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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [Ann][Crowdsale] Cubic : The Business Ecosystem on: August 24, 2017, 12:15:12 PM
I believe the announcement is very long. We will do a simplified version with team members and an infographic on the Cubic Ecosystem. This will be added soon. Once I am able to post links, I will update the OP with all relevant information.

Thank you for your time.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [Ann][Crowdsale] Cubic : The Business Ecosystem [Sale: 500 sats per token] on: August 24, 2017, 08:38:14 AM
Dear all,

There will be a translation bounty. However the translation bounty will only be available after the crowdsale is completed due to the contribution address is part of the announcement. We do not want any confusion in that. Contribution address will be removed after the crowdsale completion. Only then the bounty translation will be available. More details on the allocation will be shared with you soon. You can pm me for your translation services.

Team Cubic
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [Ann][Cubic] : An Ecosystem within an Ecosystem. [Sale] on: August 24, 2017, 06:14:07 AM
An Ecosystem Within An Ecosystem

0.0 | Cubic Ecosystem Overview   
Cubic is being developed as an evolving ecosystem with powerful platform for single, small, medium business owners to connect with real people around the world.   
Every cubic nodes can act as a multi purpose shop where one can offer their services in terms of service, product and everything that a Cubic user needs.    
For an example, A user from US want to setup a shop in Asia, wants to seek legal service in that particular country would be able to search for that service that will exist within the Cubics Ecosystem.    
Or a person wants to sell his second hand mining rig would be able to search for potential buyers within the Cubics Ecosystem.   
Search is the most powerful word ever created by society that drives the world economy. Business opportunity is created around the world by Search.    
What happens when a crypto currency platform combines this search into this ecosystem. That combination creates our CUBIC.    
Is Cubic a search engine? Is Cubic a website? How does it works really?    
Cubic will incorporate its own Search algorythm within its wallet. Cubic will enable a user to ID his or her node as a function with a keyword   
This ID will incorporate keywords that will enable the Cubic to identify. When a user searches for a particular service, it will match that keyword a business related node uses.   
The encrypted messaging function within the Cubic wallet will enable a seller communicate with a buyer. The buyer then can set up a smart contract to complete his deal which will also exist within the Cubic Ecosystem.    
Cubic will combine Yellow page with Smart contract to enable real business happen in crypto space without a need of setting up a shop.    
This in turn will reduce shop costs, maintenance fee etc. As the Cubic ecosystem evolves, it will start incorporating other business elements that will be able to match all existing B2B websites.    
This function will called as Cubic Pages.    

"Bob wants to sell his second hand mining rig. He searches for second hand mining rig buyers inside Cubic Ecosystem. The Cubic Search will displays all ID relating to the enquiry. The IDs will also contain trust level, location and any other related information. Bob then contacts the node owner he prefers via Cubic encrypted messaging. The node owner then replies to Bob with price and provides him with a Smart Contract which contains detail of the transaction. Smart Contract will then be executed upon agreed transaction by both parties. Completion of transaction by both parties will result in trust level increment for both side. Failure will result in negative trust."

What makes this different from all the existing crypto currency platform out there?    
The Cubic Ecosystem is no different than any other of the crypto currency platform. Nor does it thinks any existing system as its competitor.    
In time, Cubic will be able to incorporate other existing & succesful coin into its platform via inbuilt trustless exchanger where one could easily exchange his X token to Y token easily.    
Cubic will be the fuel behind this ever evolving ecosystem.

0.0 | The Team
We are a small group of hardcore programmers from Swiss and a communication member that have been actively researching into the future of crypto ecosystem. We are convinced that this is now doable by studying the Ethereum Platform. Our motive is to create a healthy ecosystem within the crypto world that is evolving and redefining itself every moment.  We would like to be part of this.  

0.0 | Cubic Application
The Cubic can be applied for varies functions. From single to small & medium business owners around the world. Services to product selling, Card Trading, Tattoo appointments anything that can be sold.
The ecosystem will grow from a small branch with minor details into a big tree with major details. We will not use the word complete as we understand there is no such thing as complete in this world.
However this system is designed to be able to evolve therefore from a small application Cubic will grow to be a big platform that will be able to service just anyone around the world.

Can this be abused in anywhere? Drugs? Illegal activities?

Cubic will place a keyword rule system where the majority users will be able to VOTE to "BLACKLIST" certain keywords. Every user will have this function built into their wallet.
This is still the initial stage and of course there are no ways of controlling these illegal activities but we could at least do something about this.

The Cubic wallet will have 2 functions. One is to act as a typical send, receive with encrypted message. The other with all above mentioned functions for business known as Cubic Pages.
One can use the light version or the heavy version depending on their use.

0.0 | Cubic Pages
Cubic Pages is where business is differentiated from an ordinary wallet user. Cubic Pages will include the Cubic Search function, Smart Contracts and Voting.
We are also studying the incorporation of trust into the nodes to give confidence to buyers to do real business with the sellers.
These are considered the Second Phase of the Cubic ecosystem development after the light version of the Cubic Wallet is released.
However the light version will have to intergrated to incorporate common codes with the business version therefore the wallet release gap between these two will be short.

Imagine Cubic Pages as combination of Yellow Pages, Apple Store/Google Playstore, Facebook. However we cannot incorporate all the features into the system at its initial stage and will be progressive development to include major features.
We would also want to integrate a simple version of token exchange into this at later stage where one is not limited into using the Cubic ecosystem. Due to security reasons, this will be first studies more in details before roll out.
A lot of testing will be done before any features is being rolled out for adoption. Cubic Pages is a B2B without a need of a website.

