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1  Economy / Gambling / Re: #2 Bitcointalk Poker Series (0.05 BTC & BIG BTC Ticket sponsored by SwC Poker) on: Today at 09:18:42 AM
So, who's your favorite for tonight's Final? Iv4n? I have a feeling that Hhampuz will do well tonight!  Cool
I don' know I really really want that hat  Grin

I'm also sure that everyone understands the demands on your time irl. If you need a hand or something done feel free to reach out to me anytime. I'l do my best to help.

Anyway, don't get used to it since there is only 9 places and I am taking one of them in the next series Smiley
I look forward to the next time we can have it out on the felt good sir.

I just said it in general, last time before the game it was hot! Like it's some boxing match, you could feel tension, now it's very calm and professional! Smiley
As I said you in poker chat I know about your poker threads, I like to read what you wrote there (essays, almost every comment is like a handbook). Foma and you are active there, having so many poker terms I don't understand, I have to check them... Generally you have good analysis of hands, it's interesting to read how competition thinks Wink And with my vocabulary I can't join and have so deep discussions with you guys.
I got yah, I missed all that was still licking my wounds and sulking over my overall terrible couple weeks at the tables. I'm glad you like the poker Talk, it helps me in general discussing spots with everyone who comes in and is just  a great way to still be engaged.

Don't let the language barrier keep you away. Post some of the terms you don't understand and me or someone else will explain them in simple poker terms. Some of it is just nuanced slang I've been picking up watching hand reviews and poker Youtubers.

Good luck all ... Insert Kung Fu Panda Meme Here - "Our battle will be legendary"

2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Bitcointalk Poker Series format discussion - Let's keep them all in one place. on: Today at 02:44:39 AM
What about late registration? Do we really need it?
I think we have done away with it completely, iirc. Maybe we left in a 5-10 minute late reg that wouldn't really make a difference overall.

I've been giving the prizepool a lot of thought as that seems to be where people think we are weak. What if we allowed 1 re-buy within the first 45 minutes or something like that.  This way if someone is inclined they can buy back in off  bad beat or just because they bust out and want more. It's not much but the prizepool will continue to grow only when we get more people involved at ~the same buy-in. I personally think the increases will just turn this into more of a niche game, and i could be wrong.
I have been trying to think of neat ideas that could really be more luck based than skill based to encourage participation, without increasing buy-ins. What if we created a "High Hand" or something similar for each tournament as a side prize say 175 goes to the Championship pool and 25 goes to each tournaments "High Hand" pool. It takes a bit away from the top performers in the end but the more participants we draw in the larger the prizepools will be.
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: #2 Bitcointalk Poker Series (0.05 BTC & BIG BTC Ticket sponsored by SwC Poker) on: Today at 02:33:36 AM
Last time before the final game we had hot discussions, Efi made a timer... This time it's really quiet, like before some big storm! Smiley
They've been super busy irl if I recall so it makes sense. I'm pretty pumped but have been at work and also began venturing around the forum a little more than I have been in the last few months. If you are looking for more discussion in general on poker and not just the tourney pop over to the thread I post the videos, we have some decent ongoing conversations there.
Personally i'm pumped. Going to be groggy as fuck but I'll manage. i have 8 hours left in my shift and should be able to snag ~41/2 hours sleep beforehand. The wifey is happy with me again so I will be recording tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the App interferes with the recording software in someway which is annoying as I prefer the app to the web interface. Oh the sacrifices I make for you people  Tongue
I'll get last weeks up Monday probably at the same time as the Championship

yikes, only 18 hours to go. i better get to sleep early tonight. lots going on this week, i'm quite sleep deprived.....
No, no, no. You go out and get yourself sloppy drunk then play from your phone. I can't have some left field plays coming out tomorrow and messing me up, I've only been studying drunk figment plays. I'll just suck out on the good ones.  Roll Eyes
Too Soon??

