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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Which one is the best to earn more? airdrop or bounty? on: May 15, 2020, 09:11:09 AM
I think Bounty and airdrop are the simplest way for you to get some free coins. But if you have a source of capital, it's better to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency projects, especially at this time, the price of Bitcoin is rising and therefore the price of Altcoin starts to increase.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Good or bad plan? on: May 15, 2020, 08:25:00 AM
I think the effect of the pandemic situation is already saturated and will not see more impact on crypto market due to it. From my point of view buying BTC at the moment can be done but need to wait a little longer to get good returns.
Maybe you can invest 50% now and if it goes down more, you can invest the rest of the funds to buy BTC.
I think buying bitcoin is not the right time now because the price of bitcoin has started to go up to almost $ 10k, maybe you can buy some altcoins that are down and don't forget to choose altcoins that have the potential to go up

I agree. But still you can buy some Bitcoin at this time because the price is still playing ups and downs. Just better do look and observe the price chart for the behavior and choose for the best buying price. But that idea was not that ideal right now because indeed that the price of Bitcoin is already rising into an incredible price. It is also good not to just focus on Bitcoin alone because while its price is rising, other potential Altcoins are experiencing a down fall so it is better to buy some Altcoins assuring that you will be choosing those potential Altcoins only for you to be benefited once its prices have grown up.
That's right, although you can still buy some BItcoin and wait for profit. But better you should choose some altcoins because the prices of altcoins are dropping to pump Bitcoin, this is a good time to buy altcoins, I think.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: I need your help guys! on: May 14, 2020, 08:20:01 AM
I went to the website and found:
-I did not find any information about the team
-Not much information about the project
-I do not see a clear roadmap, even without a vision and strategy.
In my opinion, it is definitely a fraud project, stay away from it.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Good time to buy some alt? on: May 13, 2020, 09:07:46 PM
Bitcoin has surpassed $9k3 now. I'm pretty sure an altcoin season is coming very close. But if you don't like Altcoin, you can buy Bitcoin right now, because I believe it will exceed $10k and go further. Personally, I like Eth, hoping it will surpass $200 in the next 1-2 days.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Solana blockchain on: May 13, 2020, 09:40:14 AM
I came across some information from this project and I found this to be a very good currency to hold and make profit, now it is listed on quite a lot of exchanges and especially Binance. I think its price will increase in the near future.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Extra weeks added to bounty campaign on: May 12, 2020, 08:26:43 AM
In my opinion, expansion campaigns are those that are not supported by investors. If you continue to participate until the end of the campaign, the rewards you receive will be very low and not worth the time you spend, I guess. Anyway, that is still your decision.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ADA or XLM on: May 12, 2020, 04:56:07 AM
In my opinion, the development roadmap and market potential of XLM are very bright. If it were me, I would buy XLM now. But remember, no investment is 100% safe and every decision is risky. In any case, it is up to you to decide.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets on: May 11, 2020, 11:24:39 AM
I am using Electrum Wallet to save Bitcoin, and MEW to save ETH and tokens. Recently, I have read some information that MEW wallets are very error-prone, so, please give me another suggestion instead.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Minereum Token is it a Scam or Not? on: May 11, 2020, 10:29:25 AM
I really hate airdrops that need you to send them a fee. Agreeing to do so will reduce the amount of spam as well as avoid token depreciation. But at the same time, it is also a good reason for scammers to extort your money. I never participated in such airdrops.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Can I 'delete' useless tokens from my wallet? on: May 11, 2020, 07:10:50 AM
I have more than 20 junk tokens, 5 of which are spammed, and of course, its total value is $0. I really wanted to delete them, I tried searching for instructions a lot, but I realized there was no other way but to transfer them to another wallet. Of course, I will need to pay gas charges for that.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Hodl altcoins or..? on: May 10, 2020, 09:16:35 AM
I do not avoid any altcoin at this time, because everything has a pleasant impression for us to monitor. so it will be very difficult for all of us to predict and make choices about our coins to buy ...hard choice.. Huh
Yes, sometimes a lot of Altcoins have a good impression, and we find it harder to choose. I am wondering between the two options, ETH and XRP. I only have a small amount of capital, so I want to focus on an altcoin.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Can the market stand this trial on: May 10, 2020, 08:22:42 AM
Based on the crypto market situation of recent years, I see, the crypto market is gradually recovering its position. So, all we need to do now is wait patiently. Don't lose your trust and why don't you choose a few altcoins to keep them, the profits will come in the near future.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: How do you choose which altcoin will you buy? on: May 09, 2020, 09:01:38 PM
I usually choose to buy altcoins in a very simple way.
- Read the Whitepaper to see the formation process, core values ​​, and future goals.
- Check the supply and price of coins on the market, I often pay attention to the coins with at least 80% of the amount in circulation in the market.
- And finally, check the transaction volume.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What old coins are you still holding? on: May 09, 2020, 06:36:04 PM
I still hold Dogecoin. Was born in 2013, built and developed based on Litecoin. Also, I still hold a few tokens since 2016. But maybe I should not put them up here because most of them are not listed on the exchanges. Those are just a few of my stupid investments.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Can I mine with a Laptop (a strong modern one)? on: May 09, 2020, 06:10:07 PM
I am pretty sure that you can mine with that laptop, but it's like burning your money. Laptops cannot work well with 100% performance and 24/7, after a few days, pretty sure your laptop will be seriously damaged. Instead, I recommend you consider buying VGA second hand.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Should I invest in this new IEO on: May 09, 2020, 05:47:11 PM
If you are new, why don't you choose the mainstream currencies to invest in, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple...etc. However, if you really want to invest in an IEO, I recommend that you wait patiently for IEO from the Binance exchange. LAToken, Probit, Vindax. These exchanges are notoriously bad.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: [BOUNTY]🔶 KoinPro - The Smart Bitcoin Futures Exchange📈 60M TOKENS🤑 BUY-BACK on: May 09, 2020, 08:36:06 AM
#Proof Authentication

Spreadsheet number: 45
Campaign joined: Signature Campaign
Profile Link:;u=1102263
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: what's your reason joining here in crypto? on: November 18, 2018, 03:19:17 PM
I invest in electronic money because this is a great opportunity that I make a lot of money to quickly change my life. I do not want to do hard work that I do not like before. I was involved in investing in electronic money with a friend and using the money I invested in electronic money. And with the profits I earn, it gives me a more stable life.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is it possible to Google to have their own coin ? on: November 18, 2018, 02:02:14 PM
If this information is correct, I can not understand google forbid advertising about electronic money. That means they do not support the development of electronic money. So if they release their own electronic money, that would be paradoxical. So, I think the reason google forbids ads for iCO projects is because they do not want investors losing money from fake ICO.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Fake ico and bounty on: November 18, 2018, 01:20:14 PM
The way to evaluate a fake ICO project is to consider the development path of the project. How does it grow? What is the project development plan in each stage? . if it is too simple or unclear. I can evaluate this as a fake project. Of course, when we find out that the project is fake, we should stop advertising for the project. I do not want many investors lose money by the fake ICO. I also hope that in the future there will be a tool to help identify fake iCO. It is also very beneficial to investors and bounty hunters like us.
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