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1  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Can politics be pure? on: May 27, 2023, 08:10:45 PM
NO, there will always be dirty games and dishonest indicators. They will never be able to honestly divide the power or the economy of income from their position.

Why then do we have hope if we don't believe that things can truly change for good, there have been some certain stages of life where things have gone bad and worst than expected, many have died and the politicians have also persihed along, this is not a matter of calibre or status, sometimes things go wrong and everyone is affected, those we need to rule us are the ones that will always have the interest of the people on mind before theirs and leave by example.
They might look like they are good at the beginning or while trying to emerge  into power,but when when once they are being appointed into the various positions,they will act according to what suits them,and no longer the will of the people.Politics nowadays is something one can never predict,or it's now something one  can never put mind on because the leaders constantly fail us,and most atimes cause trouble in the heart of citizens.I stoped supporting anything that has to do with politics because I have had a lot of heart breaks from it.
2  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] Yo!Mix Bitcoin Mixer Signature Campaign| Reward up to $130/w | 2/2 escrow on: April 29, 2023, 01:03:29 PM
Payment sent for Week#15
Transaction ID: 5bca36934e647e606f58674c1491286130c9dbb50a01bab910e1242e698dd0fb

If you have any issue then please drop a message on the telegram group or below on this thread. I will check. Please do not PM or DM me about post count etc.
Eligible for bonus :

Removed users:
Hopefully see you in another campaign. Good luck.

Unfortunately left us:
Thanks for your service.

We have 2x Sr Member payroll and 5x Full Member payroll open to fill up. Please apply.

Let's have a good week ahead.
Thanks for the period of time I worked with you sir,You are a good man,I am being removed because if the tags,I understand,but atleast payment for the week I worked would have been better,because I worked for it.
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading or investment! What's your take? on: April 28, 2023, 08:52:04 PM
Where are you good at! Trading or investment? Bursts our brain with your expertise
To be honest both trading and investment is good, depending on the one you are interested in, some people prefer trading, why some people prefer investment and some people are into both investments and trading. I personally prefer investment but I also trade sometimes. I prefer holding bitcoin because I donít want to be among people that will regret why they didnít accumulate bitcoin when the price was still low, but holding a coin is not really a easy task, you have to be dedicated and you should be able to control yourself. I also trade so that I will be making little money to sustain myself.
Trading is not always for everybody,it's for people who have decided to take any result that comes out,whether good or bad.They say one man's food is another man's poison. Everybody is entitled to their choice.Some people lack that patient to wait for a long period of time,while some person like it when they wait for a long while.I think as a cryptopreneur,it is good to do the both so you can get experience about it.Most person only prefer holding because it is not too risky,while some person's will always choose trading over holding because it is fast.I prefer holding anyways because I won't like to lose my money for any day trading.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Is it legal for our kids to learn trade? on: April 28, 2023, 07:53:44 PM
It is necessary to study trading as early as possible, because it is one of the ways to earn money remotely. At the same time successful trading can give a certain independence. Of course, when trading you should take into account possible risks and try to minimize them. There is risk everywhere, so financial literacy will help you to earn
No doubt about the fact that learning trading is very necessary,but the problem is when they learn it from a very tender age,when they are still below 17 years,I think that age is not the best time for them to start knowing or learning about trading.Trading is like gambling,it is never certain that it's going to come out positive,you will either win or lose.

I don't have kids yet,but if I have kids,I will introduce trading to them when they will be 18 and above,they will only learn about crypto currency and Bitcoin,but I won't teach them how to invest yet,untill they are upto the age I want them to,before showing them how to make money through trading.
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading not a get rich quick on: April 28, 2023, 07:35:21 PM
Trading, Bitcoin investment, and some other general investments are not just get-rich schemes; the problem with some people is that they sometimes get so greedy or overconfident about some investment they decide to make, particularly when it's not even their money.

I wonder why they don't usually have a second thought about what will happen to them and their reputation if their investment in crypto gets liquidated or if the other company they invested with fails to make a good profit based on the initial agreement. Well, it has happened to him; I believe some people will learn from it, and there those that are still going to be adamant about the Get-rich-quick schemes which is usually full of scams and many disadvantages, but a lot of people don't yet realize that.

Shall we bet that he will repeat the same thing as soon as he gets another chance?

Ofcuse he may, a risk taker always remains a risk taker no matter what, lol 🤣
When they feel that trading is a get rich quick avenue,I only laugh at them because I know by the time they venture into it fully,they will definitely get dissappointed and that mentality will get off their mind in less than no time.It is true that investment brings money,but it isn't what comes so quick and sudden,it takes patience to be able to get money through investment,because it is not a weekly something or monthly something.It what takes a long period of time to get the desired result.When newbies or beginners think trading gives quick money,tell them to try it first before concluding that it makes one get rich very quick.
6  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Is there any point to start trading with 20$? on: April 28, 2023, 02:06:37 PM
Hello everyone,

Iíve lately been trying alot of different ways to start making money but something in me tells me trading could be really fun and exciting to get into. Unfortunately I canít afford to invest much right now so Iíve managed to invest around 20$ to get started. Iíd really appreciate if you all could let me know if what i am doing is worth it or am I just wasting time?