Anyone planning on coming by and watching as a lurker??
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Poker talk - Specifically Hold'em - Hands and or strategy on: Today at 02:24:47 AM
Love it that made for some good watching this morning before bed when I got home. The delivery made it, I had read a few things about Isildur1  and their early and cryptic entry into online Poker. Just goes to show what dedication and study can do. i was so far removed from anything resembling serious or interst in the poker scene beyond playing fun home games back then, but I get the feeling he likely had done some very dirct research on each of his expected opponents and their play.

Glad you filled in the blanks on the Hastings dude, I had a feeling this was a very targeted approach, the "teamwork" in database sharing doesn't surprise me. I'm sure I was a learning lesson for Viktor as it is almost ludacris to think you can jump from Hold'em to PLO at the same stakes and expect to crush it. I've been thinking on this a lot lately as I watch quite a few stream highlights on youtube, some for fun others as they share a lot of the thought process and reasoning behind their plays. If they aren't trying for a purely balanced GTO strategy it really opens them up for exploits in the long run. Not just streamers but really any online crusher that you can go back over and watch their action all the way through seems  a very big risk.
I have no idea how often they make adjustments to their game or how easily they can spot an exploit in their gameplay in these situations.
I quit cos I had the worst run of my life...  I was losing a lot.
Edit:  I still play from time to time tho.  Short Deck Holdem, it's fun.
Good on you. A lot of people can't make that decision. I've considered giving short deck a try for fun but will probably hold off a while and see how I make out in the next month or so with my standard holdem MTT's. Can't be any worse than April/May really.
I almost forgot does anyone have opinions on what they would do here. I forgot to pop it into equihash and see where I am at. With a pot like this I don't feel like flatting the 4-bet jam and call, is a good play as I'm left with 9 BB and am pot committed. It feels like it's a Jam or a fold. It's been up for a while and I'll just let you know what I did. I folded.
I'm also curious on what you think about me flatting(calling) the 3-bet as opposed to Jamming not much option for a 4-bet.

So I have been trying to find this hand for a couple days and it's gone. I have been trying to adjust and catch myself in spots where my pocket pairs might be behind. I'd like to get thoughts on this spot. This is about 40 people off the money. I am sitting around the bubble for position at the moment.

Villain 1 UTG  22 BB   Raises  to 2.5 BB       Folds to
Villain-2 BTN  39 BB   Raises  to 8.3 BB
Hero      SB    31 BB   Calls
Villain 1        Jams     22BB to call
Villain 2       Calls      22 BB
Hero with TT  Huh?   13.7 BB to call                   Pot size is roughly 53 BB
5  Economy / Services / Re: Best World Servers. IPTV 4K + 9500 live & 18000 vod & Best CCcam & Oscam Server. on: June 06, 2020, 05:49:59 AM
In short, I stopped using the service after my subscription expired because I was dissatisfied with the fact that the service was no longer at the level of what it was in the beginning. Of course, in my case, it was not IPTV, but another service offered by the OP.
I can't say anything about IPTV, so it's best to take a test and try it out - but you need to take into account the speed of your internet, and the specifications of your box (CPU/RAM) to make everything run smoothly. Of course, everything should be arranged on the side of the OP, so there are a lot of factors in the game.
My recommendation, after the test do not take a subscription for the whole year - 1 or 3 months may be a little more expensive, but a safer option if something goes in the wrong direction.
No worries I was really only interested in how the customer service was as I knew you had used a different service than what I'll need. My internet speeds are good and consistent, I beefed it up when I had a lot of miners running and it won't be on wifi.
I'd likely be doing it 6 months at a time, as I didn't see anything lower. Thanks for the info.

Lucuis was customer for CCcam and in this period sky germany change the encypting system now all is ok, for iptv we have one of the best server ( premium server ) economic server also goes well, Contact me via email or skype to get test, i can't send pm
If I read correctly the Premium server is only useful if you have a 4k TV. I don't need the 4K so the economic will be fine. Is that correct or am I missing something in regards to content availability. Just to be sure it has the IPTV and VOD in the one package.

