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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Day trading, is it worth? on: March 28, 2021, 12:11:07 PM
Definitely it is worth. But day trading is not very easy, tough. So you have to trade the day very carefully. Day trading should not be done without sufficient knowledge. Many do not want to trade long again, because they can not.In my opinion, there is a good profit if you can trade the day efficiently.
Well, that is right --it is worth it if you have sufficient knowledge and skills on it and of course, the most important is the time that you will perhaps spend on the day trading. I have heard there are too many traders that gained profit day trading, I don't know what is their technique or strategy and I admire them but the problem is I don't have sufficient time doing this and I am afraid if I will force my self I will be lost all my fund. However, if you are willing to risk your money and hoping that will earn it, that is good for you because day trading and gambling for me is almost the same.
Everything would really be accompanied by risk and its one of the most common thing when you do deal with trade and with the word day trade which means you would need to be active
which simply means that you would need lots of time for you to deal with it.Yes, this is profitable if you done it the right way but something risky that not everybody could able to handle off
This will particularly tested out your capability towards trading activity because not all would really be fitting out on this kind of trade.This doesnt only need sufficient long time
but also a very crucial when it comes to risk handling or management.
In my opinion a successful day trader should have a deep understanding of the market and of course have a lot of experience which will minimize risks and should do so on a full time basis.
It is not easy to become a day trader and must have very adequate skills, and use technical analysis, chart patterns and technical indicators in identifying trades etc., which in my opinion is very complicated.
A lot of people usually expect that they can earn a lot of money by becoming a day trader without knowing that they need a lot of skills and strategies to master first before they finally become good at it. It takes time and I do not talking about just days or weeks, I'm talking about months and even years of studying, backtesting and researching. Creating a trading system for day trading is not easy as you think because for sure you really need to work hard in order to become good at it.

There are now a lot of technical analysis lessons that we can find all over the internet and my advise for those people who want to become full time trader is they should first invest in their knowledge first wherein they should have foundation on what are they doing. Day trading is not easy but the rewards there are great so be sure that you have knowledge on it first before putting real money.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Poker Probability on: November 29, 2020, 10:02:26 AM
I'd disagree with this. Whilst we can calculate the static odds of a certain hand, it is extremely difficult to calculate on-the-fly, in the middle of a game, what your chances are of getting a certain hand - and of other players getting certain hands. The people-reading is certainly a key part of being a successful player, but the ability to even approximate the odds in the middle of a game is a vital vital skill. I think I'm an okay poker player, not bad but not great, and I do try to estimate very rough odds whilst games are in progress - it is an extremely difficult challenge.
Erm, flying on the fly isn't what I meant by straightforward, that's 2 different things imo. That's a "skill" in of itself, but the math behind it is plainly straightforward with no particular issues for errors. A result doesn't change randomly, it changes depending on the move made by you and the player against you, as well as the cards on the table. With those factors the only ones affecting the end result, it's a pretty straightforward calculation. Knowing said calculation does not guarantee a win though, since in the first place, the basis of the calculations is probabilities, and there isn't any 100% guarantee anywhere imo.
Calculations are important in playing poker because you can have an idea if your cards that you have can win or not, those professional gamblers are good with calculations and of course in probabilities because that skills are important to them.  Having good cards doesn't mean that you are lucky because you need to have confidence and right skills to execute it properly.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 🥊[Boxing] Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Junior [PPV on Nov. 28] on: November 29, 2020, 08:15:54 AM
People believe that Tyson won the fight, but Jones Jr. is smart, he felt the power of Tyson so he wasn't engaging match, it wasn't as what we are expecting, clinching after clinching..  Grin

You can't do anything to Tyson it's either you will run or clinch to pass the time. It looks like Tyson's punches really hurts I think Tyson's is still up for another match. Are you guys wanted to see Mike fight again?

Of course, but not a rematch against Jones Jr., this guy is playing safe and don't want to get hurt, not a real warrior.
Tyson still like to fight after this, maybe we will see an exhibition fight for Tyson vs Evander Holyfield, next, this should be a better fight IMO.

I want to see Mike Tyson fighting younger than him maybe a boxer that is still active in boxing. Even the match is draw; for me Mike Tyson is still the winner and look how he destroy Roy jones where Roy became a punching bag for him. The commentator is really good and slight funny because of there jokes when the fight started, I thought that Roy will have upper hand because of his professional record but Tyson did not care about it and he show to the audiences that he has still have power to fight again in boxing. I want to see him fighting for real wherein the rules are not strict like the rules of the Mike Vs Jones.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Follow a trading process. on: November 28, 2020, 04:18:23 AM
Some are just too impatient and just want to be directly be good at trading in a short span of time which is really very wrong.

