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41  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] ⚡BQT Signature Campaign | Member - Hero | 0.0007 BTC /Post ⚡ on: September 29, 2018, 07:57:51 AM
Hi Zapo, my post count was under 35 and I still didn't receive any payments. Kindly check.

Edited: Thanks Zapo, got the note in the spreadsheet.
42  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: How to effectively promote projects? on: September 27, 2018, 05:48:04 PM
Depends on how much budget your have in your initial investment. There are various way of promoting such projects, don't be the fool that will just try for media commercials. You're not gonna catch any attention at the moment. Find your target market and you can illustrate or plan out various marketing plan like starting out web-based, if I can assume that you're promoting something technical or related to computers which is gonna be "at least effective". You can blog it out also. Don't do social media promotion, you might incur some amount of money to be paid for the advertising space, I know Facebook has that system obviously.

When you're gonna go personal, simply go with flyers IF and ONLY IF your project is gaining a bit of an attention in the public now. The "public" word I am identifying would precisely be a lot of people in terms of quantity.
43  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Fighting your own FOMO on: September 27, 2018, 05:40:21 PM
Never meditated even a single minute, I never panicked anyway so it won't be an issue for me to get these fear from FOMOs. Just a side trader here looking for some rare good trades in the exchanges.
I wonder how those full-time traders feel after meditating so much, I mean not just the FOMO itself but the panicking of the fall of the market which is really common now especially when talking about cryptocurrency.
44  Economy / Economics / Re: Even your fiat is not totally secure! on: September 27, 2018, 05:34:38 PM
You're stating the obvious here, and there's no point even discussing this.

Anything you own, whether it's gold, crypto, cash, or comic books, can get stolen if you don't have proper security measures in place.  That's been known as long as there's been thievery in this world.

I don't even know how the OP got a shred of merit. It is nothing original tbh. He is just stating what is currently continuously happening, although I suggest for the OP to revise the topic and discuss the security of crypto in some other ways rather than those obvious password character limits and such.
45  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin bull run begins now? on: September 27, 2018, 05:32:21 PM
⁠Will this prediction by some Crypto Experts that 2018 is a Bull year for Bitcoin To $50k, and with an   Overall Market Cap To $1 Trln going to end a truth?

Read the text here: https://[Suspicious link removed]/WzcTrV
Bull run could happen in november or in december on this year, If its not happening there is a chance it could happen in 2019. I believe we will see steady grow in 2019, the reasons why i do believe on it cause we got so many custody right now that really good for ETF and for long term investors, Nasdaq is approaching cryptocurrency, bakkt will be launched in november of this year and ETF will be approved in December 2018 or in febuary 2019. So many good things that could make bull run happen.

see at world  economic  im not sure in dec2018-feb2019 it bull run.

but everything can happen in crypto world.

last year not have anyone think btc can go to 20k

You're dreaming,bud. I don't even care now how you structured your point but I get what you're trying to say. You're trying to bring back the good ol' times when it was a money dream for traders during Nov- Dec 2017. That was really an overwhelming but don't hope for it no more, it will stay now as a dream unless the bull runs specially right now.
46  Economy / Economics / Re: You cannot eat your cake and have it on: September 27, 2018, 04:41:33 PM
There is a popular saying that invest only what you can afford to loose.
And that saying gets written way too often on this forum.  It should be blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain, yet people feel the need to keep writing it as though it's some new piece of wisdom.

Yet no matter how many times it gets said here, people still invest money they're going to need to pay bills or otherwise can't afford to lose.  People buy bitcoin using high-interest credit cards.  They buy bitcoin on margin.  People have sold their houses to buy bitcoin.  All of that seems crazy to me, especially given how volatile bitcoin can be.  It'd be stupid to do all of that for any investment, but it's even more insane for anything crypto-related.

Yeah I don't really understand particularly how these people think that they're gonna earn more than what they had sold for Bitcoin. Like they have those guts to go all-in at the turn card while still don't have the knowledge that their game be thrown off anytime. It's not like they invested in Bitcoin blindly but what could be the thing that runs in their minds while buying Bitcoin at that amount.
47  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: So I want to get into trading. on: September 27, 2018, 04:36:38 PM
It is not necessary to trade for the dollar. For example, if it is possible to trade for other well-known altcoins it is better to do that. Definitely, you have only one goal by trading for the dollar - buying and selling over periods of time. But by trading for altcoins you learn how to find profitable positions and understand market's analytics.

