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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / China is reviewing the attitude to cryptocurrencies. on: September 07, 2017, 01:41:23 PM
China once again became the epicenter of cryptocurrency news, which will continue to be talked about for a long time. One of the largest Asian exchanges, Yunbi, decided to withdraw 13 tokens from the market, including QTUM, GXS, EOS, ANS, DGD, 1ST, GNT, REP, SNT, OMG, PAY, LUN and VEN

The total capitalization of some of them reached one billion dollars. However, BTC, ETH, ZEC, SC, BCC, ETC and BTS still remained on the stock exchange. Notice, that in terms of trading volume Yunbi is on the 24th place in the list of trading platforms around the world.

One of the most notable consequences of this decision will be the absence of OmiseGO (OMG) token in the assets of the exchange. This is a project that develops publicly available financial technology based on Ethereum. All the holders of Ethereum could receive the tokens having at least 0.1 ETH in their wallets. Realizing that selling OMG tokens "eat up" a significant part of the market value of Ethereum, the company subsequently decided to return some of the value of the currency back to the network. After removing the token from the auction, its positions are noticeably passed and in the future the decline will only continue. In these conditions a real alternative to this project will become the FUNCOIN (FUNC) token, which operates on the fastest blockade of Bitshares. Token entered the market without ICO and now is able to become the main currency for the entertainment industry.

An experienced users will appreciate the advantages of FUNCOIN enabling them to earn commissions from each transaction in the ecosystem, thereby obtaining permanent dividends from available funds, as well as attracting people through the referral links. The currency has already entered the stock exchange, which means that it will become a source of additional income, as the FUNCOIN price is constantly grows and the token is freely convertible into other cryptocurrencies.

FUNCOIN is emitted on the decentralized platform OpenLedger and is also a settlement coin on the Prostohit project ( Those who register on this project of p2p disputes and create a mission will receive 10 FUNCOIN as a bonus. Funky also operates in the same-name online casino FUNCasino. How to spend time with excitement and profit for your wallet read here -

The decision of the Chinese authorities is likely an echo of the events that occurred in early September, when regulators temporarily banned the initial placement of coins, and decided to test more than 60 companies and platforms preparing for the ICO. Now Chinese companies have to return funds to investors, and some platforms have also restricted access for the local residents.

All this inevitably affected the courses of "surviving" tokens. The price of Bitcoin fall down by 16.5%, Etherium - by 23.5%. It is also reported on the further financial sanctions in South Korea, where the central bank warned of possible risks.
Obviously, in the near future other exchanges and tokens are awaiting a shock. We will follow the news and promptly inform you about the most interesting events. Therefore, subscribe to our chats, discuss and share your opinions.

Telegram chat of OpenLedger

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2  Other / Off-topic / Great discount on crypto-terminals installation for Funcoin users. on: August 03, 2017, 08:22:56 AM
Summer is a great time to rest and gain strength, think about the future and start making plans for the rest of the year. Also, summer - it's best time for cryptocurrency purchasing! The best way to buy cryptocurrencies is to make it through the usual payment terminals - crypto-terminal. For those who are interested in such deal we created a promo site with the main models of cryptomats, told about conditions, published promo and educational videos, told about our key advantages. So, please welcome to visit

We propose to become our client on on a special summer conditions and enter the business of cryptocurrency payments accepting. Ordering the purchase and installation of any of our crypto-terminal now, you will receive an additional 5% discount. And for this you need to make an order with payment via the FUNCOIN crypto currency.

What is FUNCOIN, you ask! By now it is a very perspective crypto currency for gaming and entertainment industry. It successfully trades on the OpenLedger and Live Coin exchanges and becomes a profitable investment, as dividends are issued to FUNCOIN holders on monthly basis.

Therefore, we suggest you not just to install a crypto-terminal with a good discount, we suggest you to become the part of a unique cryptocurrency ecosystem. In addition to the income receiving through crypto payments, you will be able to receive a constant growing profit like FUNCOIN owner.

More information about FUNCOIN and the ways to buy it you'll find on
3  Other / Off-topic / Ledger Wallet Nano S is in store on: July 17, 2017, 10:46:57 AM
Any person who actively uses his virtual wallet to make payments, must be sure in confidence and security of all operations.

Although it is believed that cryptowallets are practically are not subject to hacking, it is necessary to reliably protect their data from various sources of threats. In addition to hacker attacks, you can lose the accumulated funds because of the failure of technology or some other trouble. In this case the hardware cryptowallet become the optimal choice for storing and transferring the crypto currency.

Predprocessing company brings to your attention the latest version of the most secure cryptowallet - Ledger wallet Nano S http://криптокошелек.рф/shop/ledger-wallet/. Unlike the Keepkay wallet which, incidentally, was in high demand, the new model bypasses its predecessor in all security parameters. Due to the vulnerabilities found in the Keepkay, many had to abandon its use. The Ledger hardware wallet currently is the most secure and reliable tool for storing crypto currency.

Because of the increased level of transactions security, this compact device allows you to operate several types of crypto currency, among which are BitCoin, Ethereum, ClubCoin and many others. The device has a convenient screen which shows all the necessary information required to confirm actions with the wallet. Nano S can work with third-party applications and you can create programs for this device.

And you can also buy it using FUNCOIN. In this case you'll receive 10% discount. You can buy FUNCOIN here -

And you can get them for free. To do this, you need:
1. Sign up for a link on the OpenLedger DEX exchange - - and send your login to the following e-mail:
2. Enter the telegram сhat of the OpenLedger -
3. Enter the telegram chat of Genesis Block -

For this action you will get 5 FUNCOIN! Keep an eye on the news, as soon as new contests are held on a regular basis. By doing some activities that are beneficial to the ecosystem, you can get funcoin! It can be posts, likes, reposts, invitations of friends, connection of game and entertainment projects

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4  Other / Off-topic / FUNCOIN competition with great prize. on: July 07, 2017, 11:28:02 AM
Following the results of the epochal blockchain-mitap held in ITPark Kazan, the Genesis Block community announces the launch of a contest with a unique prize - a real hardware Ledger Wallet Nano S. Following this link you can find how it looks like -

By the way... This cryptowallet was bought by FUNCOIN ( crypto currency. Yes, you probably already have a virtual wallet, but this is absolutely real and you can buy it from our traders @ at http://www.криптокошелек.рф/ This device is now in short supply. And also, some rummors say that keepkey was hacked! But Ledger Wallet Nano S is not the subject for such actions, only if through a tunnel microscope! Ledger Wallet Nano S can hold several kinds of crypto currency, connect to a computer and you can be sure that your funds will always remain with you and nothing will happen to them even if a computer breaks down. The wallet can be always carried with you as a mobile phone, it easily fits in the pocket. Yes, we know that you already want such a hardware wallet! So read the rules of the competition and follow them.

1. Follow the telegram of the OpenLedger blockchain chat room -

2. Join the Genesis Block community chat-

3. Buy 5 FUNCOINs on the Livecoin exchange, and transfer them to the wallet in OpenLeger, without forgetting to send us your login in Open Ledger to our e-mail:

To register on the OpenLedger DEX exchange you need to follow the link -
To register on the LiveCoin Currency Exchange follow the link -

As soon as we collect 300 active users who have fulfilled all the conditions of the contestLedger Wallet Nano S will find its owner. We will choose a lucky person by random basis and inform everyone.
Are you ready?! Let's start! The prize is waiting!

And don't forget to follow FUNCoin's chat -
Here you 'll find the latest news and comments about the currency which is rapidly grows.
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