I'll send an email when I'm off, I need to time it so I can go through it with the wife. Thanks
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: "Patoshi Researcher: 'Satoshi won't use his coins ever’" on: June 06, 2020, 05:31:23 AM
I can't say I looked to much into anything Satoshi posted or said beyond the Whitepaper and that's going back almost 3 years now. Things had already begun to take on a very different path then what may have been anticipated or expected in the earliest days. I have been mulling over why someone would leave that nestegg untouched.

The first reason has already been stated and is the most plausible for why they haven't moved to this point. They have other wallets and coins to use and/or were affluent enough for their lifestyle to see no need in digging deep into the bags. I very early on ran with the idea that Satoshi if an individual may have met an early end, which is also a plausible idea. People die every day, and it's rarely planned by them.

I like the use of the word altruistic in this article because it fit with a preconceived notion I had if death had not been in the cards for Satoshi. It may very well the greatest redistribution of wealth the world will ever see. If BTC sees the growth that many people expect or anticipate over the decades, imagine 1.1 million BTC being spread throughout the world in any fashion really. Bitcoin has always had a disruptive power behind it and an opportunity to remove the monopoly that the current financial system has on individual, so who's to say this 5.2% (more if you count burned/lost coins) couldn't be used to attempt to flatten out the wealth disparity the world currently operates under.
7  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: What would you do with 20 kWh of free power? on: June 06, 2020, 02:24:07 AM
Phil has you in the right direction. Your setup requires cheap hardware(Asics) efficiency doesn't matter just power draw and remaining within that. I don't know what a Whatsminer M10 sells for but that could be another option maybe even 2 at LPM depending on what you can grab. You just need to balance cost against hashrate to decide what is best for the runs you will be able to make.

The short answer is it's hard for you to not be profitable in the long run regardless, as you are not paying for your electricity costs. There is always the potential your gear breaks down adding to it's overall costs but in the longterm you will likely be ahead. You could even look at it this way, the 10% extra you receive (110% from government) could cover the cost of your hardware.

Check the Forum Marketplace for used gear people are unloading and if all else fails start to look at manufacturers for some sale prices.
8  Economy / Gambling / Re: ♠️ 7XL - the largest poker network in the world is finally here! - 30% rake back on: June 06, 2020, 02:04:02 AM
Thanks to the moderator i was able to get my previous thread undeleted.
Glad I was able to point you in the right direction. It definitely felt like an oversight. Thanks for your previous response on the possibility of collusion with skins, unfortunately I can't quote it and bring it here for posterity.

I might give this a go, if I do I'll pop back in and drop a review of my experience as long as I find a decent tourney schedule when I'm available. Pretty much I just want sites to play on with no hassle for a Canadian who wants to make a straight crypto deposit and withdrawal, without a middleman. Which as I as typing this and looking up reviews seems it may be a problem, as I just read a review on stating this is unavailable for Canadians. So I don't know if that is an old review or what but like I said I prefer a no hassle or potential hassle experience.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Poker talk - Specifically Hold'em - Hands and or strategy on: June 05, 2020, 09:50:32 AM
^  Ah...  I quit poker by the time Upswing Poker went online.  I did have a couple of subscriptions at other sites tho.  RIO owned by Phil Galfond was good.  He was really good back in the day.  Prolly at the top 5 best in cash games...  Up there with durrrr, Ivey and Antonius.
Yeah Galfond is crazy good. Not sure how much you follow these days but he's become quite the PLO wizard. He's running some challenges now and made an insane comeback against the first challenger. I'd say you made a good decision for someone to study from.

I have to ask as it fascinates me. Why did you quit playing poker?
10  Economy / Services / Re: Best World Servers. IPTV 4K + 9500 live & 18000 vod & Best CCcam & Oscam Server. on: June 05, 2020, 05:30:27 AM
Hey I might want to give your service a try. I have an android box at home and most of my goto apps have shit the bed, so I've been looking into IPTV an VOD. Just want to make sure I have this clear.

