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541  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Should government consider bitcoin as a legal global currency? on: January 30, 2018, 11:57:30 PM
It's been a good idea around whether making bitcoin a legal currency globally but let us not forget the fact that some countries are against cryptocurrencies that makes it hard for bitcoin to be a legal global currency.
542  Economy / Speculation / Re: Report: Bitcoin to $25,000 by 2022 on: January 30, 2018, 11:46:45 PM
That'll be a good news for the rest of cryptocommunity. Speculations has it that bitcoin will rise more than the amount being presented in the OP which i think is very unlikely to happen considering bitcoin's sluggish movement. But then, bitcoin is very volatile and unpredictable that it might burst starting tomorrow. Bottomline is, we just don't know when it is so i think 25K USD by 2022 may be achieved ahead of time.
543  Economy / Economics / Re: Do You Think Bitcoin Will Replace Dollar Soon? on: January 30, 2018, 11:41:20 PM
We should be very logically approached bitcoin. And honestly saying bitcoin never ever replace Dollar it is going to survive for ever. May be a few volume affected But not maximum level. So I think and confirm that dollar will sustain and bitcoin will rock.

Because they (bitcoin and fiat) are two completely different currency as bitcoin being intangible and fiat being the opposite and i think the same too that both will have their own separate story. Only then that i will have second thought about bitcoin replacing dollar if bitcoin's drawback will be addressed soon.
544  Economy / Economics / Re: When to buy and sell bitcoin on: January 30, 2018, 02:23:25 PM
Basic buy and sell method will be applied here. Of course, you are going to buy bitcoin when the deepest market value can be seen already. On the opposite side, sell only those bitcoin when you think you can have your big profit already.
545  Economy / Economics / Re: 99% of the people still think that fiat money are better than crypto on: January 29, 2018, 03:46:20 PM
We can not force them to think that way between bitcoin and fiat because there are really disadvantages in bitcoin that fiat doesn't have just like when you want to do bitcoin transaction and it suddenly goes offline. Unlike fiat, you can still do transactions even if there is no  internet connection.
546  Other / Archival / Re: What is Bitcoin Wallet? on: January 29, 2018, 09:50:52 AM
A Bitcoin wallet is a product program where Bitcoins are put away. To be actually exact, Bitcoins are not put away anyplace; there is a private key (mystery number) for each Bitcoin address that is spared in the Bitcoin wallet of the individual who claims the adjust. Bitcoin wallets encourage sending and getting Bitcoins and gives responsibility for Bitcoin adjust to the client. The Bitcoin wallet comes in many structures; desktop, versatile, web and equipment are the four fundamental sorts of wallets.

Good discussion about bitcoin wallet that is very useful for newbie for them to understand what really bitcoin wallet is. Maybe it would be a lot better if you include the safety measure one should consider when having a bitcoin wallet.
547  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin to 3rd world countries on: January 29, 2018, 09:48:24 AM
What do you think is the future of bitcoin to these kind of countries which is the poor ones ?
Is bitcoin can be useful for the citizens ?
What would be the government's approach to this kind of currency?

Bitcoin is the currency for the people be it rich or poor. Yes we know that the third world countries are almost deprived from reaching the cyberworld but if only their government should do something about it, bitcoin and the cryptos will change their economic status for it will open job opportunities (like the campaigns we have in this forum) for their constituents to earn without having a capital at all.
548  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Hands up.. robbery. on: January 28, 2018, 10:42:34 PM
If crypto becomes common to spend, wouldnt it be volnourable to robbery? Like in: Ok send me ur crypto to my adress or ur dead.

In case of when people can handle their whole account mobile.

With cash, robbers know people dont have their whole bank with them. However with mobile telephone that is the case.. Or could be.

Should you tell the robbers all your wallets' private keys or account information for them to access it? This is the way how the future would look like in a cashless society and much better if you put your cryptos separately from other wallets. Don't put it all in a single wallet and in case, just tell the (robbers) the wallet that have least value.
549  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Should I buy BTC? on: January 28, 2018, 08:59:53 AM
Bitcoin prices have risen so dramatically lately.

In this situation, I expect to be able to purchase a bit coin, and I think the price will drop soon.

