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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 23.0 [Torrent]
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1  Other / Meta / Re: Please red-trust my stolen account ISAWHIM on: August 20, 2017, 12:38:51 AM
are you fucking retard?

sign a message from that wallet so we can see who is the real owner
2  Economy / Invites & Accounts / For sale Bitmain Account with one Antminer D3 Paid on: August 11, 2017, 07:03:15 PM
I'm selling my bitmain account with One Antminer D3 Paid today Shipping :1-15 Nov

I want to sell for 0.6 btc

You can change shipping

(by default was US)

more detail by PM

thank you
3  Economy / Currency exchange / Exchange 200$ paypal for 200$ btc on: August 11, 2017, 05:46:47 PM
Exchange 200$ paypal for 200$ btc

let me know
trade 1:1

pm me
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: Treat developers better - XHC THREAD MOVED on: August 30, 2014, 03:15:58 PM
I still have the version 1 XHC. How do I swap for version 2? I have my old .dat wallet file in the version 2 wallet but my coins will not confirm. Please help...thanks

Contact busoni@poloniex, he handled the transfer and should be able to do it for you. Just keep in mind that any coins (earned pos), after the date of the transfer will not be credited.

That was the only exchange where they were added, and was the only "neutral" and "trustable" entity to handle the conversion.

Not sure the old dat file works in the new wallet anyways. I am sure it is not the same seed or addresses. Hope you have a copy of your wallet.dat file, I am not sure if the new wallet data is going to mess it up (corrupt it), if you try to later read it with the old wallet.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: Treat developers better - XHC THREAD MOVED on: August 29, 2014, 06:26:45 PM
Last time I checked, the diff was 6.88+ Roughly... That is not a sign of a dead coin. That is a sign of a lot of people mining it, and NOT selling.

Selling one Lamborghini for $10,000 does not make all Lamborghini's worth only $10,000... Yes, they don't sell a lot, because they are expensive. However, when you find one for $10,000 you would be wise to swipe it up before someone-else does. Doesn't matter if there is no more dealerships selling them, or producing them. As long as the fucking car runs, it can be sold.

So my efforts, had they not been hindered by leading people to dead website links... Would have been fruitful.

What I have been doing, in many of the forums I participate in, was the following...

I ask a lot of questions, and also help-out where possible. Mostly in 3D forums like Z-Brush and Daz-3D and Sketchup and Poser... Also in game-sites, (aka: game engine sites), and when someone helps me, I usually offer to throw some HonorCoins at them, as a reward. Saying nothing more than that. Most just ignore it, but others reading it, wonder what the hell "HonorCoins" are, and someone usually asks, or I bluntly say, "it's like bitcoins, but more affordable".

Up until this point, I was directing them to the website, not these junk forums...

Now, this forum is all I have to direct them to, and I will NOT direct anyone here, ever. This is like the ugly chick you fuck on the side, and don't even tell your best friend about. You would rather your friends thought you were gay or still a virgin, then tell them about her... um... this place... xD (No offence to ugly girls or gay men. That was just an example for simple minds. xD)

Had the multi-pool been setup, I would be buying all these coins, like I am doing with Yin and Yang, buying all of them at 1-sat... Then pushing to get them staying and pumping them to something simple, like 3-sat, for gains that could be used later to purchase XHC, which I am also still doing. (The more I buy at 1-sat, and hold, the less that will be able to be sold lower. It's a win-win for me, and us. Once all these $10,000 Lamborghini's are gone, there will only be $300,000 Lamborghini's left to buy again.)
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: Treat developers better - XHC THREAD MOVED on: August 29, 2014, 05:29:49 PM
The comments That I just spent 20 minutes deleting are why XHC is having problems. Here are the facts!

3. Once the exchanges got re-activated the majority of people sold all prior holdings. Buy volume was non existent.
4. The community requested a 2 year mining period against my wishes. This allowed for miners to continuously dump on the exchanges.


ISAWHIM Vanished after the coin was relisted on the exchanges, as well as many other proclaimed helpers.

I agree with the rest (missing)...

