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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: August 12, 2022, 11:25:36 PM
I think Freiburg is in fine form starting the season with a 4 goal win against Augsburg and hopefully will want to continue in same form against Borussia Dortmund in the weekend and a win will definitely boost their mentality positively going further, Dortmund on the other hand will be aiming to do the same so a draw with both teams sharing points will be also preferred.
They were doing good in their game against dortmund until the last 15 minutes, they were leading the game and they have been playing well, but thanks to dortmund manager they managed to turn things around with his subtitues if there is someone to praise in today win it should be Terzic.

Freiburg who previously impressed by beating Augsburg with a score of 4-0, in the second round of the Bundesliga had to suffer defeat from
Dortmund. Even though Freiburg managed to score the first goal in the 35th minute, but after Edin Terzic changed some of his players.
Slowly Dortmund's performance began to change for the better, and finally 3 players who were entered by Terzic immediately contributed
by scoring goals. Dortmund got their first away win in the Bundesliga against Freiburg, win twice in a row in the Bundesliga can certainly increase
the confidence of Dortmund players. Moreover, the two teams that Dortmund beat were not weak teams. Overall Dortmund deserved to win,
Dortmund really dominated the game, especially in the last 15 minutes Dortmund played incredible. I agree the hero in the Freiburg vs Dortmund
match is Edin Terzic, he made the right decisions with his substitutions.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: 2022 is the time to buy or sell? on: August 12, 2022, 10:12:12 PM
Not 2022, not 2023 but the present day, every day is the time to buy and sell. Only strategies and and sometimes luck can be more effective in buying/ selling of any currency. But the end, I suggest only Bitcoin to buy. 
bitcoin was worthed to acumulate  in several months , as we see its price will finally bounce when make normal correction finished. Alot altcoin in dip now so we have good chance to buyband and store it till the next cycle.

It is true that the bear market is the right time to buy coins, because many coins are already at their lowest prices right now. But that doesn't mean
all coins are good to buy, let alone the majority of coins in circulation are shitcoins that have the potential to be scams. So we have to be really careful
in choosing coins for investment in 2022, which throughout the year does show a bear trend. It is highly recommended to focus on accumulating
Bitcoin which is proven to have a good track record, so buying Bitcoin in a bear market situation will always be profitable. Moreover, we are able
to be patient holding until the next cycle, it can give us a big enough profit. But that doesn't mean we don't need to invest in altcoins, because
after all investment diversification is important. So if we want to invest in altcoins, my advice is to only choose top altcoins with strong fundamentals,
this will prevent us from investing in the wrong coins. Some altcoins worth buying include ETH, BNB, SOL and ADA.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2022/23 on: August 12, 2022, 06:23:53 AM
Rodrygo appears to benefit greatly from Real Madrid's decision to forego signing Kylian Mbappe from Paris Saint-Germain in the summer transfer window by having more possibilities to start. Rodrygo is motivated to show Ancelotti that he was more than just a supersub when he was brought to the Santiago Bernabeu because he is still undersized to play as a starter.

Rodrygo appeared to have been able to shine with Real Madrid in the most recent 2021–2022 season after frequently saving the team in Champions League matches. However, it turns out that Carlo Ancelotti hasn't given him many regular playing opportunities because he can't yet challenge Federico Valverde or Marco Asensio for the right wing position in the attack.

Even though Kylian Mbappe failed to join Real Madrid, it looks like Rodrygo still hasn't won the trust of Ancelotti as a starter. Ancelotti still trusts
Federico Valverde or Marco Asensio to fill the position of the right winger. Because for the left winger position already belongs to Vinicius Junior,
then the center forward is Karim Benzema, the two players are irreplaceable. So if Rodrygo wants to become starter he has to compete on
the right winger, in that position Rodrygo had to compete with Valverde and Asensio, even though Valverde initially played as a central midfielder,
but now Ancelotti plays him as a right winger.