You speculated it right and it was just last December 17 that bitcoin reaches its all-time high value at 20K USD before it starts to fall down way through Christmas and New Year and went on a rise sometimes in January 6 to 7 before it gradually fall down at 10 USD this month. An expected correction is about to happen after the drastic rise of bitcoin and that made the exchange market bloody. Hopefully, bitcoin will continue to rise again as what we can see on the graph, it's climbing back now.
550  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Hotels accepting bitcoin on: January 28, 2018, 08:48:55 AM
As we can see, Hotels are now accepting bitcoins as payment for their goods and services offered. Not only hotels, but some other entities are already accepting bitcoins too. While other's are legitimately using bitcoin as payment, how come other people even say that bitcoin is a scam?
551  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Do you think Bitcoin will survive after 100 year ? on: January 27, 2018, 02:10:32 AM
We just don't know yet since anything can happen any time of the day. But if the demand of the people will always remain, then i think bitcoin will also survive even for hundreds of years to come.
552  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I'm gonna sell my house on: January 27, 2018, 02:06:47 AM
If you are really going to do this then you have guts bro because i cant even think about this but if you are doing this the profit will be more than 10 times but my advise is if you sell your house invest in bitcoin and take the profit out every month best of luck

That's how courageous and risk-taker the OP is because he is not afraid to sell his house for bitcoin. He is just showing us an example how bitcoin can really influence us to take the risk just to earn profit out from it.
553  Other / Meta / 10 different posts which i think deserve to be given Merit. :) on: January 25, 2018, 07:25:11 PM
Here's what i got from 10 different posts which i think deserve to be given Merit. Smiley



From: Kakmakr

technically impossible.
The process of sweeping private keys involves a transaction in the blockchain.

I think what you meant was "importing" private keys.

But all in all, one time exposure of your paper wallet's private key means that you intended to spend its balance,
so there is no need for such security measure unless the wallet you're using is unsecured too.

No it is not impossible. The scanning and encryption of the private key is done offline, to protect it from the above mentioned dangers. Nobody can visually record or snoop  your session, if this is done offline. <If they found some way to remotely connect to your desktop>

The App will have to contain some software to convert the QR Code to text <which is basically impossible to find at the moment> and also a method to encrypt&decrypt the text, before it is validated on the Blockchain, when you go online again.

technically impossible.
The process of sweeping private keys involves a transaction in the blockchain.

I think what you meant was "importing" private keys.

But all in all, one time exposure of your paper wallet's private key means that you intended to spend its balance,
so there is no need for such security measure unless the wallet you're using is unsecured too.

OP said that he wants to automatically sweep it as soon as he goes online, while having all the data encrypted, and I think the following program should work.

First, we need a digital camera to take a photo of QR code, then you connect it via USB to an offline machine, and decode the QR code from a photo to get the private key. Then you insert the address you want to sweep to, and the app creates a signed transaction with paper wallet's address as an input. Then you can transfer this signed transaction via USB or by scanning it's QR code on your phone, check that it is correct by some other software (Core, Electrum, etc.) and broadcast it.

But I'm not sure if this app is needed - it can be useful if someone is dealing with huge amounts of paper wallets, but if it's one-time only, then it's not a problem to do everything I've described step-by-step. Maybe it can be implemented as a feature in some wallet that already has a good cold storage functionality, like Electrum or Armory.

The App will reduce the risk in doing this ONLINE. You cannot have a situation where you stored coins securely for years in a paper wallet and the moment you go online to sweep it, then it is gone.

Every time I have to sweep paper wallets, I get that tightness in my ass, because you never know who is looking over your shoulder.

My long-term strategy for cold storage require me to have multiple paper wallets with small quantities. I do not want to store all my eggs in one paper wallet and every time I want to sell, I have to sweep all my coins and expose my whole hoard/private key. It just make sense to have multiple paper wallets, if you want to store bitcoins for a long time, but sometimes you have a need to use some and then you only have to sweep 1 or 2.  

From: BlackPanda

Bitcoin has been around the borders of financial markets for less than a decade, but is slowly gaining importance as an alternative asset class.
Can the government of any major country step in and do the unlikely?
Yes the government of a country is free to do what they want. The government has the authority to do anything against Bitcoin, it could be bitcoin banned in a country and Bitcoin could be used legally because of a regulation that regulates Bitcoin. Some of the weaknesses that exist today are Bitcoin does not get the trust of a government. Governments are usually frightened because Bitcoin sometimes experiences negative price shocks, so this makes the basis for decisions to be made by a country's government.

From: Xavofat

I presume there's no way around this, i.e. there are no mixers that charge a 0% fee?
Mixers tend to charge a flat percentage fee, but there may be an additional charge for them to send your money back to you due to BTC transaction fees.  There's also the fee of sending to the mixer as well, but from LocalBitcoins I think that should be relatively low.

One potential solution is to use Chipmixer, since there is no fee and you receive the private keys to your coins (so you can decide to set a low fee when sending your coins elsewhere).
And it's risky not using a mixer?
Depends how much you value your privacy.  

