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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: [Torrent]
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821  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Few fake bitcoin hacking tricks or script. Save your money from scammers. on: September 11, 2018, 09:29:21 AM
I want to share few fake Bitcoin hacking script. Don't be much greedy to try it. You might be lose money or hacked your pc. That's why I put link on code. Links aren't safe to browse.

Simply if you search on YouTube or Google you will find lot of hacking tricks or script. Just type how to hack Bitcoin , than you can see result. Actually script maker made video himself or he hire promoter to promote fake script. Especially you will find too much video on YouTube. And there you will find so many positive comment, actually they are a scammer team. They will show you fake video that they hacked successfully. Than they will give you link same I given below. Once you download or enter link they will ask for payment to buy script or password and key. This is totally fake. Some of script for genarate private key. You believe it's possible genarate private key from others address? Never , it's not possible. If they can do it so why they need to sale script ? They can easily hacked any wallet. They can easily become billionaire. Remember it's not possible to genarate private key ever. Don't trust this kind of script.

Don't pay them if asking someone for hacking tools.

This post for awareness, if you find something like this greedy website or script just avoid it. If you install any script they might hacked your device.

Some example of script and website.


Good on you to compile a list!

Still, the most effective way to tackle this problem is to stress that Bitcoin is practically unhackable. It's as safe as the steps its owner have taken to protect it and there's no going around that at all.
822  Economy / Economics / Re: How Bitcoin becomes a real currency on: September 08, 2018, 09:56:40 AM
Have you copied that? That's too academic.

Doesn't look like it, surprisingly. I tried Googling random snippets and it only ever returned this thread as the sole result. Wow what a wall of text.

But yeah, great effort. I see you're basically saying it boils down to Bitcoin being used for trade, which I completely agree with.

Probably translated

Dutch Shield NLG   2.2037
- there was no dutch "shield"  it was the Guilder

Since the images are from baidu , most likely it was translated from a Chinese article

I considered that, but the grammar seems way too good for an automated translation service. He must have done it himself if it's really translated. Oh well, we won't really know until OP comes back to respond.
823  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: This strategy is mostly used for price manipulation on: September 08, 2018, 08:39:00 AM
Do people actually pay attention to these? I mean, there are new predictions popping up daily and it looks like the market has matured enough to ignore them. People only really talk about it if the person who made the prediction is popular or something and even then, expectations regarding its outcome are generally low.

I'm not saying there are no attempts, just that I don't think this would be a very effective one.
824  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: New Method of Veryfying transactions?! on: September 08, 2018, 06:53:31 AM
Things should be kept as simple as possible, so it's really not stupid to propose a simple solution. There's this, however:

New Issues;
Security/Spam- This plataform needs to be secure and don't allow spam.(if so everyone would ask everyone for transactions)

It can't work at all unless this is addressed. You also missed decentralization. Something like this already happens with banking systems, but it's worthless as a cryptocurrency because of that crucial factor.
825  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: POW to Hybrid conversion on: September 08, 2018, 05:45:27 AM
I don't know exactly how to convert to a hybrid consensus mechanism, but maybe looking at a coin that employs it will help? I found this:

...which is an open source project whose Github repo can be found here:

Hope that helps!
826  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Re: ledger nano s very confusing . on: September 08, 2018, 03:11:23 AM
Thanks for all your help .
My Ledger Nano S is now working fine on my home computer.

As I only clicked on " bitcoin" and have nothing in it yet , My friend says he will send me a little bitcoin as an experiment ( neither of us know much about this ) , but I'm not sure how this part works.

 I went to my Ledger manager , clicked on my bitcoin account and clicked on receive, I was given a long string of digits which I copied and saved.

Do I email my friend the string of digits, or how do we go about sending and receiving ?

I saw the box that would be clicked on to indicate " send" and no doubt the amount to be sent would be asked by the Ledger manager , and another string of digits or QR  generated to be sent to me .

If that's correct and I get it in an email , what do I do next ?

 I'm not sure how I would get what he sends into my Ledger manager..
 Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks . 

The long string of digits is your Bitcoin address. That's where your friend will send the coins -- I can't provide you with precise instructions right now, but there should be an address field when he's trying to send via the app. He should paste the long string there, and send.

Once he sends it, you can check the transaction by searching your address on a blockchain explorer like this. It should also show up on your Ledger app. Make sure you guys only experiment with miniscule amounts.
827  Economy / Economics / Re: Currency Ban. 91 people died in queues outside ATMs and banks on: September 07, 2018, 01:12:51 PM
Its demonetization, it wasn't well planned, but was necessary at that time. The amount of corruption going around in India goes way beyond than what we speak. The current Prime Minister is trying hard to bring his country to the top, the number of visits he has made to other countries for discussing things and getting things done is astounding. You can poke him how much ever you want, but he's doing something. People were given so many days to convert their money. It wasn't a great move, but it ruined the lives of those who live by corruption, and doing illicit things.