0.0 | Cubic Tokens
Cubic Ecosystem is originally designed for POW concept with a portion is premine for developers with 100.000.000 total coin will be in existence.
However due to our financial constraint from our own pockets, we are unable to move further without some funds. Therefore we are left with no choice but to have some crowdsale to collect some fund for the first 2 years of development.
We do not need millions, we are not developing super computers. We need about apprx. 30-50 btc for the further development and improvement of the project for the first 2 years.
To accommodate this, we will crowdsale some portion of our development tokens to you in order to collect that funds.
So it will be POS+POW system afterall.  Sorry, but we have no other alternative at this point of time.

The purpose of the collected fund is to pay for the bills that includes application development, website development, smart contract development, security, additional programmer, servers, white paper, content writer and the list goes on.
We want it to be professional therefore the funds are required solely for these.

So, the token system is designed as per the new requirement

Total Coins = 100.000.000
Developer Stake = 30.000.000 (10.000.000 for crowdsale + Bounty)
Future Development Stake / Fund Raise = 10.000.000
POW = 60.000.000 for apprx 10 - 20 years

We will treat this as crowdsale and not ICO.

For crowdsale, we will put a price of 500 sats each for total 10.000.000 Cubic Tokens payable in btc. There will be a minimum of 0.01 btc contribution applied to this and max of 2.0 btc.
Our first target is to achieve 30-50 btc for the initial development stage. There will be a second fund raising stage estimated probably 1.5 -  2 years for the development of other required infrastructure.
Upon completion of fund raising, we will hire a professional coder to work on ETH Token Smart Contract and possible Listing. Tokens will then be distributed to all those that have contributed in 1 to 2 weeks after the contribution target is achieved.

We do not plan to use any escrow mainly due to the constaint of the cost we listed above and we will not use a website to raise funds due to recent ICO hacks, Slack hacks where hackers replace the contribution address with theirs.
Due to this, you may decide whether or not to contribute to this project. It is simply our choice to keep our maintenance cost as low as possible.
Therefore we will be publishing the BTC address here below simply because we hope it cannot be hacked in bitcointalk.

0.0 | Cubic Ecosystem Benefits
What do you benefit by holding the Cubic Tokens may sing in your mind. Well, first these tokens is the fuel of Cubic Ecosystem. Every transaction & fees will be in Cubic.
To ensure the Cubic Ecosystem is enough fueled, we have allocated 60% of the total coins for POW which will be slowly distributed in a span of 10-20 years depending on our design.

When the Cubic Pages go live, every buyer will be paying a small fee in cubic for every successful deal. This small fee will be sent to the Cubic Page Business Development address where, portion of it will be used to expand and some will be used for profit sharing;
The profit sharing will be every quarterly and it will be shared only to the accounts that holds X amount of Cubic Tokens distributed automatically. The X amount will be decided upon the release of Cubic Business Wallet.

0.0 | Project Timeline

Upon Funding:  
Hiring & Creation of Smart Contract on ETH - Creation of Cubin Tokens on Ethereum Platform
Distribution of Cubic tokens to contributors.
Creation of Cubic Official Websites and other social media platform.
Development of Professional White Paper
Hiring of 2 additional programmer to develop Cubic Pages application development.
Servers, Maintenance & Security.
Business & Law compliances.

Phase 1 : (2-3 Years)
Development of Cubic Light Wallet, Cubic Business Wallet @ Cubic Pages.
Application development for Cubic Pages @ Smart Contract, Search, Listing, Voting, B2B function.
Cubic Blockchain Scaling Solution
Transition & Distribution of ETH tokens to Cubic Tokens.
Important Notes: For the next 1-2 years, we may and may not list this coin in any major exchangers. We would kindly ask that only serious supporters who are willing to stand with us until phase 1 is complete to invest into this coin. Phase 1 is very important to the development of Cubic Ecosystem. This is not a overnight money making project. This is a long term project that may take up to 2 years to complete the background work of Cubic infrastructure alone. Please understand this before contributing. We will issue a Token on Ethereum Platform for the time being for the contributors who believes in us and it may take 1 week to 2 weeks upon completion of our crowd sale. We will also help the contributors hold on to their tokens should they want it in the form of Cubic Coin only.
Phase 2 : (2-5 Years)   
Develop Mobile Application ; Android, IOS
Develop Cubic infrastructure worldwide with master nodes.
Upgrade Cubic Pages Standalone for wider community use around the world.
Business Development & Marketing for Cubic Pages.
Plug & Play Programme Developer

0.0 | How to Contribute
Due to the recent website hacks, ico hacks, we have decided to keep it tradisional and safe by posting the crowdsale btc address here.  

Step 1 : Send the amount of btc you want to invest to the below mentioned address
Step 2 : Send a pm with txid, btc amount,  name and email with proof of screen snapshot of transaction on your screen with the time.

BTC Address: 1LevRQ5bvVR2VSV6KpdZ3j2yizCABYVuxw

Note:  This crowdsale of Cubic token will continue for 30 days or target is achieved, whichever first. In the event after 30 days, if there are any unsold tokens, these will be moved to the Phase 2 funding.

0.0 | Bounties
There will be no bounties for translation or other marketing material at this time. However these will be available in the Phase 2.
To those who are interested in doing translation, do submit your application with your proof of work here. We will contact you when the need arise.
The translation bounty will be allocated from the developer's fund.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for spending your time to read this.

Best regards,
Team Cubic

P.s All graphical image will be uploaded when this account is able to.
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