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661  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Do's for trade in recent downtrend??? on: March 26, 2018, 05:44:48 PM
I think a good trader always have a good strategy to trade himself to apply.  I do trade for not so long time. I got a lot of experience I think. I have passed many times on the market. so I want to say few step on this downtrend market and let me know your experience as well please..

* Keep patience.  don't get panicked.

Let me share all your important experience and ideas please

This has been stated a lot of times and it just differs in words. It is already known that greed won't lead you to your succession to trade in a profitable price. Those stupid panickers will stay panicking unless they get educated on how the price really works and on how unstable really it is because they might
misinterpret is instability to be just a while and seasonal which isn't really the case out of all these price movements.

* Wait for the right support moment to buy coin if you have to money to invest cause market on so down it will move for sure and then it will give you much and more profit then loss.
Yes. Buy, buy, buy and sell like aim and fire. The more you aim, the more you can hit your maximum or top margin in trades. Never stay in your comfort zone of just buying what you want rather than need.
662  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: When we can expect mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies? on: March 26, 2018, 05:38:23 PM
It will reach the mainstream adoption like it will appear in every screen when it started to become popular now. It will no longer be looked into as an investment but rather as a digital money. Estimated date? Who knows, like we currently have the problems of bans lately now and we're gonna expect more adoption. Well on the other hand, if Bitcoin won't be the one that leads in the mainstream adoption of crypto, there will always be something at the back of it that will replace it. The idea of cryptocurrency is still there to become the most adopted crypto coin. Bitcoin is still the most believed to dominate cryptocurrency so we got that already.
663  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: New to Trading on: March 26, 2018, 05:18:28 PM
Scarcity could have the most portion in the evaluation of the price when put in into a criteria due to the demand and supply basics that makes the specific coin demanding in the market. Network? Not so much as basically it is where the circulation of the coin happens. Miners are relevant into it as they're the one that confirms the transactions that pass into the blockchain. Bitcoin itself has the most known to have the property of instability, even if dumps happen, the price still happened to recover due to bulls which is the demand we're talking about. That evaluates the value of the Bitcoin as it adjusts overtime.
664  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: what is your wife's opinion to see the money bitcoin ? on: March 26, 2018, 04:54:49 PM
my wife always tell me to work, is bitcoin not a job ?

Bitcoin isn't a job. I swear Bitcoin is continuing to have its different unnecessary definition into it one by one. Source of profit and now it is a job? And no it is not a job and it will never be. It is trading that becomes the job not the coins itself although jobs should guarantee you a profit and it applies in investments however that isn't really the particular job that you're gonna need or gonna define.
665  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What if the government win over Bitcoin? on: March 26, 2018, 03:09:50 PM
We find under a lot of pressure from the States. Governments have no interest in allowing people to freely dispose of their money. All of us are forcibly driven into the banks. Who doesn't have a Bank card now? After the appearance of bitcoin, people get out of control. This is the main reason that governments do not want to legalize cryptocurrencies.

In fact that there are greedy traders that causes them to insert all their money into Bitcoin because they know it is guarantee a profit then in the end it will all just end in a single panic sell when the price plummets. There are those that plans out their money then there are those that just plainly trade blindly without even knowing the disadvantages and the possible losses they might incur and face when things get out of hand. It is funny that those greedy traders complain when their government didn't even allow cryptocurrency when they even know to themselves that they will complain the same when the price falls.
666  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading without knowledge on: March 26, 2018, 02:59:33 PM
A lot of people do trading even if they don't know nothing about it and some people succeed on that but most of them failed.
One of the reason why I think they do that, is because of GREED which can result to a big loss for them.

Start with education, make a lot of research, do some practice trading online
and use it later on in real life. Don't rush to earn money because in trading its hard to do so.

Are you a trader in mind but scared inside?
Be more patient, develop your emotion and win in this market.