However... You have a contradiction... and a false "fact"...

3. (Majority sold)... Since all coins were mined, a majority would be more than 50%... 50% of the coins were NEVER sold...

Also... Buy volume non-existent... Each SELL is someone-else's BUY... You can't have "Majority sold", unless also a "Majority was purchased". (Thus the contradiction. Either there was sales and volume, or there was not, can't have both no sales and tons of sales.)

4. The minute coins being dumped, were the majority of the "giveaway", and "unclaimed coins". Don't blame that on the miners. Why the fuck would they dump for a loss? The dumpers are the ones who got the coins without effort, or had captured some nice lows. (Those who got free coins, and I assume the exchange itself, who handled the swap, and is also cashing-out trades too.)

In any event... That is not Jarvis' job. He did his job. (Then fucked us over like the original dev. Thanks for that! Didn't see that one coming.)

I, did not disappear until after the release of the wallet. Spent days trying to get it to be used for mining, but every found block was rejected. Then family shit came-up, and no-one contacted me about the multi-pool, which was where I was supposed to come-in to assist. (Needed a running wallet I could mine into, before there could ever be a multi-pool. Still don't have that, unless I am not doing it right. Wallet is unlocked and just rejecting 100% valid blocks. Mined to a pool without issue though, so it may just be the windows wallet not working for mining. Not a concern for me now. Diff is too high to mine.)

However, I have most issues resolved, related to family... and have more free time to dedicate to the coins I play with. I didn't invest a few thousand into this coin for nothing. However, beyond throwing money at coins, there is nothing much more I can do, besides trade. I just don't have that much time on my hands to do anything beneficial, related to code and PR crap. Can't/won't waste money advertising blank pages and links to dead websites, and crap-ass forums like bitcoin-talk, where "Bitcoins" is all they care about, and they don't even care about those here. They just lucked-out with the forum name, and google seems to like it. However, it is not a good place to promote anything other than scams to victims.

This is why I post on other forums, completely unrelated to bitcoins, where other forms of payments are often looked for, or discussed. Promoting XHC, but unfortunately, it is only me doing that, and now all my effort was just pissed away when Jarvis ripped down the site. A site that was already paid for, and cost nothing to keep-up for others to visit. Not to mention the source-code, again, being pulled. It was a fucking free listing, that was just vengeance against the community who supported the change. Why the fuck were we punished, because some non-investing dick starts spouting his bitch-ass mouth?

Any-who... Back to reality... Another dev down and gone... Just as disposable as the rest. That is why it is not a devs job to "make the coin a success", just to fucking develop the coin, for others to continue developing.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][RELAUNCH] Yincoin/Yangcoin ☯☯ Destroying Coins|Distributing Coins|Big NEWS on: August 29, 2014, 04:10:43 PM
Thanks for the tip there guy... Where would the world be without more people like you...

If I wanted useless information from a noob, I would have posted in the noob forum.

And it's not dead if I am buying it. Like I do with all coins people think are dead, because they stop being traded on an exchange.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][HONORCOIN][XHC] PoS | Anonymity Airdrop | Poloniex & Bittrex on: August 29, 2014, 01:04:17 PM
Buy or not buying what I said,it's your choice,not mine.I've given enough proof and logi and wasted my time on this scam.Most people have made their decisions.See javis's banned and very week order buying this coin?

Dude, your shit is getting old... You are obviously "interested" in dragging this coin down for yourself.

If you were not interested, you would not be here. Spamming your bullshit.

Keep your day-job, you are not a fucking detective.

You not only have no clue what the fuck is going on, but your posts clearly indicate that you are an obvious loon. Go polish your tinfoil hat.

For the record, I personally own tons of fucking XHC. Which I payed a LOT for. Your a moron if you think I, or anyone else who payed MORE for a SHIT LOAD, would "dump", for a loss... Your logic is as illogical as a childs, with delirium, and a fever, who is retarded, with a speech-impediment, on crack.

