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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: [Bounty] COMBO Network ex COCOS-BCX | 🚀 100k USD Worth of Tokens 🚀 LISTED on: April 18, 2023, 03:48:38 PM
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2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Blanked on: April 08, 2023, 03:56:12 PM
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3  Other / Off-topic / I deleted on: April 08, 2023, 01:53:39 PM
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Why Banks are Failing and Crypto adoption is at its Highs on: April 03, 2023, 01:36:54 PM
As you guys know that Silicone valley bank became bankrupt and that was Disaster for the banks world and also there is an alarming pressure on European banks cause they might have not funds other than they claim that they have. That's why crypto us a good thing just hold your worth too you without knowing that how much money do you have and it's a game changer. And I like it's very much.
And  I think that in future we might see more banks to crash and tit would nit be good for the banks. As banks use people's money to invest in business and jn return they get a lot of money by just holding people's funds. That's why I never put my money in banks either.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / What could be the Symptoms of Getting Loss in gambling According to you? on: April 03, 2023, 12:00:58 PM
I think that maybe this question might have repeated over time but still I was Saying that I have seen that when we loose almost 50% of our portfolio in loss than we get nervous and we don't know what to do. As we work hard and make our lives better but we end up loosing our money. So I think these cloud be main symptoms. And these are listed below as these are according to me.
1. First things is that we want all in all to cover our losses in just one bet.
2. We use leverage that is more than enough to blow account in matter of minutes and that is very bad.
3. We don't know what to do.
4. We get addicted to gambling and that is bad.
5. We become frustrated and some people end up loosing their lives cause they don't have any choice.

By the way don't Roast me 🙂😜
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Advantage of accepting bitcoin in business on: April 01, 2023, 04:35:44 AM
I think there are a lot of advantages to accept Bitcoin in business and these are listed below and ate according to me,
1. Bitcoin is a future can store Bitcoin for next 10 years
2. Bitcoin is a fastest payment gateway.
3. Through Bitcoin international Traffic will come
4. In future Governments encourage Bitcoin accepting Merchants.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / F1 Car Racing 2023 Tournament Round Is Currently Starting? on: March 31, 2023, 03:44:59 PM
Today I was reading About F1 Car racing and I found out that F1 Racing Round 3 Is begining right now and there is currently practice going on.
I Like F1 car racing Because it is the future of Gaming industry. And there is always millions of dollars of Advertising going on. Personally I like McLaren and it's my favorite car company right now.
So who is going to participate in this F1 Car racing?
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Is McLaren Good Or Redbull Good In F1 Racing? on: March 30, 2023, 01:34:17 PM
Today I was reading news that F1 Racing has been started and Still there are a lot of companies are participating In Which Honda, McLaren, Redbull etc are participating and they are one a very high Road.
As I was reading than I have seen that Redbull Company offers more to it's users and recently they have Landed plane on a Helipad. And that was insane.
My question was that which Company do you like and actually which company is better actually?
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Evidence that I actually invested for my baby on: March 28, 2023, 07:23:27 PM
Few days a go, I made a thread on the topic "early bitcoin investment for my baby" I got some comments saying I should show evidence showing I actually invested the money.

Here is the evidence:

I invested the $50 and even more from my little savings and from what I got from what well wishers gave to my baby.
I will be putting money in the wallet from time to time too.

