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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Knowledge vs hodlings on: October 01, 2023, 11:55:20 PM
I mean it would be easy just get the knowledge first then if you then you already know Bitcoin and know what you're doing already then starting investing and start holding your Bitcoin already, for sure you are going to make some mistakes, but you have this forum that could help you in some of your problems, personally, this forum is where I learn most of my knowledge in cryptocurrency space and pretty much all you need is already here.

In my experience , it wasn't really just the knowledge that you need in order to hold, what you need is multiple sources of income, because you cant really HODL if your just depending on one source of income,  meaning your depending on the profit of cryptocurrency so if you needed that money badly your just gonna end up selling your cryptocurrency at a wrong price or wrong timing.
2  Local / Pilipinas / Re: Meron paba tayong miner dito? anu na pinagkakaabalahan ninyo sa crypto on: October 01, 2023, 11:44:00 PM
sa pagkakaalam ko meron pa rin namang mga miners dito sa PIlipinas pero hindi na nga lang Bitcoin ang namimine nila dahil simura noong last last halving pa ata ay mahirap ng magmine ng Bitcoin dahil na rin hindi ito suitable sa atin, dahil na rin mahal ang kuryente, mainit ang weather etc, kaya maraming miners talaga ang nagstop, yung ibang mga ayaw magbenta ng kanilang mining rig ay nagswitch talaga sa ibang mga token na kung saan makakakuha pa rin sila ng profit, I think Ethereum mayroon pa ring mga nagmimine until now dito sa Pilipinas.

Kahit ako sinubukan ko rin dati, at medjo okey pa nakakakuha ako ng kaunteng profit pero sa alternative tokens lang dahil hindi naman din kalakasan ang computer ko, medjo mahirap din mamine ang Bitcoin kahit dati pa.
3  Economy / Economics / Re: Is academic pursues enough to get incomes? on: October 01, 2023, 11:22:11 PM
I really want know if getting more degrees can make life financially better because I come from a country where their are no job and I have seen people that the only thing they can do in life is to read books, getting more degrees attaining all these degrees yet no still go job for them with good pay. Do think people who read in a region with slim job opportunities are doing the right thing?

Most people who go for more degrees believe they can get better job at the end of the day. People that only go for more degrees in a stare with high unemployment rate are they doing right thing by putting all their focus on academic because this is the only thing they can do best.

It might not need to be a degree probably just a vocational course would be enough to learn about income and finances how you going to manage it something like investment how you going to get financial freedom etc. I just think that it is what the educational system doesn't teach us how we are going to manage our finances and how are we going to invest, insurance and everything, it almost seems like we are getting programs after our education so that we would just become an employee, not something like starting a business something like that.

In my personal experience having this kind of knowledge about finances is really a good help since it did change a lot since I changed my mindset when it comes to my finances, I take it very seriously and budget my salary and make sure that I have multiple sources of income in order to make a good saving and positively invest in the future to a passive income or something like a business, i just listens to a lot of podcast about financial and eventually learned a lot about it and apply it to my financial as well.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Let fear to lose be motivation to learn on: October 01, 2023, 10:05:08 PM
Since I know cryptocurrency my biggest fear is to lost all my capital or large amounts in trading or investment, because of the fear in me I don't do things that I'm not sure of or things I don't know. My fear to lose have always been a motivation or a reason for me to know things concerning cryptocurrency,  I fear to start trading when I'm of myself that I know nothing to trade , fear to start investment when I know that I don't have a source of income.

My fear have been a motivation to learn,  even If I start trading I may lose but not to lose everything because of the understanding I have. My fear to lose have always made me to take the right decisions and not to make money money my first ultimate in trading and investment but understanding as my first priority.

I know some of my mates who are into  cryptocurrency that phobia to lose but even with the fear to lose they still go ahead to trade. If beginners allows their fear to motivate them to learn first their won't be drastic lose in trading.