It's possible that an entity would be able to attempt blockchain analysis to link together different addresses and wallets that you own, but it's not likely unless you either have a large amount of money; are buying something illegal; or someone has a personal vendetta against you.

From: MAbtc

There is already an assumed price of bcc in some market and it ranges from 100 to 200 dollArs. But that is just some speculAtion probably most bcc owners will dump everything once fork has ended. It really is just an altcoins in the market after the hardfork that i think will be in effect in a few moments. But bcc has a better feature than by so who knows what's gonna happen.

Only on ViaBTC and maybe a couple of other small Chinese exchanges. These are very illiquid futures markets, and easily manipulated. I wouldn't put too much weight on the current prices.

After the fork, if/when we see markets open on the major exchanges like Bitfinex, things could get interesting. Everyone expects everyone else to dump their BCC. If it's anything like the ETH/ETC debacle, it won't turn out as everyone expects. Wink

From: Ipwich

In my opinion. The best investments depend on your ability and knowledge. Before you enter to the investment, you should always be  prepared. If you donít know your investment, there are a lot course on the Google or you can buy books, attend a seminar to improve your ability and skill. The best investment nowadays is bitcoin because the value is on the dip. Bitcoin can also buy the minor coins like bash, Ripple, and others. Good luck have fun on your investment.
There is a big risk in investing so you have to make sure you did research before risking your money to have better success rate.
So far, the best investment I can recommend is the crypto market, it's getting bigger and its still young at the moment but the development is getting better so we can expect the increase of value overtime.
That said it bugs me
According to TAT the order is from April however the wording clearly says plans of purchasing does that mean that some units have been ordered already.

PHM also has plans of purchasing 2 ASICS from BFL

Can I propose a shareholder motion to not order from BFL currently based on past history but to look at alternatives or is that too soon to propose a motion

Ordering now will in my opinion be a bad idea for investors right from the start due to the backlog and I would not want to have investors having an orderbook set for now.

To the questions

PHM will mine alt-coins, including, but not limited to, Litecoin, Terracoin, Freicoin and any currently profitable crypto-currency available. Our hashing power will be aimed at different coins depending on each coinís potential profitability. These coins will be sold at market to maximize their value and convert them into Bitcoin for dividend payment. Funds raised will go towards the expansion of our mining operation.

Shareholders own all PHM mining equipment. Currently, PHM is GPU-mining Litecoins at approximately 2.4Mh/s. We have an established dedicated mining room, which is properly temperature-controlled and secured.

How is potential profitability deduced and can we see the units

Buyback Rights
The issuer has the right to buy back shares at any time at a price equal to 105% of the highest price seen during trading of the previous 7 days.

The highest price over the last seven days can you explain this one a bit more seems a bit too easy to manipulate I don't want to see another Sandstorm IPO share rise/drop

With that said due diligence on page 1 completed waits for some good questions from the usual suspects ^^
Welcome to the forums an IPO already that's intense

From: Stedsm

The reason we are in this situation is because the people who claim they are supporting Satoshi vision only care about controlling bitcoin even though they have enough money to simply not care, as soon as BCH came to life, we started to see more useless forks each few weeks. There are a lot of things that currently need development such as Schnorr, TumbleBit, MAST, LN etc. so instead of putting efforts into destroying bitcoin, they could've put their knowledge into something more useful.

If also services such as Coinbase stop saying nonsense like 'our users didn't request SegWit', that would be nice. If they only implement it, It would help the network and also help them save millions of dollars in fees for the long term but they are clearly colluding to bring bitcoin down.

Is it not possible for these developers to come ahead with a different sight? Like a blockchain summit or something? Use their knowledge, not to argue, but to decide one thing for all, upgrade just once and prove their work without debating too much? It's these exchanges and other major parts too who are doing bullshit at their end, by not accepting these upgrades or misleading people about the changes already accepted by people.

From: Xester

The best way to explain it is to make a good statement rather than making a long and very technical definition that is hard for the reader to understand. So here is my explanation "  All trading is an investment but not all investment is trading". It simply means that even trading itself is considered as investment. But investment has many forms aside from just trading, it could be investment in networking, loans, business and many more.

8 )

From: tk808

Avoid, new precedent trying to be set, the more people the give in, then you'll have to give you info out for every single airdropped/bounty out there.
It's very dangerous for you to trust these non-reputable individuals with your information and for the future of cryptos as a whole, yet no one is discussing this.

You can blame Polymath for this, they don't want to work harder filter to filter puppets, so instead they want your ID.

Edit: There is probably nothing we can do to stop this, because the vast majority of people trying to do airdrops are very likely to hand over their info without a second thought. This has major repercussions, some of the worst repercussions we will see ever in crypto.