Thank you all for the congratulatory messages. I really do appreciate. 🤗
I don't know what that's mean but I ill say that that's good idea for you son. But there is no any kind of guarantee that crypto will boom in near future as you know that  crypto can collapse but these chances are very little as compared to the other stock.
By the way I think that only Bitcoin can survive and there is not guarantee to others crypto currency even Ethereum.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Have anyone got more than 30,000 Dogecoin from on: March 28, 2023, 06:19:41 PM
Hi guys I created this task because I was wondering that wether someone got some more than 10k or even 50k dogecoin in 2018 or even 2017 where dogecoin price was very low and at that time I was getting free money from (Note: This website has been shut down)
And I have gotten almost more than 30k Dogecoin and I hag regret that I sold than on a mere 35 or 40 dollars and after 1 or 2 year I was stunned to see Dogecoin price and I still regret this. I have no idea what have I done. Maybe I should have kept it and maybe that was fate to regret only past. Now I have moved On. So I am hoping for a good future.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Can a casino ever run without the government's awareness? on: March 28, 2023, 02:17:30 PM
Is it possible to run a decentralized gambling platform? I know that all popular gambling platforms have no choice but to be transparent to the law to have a steady business running, but with the introduction of CBDC and yes a registered gambling platform has no choice but to accept CBDC too, and I don't trust this centralized currency, I believe CBDC will have the capability to monitor incoming and outgoing funds, so that is what makes me think if it's possible to run a decentralized gambling platform at all.
When Bitcoin was created and after sometime I have seen that some Casino were built on DeFi platform and they were running without any government officials.
And also I have heard that Indian Government has shut down 100 plus Gambling sites that use crypto directly or indirectly. And I can say that Now governments are more strict than before and they are going for a regulation.
12  Bitcoin / Mining / Mining Bitcoin on Water Source or Solar Power? on: March 27, 2023, 07:00:53 PM
Today I was thinking that what could be the best way to mine crypto with cheaper source of energy and than I searched on Google and I found our the Solar Power or Water Source of energy could be a better option mine because they need Lower maintenance and lower cost to other source of energy.
So my question is that is Solar Power energy better than the Water Source of energy. As every body has their own opinions. Let's see what will happen.
13  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Bitcoin Mining with Nuclear Power on: March 27, 2023, 06:55:11 PM
In my opinion mining Bitcoin with Nuclear power energy is not realistic because there are almost of regulations to run Atomic or nuclear power because only governments can allow this.
And if we do this than it would be sustainable energy but there could be a lot of cost to the staff because they have to monitor these mining facilities. That's why I will recommend alternative options and that are described below

1. Solar Power
2. Wind mill
3. Water Source of Energy
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Never, ever, buy your hardware wallet from a third-party on: March 27, 2023, 06:49:40 PM
I can garee with you on this regard as I will say that There a re alot of scams going on with ledger wallet. When you buy ledger wallet from a third party, they installed Virus when you input your wallet adress than all your crypto information goes to them and they can easily hack and than stole your money. I have heard a lot and that sucks because there are a lot of scammers and there should be a way to eliminate them. I do not know but let's see what will happen?
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [Boxing] Casimero vs Nghitumbwa (May 3) on: March 27, 2023, 03:07:02 PM
Just announced a few hours ago that Johnriel Casimero will be fighting against an unknown opponent (at least to many) and his name is Fillipus Nghitumbwa. Per below boxing record, his resume is not impressive so i think this will be a walk in the park for Quadro Alas.

This fight may not be so exciting to some users here but for us coming from the PH, Quadro Alas fighting in his country is a big thing as we seldom see him fight in the PH when he become a world champion.

Nghitumbwa for his part has not fought on foreign land and he got not much experience with only 13 fights but still hoping that he could give Casimero a competitive fight.

What do you guys think of this fight?

As you have mentioned above I will say that this fight could not be exciting for someone who are not so keen to Boxing. Because mostly people love wrestling and also that's still better that we are seeing Boxing fights in 2023 and it will be epic for me.
I am ready for the action of Johnriel Casimero because maybe he is not hest but still he is a good player and I would love to see his actions. Lest see what will happened and I am waiting for May 2023.
16  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Re: Garena free fire account for sale with facebook account of 0 friends. on: March 26, 2023, 05:45:29 PM
Garena Free Fire game account for sale, with new facebook account with 0 followers,
4 years old
Level 62 with 1800 likes
Total 34 characters unlocked, and pets
50+ Rare unique Items
50+ old/ancient rare items
100+ dresses
158000 Gold coins
4000+ loadout equips
13 custom cards
Price $80