I mean for sure not all the time we are making the right decision here somethings we might just get lucky and sometimes we might just be unlucky about it, its just normal to be fear if you dont know what your doing at first if your going to think about it like driving a car, if your just a newbie and you dont know how your going to drive a car for sure at first you are afraid to hit the accelerator and most of the time you just slam the brake because you are afraid but as soon as you progress and learn how to drive that fear disappear because you know how to do it completely.

Its a good thing I guess since we are here in the forum meaning as soon as we just continue our journey here in the forum we are still learning a lot here, there are a lot of things that we need to learn as well as how we are going to protect ourselves against scams and hack since they are developing a lot of new ways, and probably we want to learn new strategy that we like on investing, for sure its going to be easy as soon as we are active here in the forum.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin and gambling which one has done you more harm on: October 01, 2023, 04:21:36 PM
When we gamble what we are looking after or expecting is money which is [profit] and when buy bitcoin and invest what we are looking after is [profit] and when you so many people they skip bitcoin investment to gamble and some uses very big amount of money to gamble whereas the same amount of money will achieve some fraction in bitcoin investment. So I come with this question to know the thing between this option or words I presented the one that done you more harm, if bitcoin  has done you more harm during the times you invested in bitcoin you can tell the public and if gambling has done you more harm by losing in gambling frequently you can also tell the public.

But for me I think gambling is the one that done people more harm than bitcoins investment, because almost every day people gamble with different platforms but its few of people that invest in a day or weekly, I will like us to discuss these.

I mean, to be honest, they are completely similar since gambling is gambling your money so it probably a fifty-fifty chance or could be lower depending on the game you gambling so most of the time you're probably going to lose money at gambling, there are probably people that is very lucky to win on gambling but there are only a few, and if your planning to gamble you're probably going to lose money as well.

Bitcoin on the other hand is different since it is a kind of investment, I mean for sure they have some similarities since they are both risky for your money, for sure if you do future trades we might call it similar to gambling since you just betting if the market price is going to go up or down right and if you get the wrong guess your going to lose your money. Compared to traditional investing in Bitcoin, you might lose a few or a huge percentage on Bitcoin, and until you sell your Bitcoin you not really going to lose money at some point.

So for sure gambling is going to do more harm to you if you do both gambling and Bitcoin, but still it would depend if you just gamble a small amount of money and just for fun I guess it wouldn't really matter much.
6  Local / Pilipinas / Re: 1bilyon worth from offshore pogo konektado on simcards, sa panloloko at iba on: September 30, 2023, 11:59:57 PM
Nakakabahala itong issue sa simcard dahil nakaraan lang ay kumalat na rin ang trick sa registration, so meaning hindi naman pala effective and verification process meaning pera pera lang siguro ang nangyari dahil maraming simcard ang nalock at nadisable na kaya siguro meaning pepera nanaman sila, pero yun naman pala hindi maayos ang processo nila dahil na rin kahit mga hindi legit na tao ay nakakapasa dun sa cimcard registration which is very disapointing, so ang mga simcard na nakuha dito for sure ay ginagamit na rin sa mga illegal na transactions.

Siguro kunteng ingat na lang talaga lalo na kapag mayroong tumawag sayo na hindi mo alam ang number and then galing sa companies na connected ka magtaka kana agad dahil hindi naman madalas dumatawag manually ang mga companies, so magingat ka sa mga information na ibibigay mo sa kanya, as much as possible tangihan mo ang mga offer na ibibigay sayo, dahil madalas kapag nasilaw ka sa ibibigay sayo ay hindi mo mamamalayan ay nagbibigay kana pala ng mga information para mahack ang account mo. Sobrang common na rin ung cases sa gcash kung saan tatawag sayo then lilibangin ka lang na ibigay ang MPIN mo sasabihin na maroong magtetext sayo na code then ayun na mahahack na nila ang account mo sa GCASH.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How Has Bitcoin Changed My Life? on: September 30, 2023, 10:54:45 PM
Well, congratulations on your investments I guess it's a good profit you made there, well if you can hold your Bitcoin you have nothing to worry about since you not going to lose money if you not going to sell your Bitcoin at the wrong market price. In experience, it is not a good thing to invest in cryptocurrency especially if you doesnt have some kind of savings like what you have said because you're just gonna end up depending on your cryptocurrency profit, and probably you're going to sell your investment at the wrong timing since your gonna need the money if there was some kind of emergency but if you can hold I guess its great but in my experience is difficult to do that if you doesnt really have any sources of income.