Whereas Rodrygo last season performed well as a super sub several times, especially his performance was extraordinary when he became a super sub
in the Champions League, several times Rodrygo made the difference. So for the 2022/2023 season Rodrygo Goes asked Ancelotti to start playing him
more often. Even Pele as a Brazilian legend also praised Rodrygo's appearance, I think Ancelotti should have given Rodrygo more chances to be starter.
If Rodrygo is not given the opportunity to play more as a starter, there is a possibility that Rodrygo will ask to move to another team. If Rodrygo
moved it would be very detrimental to Real Madrid.
4  Economy / Speculation / Re: Speculators : Bitcoins is up now 21k buy buy buy ! but... on: August 12, 2022, 02:28:46 AM
Currently Bitcoins will struggle under 25k for one or two weeks. So it would be better if you buy it now and hold for a couple of months. By the end of the year, definitely BTC will reach upto 50k usd.
I'm not sure about $50k and we don't have any assurance. We can't also assume that everything will be fined in the coming days but for me, and based on its current market performance that is somewhat impossible nor we can see a huge pump this year. I couldn't say I was right but as we can recall and check back on the previous bear season, it never ends in just a year but it extends to more than a year.  

Well, it has been said that nobody knows what comes next.
I can't say 50k will happen neither, but I can't say it won't neither. By the looks of it there is a good chance bitcoin could be going very well and I believe that we are going to end up with something very good when the time comes and that could be 50k. How could we know that it won't be that good? I am not arguing that it will be, all I am saying is that we can't be sure that it won't be neither.

So, I am getting ready for a bull run, worst case worst, the price will go down a bit more, and I will just buy some more and wait for it a bit longer to reach higher prices, but if I am right then I have enough bitcoins to be happy when the price goes up.

I have confidence that Bitcoin will not return to $50k this year, because for the price of Bitcoin to rise above the price of $25k only Bitcoin
has difficulty and always fails. This means that we are still in a bear market, so don't think too much about when Bitcoin can return to
the price of $50k. That makes us worry and hesitate to buy more Bitcoin, rather than speculating about the price of Bitcoin. Why don't
we focus on collecting Bitcoin, it will be much more profitable to do.

Moreover, if there is a surprise Bitcoin suddenly pumps to the price of $50k, at least we already have quite a lot of Bitcoin. Indeed,
Bitcoin movements are volatile and difficult to predict, so often Bitcoin moves not according to our predictions. That's why we should buy
Bitcoin gradually, and never be afraid to buy Bitcoin too expensive. Because the history of the Bitcoin movement proves that Bitcoin is
always profitable if it is an investment for the long term. So we buy Bitcoin at any price can make a profit, most importantly after buying
Bitcoin we can be patient waiting for the price of Bitcoin to rise, and never sell Bitcoin at a low price.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: August 11, 2022, 10:56:17 PM
Marseille officially get Inter Milan player Alexis Sanchez and they get this player with free transfer status because he and Inter agree to ended his contract and after failed in Manchester United and Inter Milan Sanchez want to fix his career with joining Marseille but i don't know he will be good buy or not because previously he had serious injured history and besides that Marseille already have good strikers such as Luis Suarez or cengiz ünder
Alexis Sanchez was one player I loved as at when he was at Arsenal.He was so good on the ball that defenders and opponent find it difficult when ever they play against him.But it seems he has had a bad injury record when he was at Inter,and this is bad because even in his new team,injury might still affect him and make him not to perform the way he is supposed to perform.But if he has an injury free season with Marsseille,I believe he will perform very well at the club,and I'm sure he will pick form again if there is no injury on him.

Alexis Sanchez is a great player who has played in many big European teams, so his experience is unquestionable. When Alexis Sanchez played
for Arsenal it was quite memorable, in my opinion playing at Arsenal was his peak performance. Because after leaving Arsenal Alexis Sanchez's
performance has decreased, perhaps because he is no longer young and is prone to injury. It's a shame that Alexis Sanchez rarely got the chance
to play when he was at Inter, Inter finally terminated Alexis Sanchez's contract this week even though Alexis Sanchez's contract at Inter had
one year remaining. Now that Marseille have officially signed Alexis Sanchez with a one-year contract, Marseille knows Alexis Sanchez is prone
to injury, so Marseille don't want to take the risk of only signing Alexis Sanchez in the short term. I think the steps Marseille have taken are correct,
but I really hope Alexis Sanchez can find his best form again with Marseille.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Do you regret when you miss selling at ATH followed by a correction on: August 11, 2022, 09:15:31 PM
It often become a good opportunity when you sell at a peak and after that the correction come and you buy again with low price but many people miss that opportunity who then regret but I do not regret when I miss that opportunity because I do not do greed and remain satisfied with my current amount of coins and I know in the future the price will grow again to another ATH and my current coins are enough to give me enough profit. With this thought I keep myself tension free.

