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521  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: another bearish sign? CCN evolves towards a standard stock market website on: February 08, 2019, 06:28:18 AM
Eh, they're probably just trying to diversify. They've already built up a brand (lol) and it seems like they have a lot of viewership that also happen to be interested in financial markets. This would be a smart move even if Bitcoin were doing great. But yeah, the crypto space has been really boring lately so it's also entirely possible that reduced traffic has forced them into transitioning earlier than intended. Still not a bearish sign though I'd say.

The Bitcointalk one is probably more related to the increasing scarcity of signature campaigns and the general realization that bounties are shit. It could also be because there's not a lot to talk about anymore lol.
522  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Taintchain on Bitcoin on: February 08, 2019, 05:27:35 AM
The concept of "taint" has actually existed for a while now. Check this question out from 2013:

I wouldn't be surprised if an algorithm similar to this is already being used widely by governments. As for the privacy concern, I don't think so. I mean, Bitcoin is completely transparent anyway, so if someone wanted to breach your privacy(?), they could do it with or without taint algorithms. This is why it's important to protect your anonymity, which in this case is very different from privacy -- your transactions could be public while your identity is private.
523  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Easy way to create workstations solely for processing crypto on: February 07, 2019, 08:31:18 AM
Thanks for the reply. Yes, meaning a desktop setup just for doing crypto related stuff like wallet management or trading crypto. Paranoid about using my house computer for managing cause its shared with many people.

You don't really need a guide for this. Get a new PC (preferrably one you assemble on your own), install an OS (preferrably Linux as it is easier to secure), fire it up, and only use it for crypto related stuff while following basic internet security guidelines. There's no need for fancy, techy set ups as most screw ups in the crypto space could be avoided with better judgement anyway.

If you want one that could double as a miner, you might want to try the Mining section as they could give more specific advice for your hardware needs.
524  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Will Be The Native Cryptocurrency, Says Twitter CEO on: February 07, 2019, 07:54:19 AM
that statement is somewhat restricting bitcoin to the "internet" while bitcoin is not just an online currency but you can also use it as a currency in physical stores granted you still have to use the internet to broadcast the transaction but nowadays everything including banks are using the internet so you can't call that "internet money".

I don't think his statement restricts Bitcoin at all. He simply said that the internet needs its own currency and that Bitcoin could fill that need. I don't necessarily agree with needing a native internet currency, but it would make sense for Bitcoin to be just that when things get down to it. Meanwhile, it could just as easily be real world money at the same time.

The term "native currency of the internet" is kinda pointless to me.I don't understadn it.
Bitcoin still isn't a 100% currency.It's a digital asset.BTC's value will have to decrease over time,in order to abide by the Gresham's law about bad money.That's how btc will replace electronic fiat payments.

I don't think that's applicable to Bitcoin at all. Fiat isn't inherently more valuable than Bitcoin, and even if it is, Bitcoin's value wouldn't need to drop for it to be considered "bad". It mostly revolves around the inherent value of the actual currencies. For this to kick in in favor of Bitcoin, people would have to consider paper (with ever increasing supply, no less) considerably superior to scarce digital money which could be spent regardless of borders.
525  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The Indian government is worried that cryptocurrencies may destabilise the rupee on: February 07, 2019, 05:57:42 AM
Well I mean, it's a legitimate concern. Managing economies is hard enough as is, and adding an uncontrollable variable on top of that surely wouldn't make things any easier. Either way, I personally don't think crypto can destabilize economies as it currently is. Their worries are several decades too early. I just don't know if they're purposely thinking way ahead or are ignorant of the topic at hand lol.
526  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: US Government becoming friendlier to bitcoin on: February 05, 2019, 07:53:18 AM
Ask yourself why they included this part.. " The key idea of the the second point is that something can be classified as a Digital Token if the rules of “creation and supply” can’t be altered by a central person or team. " - Source :

Do they want to make a clear distinction between government controlled tokens and public tokens for some reason and why?

I think you may have misunderstood it. They're saying something can only be classified as a Digital Token if the rules for creation or supply can't be dictated. They're basically creating a new asset class and are setting new guidelines in place.

The only distinction it creates is if certain coins don't fit the criteria, they'd most likely be considered securities instead of Digital Tokens.
527  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Kid should start earning bitcoin as young as kindlegarden on: February 05, 2019, 07:19:10 AM
You could argue that our education system is flawed, but the fact remains that children need time to develop. Their formative years need to be spent for that purpose. They could possibly try to earn money during that time, sure, but how exactly?

Society, as it currently is, also expect them to be educated by the time they enter the workforce. For this to even be somewhat viable, society as we know it has to be overhauled from the top down.