Also make sure that you really know what you are doing, considering that you mention that Bitcoin is banned in your country. I mean that could be trouble if you get caught, It's still possible to invest in Bitcoin even though the government doesnt really allow you to since it is just like the internet they can really ban Bitcoin completely but still you need to be careful investing on it since your investment for sure might get taken by the government.
8  Local / Pilipinas / Re: Miss Universe accuses Philippine Blockchain Week for Miss Universe Coin on: September 30, 2023, 10:00:59 PM
Lagi naman kasing pabida talaga itong Philippines Blockchain Week mukang lahat nalang gusto pagkakitaan, mukang pera pera na lang talaga sa kanila sa panahon ngayon kahit ano na lang pinapasok na ngayon lagot sila dahil sa issue na to, dahil Miss universe pa naman mismo ang gumawa ng post, sobrang misunderstanding naman kase ng token na ito mukang ginawa talaga para mangscam ng mga tao, papangalanan mo ba naman ng Miss universe coin tapos hindi naman pala related sa Miss Universe, lets be honest nalang bibili ba tayo ng token na ito for sure hindi naman walang kwentang token lang naman niyan at for sure isa lang yan na shittoken at wala naman talagang value, sadjang malaki lang talaga ang kinikita nila sa lalo na sa paglaunch ng token na ito kaya ganyan sila magpromote ngayon na napansin ang promotion nila kaya lagot sila dahil hahabulin sila ng legal ng Miss Universe, mauuwi lang naman yan sa bayaran in the end kaya magbabayad sila ng malaki.

Nandamay pa kayo pati miss universe Philippines dahil sa pinagagagawa nila, eh hindi naman sila connected sa inyo, nakakahiya naman itong PBC mukang perang pera talaga, isa pa mukang sinadja nilang ipalabas mismo na related ang token nila sa Missuniverse which is a bad move for sure, mukang malaki pangangailangan nila ngayon sunod sunod din ata ang mga project nila ngayon eh.
9  Local / Pilipinas / Re: May politician kaya na pro Bitcoin or may crypto investments? on: September 30, 2023, 09:26:48 PM
Naging curious lang ako dito since globally naiinvolved yung mga politiko nila sa Bitcoin sa pamamagitan ng pagsusulong ng bataa or may crypto investment sila kagaya ng US at iba pang bansa.

Si Pacquiao lang yata ang alam ko na politician na nagkainvolvement sa Bitcoin since madalas syang kunin na endorser at nagkaroon siya ng sariling coin dahil sa crypto exposure nya.

May kilala ba kayo na politician na pro Bitcoin or may Bitcoin investment. Hindi kasi ako madalas magbasa ng news or mag follow sa social media ng politician. Maganda siguro kung magkakaroon din tayo ng susuportahan na politiko na magfofocus sa development ng Bitcoin sa bansa natin.

Wala naman masyadong ganyang politician, na masasabi naten na talagang pro Bitcoin siya most of the time naman tulad ni Pacquiao sa tingin ko puro lang naman promotions sa cryptocurrency dahil nga naman puro project niya ngayon related sa cryptocurrency so pwedeng hindi talaga niya gusto ang cryptocurrency pero dahil kikita siya dun ay syempre ipopromote niya ang projects niya, wala pa naman talaga dito sa Pilipinas na nakita akong gustong iadapt talaga ang Bitcoin.