I don't have a 4K TV so I'll be fine with the "IPTV economic server 37€ 1year" option. This has the IPTV and VOD packaged? How many devices can I connect to? Is there a web portal if I am travelling with my laptop or something?

I'm mostly biting as this thread has been up for a while so i'm guessing you have been interruption free for some time. What sort of advertising are you doing? As I've been trying to find a service that isn't flaunting it as I'd hate to have a subscription die off in the middle and have to search for another.
I'm off next week and would be interested in testing it on a day I'm off, with your 24 hour trial to view the Library and test quality.

@Lucius how did the customer service issue I noticed on page 2 turn out?
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Bitcointalk Poker Series format discussion - Let's keep them all in one place. on: June 04, 2020, 09:28:19 AM
i feel like the championship entry is already a flat payout---9 people winning a satellite ticket basically. the idea of this IMO would be to reward the top performers in the league. the championship game (or the runners up game, if there is one) in many ways is up to chance, whereas placing in the top 3 for the entire series says something more about skill/consistency.

i think if we're gonna add something it should be top heavy but let's hear some more opinions.
Anyway, isnt there some runners up freeroll in the 1st series?

SwC was nice enough to put that on for us. let's see if they'll do it again. Smiley
I don't think raising the entry to accommodate a special prize for top 3 will benefit the series overall. I think it will actually drive away more players than it will attract, based on the consistency and skill levels shown so far. I'd say most of the participants are fairly decent poker players with a few that have solid consistent documented finishes by the end of the series. This is also entering the 15-20$ buy-in that a lot of players won't want to consistently risk for a small tournament.
It would be different if it was just added to that tournaments prizepool, but again I think a lot of people will shy away from a larger buy-in.

Unfortunately efialitis did inform us that there was no runner-up tournament this time around.
Our biggest problem going forward is attendance and we should do anything in our power to raise the number of participants. I think this is mostly the case of time involvement while current buy in structure should be fine for all interested. If you are on the brink on joining our little poker series please speak up and let us know what is stopping you.
Agreed. I do think a lot of people drop out near the end if they are no longer in contention for the Championship. The 2 tournaments a weekend was definitely a draw back imo. If we carried on that way I likely wouldn't be able to participate fully, I've actually booked off some vacation the last 2 series just to fit in another couple tournaments lol.

Moving to 1 a weekend is already a good step in the right direction. I just try to mention the tournament to any and all that will listen. I haven't been on th eSWC cash tables lately but I was going to start poking some of their regs to come on out and join, I'm sure some of them already have an account here.

One thing I think might be nice especially considering we are currently rather small - Is a group discussion about the Championship game before the date is set. The time is not really movable to accommodate all of our players atm, but date seems easy enough to find one that works for all. I say this as I am lucky that I will be able to play this weekend, but if I were on my dayshifts I would be SOL. Nothing crazy but the option between 2 weekends might be nice.

12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Poker talk - Specifically Hold'em - Hands and or strategy on: June 04, 2020, 09:05:56 AM
Thanks definitely looks like some good material. Might make that some of my casual reading at work couldn't hurt to go back over everything. Agreed on the Doug Polk hand review videos, I watched so much of those unfortunately for me, I really was just getting back into poker and was reall digging his content as he lost his desire to play or continue making poker content.

I did however follow him into the upswing lab which was helpful and worked out as they just updated a bunch of their MTT ranges extensively as my subscription was ending. I've lately been watching the content put out by BenCB/Raise Your Edge on youtube and i think it is a very complimentary after studying purely GTO strategies.