Very true and some blames are to be given to the so-called trading progressional on social media decieving people on how you can make money quickly from trading cryptocurrencies. No doubt there's money to be made here but it isn't some quick money scheme that you'll join and expect to make it in a very short time frame. If that does happen then it'll luck playing its role and shouldn't be seen as something you can replicate with another user if not you might end up losing it all due to too much confidence.

Trading takes month to master and years to perfect, you can't call yourself a pro traded if you don't have years of experience that show for it. Been profitable in a very short time frame can be very deceiving. Don't let it get into your head and make you feel invincible.
They do not have good mindset because they are thinking quick rich wherein they want to become easily even though they are new in the market. Those kind of people are not unique anymore because they are usually the prey in the market where they keep deceiving by a lot of scammers all over the internet. There is nothing wrong with becoming rich in just months, the real problem is people do not have enough knowledge where they are too lazy to learn and to make a research about the investment that they will do and it is the reason why they keep failing.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why do people avoid bitcoin? on: November 26, 2020, 10:10:54 AM
People avoid because of the risk and energy consuming as well as time consuming. Some people don't want to take risk associate in bitcoin process and some see it is time wastage.
Just to clear the thoughts it is " People don't understand bitcoin rightfully" thats why they are avoiding this because if they will only understand Bitcoin and see all the areas of what this is?i'm sure their Views will change and may anticipate trying to experience what is this.

That is same reason why we need more time and effort before they finally understand and give credit to this community.

Just like some of us who first have that same thoughts until we enter and try.
They will not avoid it if they have enough information about it wherein they fully understand it, it is not their fault to be ignorant because there are still problems in different educational systems. That is why I have a goal in my community for them to become aware to what is the bitcoin and its purposes wherein their lives can become better if they adapt it especially when it comes to payment system wherein it can be a way for them to have convenience. If a certain person finally understand it for sure he will never avoid it and starting to learn and use it because of its benefits and purpose in our economy.
6  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🔥🎲 🎲🔥 New Platform arrived 🎲Crash 🎲 HiLo 🎲 Wheel 🎲Contests 🎲 on: November 26, 2020, 07:50:55 AM

This is unbelievable and probably you said it right might be the biggest as did not heard anything similar getting it from free faucet. Surely it would be a very good luck combined with good skills that might have made it possible for person to make it this far. Congrats to user who got it.

To be honest on here where this is my first time on hearing or seeing this kind of winning came from a faucet amount.This do really require extreme luck for you to make
your small faucet amount to thousand satoshis then hitting up some big multipliers.This really takes some time and patience.
I cant really just able to believe or this is some sort of another possible thing for the sake of marketing or some hype up? lol
That is so crazy, that's what you called a free money in the internet. Until now I still amazed to that guy who won 10 btc in a faucet, I never also have any idea to get that money in just faucet. I think that is pure luck and for sure that guy is really happy on his prize money. I just worrying to that guy that he should spend it in nice way and not spend it all in gambling.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What Do You Want For Christmas? on: November 26, 2020, 05:37:38 AM
Free playsssss. Bonuses are lies imo, they give you additionals just to lose them one way or another to them. Well, if both were added, then why not. I just hope the pandemic hasn't killed the casinos business spirit  Christmas spirit. A lot of people would be quite happy in getting a few free plays here and there, and tbh, their bonuses are just a way for more people to spend money in a low key way.

Promotions to obtain items such as: iphone or other smartphones, game consoles or any other electronic device. It would also be nice to raffle a trip to some exotic place. Bonus-type promotions are already widely seen ... at Christmas they must offer other things.
Maybe a lottery with the said prizes, and the entrance ticket is either free or if the casinos want to profit, the entrance ticket is based on reaching x amount gambled in their site. Ofc, there's only one ticket per person, since if multiple tickets were allowed, whales would have way too much of an advantage and the lottery would probably lose it's purpose.
Bonuses are just way to deceive a lot of people so it is just part of their marketing strategies and for me it is not unique anymore because for sure that all of the gambling sites will have these bonuses, what I want is free play and also free tickets; I'm a slot player so maybe upto 50 free spins, it may be too big but for me this kind of features can easily attract to slot players like me. In terms of lottery what I want is the prizes should be physical and not just bitcoin or ethereum. For example what I want is they should copy some traditional casinos where the lottery or the raffle have prizes of cars, appliances, motors and many more.
8  Economy / Exchanges / Re: Which bitcoin exchanges are offering leverage? on: November 26, 2020, 03:15:17 AM
Have you tried Bitmex or Etoro?

I had read the different threads regarding this question and it might good if you will have research first because asking the community to avoid multiple threads.