Pero so far naman okey na rin dahil mahirap din naman pakialaman ang cryptocurrency at Bitcoin dito sa Pilipinas buti na nalang ay kusa na lang talaga nagaadapt ang cryptocurrency dito sa bansa naten at kahit naman isa ibang mga bansa, kahit mga banko ngayon ay supportado na rin ang cryptocurrency kaya masokey na rin na neutral lang muna ang Bitcoin dahil kahit ganun naman ay tuloy tuloy pa rin and progress at development neto dito sa ating bansa, mapapansin nga naten ngayon na maraming mga projects ang ginagawa na ngayon dito sa Pilipinas kaya masokey na ganito nalang muna kaysa naman may mga politician tayo na pagkaperahan nanaman ang cryptocurrency at Bitcoin.
10  Economy / Economics / Re: Free Investment tips on: September 30, 2023, 09:09:47 PM
Most of the time probably health is the most important of all but most of the time we always forget about this one, All of our investment is just going to be useless in the end if we doesnt really maintain our health and do a healthy lifestyle, we should never overuse our body just because we wanted to earn a good amount of money, our health should be our priority most of the time, considering our money cannot really do anything when we already have complications on our health. Also when we die we can't really carry our money in the afterlife its just useless paper.

There are always a time when it is really difficult to manage my time and if you not going to manage your time that is where you cannot manage your health as well, I mean it wasn't really easy since we have a lot of things to do in our time and most of the time we always sleep late because we're putting our time on our investment, especially for some daily traders where you really need to keep updated on the market in order to make profit.
11  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin October Month Performance on: September 30, 2023, 03:28:48 PM
For sure October was mostly a good month for cryptocurrency and I think we can see a lot of movement in the market this coming October, we might not see Bullrun for sure since it's still a long way, but for sure market price could probably go around 30k$-40k$ at this month considering the past October performance we can already assure a price increase easily.

If we are going to connect it to the upcoming Bitcoin halving for sure it could easily add to the hype since there are only a few months before the Bitcoin halving event most of the time October, November, and December is going to be a great month for us investors plus with the upcoming Bitcoin halving, if I'm not mistaken I think it was October, November, December as well when the market price increases a huge percentage when the last Bitcoin halving event was near so I think we could easily assume 40k$ this time.

For sure it was still not a good time to sell but probably wasn't going to be a goog time for investors to accumulate since market price is going to increase, but overall hype is going to kick in when the market started to do movements.
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Avoiding Faucets and Airdrop Scams on: September 30, 2023, 05:54:59 AM
I mean faucets and airdrops are already been used as methods of scamming investors are long time ago and before starting to invest in cryptocurrency make sure you already know what you are doing and already have a lot of knowledge before even starting your cryptocurrency journey We need to remember that it is still a very risky investment considering that scammers and hackers in this space, probably cryptocurrency is where we could see a huge percentage of hackers and scammers because of the potential profit, and for sure these people are earning a huge amount of money since they continue to develop a new method on how they are going to trick investors, but probably most of the victims are newbies because they still dont know what things work here. So make sure to always be careful and protect yourself from this hacker, ignore this kind of faucet or airdrop if the deal is just too good to be true it's probably a scam since it's the most common method of scammers to encourage you to invest or give your information to them, also you are already here In the forum probably the best cryptocurrency forum where you can learn everything your gonna need to know, there are a lot of experienced members here so make sure to learn from others' mistakes.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I smell fear... on: September 30, 2023, 02:46:48 AM
I saw this on twitter as made by Robert Kiyosaki and I found the idea laughable. Unfortunately I couldn't get a direct link for the screenshot so am using the information at the top of the image as my source..

I smell fear in this statement, fear of the government and it's co-partners about the extent of the financial freedom and privacy bitcoin has without regulatory policies handed over to people. And this freedom is looking like a threat to the government's sit of economic control creating all sorts of lies trying to deceive bitcoiners in giving out their freedom in exchange for a promising bitcoin priceless value.

We know cbdc with their inimical monetary policy control on distribution and issuance. There's no privacy in financial transactions with CDBC individuals financial details are easily accessible at anytime.