Go back to the newb-hole you came from. Others of us, with actual investments in this, have no use for you, since you are obviously not an investor. That, or you are the worst investor ever... investing then trashing your own investment. (Which is illogical to believe, so thus, your hanging around and continued trashing is to invest more, after you trash it. Otherwise you would have left a long time ago, or not actually said anything at all.)

In any event, you are failing at your attempt at a panic... You are the only idiot selling low, and your panic attempts are not working, which is why you are here trying to make them work. Sorry, but you lost those coins you foolishly sold for less. I am quite sure that I purchased them. xD.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][RELAUNCH] Yincoin/Yangcoin ☯☯ Destroying Coins|Distributing Coins|Big NEWS on: August 29, 2014, 12:10:46 PM
Can't get my wallet to sync... (No block source available)... No connections... Someone has to have a wallet open... At-least the exchanges...

Was this wallet not built with a default connection setup... Might be why it is having trouble finding users.

Any updated IP's?

P.S. This is not a valid IP... (addnode=184.154.116) IPV4 had {4} places... this is missing one...
10  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: New Official AMT Thread on: August 14, 2014, 07:52:09 PM
Anyone happen to know the password to SSH into the unit?

I was able to use "admin" for the name, but "admin", "pass", "password", and "amt" do not work for the password.

Mine was already in English.
11  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: New Official AMT Thread on: August 14, 2014, 06:21:13 AM
The 16 AWG wire from my gaming-rig worked great... Doesn't even get warm with all five cards blasting-away. But I had to also remove the kill-a-watt meter, because it has a limit of 15 Amps, and this is pushing 16.2 Amps. Even that was crazy-hot.

Any-who... Now it is running full-force, holding steady at around 1.26 THs at the machine-level. (Waiting for the hourly results.)

I shaved-off about 80-watts (resistance and heat-stress), by removing all the screws from the case, except the three at the back. I added a single 1/2" riser to hold the case cracked-open on the front-side. Also, I have cardboard air-dams, between the cards. This is just a long piece of cardboard that is folded to look like a "U". This forces the air into the cooling-fins, with excess escaping around the cardboard. The air now travels the entire length of the cooling-fins. The fans are a lot quieter now and the heat-sinks are cool to the touch.

All of the above, also included some wire-management, keeping the power wires across the top and the ribbon-cables all out of the path of air. Finally, each card was also removed, and the screws tightened. (Some were not just loose, they were half-way unscrewed.) Bonus for mounting one heat-sink compressed directly to the other, with micro-thin heat-transfer sheeting. I still have an urge to cut them in half, by height. I can fit ten cards and two PSU's and controllers in that case, easily.

Unfortunately, I do not feel "compensated" by the single unit. Sorry, but that is my honest opinion. That being said... It is also my opinion that you are "still" honestly trying to "do us right". (A few individuals being an exception.)

I should be back online and raising hell myself, soon. But, for now, I figured that I would take the time to post a few words. Lucky for everyone, I do not have hours to post replies. xD

12  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: New Official AMT Thread on: August 14, 2014, 03:58:47 AM
Found-out the issue... However, you are also right...

Normally, the computer is setup on AUTO, but someone (not my original computer)... had setup x.x.137.0 as the gateway for IPV4 assignments of the DHCP server.

That, and my firewall was rejecting everything, not sure how that happened.

Solution: If you are plugged directly into the machine, without a router.
Go to "Control panel" -> "Network and Sharing Center" -> (Side bar) "Change Adapter Settings"
Select the network-card that you are plugged-in to...
Select: "Properties" (2nd-mouse or right-mouse click menu)
Select: "Inernet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"
Select: "Properties" (below the list)

Unselect: "Obtain an IP Address Automatically"

(Enter the following below)
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Prefered DNS Server: (blank) or (<- Setup page expects this, but blank works too, since this is manual.)


If using a router, there is a similar page in the advanced network setup (for the router, get to it by typing the IP of the router DNS)... Same values... but no DNS there... The router is usually the DNS.

This, with using my USB WiFi, bridged to the network-card, treats my computer as the router. I don't have any more free routers to use, or plugs left to operate them.