To answer your question, are sure that Binance didn't have leverage, because if you are going to ask me which exchange is good.  I prefer to use Binance than other exchange you've mentioned

Here is the list of "Best Crypto Margin Trading Platforms Compared (2020)", that might help you with what you have searched.
Etoro is offering leverage but what I do not like to them is the maximum leverage where it is only 2x and for me it is small unlike other exchanges are offering maximum of 125x. The spread also in Etoro is much higher than Binance, for those who want to try leverage maybe it is better if you will use Binance because of their features. I do not destroying the name of Etoro I just telling my experiences to it. There are a lot more exchanges that are offering leverage but just make sure that manage your risk very well because leverage is borrowed funds.
9  Economy / Gambling / Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: November 25, 2020, 07:42:10 AM
Whether Trump concedes or not (he won't) doesn't matter. He has no path to victory. He lost the election.

Trump spoke on Monday about the transition of power to Biden, so if that isn't a concession of defeat, then what is?  See also this link and the video at bottom of article for further information.
Trump will never concede defeat because he has personality like that wherein he will never call himself as a loser in any field or industry, of course he cannot do anything and the only choice that he has is to give his current power to Biden. But it seems that Trump is still doing his best just to say that the election doesn't give real votes because he and his supporters believes that there are cheating incidents in many voting precincts. Try to look the Twitter of Trump wherein you will find out that he is still not giving up where he does not any plan to concedes defeat.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Argentina raises Gambling tax on: November 25, 2020, 06:47:37 AM
For me it is depends on your perspective, if you are pro with government then you may agree to their decision to raise the taxes because it is extra income for them in order to increase their yearly budget to have more developments in their country as long as there will be no corruption that will happen. If you are one of the gambling casino owners then this news is not good because it is extra expense wherein your sales will be decrease of the tax. The 5% tax is so big especially for the big casinos out there because we are talking about millions of dollars so it is really not good news for the gambling casinos owners.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Protect Your Trading Capital on: November 25, 2020, 05:19:16 AM
It is not about technical analysis alone because it is not enough. The combination of risk management and technical analysis are what we need, many traders are good in technical analysis but they are bad when it comes to risk management that makes them to have bad performance even if they have high skills in technical analysis. Diversification is one of the courses that you may learn about risk management where you cannot just put all of your capital in just one crypto because that is not ideal allocation. Protecting capital is not easy because it requires a lot of knowledge and experience in order to do it.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 🥊[Boxing] Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Junior [PPV on Nov. 28] on: November 25, 2020, 03:00:43 AM
I am beyond pumped up to watch this fight! Boxing just isn't even close to what it used to be in terms of entertainment value and of course the UFC is in large part to blame, and it just doesn't seem like there's been any heavyweights really fun to watch over the past decade or so.  Sure these are older dudes now, but still going to be so fun to watch. Tyson is going to destroy him.
I actually excited to the fight but I have problem when it comes to rules because there are some that I considered as boring because those two fighters are not suitable in that kind of rules. For example there is a rule there where there will be no winner in the fight so for sure this fight is just for entertainment because there is no judges. The fight will also stop immediately when a certain boxer suffer a cut and we all know that those 2 fighters are punching really hard so there are chances that one of them will suffer cut in the beginning of the match. But I know that it is for their health so let's just enjoy the upcoming fight.
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🏆 - Crypto Centric 🏀Sportsbook and 🎲Casino - 🔥Biggest Jackpots on: November 24, 2020, 10:31:07 AM
This is complete nonsense. A license in Curacao does not give you the right to accept unlicensed customers in a given country. Not only that, but the parties are obliged to blacklist unlicensed sites.
so I'm interested in how you define banned countries. for example, in some countries the authorities even arrest people playing on such sites

The site has their own responsibility and obligations to the regulators, we gamblers also are responsible for our actions, so if we are worried that we might get arrested for gambling in a site where we are not allowed to, then the simple answer is don't gamble at all.

A gambling site knows the risk and therefore knows what they are doing, and there are some risk that can be tolerated because the penalty is not that serious and they are the only one who knows that.
That's true, why would you do a gambling in a country that not legalized or support any kind of gambling material? You have responsibility to yourself, it is not the fault of the specific gambling sites if you been arrested or if your funds are been confiscated by the law authorities. If you do not want to have that kind then do not open an account or play some gambling games. It is simple and you can choose anything that can benefited you. It is all about accepting risks, if you are not prepared to take risks then you have no guts to play or to open an account.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Don't be Emotional, Don't be Greedy on: November 24, 2020, 05:47:14 AM
Currently the crypto market is rising a lot the number of scammers is increasing as they improve due to rising currency prices many new traders are greedily hacking their personal information and stealing their currencies. Therefore, without greed of investment you have to analyze the market well and choose a good site for exchange which is more reliable greed throws people into a lot of damage and once everything is lost it becomes very difficult to recover be patient and move slowly.
Scammers are rising and they are also becoming intelligent than before where it is really hard to identify if they are running scam or legit ones, what we should have is a right mindset and a right expectations. Not all of projects can become successful and actually, only few projects can give us high returns because majority are scams or doesn't have any good products or services. Controlling our greed is a matter wherein we should only put our money on projects that we verified and also we made a deep research.
15  Economy / Economics / Re: Do you believe support and resistance still work in crypto? on: November 24, 2020, 03:53:48 AM
Of course it will work and it will continue working in every types of financial market. Actually support and resistance is the foundation of technical analysis, you will not understand how to analyze a certain chart if you do not know how to identify the support and resistance. In a context, support is the demand in the chart wherein you can considered as support when the price is bouncing back and not breaking down while resistance is the supply area wherein if the price are entering that area, you can see that the price is starting to reject that area. There is called role reversal and it is happening where there is breakout and breakdown in the chart. My advise is you should first master the foundation which is the plotting support and resistance because it is vital and it can help you to give good analysis.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: 5 mistakes to avoid when investing in Crypto on: November 23, 2020, 01:49:43 PM
Emotional trading should be targeted. Emotional trading is a very bad habit. When some profit comes from one trade, I open another trade. Or when I lose from trade, I open my new trade.  Repeatedly trading is a big mistake for traders. It is not right to open more than one or two trades a day.