What is your views and conditions at that time?

everyone will surely regret it if they have gone through times of altcoin bulls reaching new ATH and has been followed by a correction. because the new ATH is unlikely to happen in the near future, but it takes a long time. and if we can sell altcoins on new ATH then we have a chance to get bigger profits. and we can buy it back when the correction occurs.

The closest example is when the bull market occurred in 2021, some coins managed to reach the new ATH price and I am one of those who
regret not selling the coins I have when the price reaches new ATH. Even though if I manage to sell it at the new ATH price, I will get a big profit,
I also had the opportunity to buy again in the current bear market. Therefore I learned from my mistakes that it is still difficult to control the greed
that is in me, this is what finally missed my opportunity to be able to sell at the new ATH price. Now I have to be patient waiting for the market
to be bullish again, because as you said new ATH probably will not be achieved in the near future. So besides I have to be patient holding the coins
I have, I also have to start accumulating very potential coins. So when the bull market came I was ready to sell the coins I had at the new ATH price.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2022/23 on: August 11, 2022, 07:11:10 PM
Real Madrid have lifted the the Super cup after beating their rival in the final, Frankfurt 2 nil. The Los Blancos side decides  in the finals and Frankfurt honestly aren't a competition for them as they played the them with experience. It's more of an easy win for Real Madrid and their Boss, Carlo Ancelotti knows the best tactics to use in the game. Only few would understand that, when it comes to playing on the pitch, Madrid stand out and they always have this believe that they're the best team in the world and they're definitely going to win any team they meets in the final, be it Bayern Munich, Liverpool or even their preeminent rival, Barcelona.

It looks like Real Madrid is getting ready for the new season after successfully winning the 2022 European Super Cup trophy. Real Madrid was able
to show their dominance when they beat Frankfurt in the 2022 European Super Cup final. Even with Real Madrid's success in winning the 2022 European
Super Cup, meaning Real Madrid managed to equalize the record of Barcelona and AC Milan to become winners in the European Super Cup. The three
clubs have won the European Super Cup 5 times. Now with that achievement plus Real Madrid's success in the previous season, made Ancelotti and
all Real Madrid players ready to welcome the new season with high confidence. Real Madrid are still very confident they can achieve success in the new
season. Even Real Madrid is not afraid to compete with Barcelona as its strongest competitor.
8  Economy / Economics / Re: Do not panic. Everything will get better on: August 11, 2022, 06:35:47 AM
Today Bitcoin rises more than 6%, and hopes to reach $ 25k soon, if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow can be reached the price of $ 25k then I am optimistic that August will reach at least $ 30k, before the price is more expensive then I suggest to continue to buy, I'm sure the price $ 24k is very cheap and we get a big profit if you buy it soon

Indeed in the last few days the movement of Bitcoin looks positive, and hopefully Bitcoin can reach the price of $ 25k, because Bitcoin has repeatedly
tried to touch the $25k price it usually always fails. But hopefully in the near future this will work, if it works as you said it is possible in this month
Bitcoin can at least touch the price of $ 30k. So it is recommended to start buying Bitcoin from now on, before regretting because the price of Bitcoin
will be more expensive. Even though we are optimistic that Bitcoin will go up, it is better to still buy Bitcoin with the extra money we have, to be much safer.
Because after all Bitcoin movements are very volatile, so there is a possibility that Bitcoin suddenly dumps in price. But if it turns out that the price of
Bitcoin suddenly drops, we don't need to panic, because the price of Bitcoin can always recover again. If we still have capital, we can also buy Bitcoin
every time the Bitcoin price drops, that way when the price goes up, the profit we make will be very large.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar - UEFA Qualifiers on: August 11, 2022, 01:07:32 AM
I don't think it makes a difference or at least I would say it is an excuse if the players claim that the time of the year was decisive. They are top notch professionals and will play that tournament at any time in any place on any planet Wink They are used to playing almost year round anyway, they know snow, rain, and extremely hot weather. I think it won't be about the "time of the year". If anything, the climate could play a role in soccer, but even that is taken care of within the stadiums as far as I know.