However, the five cards pull about 1800-1900 Watts (15.83-16.25 Amps) at the wall, which is WAY tooo much power for the 18ga wire they gave me. (18ga wire can only handle about 1800 Watts or 16-Amps peak in open-air, and only about 10 Amps enclosed in plastic-wire-casing, constantly.) This load-ability is reduced, even more, as the wire heats and resistance increases, potentially causing an electrical fire. The wires were too hot to hold, after an hour of running.

Still, five cards gave me a solid 1.25THs at the box and an average of 1.18THs on

Granted, I have the case cracked-open on the exhaust-side, about 1/2 an inch to allow air to actually flow through better, and I have inserted some air-dams to force the air through the fins. (As opposed to shooting over the top of them, essentially making the heat-sinks active-cooling, instead of passive cooling.) Sooo much easier to work with this setup, but it still could be better.

I have unplugged that fifth card, since I can not monitor the machine while I sleep, and the day will get hot by the time I wake. Add some 90F ambient temps to the already overheated wire and restrictive air-flow, and that is a setup for, well... a nice camp-fire. With the four cards, it is pulling only about 1400 Watts and giving only 1.02THs at the box and 880GHs on Acceptable for the unit, for now.

Would like a way to tune it... Can it still be adjusted with PuTTYing into it, like the others?

I would rather have it run slightly leaner, and more "energy efficient". Running at 1THs and 1200-1300 Watts, with all five cards running. (Instead of four running full-blast, consuming nearly twice the power for a few GHs more, each card.)

The whole unit could be about 6" shorter (height) and about 1" thinner (width), and 3" less deep (long). Fits in a lot cleaner than the other design and stacks better too!

So now I have to find some good 14-16ga computer power-cable wire. One made for 2000+ watts. (Told you it would have been better to have two PSU's and power-cables. 3 and 3 for a 1.5THs unit, or just smaller units of 3-4 cards.)

I'll take some snap-shots, for those who like that stuff. Unfortunately, I don't have a great camera.
13  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: New Official AMT Thread on: August 14, 2014, 02:22:15 AM
you need to make the gateway some how to  . I pointed my router to this and it worked putting in

It is connecting to it, but the connection is being refused... (Eg, it is rejecting. It can't "reject" if it is not connected. It is forcefully saying "No, I don't accept your access.")

Again, there is nothing that needs to be routed, it is a direct connection to the RasPi network-card. If I type it goes there. Routing is just re-direction, I could make it so typing FROG would point it to if I wanted it to. You didn't have to redirect anything, just type in that other IP. It is the router that assigns IP's. If hardware tells the router what IP it wants, and that is not one of the assigned IP's, then you have to ask it to forward any request for FROG to go to "whatever the actual IP is", or just use the assigned IP. (I know the actual IP, so that is not needed. In my case, the hardware is saying, "I can be contacted at", it is sending windows plenty of packet data, so something is communicating, or trying to. However, it is rejecting ports 80, 81, 443, 23, 22 {http/https/https2/telnet/SSH})

In any event, I assume the blinking lights are an indication that the hardware is not working anyways. Usually "solid green" indicates "Ok, running". Blinking is standard for, "Something is wrong"... even when it is green and blinking.
14  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: New Official AMT Thread on: August 14, 2014, 01:55:51 AM
u gotta change you router to point to   most routers are configured at

once i did this i can go into it

I am plugged directly into it... The IP is, which is how it shows through the network card. There is only one device, this one. No router. (All network cards auto-swap to compensate for direct plug-in to other computers, no router needed, or swap-over cables.)

Refuses SSH PuTTY connections immediately on that IP. HTTP and HTTPS just instantly report back that there is no connection. (Going through the browser via, or or as the sticker on the case indicates. The ...137.1 is the only one that gives me actual "response codes" which are all "connection refused".)
15  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: New Official AMT Thread on: August 14, 2014, 12:55:44 AM
I got mine delivered today... Doesn't work... But I got it...