Trading is indeed a difficult thing but it can be easy when you control your emotions,
emotions are a tough opponent for a trader, especially when the price of Altcoin or Bitcoin goes down and gives panic,
traders will find it difficult to control their emotions, and I guarantee panic will happen to ourselves.

At first it will be difficult but as time passing by it will become easy as long as you are improving your knowledge wherein you keep investing to learn different information. A lot are losing in trading but it is normal as long as you will learn from all of the mistakes that you did. If you did not learn or did not journal the mistakes that you did, most likely you will repeat that over and over again.

I also suggest that you should be a trader with strong hands wherein you have a confidence and patience, a lot of traders are getting scared when they just saw a red candle and they will immediately sell it even though there is no sell signal.
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What do you really need in your trading? on: November 23, 2020, 10:31:46 AM
The most important factor you need to have in trading is skills.

If you got these you can withstand anything, as you should be able to assimilate the information quickly and efficiently. In fact, I would argue that you don't even need to have money to start trading if you got the right mindset and skills as you can always borrow or trade on leverage and make a healthy profit  Wink
Actually, capital is not a problem because it can easily solve where you can easily borrow to someone or to get a sideline or job for you to save a money for a capital, the real obstacle in trading is the enhancing of our skills because it takes time and a lot of practice. You cannot become a skilled trader by just spending one-night studying charts.  It took time and for me you need to spend more than 6 months just to master the basic and have foundation. Acquiring knowledge is also a problem because not all of the information in the internet is useful wherein there are some information that can harm us and can lead us to have bad performance .
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: THE MOST PAINFUL DAY IN MY BETTING CAREER on: November 23, 2020, 09:27:23 AM
It is difficult to define what is the most painful day for each player. That can turn out very well. just when you think you've had the most painful day, it may well happen that some time later (or after a few years) you still have a painful day. At that point, you should actually stop gambling.
Not necessarily to stop gambling, at least from it and be responsible, it's okay to still remember our painful defeat but it should gives us a positive effect like learning from it, and not keep it hunting us, let's move on and continue to gamble, but in a responsible manner this time.
Rest is what you need if you experienced unforgettable losses, it is important to regain your mental health and be in the right track if you want to not get depressed or escape anxiety. You cannot able to regain all of your losses if you will suddenly quit after your huge losses. I also experienced to lose huge where I it affects my mental health, but I managed to overcome it because I do rest and I do the things that will help me to cough up. I also move on and it is the reason why I manage to play gambling again.
19  Economy / Gambling / Re: BITRUN - PREDICT THE PRICE OF BITCOIN AND WIN BITCOIN on: November 23, 2020, 08:23:00 AM
I think it is better if the chart will represent candlestick and not only line chart, as a technical analysis trader; candlesticks are important to have conviction on where the price may go, but the overall concept is unique and I will try to open a real account soon. I will try demo account first for days in order for me to track my progress and also my win rate. I also suggest that the minimum ticket should be change because 0.001 btc is a large amount for small players like me.
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Is it worth margin trading Bitcoin now? on: November 22, 2020, 09:47:04 AM
It is good to do margin trading as long as you have prior experience to it, in these type of market situation a momentum trader can usually gain  more than 100% in just minutes through margin trading but there is a high risk and it is the reason why allocation is important wherein you will not do all in your money in just 1 trade in margin trading. If you are not good in margin then do not force yourself to trade using it, there are opportunities even in spot trading. There are traders who are entering margin trading because they are envy to the porfolios of other trader who usually gaining in margin big time, if you want to become like them then focus on proper risk management and make sure that you first master the spot trading. Short and long in margin can master but it took a time and as a trader you should have high faith to yourself that you gonna make it.
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