Sorry to hear you were feeling depressed. I don't know you from a hole in the wall, but if it hits again as it usually does and your feeling stuck reach out anytime. Apart from that will be happy to see you playing in series #3
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: #2 Bitcointalk Poker Series (0.05 BTC & BIG BTC Ticket sponsored by SwC Poker) on: June 04, 2020, 07:43:16 AM
Yeah the Final Table is live and all who qualified were pre-registered! Regarding Starting Stack: Shall I ask them to make it 10k or do you wanna play with 5k?
I'm fine with it if everyone else is. You and they are busy and as I've said previously I'm not looking to come at them or you to make changes often. I'm pretty good with the "it is what it is" moto, deal with it and move on. Just something to make clear for the next series and hope there isn't another oversight.
Yeah the Final Table is live and all who qualified were pre-registered! Regarding Starting Stack: Shall I ask them to make it 10k or do you wanna play with 5k?
Efi I feel that I lost my shift of the part time job I had in every week end. Any plan for anymore poker for us losers and a new series? Sorry last few days I was away and did not follow any update.

No announcement on a tournament of losers, and I didn't notice it at the time when I checked earlier. So far just a 3rd series has been confirmed. Sorry to hear about the part time shifts.
14  Other / Meta / Re: I have no idea why I am under heavy moderation? on: June 04, 2020, 07:01:47 AM
I picked one to look over. It's this one here -

You need to stop putting link s to your forum in your posts. It's probably as simple as that. In this example a link to the topic you created on your forum doesn't need to be part of the post. It gives the impression that the only reason you wrote that is to advertise your forum, that would be considered spam.

Only being screenshots to the PM you receive it's hard to tell, but are any of these multi-posts?? By that I mean making more than one post in a row, if so those will get deleted and most Mods won't take the time to merge posts.

I looked at this example - - It gave me an idea. I don't see anything wrong wit what yo are doing within your service thread but again it can look like a reply simply to promote your forum. Mods don't have a lot of tie to go through all the intricacies, and if it looks spammy or like an advert it will generally get removed. Likewise a lot of reporters would see this and your post history of adding in the links to your forum and report those posts. In your case they may be wrong but that's an acceptabl risk to clearing legitimate spam from the forum. Perhaps try using the AMA with Moderator] tag.

In this instance it could have been [url=**insert link**] AMA with Moderator
. It looks less like the advertising spam we see on forum and will still allow you to spread the message.

These are only there because we do not have seperate board, rather we are on a self moderated thread.
Because of this issue, our chances of getting seperate board is also decreasing.
I am not familiar with the board or thread myself. Why not create a self-mod topic on Bitcoin discussion and move away from the one that seems to not work so much anymore. Build your own framework within the forum using self-mod threads. That's the only way I think you could show theymos the need.

15  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Post halving life - What are you doing with the farm? on: June 04, 2020, 06:10:36 AM
... so things don't look pretty for the average joe who pays a ton for power, there will most likely be a drop in difficulty as a post-halving effect, some of these gears might be profitable for a little while, but it's a matter of a few months till they become not anymore, I am sorry if this sounds like fud or anything, I know you know too well to be needing my advice, but this more like a piece of general advice to other newbies, if you don't efficient gears, plan accordingly before it's too late.

Yeah I'm not expecting the M10's to have a long life. In reality a few months of profitability is great, as it brings me back to my winter mining, which can pretty much start in October... Uuuugghh just disgusted myself a little. The M20s, is a different story, as i figure it will be a profitable miner until around January or so barring anything extreme. I have to play around with it and see but with LPM available as well it may just make it into the house this winter as well. Leading into the fall, I have some tough decisions to make whether I remain a year round miner or not. I still enjoy it and have learned a ton from it, but I may be resigned to being a cold month guy. The M20S debaucles that I faced last year in delays and then this year in shit support provided by Pangolin really hurt my plans but nothing is set in stone.

So covid-19 and riots are bigger issue then the ˝ ing.