- Box was of questionable condition, well traveled, but well packed.
- Daughter-board didn't have the PSU power connected.
- One screw has stripped threads, trying to remove the cover to fix connections.
- One board had the ribbon data-cable connected, but no power-cable connected.
- The board without the power... the smaller heat-sink was not tightened at all, screws were just dropped into place and setup to be tightened, but never actually tightened.
- All the boards have 1-8 loose screws that attach the board to the main heat-sink.
- There is a sticker with the IP written on it, it is wrong.
- The memory-card has a similar sticker wrapped around it, with the ending IPV4 that matches the sticker on the outside, but not the IP on the net, as reported by windows.
- None of the IP's, (the one on the sticker, or the one from the "network connections details"), works to connect to the unit, with a browser.
- Oddity... the IPV6 numbers all end in %xx That is not a valid IPV6... %1 %18 etc...

Other notes: Lights on the boards, about 6-8 of them, just blink green... on/off/on/off/on/off/on/off

Not sure if it is ok, dead, or what... No screen to let you know what it is doing, where it is at, or what is going-on. Not sure if this is just someone's custom OS on the memory-card that needs a special program, or what...

Taking it apart and tightening the screws was a lot easier than the older designs. Lot less dead metal too, but still a little over-kill. (The exhaust is horribly restricted, defeating the purpose of having the 80-watts of fans wasting power.) It is still progression though. Now if I can just get it to run.

Should I attempt to PuTTY into it? (SSH)
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] |L@@K| HONOR COIN 2.0][XHC] POW/POS| XHC 2.0 LISTED ON BITTREX & POLONIEX on: July 28, 2014, 01:53:42 AM

I was just about to start a self-moderated thread...

Good to see you are one step ahead! Two or three, it seems... +1000 for that.

Nice low coins to buy now, since dip-shit decided to dump. Again, his loss, our gain.

Will take a few weeks of solid mining for the price to settle-in anyways. Keep scalping those lows! What few there actually are.

Now that the coin is up and running, I can finish discussion about the multipool idea. (Of which, there are two developers working on. The whole XMR thing is messing with my head on poloniex. Not sure why they got rid of the LTC market and replaced it for a market that trades only against BTC, via through XMR/BTC. Now everyone has to double-calculate... X-COIN/XMR to XMR/BTC to BTC/USD... That was a step backwards for them, and for XMR. As if it needed more things to bring the value down. xD)
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][THE NEW HONOR COIN][XHC] POW/POS X13| [Developing News] PERFECT LAUNCH! on: July 26, 2014, 03:25:02 PM
So since I wasn't paying attention to this thread... and didn't get my coins to poloniex. The coins I have in my wallet are no good?

Edit: Well I ran the new wallet, so the old coins are permanently gone I guess. See you later 15K Honorcoins. Apparently I should have just kept my coins on the exchanges, rather than in my wallet.

Try a program called undelete... it can find the undamaged old-files, and allow you to restore them. Unless you have written-over it (rare), then it is still on your hard-drive. Windows uses-up "free space" and "old space" before it uses-up "recently deleted space". I have used a few programs like that, to recover my old wallets on old computers. Also other files that I "accidentally deleted", and they didn't go to the recycling-bin. (Windows has a new feature to backup old versions of files too... use it.)

P.S. You should always have a back-up of your wallets... they get corrupt from time to time, and can NOT be recovered once corrupted, in most cases. That is every wallet. Especially miners wallets with lots of appended transactions added daily.

P.P.S. It is also good to move all coins out of one wallet and into a new one, to "consolidate" the dust and make your wallet file smaller and less prone to damage, being smaller with fewer transactions in it.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][THE NEW HONOR COIN][XHC] POW/POS X13| SMOOTH LAUNCH! [Developing News] on: July 25, 2014, 05:44:06 AM
+100 on the whole re-launch, everyone...

I am working on getting some 3rd-party individuals interested in using HonorCoin for a foundation of "reward". I have seen this done with other coins in the past, including bitcoin, and it can add a nice solid value to the base of the coin, as a whole.