If anyone knows crypto marketplaces where i can sell this account please provide links

I think that you have worked hard to reach such high level as you can see that I am also a hardcore gamer. I will suggest you to, if you want to sell than you should EScrew payment and also your account so that both parties will be in a Safe zone. Cause I have seen that there are a lot of scams going on and you could also loose your account without money.
There some websites where you can sell your account and these are listed below as follows

Playerup is a good option because they have high security and faster service and they are not scam. You can try it there.
17  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Can miners Manipulate network to benefit themselves on: March 26, 2023, 05:40:03 PM

I have been looking at mempool because it has an interesting visual of how blocks are being mined and the alike, but looking at this further this has prompted me to ask whether it's possible for miners to manipulate the network to benefit themselves through artificial incentives.

Why do I ask, well if you look at some of these blocks in the photo above, you can see that some blocks have less than 500 transactions when on other days we have 2000 to 3000 transactions being accommodated in each block, so really how does the mining mechanics work because at the moment we have over 50 thousand transactions in 212 blocks pending and to clear this why arent more transactions being accommodated in each block to clear the clog???

My question: Do miners manipulate the network in their favor to get better incentives?
Usually I will say that it's 50% possibility of Manipulation In market because in late 2017 when a simple miner could make 0.5 Bitcoin at that time we saw that there was news that Bitcoin miners have been shut down in china, that result in crash of Bitcoin price and that could have been alarming....
Now a days Bitcoin is a crypto where mining difficulty is so much that if miners shut down their mining machine than they could be in loss and thus they have to run so that they get their investment back nevertheless to make some profit. So I think now a days it do not depends of Bitcoin miners. Let's see what will happen in the future.
18  Economy / Economics / Re: Lending money or damaging family bond ? on: March 26, 2023, 03:13:49 PM

Managing finances properly is key to our financial life, which is well known to each of us, I guess. I feel like this is in my bones so sometimes I make some decisions subconsciously. I recently ran into a situation where I found myself really awkward. Last July or August(I can't remember that clearly), one of my extended family cousin asked me for three thousand dollars as he lost his job and could not pay off his loans. I refuse to lend him the money cause I knew him well that he was not a solid trustworthy guy. A few days ago we met on a family reunion occasion and he did not really talk to me and I suddenly realized that it was because I didn't lend him money last year. I think about it twice and if he had not been that untrustworthy, I would have definitely lent him the money. Anyway, I hope he is doing fine now and best wishes to him.
You are right in your ways but I will say that people who cannot manage their expenses and also business strategy and also their Saving, they always get ruined. And I want to say that there has been similar occasion with me as my cousin asked to lend me some 50 or 100 dollar as he want to buy a phone as he has also some savings. I asked him to save more money and buy because lend from someone and than buy something is not good. And also I knew him that he was corrupt and do not return money too.
19  Other / Off-topic / There are A lot of Scammers on Internet than any other platform on: March 26, 2023, 02:23:54 PM
Hi guys I have joined crypto since a very long time maybe form 2018. At that time I have had no knowledge and I went to join some airdrops but earnings was very low. Here I met many new telegram members and everyone trying to Scam with with me. Mostly of them are from USA, Nigeria and UK. some people use Women voice and they trap new people to join investment scheme and other such things.
As telegram is much more secure than any other Social media that's why there are a lot of Scammers than any other platform. And I think that sucks. And these are the people in which new People don't believe in crypto and we have to change it.
I have blocked almost 100+ Scammers and there are more people coming and everyone has their own strategy to Scam with us. Is this happened to you or only me.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Legal side to promoting bitcoin. on: March 25, 2023, 06:48:43 AM
I think your speculations are not right as you can see that there are a lot of people who promote shit coins and no one gives damn about because they can say that Why you Invest were were just talking because we like this project.
And also SEC won't do anything as there have been a lot of frauds like Solana Crash, FTX collapse, and so Terra Lunna scam and I don't know that how you didn't get anything from these biggest scams in crypto history.
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