I don't really think it has anything to do with corruption. They tried to go cashless and it backfired. They're walking these steps back now.

Their general anti-crypto sentiment may even be over-correction from this failed attempt. This is nothing but conjecture on my part though.
828  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Coinbase Taps $6 Trillion Asset Manager BlackRock on: September 07, 2018, 12:35:51 PM
it is like a fever! the ETF fever!
everyone's got it and they can't seem to be able to shake it. which makes me wonder how much money is in "creating" an ETF? there must be quite a lot since shitloads of people are trying to do it. and the funny part is that SEC keeps rejecting all of them, even the ones that seemed most promising.

Well if Coinbase is pushing it, even getting a firm that's rather anti-crypto involved, I assume they'll be sparing no expense because they have a lot to gain. It's a win-win situation for them considering how an ETF approval could directly increase the demand for custodial services, which they offer. Additionally, it would also cement their reputation amongst institutional investors. I feel like I know how this will end, but it's still going to be interesting watching the whole thing unfold.
829  Economy / Economics / Re: How Bitcoin becomes a real currency on: September 07, 2018, 11:54:47 AM
Have you copied that? That's too academic.

Doesn't look like it, surprisingly. I tried Googling random snippets and it only ever returned this thread as the sole result. Wow what a wall of text.

But yeah, great effort. I see you're basically saying it boils down to Bitcoin being used for trade, which I completely agree with.

I might have missed a few stuff, but how do you think it would be possible to manage Bitcoin's deflation and inflation? I don't think this is at all possible. Or were you strictly talking about expectations? Like, tell people prices won't increase so they're less incentivized to hold or something like that?
830  Economy / Economics / Re: 44 % of startups/ICO still active 120 days following the end of their fundraise on: September 07, 2018, 10:44:56 AM
You can also conclude that half numbers of ICO was scam. It also gives the idea that ICO nowadays is not profitable because of its success rate and legitamacy of it.

Even that number is generous. A study said that 80% of them were scams. Being active for 120 days after the end of fundraising definitely doesn't mean they're legitimate. The way the whole ICO thing is set up, it's just way too easy for the people behind them to disappear that you can never really ignore that possibility no matter how far in you are.

We don't have much data to work with, but a quick look on the graph says they've been getting less effective. I guess awareness is starting to catch up with them. I certainly hope that trend continues until only the legitimate ones are able to secure funding.
831  Economy / Economics / Re: If the stocks market will crash again like 2008, what will happen to bitcoin on: September 07, 2018, 09:25:20 AM
It's possible for people to take their money out and not do anything else with it. It would be easy to assume they'd be flocking to alternatives, one of which would be Bitcoin, but there's apparently some correlation between the stock market and Bitcoin:

And here's a piece as to why Bitcoin may not be a reliable hedge, from a traditional investor:

All of this could easily change though, of course. I'm not rooting for the stock market to fall, but it would be interesting if Bitcoin acted as a hedge. Bitcoin is still very new, so patterns are still very much unreliable. All we can really do is observe.
832  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Private sale, pre sale, public sale on: September 07, 2018, 06:23:05 AM
Maybe you can add another stage of an ICO, but not every ICO has it, even if the number is increasing these days...
In addition it's often not visible at the beginning if an ICO has this last step.

All the different stages can sometimes be confusing to investors, or anyone connected to the ICO, so let's walk through the stages of an ICO.
An ICO is usually divided into three parts;

1) Private sale
2) Pre sale
3) Public sale

4) Exit scam

- Exit scam: the last step of some ICOs is indeed the exit scam. This means the ICO owners are taking the raised money and vanish forever. The project will not be completed because this was never planned. The investors have lost all their money and the ICO owners are now rich. But on the onther side they have to hide now because they are criminals and being searched for stealing money.

