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1  Economy / Services / Re: Natural8 Social Media & Youtube Content Creation Contest (Apply Now) on: January 23, 2020, 08:30:06 AM
Bitcointalk Username: Spider A4
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1125121
Youtube channel link:
Video content link:
Reward payout BTC address: 3DVbabLEaBAzfkuGfiuJkuxiawseg2jKWY
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: My dream for bitcoin on: January 19, 2020, 03:18:14 PM
As Bitcoin is decentralized government will not accept bitcoin . It's just a dream . If government gonna accept then its good. As it is difficult  to find frauds using bitcoin and trace it . It is not that easy to find in records.

If government accept it then its a dream come true , so that bitcoin can be used properly .ATMs , Banks , accept as mode of payment. Government should  legalize.
Why not, in the era just everything is possible depending on the wishes of the government. Many countries accepted it, how they find out money
laundering,drugs,fraud,crime it's too difficult in the decentralized platform this is the 1st reason btc didn't legalize in more countries.
So what still btc is a big dream for me, because i'm capable to adopt it in alternative way.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Before I Invest With Cryptoqurrency? on: January 19, 2020, 02:04:17 PM
New projects are been created to fix the issue of old coins this is why i think its better to always give new projects chances if they are solid enough, if you don't like taking risks then you are better off with old projects, for me i like taking big risks
Nowadays number of new projects are enter in the market but few only rapidly going to moon so it reduce the peoples expectations. I think mainly everyone concentrate the top exchanges listing tokens and coins so still all are like to take big risks. But top 10 altcoins are forever trusted platform in crypto market.
All of the IEO's are not safe investment so investors looking forward to top exchanges launchpad projects. Very rare new project is surviving in crypto market, and those are binance,huobi,kucoin,okex launchpad projects. I did'not seen any big project which are launched from p2pb2b,latoken,bitforex such shitty exchanges. Old top coins at least ensured to safe investment for short or long term investment.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Are you sure crypto is the future currency? on: January 19, 2020, 01:33:53 PM
Legally or illegally cryptocurrencies is highly using virtual currency in the whole of the word, there are no doubt to agree that point. Definitely i believe crypto have bright future. I don't think one day crypto will official currency, such no chances in the future for many issues, biggest obstacle is government. People thinking Crypto can be big competitor for the fiat money. Crypto is going gradually recover hopefully we are near in bull run.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: This is why you shouldn't trust a Centralized Exchange! on: January 19, 2020, 01:17:07 PM
True, Hacked & scammed is so common issues from in the last year. Idax exchange is scammed 2 months ago now another centralized exchange scam warning, i lost worth of 400$ assets which is very difficult to afford for me. But it's a great mistaken because idax a lot of fraudulent activities with IEO projects team. BCNX exchange got a little bit popularity, i have small amount money but pending almost 17 hours.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Are ICo Still safe to invest on: January 19, 2020, 12:54:52 PM
Not safe, ico or ieo. especially if we see the last 2 years a lot of projects that started from ieo ended up being worthless, many investors have suffered losses including me have also experienced it. my suggestion is better to invest in bitcoin or altcoin which the development of the project has been going on for a long time.
Every ICO or IEO are not safe this is not like that actually, you can say most of the ICO was fraudulent or scammed in the year of 2018 & 2019. ICO is not totally dying, a few ICO is legitimacy in the currently. IEO just added something different trend, i think both of almost same.

Now ICO investment is huge risky, i would recommend to find out legit & reputable exchanges IEO after that you should to invest.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Which crypto is good for long trading? on: January 18, 2020, 07:03:42 PM
I can't give you advice for you to follow, but I only hold TRX, DOGE and ETH in the long run, because other crypto projects that have just arrived in 2019 seem like many are not viable for the long term, so I play it safe for my investment, I also trade often playing the three altcoins above, occasionally looking for profits to multiply my profits little by little
More possibility to failed your doge coin if your purposes to hold for the long term, this my prediction now your choice what can you keep hold or not.

Another 2 different coins going in the right track you will must profit in the long run, because those are future potential coins.
I prefer you can sell DOGE to buy BTC, i hope you will get much profit in this long term investment.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Celebrities using Bitcoin today? on: January 18, 2020, 06:22:01 PM
World wide uncountable different type of celebrities such as signer,actor,athlete are now involved with bitcoin adoption, i heard there are many people's of government republic they invested money in bitcoin industry, because of bitcoin popularity also a profitable investment platform.

Check this project a lot of Bollywood actors a part of the platform. Others some most popular actors bought BTC.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Binance: $BNB The Future of Exchanges. on: January 18, 2020, 04:13:43 PM
After a while, Binance Coin is again ranked as #1 coin to watch for this week, due to the upcoming 10th BNB coin burn!

Read more:
I don't know that before regarding BNB token burned, right after oct 03 BNB started increases, so i think definitely this was significant burned. The blog mentioned specially 3 coins those will top 3 coins in january, but i'm not find out good things in Waltonchain (WTC), it's always down trend coin even in current pumping market. Grin is strong potential coin in 2020, but those 3 coins never top 3 coinmarketcap rank coin.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Can Ethereum reach the 1400$ mark this year? on: January 18, 2020, 03:24:43 PM

I believe, like many, that this year will be very good for the crypto world. Assuming that the adoption of cryptocurrencies increases considerably this year, is it possible to see Ethereum surpass the $1400 mark?
Ethereum was touched 1400$ in 2017 even it was the last highest price, this is the previous historical graphic, i don't think it will repeated in this year 2020. Now price is 176$ we can expect it will up 500$ to 600$ end of the current year. If crypto market is not maintain by someone so prediction will not work here. A little bit possibility ETH an reach 1400$, many ETH platform update will come in a few months.