In a digital world where privacy is a key challenge having CDBC gain access and saturate the bitcoin market will only mean doom for bitcoin vision.

IMO  bitcoin doesn't have to become priceless only when cdbc enters the market, as for me bitcoin is already a priceless asset to my use I don't know about you.

I mean Robert Kiyosaki really liked Bitcoin from the start so it's not really a shocking thing to see or to know that he said this kind of thing to Bitcoin, he doesnt really like the idea of investing in Bitcoin and even the stock market.

In my opinion, I dont really think that CBDC is going to affect anything it might not like Bitcoin, but the community for sure is not going to accept this going to a digital currency that is controlled by the government. Bitcoin for sure is going to still be the number one here, we already see how Bitcoin adapts all over the globe, in fact, it is already supported by a lot of banks here in my country allowing users to bull and sell cryptocurrency, since in the past years they always see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a threat.

We doesnt really know but as a famous person what he says could probably affect the market so as a smart man, in the background he's probably investing in Bitcoin as well and making a good profit on it, I mean its always a market manipulation, so making this kind of statement probably could affect the movement in the market, there's always a possibility that he's manipulating the market.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What Inspired Me To Invest In Bitcoin. on: September 29, 2023, 06:31:26 PM
People are inspired by different things all over the world. Some are inspired by cultures, nature's beauty, situations, individuals, etc.  if the feeling to do something isn't gotten correctly, the expected results may not be gotten, hence leaving such a person in disappointment and frustration.
Here are some tips on why I invested in Bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin is an asset: Bitcoin is an asset because it can grow from the point of purchase, especially when taken advantage of markets that are falling in orife or have fallen in price to purchase as well as rise in price to sell. With Bitcoin, you can start small and grow big.

2. Investors like bitcoin because it's different from the traditional financial system that's controlled and regulated by the government of such a country. With bitcoin and crypto in general, transactions are outside the control of anyone, entity, organization, or person.

3. Transaction is fast; bitcoin gives every user the luxury or pleasure of speed in transactions. Hence, network hiccups are almost eliminated when transacting with bitcoin.

4. In the crypto world, bitcoin is the most dominant with a proven track record of growth, stability, and security, and it boasts of high liquidity compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is revolutionizing the financial market, making it the economy of the future you too can take a bold step to invest in Bitcoin if you haven't invested.

When I first discovered Bitcoin it was really a new thing for most people probably there were only a few people in my country who believed in Bitcoin at that time so its really difficult to trust cryptocurrency since there was no kind of proof at that time that it is a reliable investment, but still because of this forum I really learned a lot and it really the thing that makes me invest on it and continue to invest.

It's really a good thing since we could do DCA on cryptocurrency allowing us to invest probably just a small amount and over we could make our way on our investment accumulating Bitcoin over so that in the end we are able to accumulate a big amount of Bitcoin and able to sell it on the Bullrun.

I mean Bitcoin transactions weren't really that fast and at the same time to included a fee that sometimes increases big time, I think it is one of the things that most investors don't like about Bitcoin. But still, even though it is a very risky investment it is still a good investment especially if you want to fight inflation, and possibly earn a good amount of money if you already know what you doing.

I think Bitcoin is going to be the future, we can already see how the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin adapt all over the globe, and it is for sure going to have a big value in the future, so with its limited supply its already a good thing in my opinion to accumulate while Bitcoin is still in a fair price.