Kind regards,

hey! Mate quite a nice start, gradually you gonna invest bigger when you must gotten good understanding of the crypto industry and how it works. If you have $20 don't even think of using it to start trading, basically leverage trading as a way to start making money, because certainly you just gonna lose it. So, I would advice you put that money into Bitcoin or other realiable crypto project just like Solana or some other coins out there that has the potential of increasing in value in the future. with the little amount, I think solana will fit in here which currently is trading around the price of $20-$22.
The amount of money you started with is not bad,Atleast for a start,it's a reasonable amount of money to go with,most persons make that mistake of starting with a larger capital and when they lose,they feel like the whole world  has collapsed.$20 is quite good and you will be hoping to get a major returns from there. When I started trading,I started with a $50,and it was surprising to me that I lose that money,which took me days to recover from the heartbreak and pains of the lose.When you win after making this kind of investment,it gives you ample opportunity to to invest more than the amount you invested the first time you started,and one thing you have to bare in mind is that lose is part of the game,if you should end up losing,don't think much about it.Anyways I wish you Success on your trading journey.
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Being drunk while trading what was your experience on: April 27, 2023, 03:21:27 PM
Well... There are persons that can takes as many bottles of alcohol and no matter the quantity they take, it will have no effect on them.

Yes it's true that some people are chronic addicts who can easily control any volume of alcohol they consumed along the line at a time can walk and work perfectly fine without anyone noticing it. Although initially I didn't know he was only monitoring his trade with  the smartphone, while I thought he was trading, I tried confirming from him the next time we met again and he said wasn't really deep into trading that very day he was monitoring rather.
Well,I don't drink because excessive alcohol affects my liver and it isn't just good for my system,and
i haven't gotten this kind of experience before,but one thing I know is that there are some persons who nomatter the amount of drink they drink,they still know themselves and doing anything they do won't be a problem when they drink.Alcohol isn't just good for some persons,and when they force themselves to drink,it will always intoxicate them and they will definitely misbehave and do things in an abnormal way.Drinking and trading doesnt sound ok to me,but if you can control yourself and know what you are doing while you are under the influence of the alcohol,it's still fine.Moreover,some persons get inspiration when they drink.
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Don't claim to be an investor if it's still like this on: April 27, 2023, 03:09:22 PM
I agree with the op, investing in bitcoin today, and already wanting to become a multi millionaire by the next day is something that is very common amongst newbies, that is, newbies that are entirely new to investments.

I have some friends who some time in the past asked me what I do for a living aside my business, I told them I'm crypto currency trader, and that I make good money from it, they picked interest and I offered to teach them, after showing them the basics and telling them to learn the rest from research, one week later, I discovered they've lost interest.

They probably thought trading is something one would just go into and start making money,  same also with investment, it is one thing to find a good investment opportunity, and it is another thing entirely to invest, and be patience for your investment to grow and bear you good fruit.
Most persons I know are like that,they call themselves investors but they lack the basic things that investors have.They are not yet on the range that they are supposed to be,but they claim to be investors.One thing  I know about the system is that if you rush while making investments,you are likely to do badly or make loses,but as they normally say,patience is a virtue.It is patience that  that holds the driving force to a successful trade.It takes years for the money invested to actually yield reasonable results that will satisfy you.But impatience don't let some persons allow their coin to multiply profits.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Is it legal for our kids to learn trade? on: April 27, 2023, 02:54:59 PM
I want to know if it right for children that are of 10-15years go in to trade or not because I have a kid friend of about 14years and very eager to learn trading but am scared of the lost and how long it will take him to understand what his doing, because it hasn't been very easy for me. So what your opinion please I need help? because I think is too risky for them to go in to trade for now.
At this age, even if they are going to possibly verify their trading account wit the document of an older relative, I think their brain is not well developed and ready to handle the technicalities and stress that comes/goes with trading..
But I believe it is a good time for them start learning by the way, and learning does not mean they should start trading with real money, open a demo trading account for them(if they are more than one), with a visual $100 each and allow them to start playing with that,  check their progress with the trading every week to see how they are fairing, even if they are doing fine, don't be in a hurry to move them over to a live trading account, allow them to trade demo until they turn 18 or more, if they take the demo trading serious, they could become real professional traders by the time they are set to start trading live.
This idea is indeed good,but I think children between  8-14 are not supposed to start or engage in anything that has to do with trading at that age because I think if they should start it, addiction is real,and by that age range,they will definitely be losing,whether it's a demo or it's a live trading,the actual age that I think it's suitable for them is 18 and above,atleast at that age,they know what to do with the money they have,and they will also have feelings when they lose money,which will make them think twice while trading.It will push them into researching and looking for ways to get to know how the market operates.They will also learn the different strategies involved in trading at that age.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Advise to a friend on: April 27, 2023, 02:45:09 PM
It is good to advice friends that are close to you to make investments on projects that have potentials,and before telling them about those projects,you must make research to know whether the money they will spend will not be a waste or not.It is always good to know all these to avoid having  problems with your friend,but if the person is not too close to you,it isn't good to advice them at all.Bitcoin has been so beneficial to people and it benefit alone should be seen by the friends who want to invest in it.Your financial growth should be the reason they want to make investments in Bitcoin.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Advise to a friend on: April 26, 2023, 09:36:09 PM
Well,I think you should not convince anyone to buy or invest in bitcoin especially to those people that not believe in bitcoin. Even your friend have a lot of money don't mind them and let them discover about bitcoin.
It's better to them to to save money than to invest in bitcoin.
Investment is based on individual,I can not advice anybody to invest in Bitcoin,because if I do,and they lose,they will definitely ask me to refund their money,or they will keep malice with me forever.The race to make money is an individual race,everybody has his own land to take.I can only advice someone and tell the person all that is involved in it.That it is always two sided,either you win or you lose.When you win,then the better for you,but when
You lose,you won't have to blame anyone for losing too.