The issue is not just the physical condition, this can be more or less well managed by the players and technical teams. The issue is the preparation time for the tournament. The technical teams of the national teams will have less time to prepare the team for the tournament. The internship period will be shorter.
True, national teams are not like clubs in which players have a lot of time to familiarize themselves with each other, the time they have has always been limited to begin with and in this world cup the time available for this process to take place will be even shorter, which means that teams with superior talent or in which most of their players play at their domestic league will have an even bigger edge than usual during the world cup.
For something like that for me it does not have a significant impact and also does not guarantee they can play well,
with the increasing number of test matches or other matches of course it is used to understand each other,
that's enough and again the role of the coach is also important to unite them

For the national team, they can play well and the players can understand each other, they don't have to spend a lot of time together. As you said,
it is quite routine to do friendly matches, it will create good teamwork. Moreover, fellow players will also easily communicate because they have
the same language when they play for the national team. The process of cooperation between players is also much faster, therefore every time
there is an international event, the preparation is not too long. On the other hand, I agree that the cohesiveness of a team depends on how
the coach approaches the players so that they want to work well together. Especially big players who are already popular are more difficult
to control, here it takes a coach who can be firm with his players. And also actually players must also maintain their attitude if they have
strengthened the national team, because they carry the name of their country, so each player must eliminate their ego for the success of the team.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Which Altcoins Have Good Opportunities in the Next Year on: August 10, 2022, 11:51:33 PM
The market is always volatile, new coins or tokens always appear at least 10 per day, making the current number of cryptocurrencies more than 20k, this is like a joke because the number is too much, but I believe the market selection will leave no more than 1000 coins, and I think to invest in new coins are a better alternative when the market is bearish.
I ask you, what makes you say that investing in new coins is very good during a bear market? because most of the new coins just end up being a scam and have no price.

When the market is bearish, I recommend only investing in coins that are in the top 200 of CMC, so that investment is safer and the potential for growth in the following years is also large.

Investing in new projects during a bearish market would be a risky thing to do. We all know that most new projects don't survive this season so you might only be wasting your funds on new projects. Top 100 coins from the CMC or as many as possible top 50 would be more ideas to buy during this season because they already have a strong resistance towards the season.

Although this year all altcoins have experienced a fairly deep decline, but that does not mean that all altcoins are worth buying. Make sure
you choose altcoins that have potential, so next year you have the opportunity to make a profit. Don't be easily attracted to promotions
by influencers to invest in new projects, which of course has a very high risk. Because we have good analytical skills, it will be difficult to
analyze the movement of new coins, because there is no track record that we can analyze. It's very different if we invest in the top 50 coins,
which are mostly old projects that we can analyze their movement, so it's easier for us to choose coins that can actually generate profits in the future.
If we really want to be even more secure, we can invest in the top 10 altcoins, which have very high demand and usually have a good track record.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2022/2023 on: August 10, 2022, 10:44:20 PM
But Ten Hag once said that Maguire would still be captain and he's a good defender, but I'm not sure myself but why Ten Hag believed in him so much even though before Maguire was bad and had frequent blunders, Ten Hag still gave hope for Maguire to remain a defender and captain.
There is something wrong with Man United management and Ten Hag, it doesn't make sense to give a captain to someone who often made mistakes like Maguire. I sometimes realize that some Man United players are angry with Maguire, but the coach seems not to care about it. If Maguire continues to be the captain, I think most of the players of Man United won't play with confidence because they know they have weak defense by having Maguire on the lineups, even worse he is a captain.

