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1641  Economy / Lending / Re: Borrow 0.5 BTC payback in 1 BTC on: October 21, 2017, 02:02:43 PM
Hey guys can somebedy loan me 0.5btc I'll pay it back within 8 days with the amount of 1btc. Thank you!

A very nice try. Maybe if you earned high ramk and high trusting rate Im pretty sure a lot of them will lend you some btc without collateral. But in your case now Im sure no one will give what you need even if you are 100% true to what you are saying. It's really too good to be true.
1642  Economy / Gambling / Re: - Win free Bitcoins every hour! on: October 21, 2017, 01:42:42 PM
Ladies, mining's back baby, mining is back!

Find the link on the Free BTC page, it'll say:

Use your browser to passively mine and earn bitcoins! Click here to read more.

Mine like a champion today!

@Myfe, is it still on beta phase and limited to some users? Have the rewards been changed?
Will give it a new shot  Smiley

Does mining really give us an extra  profit? Or this is only applicable to those high end gpus? What if basic computers try to mine can we still earn from it? I have my pc in my office but only have basic specs. I tried to use mining to a browser but the earning is too low, im only mining using cpu Sad
1643  Economy / Gambling / Re: BTCHEAT.COM IS ONLY A HOAX? on: October 21, 2017, 01:35:01 PM
I also signed-up on it and trying my best to visits everyday and claim 3 spins for every 3 hours. I reached around $5 for using the free 50 spins upon signing-up but when I tried to withdraw, Oh no its only 2% I have gather, so I need 98% more before reaching the minimum threshold. I think this is also a kind of scam but it is okay I am just trying it and no investment needed, only spare time.

But still this site is scam, I think until now no once reach the miminum threshold to withdraw. They stuck in a specific amount and didnt allow them to win again. Though no investment is involved they still waste our precious time playing but they dont have plans to pay us. We shoukd avoid this kind of site.
1644  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Good Online Dice, When You Can Win Up To 0.1 BTC In 30 Minutes on: October 21, 2017, 01:28:09 PM
i know how to win at that dice but i not tell anyone. only if u pay me 100 btc i can send u win strategy @how to win 1000000% at dice@ . if u interesting in that pm me at pm my acount at that forum.

Nice, 100 btc? If you know how to win that dice game then you dont need to sell your strategy. You just need to play and win all the time if and only of your strategy is 100% accurate. Gambling is pure luck, if you win today then you are lucky. But most of the time you will lose.
1645  Economy / Gambling / Re: FORTUNEJACK.COM |Deposit 777 play with 1777 mBTC |Live Casino, Slots, Betting on: October 21, 2017, 09:50:46 AM

Nice to see one of my referrals has just won nice amount which makes my earning on the affiliate program goes to negative. It was -0.07 or so yesterday but now it is -0.04. Seems that he keeps playing and want for more profit but he get the opposite.

How can referral earnings go negative?

Either you should have a profit or zero right?

It is how FJ's affiliate program works, it is not like other casinos which the earning depends on how many btc wagered by your referrals. In FJ, it depends the profit made by the casino.

That means if the player wins then referrals win otherwise no. Suppose if a player wins 1 BTC how much referrals will make money?
Lol if players win, referrals don't make any money. referrals make money when the players lose. you can find more information about fj affiliates here(

I see, I thought referrer will receive commission if referrals invest money. I never thought that you will not earn money if referrals wil win while playing. It's how much money referrals will lose then referrer will get commission? Nice, I never thought of that. I dont play/gamble online so Im not aware, now I know. Thanks for this post.
1646  Economy / Gambling / Re: - faucet - 25% rakeback. BTC, ETH, LTC DICE on: October 21, 2017, 09:23:24 AM
Twitter bounties will be start to be paid today.

If you were eligible you will receive an email in the next 24 hours to the email address you signed up to the bounty site with.

If you didn't create an account on using this email you will need to create a new account or you won't get paid.