The best thing you can do if you're reading this, is to not give in to these new information whores, who are more than likely to flip your IDs on the darkweb for a profit.


From: agustina2

except for lending platforms of course, what is the best thing to invest in to make massive amounts of passive income? i just found out about one project but it looks like that ship has sailed. what would you guys recommend?

There are opportunities everywhere. You just need to discover what it is because not all investments are applicable and can do by anyone. What are your preferred investments? What are your knowledge about those? Asked yourself some questions.

In cryptocurrency, where are you now? what knowledge do you gained?

Passive income is not the literal Passive Income. What I mean here? You still have to work to maintained that passive income. What are those? Like I said, explore your side. You can also consider investments outside the internet world.

Goodluck targeting that massive amounts of passive income.

From: Welsh

For a lot of people if not everyone , their belief lies in reputed and "trusted" companies.
This shouldn't be the case and especially so with an authenticator.

Any particular reason why? I have been using authy and I say it is any day better than Google authenticator, for it doesn't BACK up your fucking data. Almost had a nightmare when I un-installed it by mistake, had to contact so many exchanges to remove the 2FA Undecided
I personally have never had any issues with authy.

The main reason why I wouldn't use Google authenticator or Authy is because it's not open source. There's open source alternatives which have been mentioned above which are simply better. Before you say Google authenticator is open source, the app which you download on the store is not.

Also, for their multi device feature to work, then your keys need to be stored on a server for it to work. So they certainly keep records/data. These are encrypted by the backup password you set. This is encrypted using AES and a randomly generated salt using PBKDF2. So the data is stored otherwise, it wouldn't be possible to restore access using another device.
554  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does Bitcoin need to be taxed? on: January 25, 2018, 02:44:47 PM
Not at all since bitcoin is decentralized which means the government don't have the authority to intervene on its transactions. But some countries are making a motion to taxed all crypto earners. So for now, let us just enjoy our tax free hard earned tokens.
555  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin as a leading currency? on: January 25, 2018, 06:21:18 AM
Bitcoin is already leading all the cryptos in the cryptoworld. If we look at the graph, bitcoin has been dominating on both attributes as to market capital, price, volume and of course the dominance bitcoin has been since it was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto.
556  Economy / Economics / Re: Moment for buying or selling? on: January 25, 2018, 06:04:15 AM
I was thinking, because of Bitcoin price skyrocketed, would it be wise to buy bitcoin now? I have some bitcoin in wallet, but nothing much, and i was thinking to buy some bitcoin more. But because of price rising in last few days i am not sure what to do, because if i buy now, maybe price will go down and ill lose profit, or maybe it will go up and i did not buy so ill lose profit too. What are your thinking on matter and what do you think how much will price of bitcoin rise this year?

What a big profit you had if only you invested more that day as bitcoin skyrocketed to 20K USD last December. Bitcoin's market price, is always expensive everyday but if you have the courage to invest on it, you will always earn profit since bitcoin is dominant in its price hike.
557  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin's price is getting low on: January 24, 2018, 01:47:12 AM
Bitcoin's value is getting depreciated almost every day this month and the struggle continues. If this will continue until the end of this month, then maybe that will be the deepest plunge of bitcoin's market price ever recorded.
558  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin Will Change Everything on: January 24, 2018, 01:32:59 AM
We are entering in the new type of economy where price predictions are not possible any more because productivity and prosperity of humanity will rise to the new golden age level. Bitcoin will go to 1 million dollars in 2018 and is being used by central banks as a global stardard ledger - dollar will fade slowly those who buy now will become the new wealthy elite.

The change of bitcoin's market value greatly affects the price of digital currencies too. As we can see, bitcoin has struggled to climb back this month and i don't think a million dollars this year will be reached.
559  Economy / Economics / Re: Imagine Bitcoin recognized around the world. on: January 24, 2018, 12:56:52 AM
Do you think there will be a chance that bitcoin will be recognized by all people around the world? If so, what would you contribute for the success of bitcoin in adapting human culture?

It would be better if bitcoin will be known for everyone around the world and utilize it but basically, I don't think that everyone around the world would ever know bitcoin because some people in some countries are deprived of having an access to the cyberworld.
560  Other / Off-topic / Re: Can I earn bitcoin using facebook, youtube, or in any social media? on: January 23, 2018, 05:04:27 PM
Yes you can because there are social media campaign offered by ICOs that requires you to advertise their company especially their product using social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, and others. What you will earn after the ICO is their token readily available to be traded with btc after this tokens are listed on crypto exchange.
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