Man United started the new season very badly, in the first match against Brighton, Man United had to suffer defeat. In that match even Man United
had to fall behind by two goals first and finally managed to score one consolation goal. Even Harry Maguire, who was Man United's captain in the match,
made a mistake before the game started. So before entering the field Maguire misplaced his squad lineup, then David De Gea and Scott McTominay
reminded Maguire what he did was wrong. As a team leader what Maguire did was embarrassing, I'm also confused as to why Erik ten Hag let
Harry Maguire still be captain. If this continues, maybe Man United will return to playing badly like the previous season. Hopefully Erik ten Hag soon
realizes that Maguire doesn't deserve to be captain of Man United. I think Harry Maguire, who had a bad impact on the Man United squad,
should have been sold. Because it was proven that Harry Maguire had made a lot of mistakes during his time as a Man United player.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Don't sit on your hands on: August 10, 2022, 05:21:23 AM
Actually if they are lazy enough to research about strategy regarding about the possible price of Bitcoin when it goes down even more, they could literally just buy at whatever the price of Bitcoin right now, because we are too far from the all time high and all they would do is to wait for it to reach that peak again to gain profits.

Now, if the price dumps even more after they bought, then it's fine, because the bottom line is Bitcoin will definitely gonna make a new all time high after this bear market.
Bitcoin will always bound to settle for a new all time high, that is why even if you can’t make the best entry, you will still be profitable in the future as long as your goal is to have bitcoin as a long term investment. Unlike with altcoins, their future are more uncertain compared to bitcoin, and people should always wait for the best entry so that they can maximize their profits in time before the value of those altcoins start to drop again.

That's why we don't have to wait for Bitcoin to drop to $10k first to buy Bitcoin. We can buy Bitcoin at the current price, it's not too bad if
we decide to buy Bitcoin at $23k. Because when compared to the price of Bitcoin which managed to reach a price above $60k before,
then buying at a price of $ 23k we can say we are buying Bitcoin at a low price. Even I myself do not have a target to buy Bitcoin at
what price, what I'm doing now is buying Bitcoin regularly every month from 10% of my income. Because I know as long as we can collect as
much Bitcoin as possible and after that we hold the Bitcoin we have in the long term, I am optimistic that we can all make a profit from Bitcoin.
So my advice never delay buying Bitcoin if we do have the capital to invest.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: August 09, 2022, 11:22:31 PM
Chelsea bought Werner from Leipzig for 53 million euros, but unfortunately Werner was disappointing with Chelsea. While playing for Chelsea,
Werner scored 23 goals and 21 assists in 89 appearances. That's not a good achievement for Werner, Timo Werner struggled to find playing time
at Chelsea, so it was a very good decision for Werner to return to the Bundesliga. Because before Werner moved to Chelsea, Werner was
a fairly productive striker, even Werner became a key player for Leipzig. I'm sure Timo Werner will rediscover his best game with Leipzig.
Werner's form did drop a lot and I don't know if Chelsea were expecting too much or if Werner wasn't playing well there which made it a bit difficult for Wener to be at Chelsea but the same thing actually happened for other strikers there like Lukaku and even Ziyech. So I really wonder if it's the quality of the players who aren't playing well at the moment or if they don't match Tuchel's formation in attack.

You're right not only Timo Werner whose form looked down when joined Chelsea, some of the new players who were brought in by Chelsea also
declined in performance. The most recent example is Lukaku, Lukaku's performance has decreased a lot when compared to when he was still playing
with Inter. This means that some players may not fit Tuchel's strategy, therefore Chelsea often fail to compete with Barcelona to get the players
they want, maybe because some players are afraid of not adapting to Tuchel's strategy. In fact, Timo Werner is a very good player and can make
a big contribution if Tuchel can play Werner with the right strategy. But it is difficult to expect Tuchel to change his strategy, so it is better for Werner
to relent by leaving Chelsea. But now Leipzig have many good forwards, moreover Leipzig also managed to get Benjamin Sesko, so Werner will not
be easy to seize the position as a major player.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Eth could take over BTC or not on: August 09, 2022, 10:11:15 PM
With PoS coming and Gas fee finally getting fixed do you think that Ethereum is capable of overtaking bitcoin? Oh also there will be max supply for Ethereum finally too, or is this expectation of mine way too high.