BKB will be paid into your account.

If you do not receive the email, and it's not in your spam folder, then you were not eligible due to either multi accounting or having a known spam or bot twitter account.

Only accounts that earned 500 or more BKB will be credited.

There is no appeal for this, there were over 1200 accounts that were multi-accounting.

Sorry for the delay.


THat is just a pity that there were people trying to abuse the bounty even for the twitter ones. Surely if the facebook bounty was not cancelled, then it could have been abused as well.

Yeah, there is a lot of greedy people that abuses social media bounties because they have mulitple accounts. Some of them are professionals that are too hard to caught. By the way, I was too late to join betking bounties, congrats to all the participants. im sure the project is a big success. Good luck.
1647  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Mining or Faucet on: October 21, 2017, 06:22:00 AM
I have a single 7950 card in my gaming rig, and can only mine occasionally. Do you guys think its more profitable to mine, or to just do faucets every day?

Also, do you guys get a lot of payout from faucets? I'm kind of wary because I've been doing them for a few days and haven't gotten any payouts yet.


Tell us clock speed and cache of your card or hash rate of your card to explain whether it is profitable or not. Esle tleast brand and model will give clear information about it explain the profit you can make.
You cannot do anything with own your electricity cost for running a PC take more money than your earning. Go with the complete rig set up to make money. Faucets are pennies not can be compare with mining.

Hello. Electricity bill is not a big deal to me since Im using our company's electricity and computers. I just want to know if mining using a basic specs of computer can make me earn bigger than faucets? I dont have high specs of pc and my pc dont have gpu. I can only mine from cpu. Im using minergate but I think will take me forever to earn a dollar Sad
1648  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: Trippki - Pre ICO LIVE - hotel booking and rewards platform built on Ethereum on: October 21, 2017, 06:17:07 AM
Nice project and good graphics. Hope social media bounties will be open soon. I'll be joining the telegram discussion to become updated about this project. I think this is the first project I heard about hotel booking and rewards platform that built on Ethereum. I hope this project will be a success. And I hope the ICO will be a success too Smiley
1649  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can Bitcoin make Banks disappear? on: October 21, 2017, 12:47:16 AM
For now, there is no possibility that banks will disappear. Maybe in the future or maybe banks can still find ways even if in the future we'll be using digital currencies. Banks can also upgrade that time. Still, I cant think of any idea that banks will disappear in the future by bitcoin currency. We really cant tell what will happen in the future.
1650  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What's your biggest regret about bitcoin on: October 21, 2017, 12:42:27 AM
My biggest regret is when I got introduced to this back in 2012, I tried to buy 200 worth, the platform was down and I never bothered, just recently woke up to it again at over 4k per coin, it is a physiological thing where I don't want to buy at that price.

I feel you. Bitcoin was introduced to me last 2012 or 2013 but didnt pay attention about its potential. The value that is too low that we can still afford to buy 1 btc. I think that time I almost earned 2 btc in referring a lot of people. I withdraw all my earnings and didnt left any amount of btc. Now the value of btc is too high that I cant afford to invest 0.1 btc in our local currency Sad
1651  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why are so many people against bitcoin? on: October 21, 2017, 12:33:17 AM
I'm trying to understand why are so many people against bitcoin?  is it the innovation that scares them? the feeling of staying behind? the fact that that money will go to the wrong hands?

I think those many people you said are those people who can't manipulate bitcoins. So they are making ways how to destroy it or making new coins that will replace bitcoin. Also there are "many people" that is not against bitcoin but are totally dont have care about bitcoin, I think they prefer local currency than cryptocurrencies.
1652  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BAN ON BITCOINS!! on: October 21, 2017, 12:29:06 AM
I dont know why but iam scared of bitcoin getting ban.
Because of the china situation is there any possibility that bitcoin will get ban in every single country

I thought China government only ban ICOs and local bitcoin exchanges on China, so chinese people still can use bitcoin at china or outside exchanges like bittrex. Am i right ? I think bitcoin will not get ban in every single country, chill dude. Bitcoin is not that bad, bitcoin is just an online currency.