I was actually discussing with someone your solar setups a few weeks ago. I couldn't imagine watching and waiting as all this goes on around you and your investments. Best of luck as I know it was bad enough for you and yours trying to mitigate Covid. Your business plan is great, as the government subsidies for you host partners solar is like adding in a revenue stream which under normal circumstances helps you continue to drive forward.
16  Other / Meta / Re: Allowing username change, is it good? on: June 04, 2020, 06:00:15 AM
I don't see an issue with it. I actually wish I had handle it better when I first noticed it, not that I went off the deep end or anything. When the first couple were trickling in this year, or at least the first few i noticed anyways, I was actively and consistently trading with an individual. It tripped me up as I was looking through my PM's to send them a PM to set one up , then I looked at my feedback to link over and that's when i clued into the change. Being impatient I created a reputation thread about it more so to discuss this event than anything.

So for fears of old trading partners just leave accurate feedback, and you should be fine. Doesn't mean the slough of other precautions shouldn't be taken before trading.

That thread brought some of the great benefits to users requesting the name change. Some it was for security/privacy, others it was due to now lucrative employment opportunities available. Not many of us i'm sure gave great consideration to what our forum name was going to be or where being a part of this community could lead us.
This is also a need to request feature that is subject to approval by theymos. So I don't imagine "Hey man, I need to dodge this valid scam accusation" is going to cut it.
17  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: M20S acting up - Error 2010 on: June 04, 2020, 05:46:29 AM
Glad to hear they were able to come through for you once again. Great service and consistent... I like it. Not just the riots but if i were thinking of buying anything else atm I would be factoring in a PSU replacement for every 3rd miner I bought. I don't really know the where and or why but their miners seem to always start off with one PSU, then it gets an upgrade in later batches to an "X"1 model PSU, which seems sturdier and/or more efficient.

With no hard and fast numbers it just seems their PSU's can be problematic within a year of service. It's not much different from having a few extra 1600 PSU's kicking around as spares before they all became packaged units.
18  Economy / Auctions / Re: innosilicon t2t 30t 2200w for sale on: June 04, 2020, 05:37:54 AM
Hey there,

You will have much better luck trying to sell this here Marketplace -> Computer Hardware.It's a shit time to be selling miners but if your just looking to liquidate you might have a decent chance, certainly better than auctioning them off. Even at the best of times hardware auction fare poorly.
I also checked some of your past posts and considering you are still running a few of these and have had minor issues in the past maybe hold onto one for parts/swap out.
Good luck

*bottom left of your screen you can "move topic"
19  Economy / Reputation / Re: multi account questions on: June 04, 2020, 04:19:08 AM
Sorry jut took a small dive and might have missed something. Long and short of it is this.
- Alt accounts are perfectly fine for any reason within forum rules
- They can all participate in signature campaigns/bounties as long as they are following the rules. This generally means they can not participate in the same bounty or campaign, as long as it's explicitly stated.

- They can send merit back and forth. This is not against the rules but definitely is against the intent. Neutral feedback is appropriate from community members and any further action can be decided upon by Theymos ( I believe only he can overturn merit transactions)
- Self-vouching and false positive feedback is inherently deceitful and can be a decent reason behind negative trust. That is open to opinion and interpretation much like the trust system in general. If that's the only issue it can possibly be remedied by removing all self vouches and positive feedbacks. It still doesn't mean the original tagger will change their mind but forgiveness should always still be an option.

Personally I do not believe there is any honest need to have 2 accounts on the forum that engage in trading of any sort. I personally think that tagging an alt account neutral to identify it is a good step but unnecessary, if you just use it as a voice.

Well that new rule can not be introduced now
Any new rule can be implemented at any time. It's theymos's playground.
20  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: Has anyone worked or done anything with NovaBlock? on: June 04, 2020, 03:42:28 AM
Hard to give you much to go on as my experience is in mining with them. Personally I had no issues and found them to be helpful and have good communication. I wouldn't really call them small an they definitely seem well connected so they my be a great incubator for your half-baked ideas.

OP of their ANN page is who I was in contact with so you may consider sending them a PM to get a more direct response.
Good luck
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