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: January end , can BTCtouch 9k? on: January 18, 2020, 02:39:12 PM
as we see trend in last 2-3 days, all markets were positive, prices increased from 10%-300% in 48 hours.
Now the trend is going down. what you guys think? January end BTC can touch 9k usd?
Still BTC price almost around 9000$ i think most provably tonight it will touch 9K$. Cryptocurrency market up trend again will start hopefully we will see BTC touch 10K$ in the month january. A lot of predictor BTC can touch 20k$ within a couple of months, but some possibility to dump after 9k$.

I am not satisfied altcoins market because it's gradually pumping not likes BTC. Top ranking few coins are good knocking.

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Are IEO's bad? on: January 17, 2020, 06:48:30 PM
Investors feel relax to invest an IEO, they will know that actually what exchange can be success this project, they have best option to invest or avoid it. Exchange hosting is good option an IEO.

Actually ICO is not like that, you will worry if you participate in any ICO because what happen about exchange listing who's know that, too much possibility to exist scam end of the day, ICO lost reputation for many scammed projects.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Need suggest invest in small amount on: January 17, 2020, 06:17:39 PM
I see, some altcoins in your portfolio are pretty good, like BCH, DASH, EOS, I think it's worth you to fill. But if you want to save it for a long time, BTC and ETH seems to be enough than you have to take greater risks by entering the ICO or IEO area. but, all choices depend on you, I can only suggest.
yes at this time I was a little surprised by the BCH chart after the bitcoin movement started on the market. it seems like it will be an asset that I consider buying and investing. whereas beforehand the BCH market was also not very good for trade and investment. LTC is even better than BCH.
I will not be depend in the BCH investment, because i wanna suggest long term material coins, you can't strongly believe in BCH market which is suspicious coin. Definitely LTC platform potential and very safest from BCH. But for very short term trade you will chose. Don't make a goal for long term investment. BCH green market is not for BTC movement, it's a market manipulation i think.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: BCNEX - "SCAM" Withdrawals are no longer available. on: January 17, 2020, 05:42:22 PM
It's so sad news, many people are very scared at the moment i seen in telegram message, BCNEX admin panel already answer about pending transaction and failed transaction those will be manually fix. What happen in the next we don't know, we looking for the next step when every holding amount will fix. BCNX was big project many people participate to get tokens their a lot of event.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: The use of stable coins or no? on: January 16, 2020, 07:06:06 PM
It's a great alternative. I also often use stable coins. This is a very necessary and useful invention. If you need to lock in profits, then using stable coins is the best thing to do.
I think almost every coin can have a stable price, depending on when you buy and when you sell, the ups and downs in cryptocurrency in my opinion is a natural thing to live how our mental readiness and a good strategy in choosing a good coin for short-term investment, long-term medium, and long term.
This is very low period of stability in every coin after that big dump coming when you have no alternative way to keep it stable without USDT and other stable coins. Every traders using it i think they will be very helpful to control asset management. For long term invested coins never will stable price.
USDT is able to great effort if you are looking for good one in my personal opinion.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin SV Drama on: January 16, 2020, 06:15:53 PM
BSV manipulation drama is not first time happened. I think don't need to crazy which people say that BSV beats ETH what a funny prediction and their dream. Bubble coins anytime will go to unexpected up and down this is the normal behaviour for this shady activities binance and kraken exchange delist BSV coin in 2019. I never seen this coin was stable from long time.

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: token supply on: January 16, 2020, 05:39:28 PM
sometimes I think if you look at the amount of token supply in such a large amount that trillions and trillions after the project runs several months or years, the token will be burned, what for if you make tokens with a large supply, but will be burned, ...?

 Roll Eyes
When mostly large number of token supply projects worthless after listing than team try to reduce token supply the only way of burn.

Azbit burn 10 billion tokens because their token price low 20x from IEO price i think so they decide to burn.
NPXSXEM, NPXS burned several billions of tokens a couple of times. Total supply is highly affected in coin value.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is IEO better than ICO? on: January 16, 2020, 04:46:31 PM
Definitely IEO is some better than ICO but in the some specific exchanges IEO's. But there are no difference between fake exchanges IEO's instead of ICO's if you willing to compared. Trusted big exchanges IEO's can something guaranteed to safe your money and huge profitable.

People are not interested to invest an ICO project because here a lot of confusion about exchange listing.

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Why High Ranked People promoting P2PB2B IEO Bounties? on: January 16, 2020, 04:20:17 PM
You find out some good points the time has come to avoid such shit exchanges. First of all i think which projects will decide to launch IEO with P2PB2B than definitely they will be disaster. Because that happened in many promising projects. A lot of negative review regarding this exchange. Still i have not seen any IEO is success in these exchange. I wonder this high rank exchange in CMC it's possible for manipulation.
20  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: Why has not any government stopped Bitcoin? on: January 16, 2020, 03:44:33 PM
Governments have done enough to dissuade common people from using Bitcoin extensively. Being charged with operating unlicensed money changing businesses is a possibility if you engage in cash-bitcoin conversion.
Many government continues try to stopped Bitcoin but they can not it because it's a decentralized platform so that government unable to shut down.
Personally i knew that in my country making a law to warn all of the people's for not using cryptocurrency.

Any government can't control Bitcoin so how can be stopped Bitcoin.They able to announced illegal and who use it under the law will be able to punish them.
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