Don't expect too much or you will be disappointed when Ethereum used to have the cheapest transaction fee Bitcoin is still dominant and will remain the dominant coin in the market, I don't think gas fee Pos and having a maximum supply can help their cause, Bitcoin has fully established itself and every halving it reached new milestones, this question has been going on since Ethereum launched 7 years ago, but the answers have always been obvious.

Ethereum is indeed the best altcoins, but that doesn't mean Ethereum will ever be able to replace Bitcoin. Although the problem of high gas fees
has been successfully resolved, it will not make Ethereum able to beat Bitcoin. Therefore, since the first time Bitcoin was on the market until now,
Bitcoin has always dominated the market, that's because Bitcoin is invincible. In fact, there have been many other projects that have tried to
replace Bitcoin, but unfortunately none of them have succeeded. So like you said don't expect too high Ethereum will replace Bitcoin, it will only
be disappointing, because it is impossible to happen. Therefore, why do we have to invest in Bitcoin in large percentages compared to other coins,
because Bitcoin is the best crypto, so investing in Bitcoin will give us big profits in the long-term.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: August 09, 2022, 02:24:09 PM
Timo Werner leaves Chelsea FC and goes back to Germany to RB Leipzig. It's not 100% yet, but he's already in germany and the media is reporting an arranged. He cost € 20 million and earn less money in Germany as in England. Today is the medical check and then it will probably official. He would be the 12 striker in the squad, and only one of them injured.

Even if Timo Werner is not with Chelsea, Chelsea will not facing too many problems. Werner was able to score only 4 goals in 21 appearances in the Premier League last season. He did not play well in the Premier League. But the gameplay of the Bundesliga is different. Also, the Bundesliga is not as competitive as the Premier League. Maybe Werner can play well in the Bundesliga. Besides, Leipzig is a good enough team.
Does Timo Werner have no other choice besides Leipzig, because previously Timo Werner was a Leipzig player and then left for Chelsea. Also, Timo Werner is still under contract at Chelsea until 2025, is this a hasty decision for him. Because even though Timo Werner doesn't have many goals at Chelsea, but I see Timo Werner is still doing well at Chelsea. I still haven't searched for further information, so I wonder what made him choose to leave and what are the strong reasons. Because if he has a problem at Chelsea maybe it's natural for Timo Werner to choose to leave, but if he doesn't have a big problem then I think it would be better to stay for at least another season or two.
You're both right, he was never a star at Chelsea and in the premier league it's a different level. There, even the small teams are very strong. In germany, you also play against a team that is weak and you can score 2-3 goals, that happens in england on a completely different level. Timo Werner used to be the strongest striker at RB Leipzig, that can very well happen again and then Bayern will knock on his door again. They also wanted to get him when Chelsea got him, they just paid a lot more money.

Chelsea bought Werner from Leipzig for 53 million euros, but unfortunately Werner was disappointing with Chelsea. While playing for Chelsea,
Werner scored 23 goals and 21 assists in 89 appearances. That's not a good achievement for Werner, Timo Werner struggled to find playing time
at Chelsea, so it was a very good decision for Werner to return to the Bundesliga. Because before Werner moved to Chelsea, Werner was
a fairly productive striker, even Werner became a key player for Leipzig.

I am sure Timo Werner will rediscover his best game with Leipzig, hopefully Werner's move to Leipzig can be realized soon. This will be
a profitable purchase for Leipzig, besides Leipzig being able to get a cheaper price, Leipzig will also have an even stronger squad with
the arrival of Werner, I really hope that Leipzig can end Bayern's dominance in the Bundesliga. Although I admit it will not be easy for
Leipzig to end Bayern's dominance.
16  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy coins at 17k weeks ago could be the best time to buy on: August 09, 2022, 08:07:03 AM
Today BTC moves are more bullish than ever, my chart says we going to 27-28k and many people are waiting for 10k BTC, I think charts don't lie like people do, if a bearish signal is coming your chart will tell you but sitting on your hands and hoping for a satisfying buy price can leave you with many regrets.