What I won't advice anyone to do is borrowing money to trade.This is very risky,And very bad,and I won't for no reason advice anyone.
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Will you sell because of situations? on: April 26, 2023, 06:33:14 PM
Looks like it's a made story by you because no one will be confused if his kid get kidnapped and the kidnapper demand money and the money you have. In this situation everyone will sell his Bitcoin if he has the amount.Because you can earn money back again but you may not get your kid safely if your kid gets kidnapped. This thread is looking like so poor quality to me and this question doesn't make any sense to me.
Some persons are stingy,and it affects them to their family.How can one be stingy to his family,what I see in this case is that,if he has Bitcoin,and his child is kidnapped,he will contemplate on whether to sell his Bitcoin or not,and these types of people are very hard-hearted. When you have the means of helping someone and you refuse to help,it's bad to you.I don't blame him for making this kind of thread anyway,because I see that some persons lack what to post,and it result them in making threads that does not interest people to comment on.I know it isn't easy to make post,and I won't discourage him,rather I will encourage him to put more effort in the kind of thread he makes.
13  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Having bitcoin gives confidence on: April 26, 2023, 05:15:38 PM
There is no one that will either own a bitcoin or have investments kept that will not have confidence in himself.
Investment is for future purposes,and when one buys a coin or invests in a project that has great potential,it gives you that confidence about tomorrow,that the future is really going to be great.So many persons who started Bitcoin years ago can attest to the fact that Bitcoin has really uplifted them to another height,and they can't compare their before to their now,because they made investment when they were supposed to,and that really helped.The hope we have today is because we have made investments that can secure our future,and we will continue making investments for the betterment of tomorrow.
14  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading as a newbie? on: April 26, 2023, 04:53:41 PM
It is important to understand that a beginner is actually equal to losses. You should be prepared for this. When I started working, I devoted a lot of time to working on the demo account of the Amarkets broker in order to gain the necessary experience.
A beginner who is just learning how to trade has so many disadvantages, and these disadvantages are based on the fact that they know nothing about crypto market. The crypto market is a very complicating one,and any beginner who wants to excell in crypto must study the market,and understand the way the market operates.We know that it is always full of ups and downs,that's why it is required of newbies to make research,know the seasons in which a particular product will do well,and know the amount of money to invest in it at that particular time.Any beginner who is in haste to trade is liable to lose his money,because in trading,it is very risky to rush.
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: You Learn More from Losses than from Wins on: April 26, 2023, 03:10:05 PM
In my opinion, we cannot gain experience without facing losses, obstacles and tough moments. However, it is really important to learn from your own mistakes otherwise you will repeat them. In addition to that, the more you gain experience, the less you make mistakes and face losses. And if you are beginner in trading field, you will possibly lose a money at the beginning even when you have enough knowledge. As far I am concerned it is better to start with a low capital to get away the risk of loss and once you gain experience you can add or boost your capital.
Adding to your opinion,it is important to know that only experience does not guaranteed success in trading,there are so many factors that can determine whether one will be successful in trading or not,and the very first one is that you must always make some possible research before venturing out, entering into the field of trading.It is important to have at the back of your mind that trading is not a guarantee to financial success because of the risk involved.The second thing to look out to is a very good strategy.The strategy you use determines the rate of your success,it also determines your fate,whether you will lose or gain. And lastly is the experience you've got in the trading filed.
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Not about to give up hope. on: April 25, 2023, 09:37:57 PM
Life isn't always too easy nor it was too tough. Those people who easily give up from suffering setbacks and hard times are those who never believe that there is tomorrow and that all of these things will have a solution. Because if we just think that all of these negativities and failures that happen to crypto are a sign of its end, it surely we feel hopeless. But because we believe that all of these things just passed by, we ain't affected and remain strong carrying hopes that tomorrow will have bright days in crypto.
They say winners never quit and quitters never win.Giving up on crypto is like you are accepting defeat,despite how many times I failed while learning how to trade,I still continued,and I won't give up untill I am satisfied with my little effort.During my first year in crypto,I had a lot of mistakes which I made,and it made me lose so much money,but after learning and spending more times  learning how to trade,I  found out that trading has strategies,which if you follow the strategies vividly,you will have a chance to win because every day is not always a bad day,some days must favour.
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Beginner mistakes and how to avoid them on: April 25, 2023, 09:08:33 PM
if anyone have more to add, so I can also learn?
Emotions, first thing that comes to my mind is having control over emotions. If anyone asks me about learning trading, first I will ask them if they have the will to rely on data analysis and strategy rather than taking decision based on their emotions. This is a very important thing in trading, which many people ignores, thinking that it's not that important. This is the reason why they face those problems which you have mentioned.