Altcoins? Not like you're gonna go outside CMC to base on what altcoins would suit the best to invest at. In the end it would still be altcoins on where your trades will go unless you're an enterprise that has these altcoins allowed for payment but I am assuming that as no, you will still trade it for dollar because that's how you're gonna realize it as a profit, bud.
48  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Where to invest bitcoins on: September 27, 2018, 04:03:05 PM
@op you can invest your bitcoin on ico's becauase ico's are the most promising investments on this current year . you can earn a big bonus and perks when you invest as early as possible , plus you can sell you shares at the end of their project to earn again a huge profit .

You should remember that during the last 4-5 months, more than 95% of the ICOs either failed at the time of listing or they turned out to be scams. If you think that they will go up in the future, then go ahead and invest in them. But I would rather avoid them at this point of time.
Despite the fact that 95% of the ICO are tricks yet that does not imply that we quit putting resources into them. Staying great 10percents once can give you sensible benefit and worth venture.
Well, every single person will always have the reasons why they are investing into a space and it all depends on how you perceive the team, the product in thelong run and how demand can kick in for it.

Sure, we cannot say all ICOs will end up the drain and even though we might have seen the bear market affect a whole lot of them over these few months when listed on the market, does not mean they will still not have a chance.

However, based on what pinoyden said, you really do not necessarily have to invest in ICOs before you are considered an investor, bitcoin is not a stable currency and it is always bound to increase in value as well over time, and that also makes it an investment option.

No one is simply saying that you're that investor when you invest in ICO, well people might even call it opposite since ICOs were mostly failing now and getting your appropriate from it is like a dream now to happen. It doesn't matter where you invest, just when you do it and then call yourself now a proud investor (for how long though?  Cheesy)
49  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What makes a successful trader, not a gambler? on: September 27, 2018, 03:33:26 PM
Why are you comparing these two? It is not like they're directly relative to each other but they have some anonymous characteristics when it comes to making their money move. Successful trader and a gambler still does the gambling game in trading and they still get losses. It is part of nature of being a trader anyway,but comparing them directly isn't gonna come out anything new.
50  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Want to help all for trading on: September 27, 2018, 03:30:49 PM
Binance but as an extension, I would like to recommend EtherDelta also for ya in terms of some coins that doesn't seem to exist in Binance because of the project that coin or token came from. It supports ERC-20 tokens so don't worry about any support issue with EtherDelta, you also have the convenience from the import of your MEW to the current site but of course you still need to deposit to EtherDelta Contract to make some movements in the coins you're planning to trade.
51  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is the best place to live if you are a Bitcoiner? on: September 27, 2018, 02:59:26 PM
What best place? Is it simply just by the means of ban that's why you're looking for other countries that takes Bitcoin as a payment method? Well Japan has been using quite a lot so there you go for number 1. In my country, the adoption is still limited and there are still few wallets being offered locally in here, although there is one that you can utilize to pay bills (, it isn't that much of a spread out yet so I can't recommend you my country as of now.
52  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is best wallet for long term bitcoin holding? on: September 27, 2018, 02:34:37 PM
I think that a wallet that can store bitcoin for a very long period of time is blockchain, there is a wallet that can store the bitcoin that you have as long as you want, not only that blockchain also has bitcoin technology so that the security of your bitcoin will be guaranteed.

You don't have idea what you're talking about, it isn't the blockchain that keeps the security of whatever coins you currently hold. It is you and the wallet type you're using whether it is hardware,paper,online, etc.
Hardware is believed to be the most secured although certain discussions has been made in Technical Discussion in its "vulnerability".
Don't talk about security when you're using online wallet, since site is what handles your funds and it is in the risk of hacks. Unlike those personal wallets like MEW that gives you private key and you will be the one in charge with it for its security.
53  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: NO! Do Not Invest all you have on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies on: September 27, 2018, 02:13:25 PM
A large property for something unstable? Is your mind unstable? Like what makes a certain person think that they're gonna get full of gains out of something that has no definite price? Like wut, mate? If you're or that "guy" is gonna invest in here, assume losses since it will give you a control on what you should invest and how much? I don't tend to touch my asset that has a large realized value just for this, since I know that I won't pursue back those sold asset in its breakeven and even manage to get it back in just a while.
54  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is $6000 to $7000 the stable price for bitcoin? on: September 27, 2018, 01:55:39 PM
Kinda looks like but it isn't. There is no that flat floor, although I am just making assumption that it is the floor now itself but the floor might change now, we never know since it can't be controlled anyway. It all depends on how Bitcoin will run this coming 2019. Will the price floor be 7k? I bet it might. We weren't being bullish since last month although there were large spikes between.
55  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: A company just patented Bitcoin transactions via SMS on: September 27, 2018, 01:43:23 PM
Is this gonna be an innovation to allow a certain transaction through SMS? What sort of app or "technology" were they talking about in the video? What company is it? Is it gonna be helpful if it is more convenient to do it in computer? If that innovation reaches out in my country, it might not get that kind of hit since SMS are just the means of quick communication now these days and people are now often using the desktop computers to do such large and technical tasks.
56  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: The best way to profit in cryptocurrency on: September 27, 2018, 12:59:58 PM
what do you think Huh
Which one has more profits and benefits, With less risk?
Investing on ico?
Airdrop and bounty program?