To avoid investing in SCAM ICOs it's important to review every ICO in a very detailed way - or to stay away from ICOs. The money you haven't spent, you can't lose.  Wink Wink

Lmao you hit the nail right on the head. You could also put a slash in there for failure. Most of them also go through this step because they care more about marketing and raising funds than actually putting out a product that's actually useful. It's an inevitable outcome if everyone who buys your product cares more about what it's going to be worth in the future than what it actually brings to the table. This creates a vicious cycle where both parties are at fault.
833  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How to setup the 21 bitcoin computer? on: September 07, 2018, 05:12:44 AM
Seems like it's obsolete. It might not even be profitable to mine from it. Either way, this looks like a fairly informative video that can walk you through the process. Nothing about running it with Windows though, just the default Raspberry Pi software. There doesn't seem to be a lot of resources online and they're all very dated.
834  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Japanese Crypto Firm Snaps up a Deutsche Bank Heavyweight for Strategist Role on: September 07, 2018, 03:20:44 AM
So um, why is this a big deal? Is it because a crypto firm managed to pirate an employee from a bank? Is that supposed to be syymbolic? Or is the guy just that well-decorated? Seems like he'll be making market speculations from now on, but given the nature of the market, I wouldn't trust his analysis too much.

But yeah I guess it's always good for crypto firms to get better. Their success could lead to increased adoption, so I'm cheering for them.
835  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Coinbase Taps $6 Trillion Asset Manager BlackRock on: September 07, 2018, 02:28:53 AM
Here's a better link:

Wow, people really want this to happen. It makes sense for Coinbase to want an ETF to go through though, considering their new custodian services for institutional investors.

I'm sure people will be optimistic just because Coinbase and BlackRock are behind it, but if the SEC can be consistent with their "the market is too easily manipulated by unkown actors" ruling, this goes right in the trash too.
836  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: paper wallets or hardware wallets on: September 07, 2018, 01:41:19 AM
So I checked it out, and seems legit. I didn't find any scam accusations online, and they even recommend you download a local copy on Github. Neither of those prove anything, but they kind of help. You may still want to stick to more well-known and reputable ones though, especially if you can't verify the code. They're apparently very legit. Make sure you don't use any other domains though (like, because those could be dangerous.

I didn't check out the other ones. Make sure you research properly if you're going to create a wallet with them.
837  Economy / Speculation / Re: BITCOIN towards 24000 USD!!! on: September 06, 2018, 02:06:03 PM
as a rule of thumb whenever you read a news like this you should always check it on your own. for instance they are reporting bitcoin price at $24000 in Iranian exchange. I ask where are these exchanges, why haven't we ever heard of them before? where is the price report? I read the article on, it seems to be pure nonsense and the site they are introducing is nothing but a shady one that is not used. in fact 99% of the traders in Iran are happening either p2p and off the market or on legit exchanges.

It's from a discrepancy between official USD exchange rates and unofficial exchange rates. Like Venezuela, Iran is basically saying their money is worth more than in actually is. The black market rates represent the "real" value of their money, which is why their Bitcoin price seems so inflated. If you check the Localbitcoin rates against the unofficial market USD rates, it's going to amount to ~$6k, which should be around normal price.

The mining announcement is great, because the more distributed and decentralized mining is, the stronger the network is. It's not going to have any immediate wide-reaching impact though, especially with regards to triggering a bull run. Good news for those who support the technology, meh for speculators.
838  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin Hits $24,000 In Iran on: September 06, 2018, 12:41:24 PM
For those claiming arbitrage potential and errors with decimal places, let me dispel that with a scenario:

Let's say you own 1 Bitcoin, and you sold it in Iran so you could earn from arbitrage. Localbitcoins says the rate per Bitcoin is currently 874,755,539.52 IRR, so let's say you ended up with 875m IRR.

Official exchanges say that you can buy $1 for 41,970.80 IRR. That would net you a whopping ~$21k! You've more than tripled your money! Mission accomplished, right?

Well no. Official exchanges are unlikely to sell you any USD because of economic and political reasons. So you're now stuck with a rapidly devaluing IRR.

If you really want to convert IRR to USD, you have to use unofficial exchanges, which offer a $1 for 140k IRR rate. If we use that instead, you're only going to end up with ~$6k, which is just about what Bitcoin is normally worth. The whole process will be pointless.

I hope people read this lol.
839  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin Hits $24,000 In Iran on: September 06, 2018, 11:18:17 AM

What the hell lol that was so confusing. So they basically have a black market for USD like Venezuela does? Wouldn't this scenario offer a massive profit opportunity for Iranians? Or it at least does on first glance. It'll only work if the official exchanges let you buy USD, which I doubt.
840  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: Considering about to collect tax about crypto currency on: September 06, 2018, 08:59:05 AM
I don't think having an international uniform method is necessary. I assume most countries currently fall under number 1, which is basically the default option outside special regulations.

I'm not sure about withholding taxes. Wouldn't they make things more complicated just because crypto is so volatile? Time of purchase is probably the most ideal time to apply it though.

By cooperation, do you mean sharing taxpayer info between countries? I personally wouldn't be very comfortable with that.
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