Also, what do you mean Bitcoin is easy to earn? Do you want them relying on faucets? Trading? Signature campaigns? I don't particularly care whether or not they try to earn for themselves, but again, they need to invest a lot of time on their personal development (not necessarily formal education) to actually be able to acquire the skills that will help them earn money they could live off of. It's easy to say that they should be earning money as soon as possible, but there's the question of how.
528  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: How "Escalator" and "Elevator" be compared in an example about Bitcoin? on: February 05, 2019, 02:17:09 AM
I think the major problem and reason why the bitcoin seems to be having a sort of stunted or stuttering growth is down to how it's being used,bitcoin has a purpose to fulfil,and that's the purpose for it's creation which is to be used for buying and selling.
But a lot has changed and now it's use is more for buy and hodl.That way there is less adoption and more volatility which makes its growth staggered to an extent

Eh, I'm pretty sure even the most hardcore hodlers still spend every now and then. I think the issue is that it's not as straightforward as swiping your card or using Paypal, which deters the mainstream from using it, which, in turn, deters merchants from accepting it. This should get better with time though, as information slowly disseminates.
529  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: filing tax on hodling on: February 04, 2019, 07:44:53 AM

What I am saying is I sold it the first time and bought again after which price dropped significantly. I am still hodling from the second attempt, how do i claim this thousands of dollar loss to offset the few hundred gain?

You sell, then buy in again. If for example, you bought $100 worth in January and it had plummeted to $50 by December, you can sell it then claim a $50 capital loss. You then buy the same amount again. Don't trust random strangers on the internet though, you're better off talking to professionals.
530  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: 773M Emails Hacked on: February 04, 2019, 05:37:25 AM
So the hack's origin is apparently unknown, and could very well be just a collection of past hacks:

Q. How long ago were these sites breached?
It varies. The first site on the list I shared was 000webhost who was breached in 2015, but there's also a file in there which suggests 2008. These are lots of different incidents from lots of different time frames.

It's no reason for immediate panic, but it's a wake up call to people who reuse their passwords nonetheless. It's also worth noting that some email providers are better with security than others. Remember the Yahoo breach?
531  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: filing tax on hodling on: January 31, 2019, 06:25:43 AM
There are actually very specific guides that cater to people who churned out a loss in the US. Here are a few:

Either way, it can get very complicated very quickly especially if you haven't been cashing out or trading at all. I would recommend you contact an actual professional.
532  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Another ETF proposal : Bitwise on: January 25, 2019, 08:44:41 AM
It is quite a pity that Bitcoin has now become under the mercy of the regulators who are in the first place one of the big reasons why Bitcoin came into being and that is to bypass them altogether so we can never anymore be under their control.

I feel like that's taking it a bit too far considering this is just an ETF. The SEC's decision won't have any fundamental effect on the Bitcoin network or its transactions at all.

But then reality struck and reality bites so now the so-called bull run is hinged with the approval of any ETF applications now under the desk of the SEC. On the contrary, I don't believe that ETC can be the right trigger for any bull run. It must be the demand for Bitcoin and there is no guarantee that the ETF can be providing this demand in the first place as all of these things are just speculative. However, don't get me wrong as I am also excited in cases an ETF can be approved.

Yep, ETF approval is just one of the many possible catalysts. It's also the most obvious one at the moment, which is why people won't stop clamoring for it.
533  Economy / Economics / Re: Russia Prepares To Buy Up To $10 Billion In Bitcoin To Evade US Sanctions on: January 25, 2019, 07:53:15 AM
In fact, you said that gold is the superior option short-term

But that's a minor transgression, really. The much bigger one is that gold is not good even for long-term investment or holding (call it what you like) for nation states unless you control the world gold trade (read, can set prices as you see fit). And it is definitely not Russia which controls it. Buying gold is a poor man's choice, only at a national level. Russia is freezing their resources in gold which means losing time and opportunity

Okay, let me reclarify my position. I never once mentioned anything about gold or Bitcoin as an investment. I was talking strictly within the context of Russia diversifying from the USD, keeping their money's value given the choice of gold vs Bitcoin. In this case, I said, gold would be much better than Bitcoin short-term because it is less prone to tanking -- something which may concern Russia in Bitcoin's case because they aren't exactly doing  well. When their shit hits the fan, which may happen soon, they'd probably want to hold the more reputable asset as far as the global economy goes. I concede that it may not be actually good like you're saying, but at the very least, I'd say it's less bad than Bitcoin. Either way, I agree to disagree.

If anything, they should invest these resources in their economic development instead. But the latter seems to be beyond their "capacity", and all they can do now is buy gold and a basket of foreign currencies with the dollars they receive from selling mineral resources such as crude oil, metals, natural gas, etc

I completely agree.
534  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Would it be fair to say that BTC miners are voting on the correct transactions? on: January 25, 2019, 07:13:54 AM
I could be wrong, but the way I understand it, miners can choose which transactions their nodes accept and put in a block. They're not voting per se as the confirmed transactions depend on which miner actually mines the block. I guess they can "vote" or at least let their opinions be heard by not choosing to mine certain transactions like in this case.
535  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Lightning Network: Can it be the next level of business form? on: January 25, 2019, 05:47:47 AM
Sounds bullshit to me, routing transaction fees on most LN nodes are very low (usually below 1 cents)

Making your nodes have hundred of channel isn't easy unless you're merchant, have big coin capacity or you're the one who connect to other nodes (which mean you spend transaction fees). Additionally, if you set fees for transaction routing high, LN client could route through another nodes which offer lower fees.