Bitcoin is now indeed up about 4% compared to one week ago, hopefully your prediction is correct that Bitcoin can reach $ 28k in the near future.
If that happens, it will provoke FOMO and make the Bitcoin price go up again. I myself still doubt Bitcoin can reach the price of $ 28k in the near
future, because it's been a few weeks Bitcoin is always difficult to be able to rise above $ 25k.

Although Bitcoin is indeed difficult to rise, but I'm pretty sure Bitcoin will not go down to the price of $ 10k. So if anyone manages to buy Bitcoin
when it's under $20k, I think that person is lucky, because it seems difficult to expect Bitcoin to fall below $20k again, if we look at the current
Bitcoin price that seems to be rising slowly. So for those who haven't bought Bitcoin, they shouldn't expect Bitcoin to hit $10k. It's better to buy
Bitcoin now, don't let us regret it when it's true that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise, and make us lose the opportunity to buy Bitcoin
at low prices.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2022/23 on: August 08, 2022, 11:22:25 PM
Will this be the season of Real Madrid again? Because I heard doubts about them because they barely moved in the transfer market. They still rely on the majority of players who have been on the team for a long time. And most of those players are players who probably won't be in football for long. Ancelotti is very confident with what he has at the moment.
Real Madrid has all the need to still take the league title this season their squad is still reliable enough needless of signing new players but in the main while their performance this season will determine how far the go. In the main while their biggest threat will obviously be and will remain Barcelona throughout the season and i hope to see how the contention this season goes
The squad owned by madrid last season plus the addition of players like Tchouaméni and Rudiger will be the mainstay of ancelotti this season, compared to last season maybe this season journey to defend the La Liga trophy  will be very difficult for madrid because this season Barcelona has done a lot of preparation with bring in many star players, this season competition will obviously be very balanced because both teams already have squads that are quite ideal in the title race, if we used to see the rivalry previously between Messi and Ronaldo in La Liga but this season the rivalry is no less great will also occur in the  top scorer competition between Benzema and Lewandowski.

Real Madrid's opportunity to win the La Liga trophy is still wide open, moreover Real Madrid is still strengthened by all its main players.
Even Real Madrid managed to bring in Tchouameni and Rudiger to strengthen their squad, but I think Real Madrid still need at least one more
forward as cover for Benzema. Because Real Madrid's match schedule is very tight, it seems very risky to force Benzema to play in all matches.
While Luka Jovic has moved to Fiorentina, there is only Mariano Diaz whose quality is not suitable for a team as big as Real Madrid. That's why
Real Madrid had to buy a centre-forward, there are rumors linking Real Madrid with Werner and also Icardi. But since Werner is most likely to
return to Leipzig, it looks like Icardi is the right choice for Real Madrid. The problem is Real Madrid have a bad relationship with PSG, so I'm not sure
Real Madrid can get Icardi.
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How trading during bear market can save your portfolio on: August 08, 2022, 09:52:53 PM
History continues to set new records and we are sure that in the future there will be new history again where ATH above the previous year which was $69k cycle it is really real that we will see this happen again.
Even though we lost the price -66% but it's a good opportunity to keep accumulating bitcoin long term this is the best strategy way compared to day trading which stresses me more, with the long term we don't think so much of the downside burden now even though it's our target time Long of course hope is optimism.
that's how people with big capital make profits in the long run. they know Bitcoin will get back pumping, it will even break ATH in the future. that's what makes trust buy more when you see the price is at a big discount. waiting for the price floor will never be known to anyone. we won't know where this dump ends. What is clear, the decline will provide profit opportunities in the future. more specifically for the long term.

