolment is on first come first serve basis.
🍃 The current enrolment donation amount is 1500 TRX
🍃 The enrolment donation slab increases by 500 TRX for every 50 members
🍃 The donation slab however is capped at 5000 TRX and 1000 members till end of 2019.

Meaning for 51 to 100 members its 1500 TRX, 101 to 150 members its 2000 TRX and so on..

We wanted to make it practically a giveaway for our early believers and adopters hence the entry slab has been intentionally kept so low ( it’s like $20 for a noble cause with loads of exclusive benefits)


🍃 Simply reply to any message of @KsumNoleToken and tip him 1500 TRX through seedit or robominer bots
🍃 You can also send 1500 TRX to below mentioned address and after confirmation share your transaction hash and screenshot in a DM to @KsumNoleToken.

Donation deposit address : TPVkcFYTEi9Dia45AveiTcaYoaU9ux7xC7

Eventually we envision to see this VIP CLUB as the happiness club across all groups , and it will happen for sure we feel because - people with good heart 💓 emit so much positive vibes that it has the power to drown the World’s sorrows.

For More Info Visit us on our ANN THREAD
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][KSUMNOLE]-The Charity Cryptocurrency on: January 12, 2019, 02:56:48 PM

Trontokens: and vote for SAFE ✅  
Telegram chat :
Telegram info:


KsumNole (MSK), Inspired by Elon Musk.

The charity cryptocurrency that will revolutionize the way third world country citizens will pay and safely build their futures.

           What do you mean?

KsumNole is a TRC10 token that aims to become the most common method to donate and make charities through the TRON blockchain and help people in 3rd world countries through a transparent and safe way.
The adoption of crypto and our TRC10 token will impact the way people support 3rd world countries. We aim to fulfill a leading role in this new age of cryptocurrency.
The KsumNole platform and the KsumNole TRC20 Token are developed by professionals that have been working with severel charities including Red cross, Unicef and alot of high profile organizations.
Unlike other charities we have a large community supporting our charity and we are aiming to create a community of donors and supporters within a short period of time.

   Our Core

      What is MSK token?

Payment-methods need to change, corrupt and tyrannic intermediary institutions have intervened for far to long. The people deserve an efficient and non-polluted way to create financial economy of their own and thus creating their own financial independence.
The application of the MSK token will not be limited to an online instrument, offline application for easy access and secure transactions in regions with minimal or no internet access. Real world application with a main focus on third-world countries, meaning that offline and online application with minimum operational cost.

-Online wallet for easy transactions
-Offline hard wallet with easy application
-Minimal operational cost
-Charity integration for third-world development
-Global Payment and international market integration
-An MSK blockchain


🍃Virtually 99%+ market is untapped towards using blockchain for charity.
🍃KsumNole plans to bridge this gap by connecting the individual and corporate philanthropist with the legit charities.
🍃By 2020 KsumNole has a vision to reach 1 million donors and assist charity organisations across the globe in setting up their digital TRON wallets and understand the benefits of blockchain.
🍃By 2020 the realistic and achievable vision is to gain a market share of 0.2% I.e approx $1 billion charity being done using KsumNole blockchain system.
🍃With total supply being pegged at 1 million KsumNole only this translates into 1 KsumNole = $1000. Even if $TRX grows to $1 each then also we will be able to achieve our mission of 1 KsumNole = 1000 TRX .
🍃By 2019 we will upgrade to TRC20 thus enabling KsumNole tipping and donations in decimals as well ( upto 8 decimals)
🍃Many social media campaigns are in store for 2019 to leverage all platforms in spreading awareness.
🍃As the count of loyal community increases this becomes all the more interesting and easy.

 KsumNole MindMap

KsumNole Wallet

         WHO WE ARE

•Unlike other project looking to tokenize the non profit sector, KsumNole has developed a big community of donors and celebrities and will do Gala events in the future to facilitate the immediate use of the KsumNole tokens.
•KsumNole is designed to stimulate the TRON network and the platform provides a website ( with an easy to use donation interface.
•The KsumNole project is conceived and developed by people who have experience in different charity organizations and have the capabilities and
resources to fulfill the blockchain promise to the nonprofit world.
The platform is a platform based on the Tron blockchain and powered by the MSK tokens. The platform provides a system of services trough an easy-to-use interface, connecting the non-profit community while allowing full transparency and traceability of donations. Donors,supporters, projects and much more will benefit from the services provided by the KsumNole Platform. To simplify the donation process and increase adoption of the KsumNole token, KsumNole will integrate several services in one single platform including an internal exchange to convert major cryptocurrencies into KsumNole (MSK) Token. Also a built-in wallet to store and donate easily, and an explorer to track donations transparently.


KsumNole Sale Period Ended
Where to Trade?

How to Trade KsumNole on

    inspired by ELON MUSK

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