15  Local / Pilipinas / Re: Maging handa sa paparating na Bull run on: September 28, 2023, 11:27:53 PM
For shre naman lahat tayo ang ineexpect na talaga ang pagtaas ng presyo ng Bitcoin sa mga susunod na taon wala nga lang nasiguraduhan kung kelan ito mangyayari. Possible na mangyari ito sa 2024-2025 ayun sa aking personal na speculation dahil na rin sa Bitcoin halving event, kung titignan naten ang Bitcoin timeline ay madalas nangyayari ang Bullrun after ng Bitcoin event kaya maaaring 2025 na mangyari ang Bullrun which is a good thing naman noara sa mga nagaacumulate ng Bitcoin, marami sa ating ang nag DCA para makaacuumulate ng Bitcoin na sa tingin ko ay isa sa pinakamagandang strategy, kaya habang mababa pa ang presyo ay magandang opportunity ito para makapagipon ng Bitcoin, dahil mababa na at masrisk ang paghold lalo na kung tumaas na ang presyo neto.
16  Economy / Speculation / Re: After the bull-run plan. on: September 28, 2023, 05:40:18 PM
The market is just a big cycle so after the Bull run the bear market is going to hit again for sure after that and then the cycle is just gonna continue, bear market is a good opportunity again for investment so investors that doesnt get lucky on the past Bullrun is going to get another opportunity to make a profit, or people who already have profit can reinvest there investment again, there were just some exceptions since there are investors that doesnt really want to sell at all at any point, They believed on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency that overtime is just gonna continue to increase its market which in my opinion is a risky move and possibly would not make sense because if your investing that just means that you want to make a profit and if you're not going to sell at a higher market price it wouldn't make sense since your not going to make a profit at all, I mean you could possible just hold for years until you reach a certain goal like for example 1million dollars, my point is we need to aim a plan so that we could make a profit.

personally, If I make a good amount of profit I would transfer it to a much safer investment like for example business, real states, passive income, etc then after the bull run would accumulate again so that I can repeat what I did and make a profit again in the next bull run.
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: My first knowledge in Bitcoin/Bitcointalk on: September 27, 2023, 03:48:44 PM
I heard about bitcoin from my uncle and he has been talking about bitcoin since February 2022 and have been hearing how bitcoin pays and support youths. If invest in long term. And he also warned me that bitcoin is not get quick rich scheme and there are different ways one can get bitcoin. And the ones he told me were:
1) buy bitcoin and store it in the wallet for the next bull market   to come. And he told me to buy it in the bear market and invest it for a long term investment for like 3_5 years period, so I am planning to invest for the long term.
2) trading is the buying and selling of bitcoin in the market at all time or anytime which gives you profit if you can trade well. But trading is more risk than investment.
3) mining is the solving of mathematical problem through computing system when someone send bitcoin to a recipient, a miner must mine the coins in the blockchain before the recipient will receive the coin.
In my curiousity to know more about bitcoin, he told me to register in bitcointalk so I will learn and know more from there. So if I make any mistake in any of my writing, please correct me. I am open to correction.

I mean not so bad, welcome to the forum just continue to learn here, and for sure you're going to earn in the future as soon as you are ready with that knowledge.

For sure buying Bitcoin and storing it for years is a good strategy but this wasn't really an easy task to apply when I learned about cryptocurrency I already knew this kind of thing but It wasn't really easy to apply it, I ended up selling most of my Bitcoin the last time just because its really difficult to HODL especially if you doesnt have multiple sources of income and when the time I was just getting started in investing I usually depend on my profit on cryptocurrency.

I wouldn't really recommend it every time on the market, there are a few daily traders in the market but in my experience, it would need a lot of time and research in order to do daily trading to speculate and predict the movement in the market to possibly make a profit daily.

Goodluck on your cryptocurrency journey, continue to post here in the forum over time you're surely going to learn more and apply that to your investment, you can easily ask anything here in the forum since we have a lot of experienced members here that could help you, you could easily learn from others mistake if you do that.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What will you do if your country did not legalize cryptocurrency? on: September 27, 2023, 01:14:24 PM
Bitcoin is a very useful thing to many people. It has provided very good opportunities, job opportunity, trading opportunity and lots more for many people to earn money for their essentials of life. Bitcoin halving is fast approaching, giving many people hope of investment, and making reasonable profit at the end. Yet in some countries it is completely illegal. What will you do if you are a fan of bitcoin but your country did not legalize cryptocurrency?