A bit confused about the thread starter but Yes I read online that china only bans ICOs and bitcoin local exchanges, but still it will affect more because china is a large country. However this may not affect worldwide as bitcoin already known in most of the countries. We should not be scared of bitcoin getting ban, the most scary thing will happen is if bitcoin value will turn into zero.
1653  Economy / Gambling / Re: Top 10 Online Casino with review on: October 21, 2017, 12:22:09 AM
I thought I'm gonna find your top 10 here xD

anyways, I just started this year in gambling so I don't have much gambling sites but my 3 favourites are:

I also thought he's posting his top 10 favorite online casinos with his own review  Grin By the way, I also tried those 3 casinos you already played. But Im not into gambling because I admit Im not lucky in gambling and dont know any tips and tricks how to win. Maybe I should made more search on how to win in gambling sites.
1654  Economy / Gambling / Re: - Win free Bitcoins every hour! on: October 21, 2017, 12:18:30 AM
Does anybody win more than the smallest free btc amount? I play this game since 2 months with a friend, and we never got more then minimum. Also the lottery is very inscrutable.

I think yes, I remember I read somewhere in other forums that they already won a high amount there. Also in our facebook groups I read someone posted that he won a good amount in They are very lucky, I also play there but only win the smallest free btc amount. I wish I can win some high amount there Smiley
1655  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Why is gambling so addicting? on: October 20, 2017, 12:50:03 AM
I don't know why but I always get a feeling to gamble, after then losing my money, I quit for some time and then continue, but I know I will lose my btc Sad

Why is it so addictive?

Because you are always expecting of winning something from it. We are same, everytime I gamble I always end up losing all my funds. It's really addicting and we cant stop ourselves from playing, but there is always a time that we do this because we are bored and we like to play something. Being addictive to gambling is bad, you should learn to control it.
1656  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How do you know when to stop? on: October 20, 2017, 12:46:11 AM
I rarely play in a gambling site because I admit Im not lucky in gambling. The only way I stop from gambling is when I lost all my funds. Yes, I cant stop myself everytime I play, by the way most of the funds I use is always free sometimes I invest small amounts.  Grin So for me, better not  to gamble because I always end up a loser  Cheesy
1657  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: I won $123 for few minutes on: October 20, 2017, 12:39:20 AM
Nice analysis. Congrats to your winnings. However in gambling Im very sure that winnings are pure luck only. You win a good amount now then the next day you will lose a high amount too. But if your analysis will always be right then there will be a high chance of winning every time you gamble. Good for you, you really spend time to study those outcomes.
1658  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do small investments make sense? on: October 20, 2017, 12:28:20 AM
For me 0.01 btc is quite high amount for newbie like me. Yes. small investments make sense, I prefer investing small amounts rather than big one because small investments will also give you small lose Smiley There is always a risk in investing huge amount but at the same time a huge profit. Newbies always start with small investments and always learned a lesson from their lost.
1659  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin in the future on: October 19, 2017, 11:35:20 AM
For me, I cannot tell what will happen to bitcoin in the future. What is happening now might change tommorow or the other day. The good thing is bitcoin price continues to rise and a lot of us benefited from this. Im just hoping that it will continue and those forks will stop, however those forks strenghtens bitcoin now thanks to them.
1660  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can Bitcoin Ever Be Shutdown? on: October 19, 2017, 11:16:43 AM
There are lots of ways for the bitcoin to shutdown, all posted above are true. Aside from electricity and computers/devices the best way to shutdown bitcoin is the internet connection. If there is no internet then there is no way to trade it or use it. But still, bitcoin is alive and as of now I havent heard any one or groups that is planning to shut it down.
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