This is true. The way the system is set up is a race to the bottom for fees by going for quantity over quality. I wouldn't be looking at running a Lightning Network node to make money, especially not at this point where it hasn't really reached the mainstream crypto population yet.

So, it looks like running an e-commerce shop and accepting payments through LN looks more profitable than opening hundreds of LN. A lot of e-commerce already start to use LN too, according to some reports[1].


It's very much still in its infancy. It looks like they've only processed a hundred or so transactions as of the time of writing:

In an email, CoinGate said: "We have processed more than 100 payments, with no single error. In the beginning, we announced that we will reimburse losses if they occur because of a network error, but it actually never happened."

It's also not as straighforward as setting up a server and keeping it running lol
536  Economy / Economics / Re: Russia Prepares To Buy Up To $10 Billion In Bitcoin To Evade US Sanctions on: January 25, 2019, 05:15:35 AM
Gold is good for private investors (and not so much for nation states)

And only as a store of value, i.e. if you are looking to earn money with it, it is definitely not the best (or even second best) choice and option. People buy gold to store their wealth in it, but you should have already acquired that wealth in the first place and not be looking to multiply it. And physical gold is definitely a long-term investment, with investment horizons possibly exceeding decades. If you want to use gold as a short-term investment (for whatever reason), you'd better look into gold derivatives as you will save yourself a lot of overhead expenses that possessing physical gold invariably involves (buying it, storing it, and then selling it)

You may have misunderstood my point. I wasn't saying it's better as an investment short-term, just that it's one of the best options for them if they want to diversify i.e. keep their money's value. They're not turning away from the USD to make money after all.
537  Economy / Economics / Re: Russia Prepares To Buy Up To $10 Billion In Bitcoin To Evade US Sanctions on: January 23, 2019, 07:55:12 AM

That's a fair point. I never looked at it that way. I still think gold is the (much) superior option short-term though, as you don't risk it losing ~80% of its value in the span of less than a year. Either way, there's really no way for us to know what these people are doing behind the scenes lol.

That's not even a sure thing. I think we all got bamboozled. Nobody has been able to verify whether Ginko really works for RANEPA. All of this speculation was built on a few Twitter posts and zero fact-checking.

Yeah lol it's not as much a "report" as an out of nowhere claim. It did get him a small spotlight though, so good for him.
538  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: Do you have a cryptocurrency or blockchain idea for a patent? on: January 22, 2019, 08:14:37 AM
This looks like it belongs to the Services section. You'll have a lot more hits there. You can move the topic by clicking "Move Topic" on the lower left corner of the page.

Also, you may want to include references of your identity, past work, etc.
539  Economy / Economics / Re: Russia Prepares To Buy Up To $10 Billion In Bitcoin To Evade US Sanctions on: January 22, 2019, 06:19:46 AM
As I get it, no one is actually believing in Bitcoin here

And all that noise that people were making nonstop 24/7 about Bitcoin being "digital gold", "the best store of value ever", "world money", it was all thorough bullshit and elaborate lie, right? So is there a soothing light at the end of the tunnel or is it just the freight train coming our way? On the other hand, Russia not doing well financially (with that freight train coming their way) may be desperately looking for a way out ("wunderwaffe"), and in that case we can expect many strange decisions not quite in line with sound reasoning and logic, bordering on insane

I don't think it's a lack of belief, it's more of believing that Russia will not be able to afford to risk that amount for long-term gains. A lot of believers here are in for the long haul so they couldn't care less about how well Bitcoin is doing in the short term -- something that Russia should probably be very concerned about.

Large entities usually tend to stock up on whatever they plan to buy in, then have news outlets start with what seems to be an empty rumor, where after that the entities themselves confirm the rumors.

It wasn't even a news outlet. The reports apparently came from one Russian economist, and everyone just picked up on it. He does have ties to the Russian Government though, which is why he was taken seriously.

But yeah, same dude also speculated that Bitcoin will reach $2m by the end of 2019. He could very well be a sitting on a good amount and wants to make some cash. We won't know for sure though, I guess.
540  Economy / Economics / Re: Russia Prepares To Buy Up To $10 Billion In Bitcoin To Evade US Sanctions on: January 21, 2019, 08:36:41 AM
right now i not see news like this have effect to make BTC price pump too much.

only news like exchange hack can make BTC price dump more than everything

It can't, because it's based on very shaky speculation. I'm pretty sure no one wholeheartedly believes this, considering Bitcoin's recent woes and how large the amount is. They probably can't risk all of that, especially because they aren't even doing well financially in the first place. If it does happen though, I'd expect a furious bull run. I mean, Bitcoin as a reserve currency? Sign me up lol.
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