Also when learning trading, you should always start with low amount. Try out your strategy and skills, and then go for the big round.
Your own contribution is really nice too,the little I want to add is that so many beginners don't like making research before engaging into trading.Research gives you the opportunity to know the type of coin you will invest in,it also gives you the opportunity to know whether the coin will grow or not,it also make you to know the different seasons that the market is favourable and when it is not,it also gives you the ample opportunity to know projects that will do well in the nearest future and the one that will be a waste of resources.These and many more are what research does.Most of the beginners who end up losing multiple times normally fall victims of this mistakes.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why do you want bitcoin to stay? on: April 24, 2023, 10:32:39 PM
What is your reason why bitcoin should stay in the next 100 years! when the government are worried about it?
Maybe our opinions about bitcoin can give hedge to the government.
I don't give a damn if government are worried about Bitcoin or not, in as much as it remains secure and I could have total control over all my funds, because we all know that the only reason why government hates Bitcoin is simply because of it's decentralized system whereby they have no control over it, and yet it keeps skyrocketing, taking the lead of world's most preferred digital currency, due to the fact that it's borderless, fast and secure compared to our normally used fiat. 
I hope it never becomes too late when people who sees Bitcoin as scam today realised it was never a scam.

Do they still see bitcoin as scam? after hearing and seeing so many people endulge in it and make money through It, they still see it as scam,then I believe they don't have knowledge about it,because if they did,they won't call it scam.If it were to be a scam,
Many people who are multi-milloneares today woundnt have gotten to that level they are if they didn' invest in Bitcoin as at that time that it wasn't this great.
It is my top most desire to see Bitcoin last forever because I know how I was before,and I know what have changed about me ever since I knew about Bitcoin and started investing in Bitcoin.
19  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Understanding crypto on: April 24, 2023, 09:31:23 PM
Welcome to the forum! This is such a very fantastic forum anyone can find his or herself because it entails lots of researches, educative, inspirational, informative and analytical discussions about crypto in general. There are various links that has been provided for you already by other senior and hero members which would help you to understand better how things are being done properly here. The rules guiding the forum, the kind of posts to make and how to avoid plagiarism, all of these would help you a lot on this forum in order to avoid being banned or reported to the moderators.
This is undoubtedly correct because this forum is guilded with so many rules and guildlines which one must adhere to in order to continue making posts in this forum.The major thing to do in this forum is learning and contributing positively to this group.The learning entails having a mentor that teaches you how to go about trading,investing,and getting different strategies that can make you a successful trader who hardly lose.
The forum was set for all those purposes,to enlighten people about the knowledge of crypto currency and Bitcoin.
20  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: My experience navigating through this platform on: April 24, 2023, 08:20:38 PM
This forum is too big, I am still going around trying to get familiar with the forum activities, I have some questions to ask, but I am still trying to put them in order because of the standard of the forum.
Knowing everything about this forum is not an easy task,or it's not a day job,it is good to try to reach every nooks and crannies of this forum knowing the things that are necessary.The little period of time I've been in this forum,I have known some things that I never thought I could know in a short time,I will ever remain grateful to this forum for making me know those things.Trading was very difficult for me before I came here,but this forum gave me and indebt knowledge about how to trade,and how to invest.It gives joy to see yourself doing well in crypto.I am not yet done with learning the things I'm supposed to learn in this forum,because learning is an evey day something.
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