Greed, it is the most satisfying at the highest but disappointing at losses that you even blame the market and not yourself. Education? Well simple word to say but really the hardest thing to get when it comes to trading especially when you're not really that optimistic in this unstable market like you panic all the time.  Education can also come from experience, writing down all your losses how much was it. What could be the best time to sell and to buy? These are the general but the most viewed guidelines for most of the traders and I'm surprised that it is forgotten somehow and sometimes.
667  Economy / Economics / Re: Those who have invested in bitcoin when it was 18k-20k$ on: March 26, 2018, 02:51:24 PM
I have a friend who bought bitcoin during this peak season. When the bitcoin price was 18-20k USD. Now he is sad and disappointed seeing that the current price has dropped to 50% and more and he is afraid he is going to lose all. In short he lost his hope and faith in bitcoin already. Has anyone here did the same as he did? If you did invest in that amount what did you do to your bitcoin, did you sell it or still holding it?

Tell me in a couple of years if he's now relaxing in a yacht or even flew in a luxurious jet plane. Like what's the point of being disappointed or sad if you know it is really unstable in price movement? I had lost almost 70% of my investment but still have a quite good look or being optimistic to its price hike soon. I might not recover my trades 100% soon but hey buy more strategically then sell after the spike of the price hike. It will definitely happen.
668  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Transaction fees are a tax on BTC on: March 26, 2018, 02:20:17 PM
Well do you expect a service to be free? Please tell me what service is free in this world. Of course you will spend money paying to get your currency halfway around the world. Also you can't boame miners they don't make the fee the users do  Wink Smiley

You can't expect a mailman to eat dirt after their service is done regardless of how far they had traveled. Same goes to miners that confirms the transactions in the blockchain, I had answered this not that long time ago. Whether you want to pay transaction fees or not, the miners will be the one to confirm your transactions and you can't avoid that and you have accept that
669  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is the biggest misconception of Cryptocurrency in your country? on: March 26, 2018, 06:32:23 AM
Biggest misconception that happened in my country, for at least, was that it was a "purely scam" that it doesn't return anything. It could be true when the value of Bitcoin is truly determined but since we can say that it is a really an unstable currency with an unstable value, there are still values. It was a really good thing that our government didn't ban the use of cryptocurrency. Adoption is still lacking though.
670  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: G20 closing statement on cryptocurrencies: We will keep monitoring it on: March 25, 2018, 02:21:32 PM
As long as it will be to support cryptocurrency then we're gonna keep moving forward to it. What could be the next agenda that G20 meeting would be discussed about? Extension of trading platforms to further make convenient trades for the investors and traders obviously? While government is still on the observation on how it is used in their own countries, we're now definitely going somewhere aside from investing and forks that were happening to Bitcoin.
671  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: We need cartoons about bitcoin to promote on: March 25, 2018, 12:19:16 PM
Animation for kids, you mean? To educate them into cryptocurrency or to at least light an awareness, you say? Well I don't think it is gonna guarantee to create educated kids in these lessons, like right now we're still having problem on attaining the true purpose of Bitcoin. Is it money or is it profitable investment or both? Cartoons about Bitcoin could ring a bell for awareness to a lot of people maybe due to curiosity, but it is still limited to be an education to people. Do kids even know what money really is? How does it circulate? What is economy? They might scratch their heads after they hear these things when learning about Bitcoin first rather than learning the basic principles of handling money and its function as a medium for payment.
672  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: what advice? on: March 24, 2018, 03:00:22 PM
Just learn how the market behaves lately. Do you need to sell at high right now, as it is really in demand now or is it time to raise your capital yet before going to the real business? Like it is both opportunity and threat that you will be taking as you start your trading. You're gonna loss in your start and I guarantee it unless you have that good background before you get inside the trading. Use a trusted exchange site that doesn't have a severe issues due to hacks recently, but still be careful of putting your money into the exchange site as you're still not fully protected into it.
Risk is everyone that needs to be done here, yes we need to take risk in everything just like in trading and investing our hard earned money, but don't take risk in putting your money in an exchange without any further investigating what it is, so proper handling of your money is much necessary.