In my opinion not only people who have large capital have to buy Bitcoin every time the Bitcoin price goes down, but everyone who has a job
or income, can buy Bitcoin according to their respective financial capabilities every time the Bitcoin price drops. Because based on the history of
Bitcoin movement, how deep the Bitcoin price goes down can always go up again past the ATH price. Therefore it will always be profitable if
we buy Bitcoin every time the price drops. We can also get profit when it's a bear market like now with short-term trading, meaning that every
time there is a small increase we can sell some of the Bitcoins that we have, because after all Bitcoin movements are volatile. So sometimes
the pump is often sudden, after that the price will go back down. We can take advantage of volatile Bitcoin price movements by trading short term.
Although it remains our main goal of investing in Bitcoin for the long term, therefore we only use some of the Bitcoins we have for short-term trading.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: August 08, 2022, 04:30:09 PM
Not a day goes by without new rumors on the transfer market. Timo Werner is said to be about to return to his old club Red Bull Leipzig. He wasn't very successful after moving from RBL, will he find his way back to his old form with his old club?

It seems like Timo Werner is one of those players that needs to feel comfortable and also needs to fell the total support of everyone in the club in order to be able to deliver his best performances and at the moment and also during the whole last season that was just not the case. I think he has a lot of potential as he is extremely fast. A transfer to Red Bull Leipzig could make sense in multiple ways i think. First of all Bayern is trying hard to get Konrad Laimer from Red Bull Leipzig and they will probably have to pay around 20 to 30 Million € for him and them Leipzig could use that money to buy Timo Werner. I don't know if they really need him because they already have Nkunku who is a very similar player but two good strikers are normally never to much.

I don't think they would pay 20 to 30 million for Werner, unfortunately he's not worth that much anymore due to his poor performance. If he comes back to RB Leipzig, I can very well imagine that he will find his way back to his old (good) performance.

Werner is definitely worth 20 million I would argue. I mean look at how the markets work these days and what a player a costs. If they can make him an 18-20 goals per season player again he is definitely worth the money. The even more interesting question is whether he is finding back to his old shape because that is what he needs to do given that there are already strong offenders in Leipzig!

After Chelsea signed Sterling, it seems that there is no place for Timo Werner anymore. After all, Werner's performance was not satisfactory during
his two seasons with Chelsea, so it would be a good move if Chelsea sold Werner to Leipzig. Werner has actually been in contact with Leipzig since
a month ago and according to rumors Werner has agreed to the contract offered by Leipzig. But only now have Chelsea and Leipzig reached
an agreement, even though Leipzig initially planned to borrow Werner from Chelsea. But suddenly the deal changed, Leipzig ended up buying
Werner permanently from Chelsea. Even Fabrizio Romano reported that next week Timo Werner will officially return to the Bundesliga by rejoining
Leipzig. I'm sure Werner will find his best game with Leipzig, because Werner before joining Chelsea played amazingly with Leipzig. But it will not
be easy for Werner to become a starter, because Werner must compete with Nkunku and Andre Silva who are always the first choice.
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: trading more efficiently on: August 08, 2022, 03:52:44 AM
Hi I would like to know what do you use to trade cryptocurrencies as efficiently as possible (applications, software etc) or some tips...before I was using a platform where there was no trailing stop loss...and for me the trailing stop loss is saving me a lot of time and there any other type of advanced orders that are you using?

And how do you organize your setup, monitors...right now I am using a not very big monitor...and finally is there any way to change the background of the screen in the exchanges when trading?
Trading cryptocurrencies in terms of efficiency is so common that you don't have to worry about having redundant features. Visit the exchange either through the website or download the app and make a trade. Because basically, the level of efficiency depends on how you apply the trading method.

Using the screen only as an alternative so you can more freely see, pay attention, and reach the movement of the chart. The rest you adjust to your needs.

We really have to do everything efficiently, including when trading crypto, we really should trade efficiently. So our capital and time are not wasted,
that's why we must first understand how the crypto market works, so that we can choose the trading method efficiently. In my opinion, trading
efficiently is that we simply choose trusted exchanges, after that choose potential coins and finally take advantage of the available trading features
to be able to help us generate profits. That way we can save our time and also our capital can use more optimally. It's not easy to apply it,
there are many obstacles for us to be able to trade efficiently, but as long as we can be patient and never give up, then we will understand how to
adjust ourselves to be able to trade efficiently.
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