I mean in my country Bitcoin and cryptocurrency weren't really legal but at the same time it wasn't illegal to buy or have a transaction on cryptocurrency, In my opinion since cryptocurrency most of it like Bitcoin was centralized there wasn't really any need for it to be legalized since it is just like the internet it will still going to operate as long as there is a community. In the past year cryptocurrency wasn't really that popular and in my country there are probably a only few people who invest in it and believe in it, most people identify cryptocurrency as a scam because it is always involved in illegal transactions like what they see on the news, but today it is already adapted by a lot of companies and even banks here in my country support cryptocurrency. So without any legalization cryptocurrency is gonna continue to adapt in a lot of countries and in my opinion there is no need for it to be legalized, I mean government might just do something about it, trying like taxing it or something like that which is a bad thing for people who invest on it.

19  Local / Pilipinas / Re: Meron ba kayong napansin? on: September 27, 2023, 10:32:36 AM
Ako lang ba ang nakapansin neto? o marami din ang nakapansin, philippine blockchain week should focus more, with blockchain technology and securities
like for example nalang leadership award daw eh neto nahack ung philhealth tapos tumanggap ka leadership award, parang nasampal kapa sa mukha diba.
alam ko iyong mga nagdadaos ng ganeto mga blockchain event walang mga ganyan only in the ph lang talaga.
Pagkatapos may pinalusot pa na wala naman palang connection sa isang organization or not even have inform them, pagkatapos may awarding.
Sana they should focus nlang sa kung anu talaga agenda, nahahaluan talaga ng politics dito madalas kaya minsan hanggang start lang wala na improvement.
Ito ang source:

For sure maraming mga ganitong event ang bayad para mapabango ang pangalan nila lalo na sa mga nagsisimula pa lamang kaya hindi na nakapagtataka ang ganitong event, minsan nagugulat na lang talaga tayo sa mga events na tulad nila. Not sure kung bakit sila nakakuha ng ganitong mga awards pero for sure possible naman na rig itong event dahil madali kasing gumawa ng ingay at news lalo na kung maraming mga ganitong event.

Not sure kung pano naging connected ang PBW, i mean ung Philhealth ay nakakabahala pero normal na rin naman talaga sa mga government ang bulok na security kung titignan palang ang kanilang mga system ay mapapansin mo rin naman ang bagal neto at kahit mga design ay parang sobrang low budget lang kaya ang pagkakahack ay hindi na rin nakakagulat. Siguro sadjang mababa talaga ang mga pasahod sa kanilang security, dapat kung titignan naman naten ang mga malalaking companies ay kaya naman magdeliver, and for sure if may kasalanan ang mga IT or mayroon ginagawang hindi tama ay mayroon malalagot kaya for sure may something sa kanila like mababang sahod dahil mababa ang performance nila, sadjang kinukurakot lang talaga ang budget kaya hindi rin siguro makagalaw ang mga IT.
20  Other / Off-topic / Re: Google is 25 Today - What has been Your Experience ! on: September 27, 2023, 07:35:11 AM
The Giant search Engine Google is Marking its 25 years of being in service and providing services to the entire world. As the popular saying goes 'Google is Your Friend'.

*Has Google been your friend?

*How long have you been using Google?

*Do you prefer other search engines than Google lately and can you tell why? (If any)

*Is there any improvement would you like to see in Google that you think are not included assuming it is possible?

Let's Talk...

Google already did a lot in a long way and it definitely helps us in a lot of situations, probably the most popular company, and we can't deny that it is even used by a lot of companies.

For Sure Google is my friend since if I doesnt know anything probably the answer to it is Google, it just pretty much knows everything and could easily help you whenever you are if you just have access on it.

Been using Google for a very long time, dont really remember when but as soon as I learned about Google and knew what it could do, when I already had the technology like a phone google was already a thing, Probably when I was just on my elementary days I already using google.

I've been loyal to google even when the times when Yahoo was still popular I just liked the simple design of it and I really think that using Google Chrome was just faster than others.

For sure the technology was a long better than the past years and Google was already so big right now.

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