I will have more details coming soon.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][THE NEW HONOR COIN][XHC] POW/POS X13| SMOOTH LAUNCH! [Developing News] on: July 24, 2014, 09:16:38 PM
Look, the 720 launch-blocks have a purpose.

This limits the number of unfairly distributed rewards as the difficulty and hash-power settles-in. If 24-hours of mining and "tuning your machines", is going to break you, or your wallet, then please direct your "tuned and paid miners" to any number of other coins that also run on this same algorithm. No offence will be taken.

This is part of the anti-dump that usually happens on a launch/re-launch, when a coin comes-back from a zero-diff.

What was the reward for mining yesterday, and the day before, and before that... Oh-yea, ZERO.

These beginning coins, due to the small daily loss, will START with a "DEBT VALUE" that is higher, by those who mined them, which they will HAVE to ask for more, in order to gain that MINIMAL loss. (As opposed to just dumping, because they were easy as hell to mine, in the beginning. Which would have lowered the value of all future coins.)

For the coins to be valuable, they have to be difficult to obtain.

Fine, now you know. (If you had not known before. For whatever reason.)

Now we can continue to spread the word, to help get our value back up. Now we can begin working on the infrastructure that will allow our coin to have value. Now we can stand proud again, knowing we have a coin that is secure and developing.

Lets get some of those services going.

Don't forget to donate, where possible, to help recover some of the costs involved in getting this "up and running". There is no reason NOT to donate now. Now you KNOW 100%, that development was real, and has delivered. Lets continue to keep it being developed.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][HONORCOIN][XHC] PoS | Project Restoring Honor | Poloniex & Bittrex on: July 16, 2014, 06:11:00 AM
Jarvis, you are doing fine. (Not that it holds much weight coming from me. xD)

Some people here, feel a need to demand things from others, while doing nothing themselves. When the truth is, they just want the price to rise, so they can dump, like the original dev did. Because actual investors, realize the reality of the situation. They still don't grasp the reality that the high price they saw it at, was a fake pump price, not the actual value. Instead of buying more low, to lower the average value they paid, they would rather just complain about it not being as high as it was, when they bought it on the rise, then didn't dump in time. They see a hand-full of coins selling low, and freak. Not even realizing that there is barely 10% of all minted coins even listed for sale, and of that 10% listed, only about 20% are in a realistic selling-price range. (That is 2% of the total coins, in a realistic selling-price range.) They also don't seem to grasp that every coin sold, is a coin purchased by someone-else.

Just let your local dev/programmer know about using the diff-comparison tool online, between similar coins, to isolate all the actual changes. The process is simple, and makes coin-duplication easy. (Thus, the vast variety of coins floating around, without any originality.)

If needed, I can provide an old link to "how to clone a coin", which goes into some great detail on the whole step-by-step process. However, it uses LTC and some fictitious coin as an example. Instead of having him try to make heads or tails of all the pages of code, most of which can not be altered at all, and some of it actually internally dead code. (Some old things were kept for reverse compatibility reading older blocks and validating the transactions, but being a new coin, those old code sections can be removed. That, and the genesis-block creation code, which is only needed for the first creation of the coin, then it is never needed again. Though, that may not be included in some new clones, because they removed it in later versions.)

The person I have looking into the coin, may be able to assist, once it is setup and running. However, I am having to show him everything I know first. (The rest I am having to direct him to online dev-chats, where I slip-in from time to time. It is surprising how friendly they are to strangers. But they too, have limited time available to assist beyond most chat-rooms.)

P.S. Chill in the other coin rooms, with similar algs. Only takes a few minutes to find the main devs details and work-up some friendly dialogue.

P.P.S. Dragon, YOU were not the only one I was talking to. I simply commented ONCE on your post that DEMANDED that Jarvis do things, and told him how to do his job, saying it should be his top priority. It is not his job to do YOUR bidding, unless you are paying him, then it is his job, and you can tell him what to do. You just created the account a few days ago, and are making demands? You didn't even have an account here when the old dev was around! (I assume you burned-through your other account, or have multiple accounts, in an attempt to look like someone new. Still, you are not in a position to make demands.)
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