Please leave your comments

ICO is too bad these days now, try to hold your coins for at least few more months and observe the statistics in ICOs success. I just previously replied to a post that ETH dropped so bad because of the ICO failures lately.
Trading isn't so bad, but if you have a job, trade your savings into a non-shit coin.At least a bit from your savings would do for the stack up.
Airdrop and bounties would be just simple be the same for investing in ICOs, but you're less at risk since time is your investment and not that precious coin of yours, but hey you can't buy back the time that was lost.
57  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Should investors trust ethereum anymore? on: September 27, 2018, 11:04:16 AM
I'm not a specialist but I think investors will still use Ethereum because of ICOs, yes the price of Ethereum is decreasing but it's not means people will stop using Ethereum. I also think the price of Ethereum can go up in the future, just wait until the price of bitcoin increase and when it happen Ethereum price will go up too.
The demand of ICOs has dropped in the bear market since the beginning of this year. Most of the ICOs from last year are at >90% loss and they are not recovering anytime soon. Those who did invest in them are having a bad time. This has affected the price of ethereum as well because those who are panicking are not able to hold their ICO tokens and selling them for ETH. Thereby dropping the price of ETH more. Added on top of this was the announcement and rolling out of Ethereum PoS in place of PoW. As usual some people will not accept it and they will just sell away their holdings.

Meh, it was the last thing to trust anyway. The deep wound that ETH currently have right now is still bleeding red like what's happening to the market right now. Many investors would just sell it into other currency other than ETH after those ICO proved its way into exchanges.
58  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I went bankrupt when I joined in cryptocurrency on: September 26, 2018, 04:04:21 PM
   And a series of tragedies began to take place from here, in the first stage, I was still very careful and calculating, not greedy but this job is really too much pressure, the market situation makes me tense and tired. In addition, the news and people constantly gave me confidence and made me hope the price of bitcoin increased to $50k and because of that, I decided not to sell anything and then as everyone knows, the market has begun to decline in 2018. Again, I continue to comfort and encourage myself, everything will be fine, I'm still profitable, bitcoin will increase again, so I searched the bottom of the bitcoin and started throwing money into the altcoin and holding on to the long term.

   And life is not a dream, the price of the whole market fell, bitcoin almost touched 6k and the common mentality of everyone, seeking restoration and light of hope. I became a short-term trader but with the horror of the market, my capital began to become smaller and smaller, until one day, I almost lost everything, mental breakdown, depressed mood and depression, a very inhibitory emotion, all created something very chaotic, often arguing with my wife unreasonably."

And here is my comment on this story, never think you can become a millionaire in this market when you are just another prey of the other, whales always create beautiful scenery and pictures of the future, that is not true. Play with passion, instead of playing with greed and everything we have, accumulate more experience and absolutely should not give up the main job.

What is your opinion of this story?

And then a depressing music starts. Seriously, just go and find a job. Don't put your mindset in putting Bitcoin as a "job" as it doesn't contribute directly anything to poverty in economic terms. Just keep investing when you still have that few quarters to spare away from your savings, like it is a charity. Don't put it like it will do you any good in investing a lot in a single coin or spreading in different coins although that repetitive strategy reduces the risk of getting loads of losses.
59  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Trading, campaigns, gambling or mining? on: September 26, 2018, 03:55:38 PM
I would prefer to jump into mining right now, hardware is on sale for very cheap prices because a lot of miners are pulling out, th smart investors are slowly accumulating more miners though.
I don't think your answer or advice is correct. In modern times, sell equipment miners who squeezed a lot of these ASICs or graphics cards. Sell now those who bought them a year ago and paid for their investments and get a profit today. Sell now those who want to upgrade their machines for the extraction of coins on a more modern and sophisticated. Imho
Cheap prices? Does that still exist in these existing GPUs in the market? Like I was even struggling in even a budget GPU because of the current demand that the graphics card is bulling a lot. Plus it is gonna be different depending on the rates of the electricity cost in your country plus taxes for that.
60  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: My luck is very bad for crypto trading 😞 on: September 26, 2018, 03:47:27 PM
Man, talking about passive profit, ey? Well mind the sending of orders in the exchange if you aren't sure how much would be really applicable into your greedy need or anything synonymous to how to maximize your profit. Just set your sell order early if you're looking for quick profit and wouldn't mind anything breaching that price range you had set.
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