Yes. It is quite hard now to find a reliable exchange if you're looking for security . It could be popular and large exchanges like EtherDelta, I've been using previously but I learned that it was hacked not that long time ago. Handling your money ,which could mean by putting your wallet into safe storage like using hardware wallets or paper wallets, is much more applicable.
673  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Culture of hodlers on: March 24, 2018, 02:54:21 PM
Holding isn't going to stop regulation. It's just going to make regulation pointless because there will be no transactions to regulate. It also means that we are going to be stuck holding a bunch of coins that we can't do anything with. We have to accept regulation, in time it will be what is best for the cryptocurrency space.

Yes like it could be worse if it was banned. In regulation, it could be to tax the income from investments that investors get from it which is just practical just as the same as getting your income from your full-time job. The thing is some people invest in Bitcoin because they think that they can get away with taxes from the government and use it as a tunnel to claim their net profit fully. I don't even think that the government would appreciate that kind of act due to unawareness of who is the one receiving the money and what is it for. That's why some remittance center, least from my country, implemented KYC to regulate those who claims their investments through remittances.
674  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: finish college or keep playing bitcoin? on: March 24, 2018, 02:11:49 PM
Is that even a question, bud? Like let's agree that you could get big in trades in Bitcoin. You could be the winner or star in the trades in here, but is that how you will choose to succeed? Is that the hard skills you're gonna be good at? Imagine if you can even survive with just depending in Bitcoin. Trades. Sign Camps. Bounties. It is not how you're gonna survive or stabilize your life and these aren't the practical ways to do so, pal. If you're even good at something then you might not even need to ask this type of question. And no, Bitcoin won't be your sustenance to have a stable life or even get rich. Just keep pursuing your college and put your main focus on that. Earning in Bitcoin would be just your sideline, not your mainline.
675  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: REASONS OF ILLEGALIZING BITCOIN on: March 24, 2018, 01:40:47 PM
I am sick and tired seeing thread here on legal about the reasons why bitcoin is illegal on other countries. Its about a hundred same topics. So here are my assumptions hope this would help.

- I think its the main reason of all these. Government didnt know how to categorize bitcoin for their taxation whether it would be on a passive income or not because BTC is also a currency. Thats why its better for them to ban it.

- Crypto becomes a threat to them leading investors to invest on cryptocurrencies rather than them. The monetary system also will change if Bitcoin becomes more popular than fiat. Central banks, which is a part of the government would make some inforcements to stop this.

- This is the good side of all this illegalizations, to protect people from increasing number of scammers on the internet. But if that so, its not a reason why they would stop people from achieving all opportunities bitcoin would give.

Correct me if im wrong, but these three are the main reasons why i think bitcoin is illegal on other countries

I don't think taxes are the main reason for its ban like they could just impose it for income of the investors in it and disregard anything out of the works unless mining was also done which can also be taxes just like in Russia.  Banks are not that all-out reasons. Here in Philippines, where some banks are looking to use BTC into their operations. It depends on how some banks react to the impact of digital coins to their country. Scammers could be the core reason from all these bans. Add "losses" from investment from that also. Government wanted to protect their citizens from scams in ICOs, but since there have been explosion in quantities of ICOs incoming and government can't handle all these simultaneously, they decided to ban it instead. Losses from investment is what concerns the government the most. They don't really discourage their people to invest but knowing that price is really unstable is what they have in thought for it. They don't want their people to keep inputting their money to something unstable that's why they decided to ban especially due to those greedy traders.
676  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Making 1% Daily on: March 24, 2018, 12:25:08 PM
Random gains in a week is what you're gonna expect like the market is being won competitively by a lot of traders. You could even gain 5% in a day but lose double in 3 days as sellers will continue to sell/dump their coins from their investment and you can't do so much about that unless you buy so much for your capital which I highly doubt you will due to margin. Don't expect too win so much in this massive market, but you can make strategy or plans.
677  Economy / Economics / Re: Why BTC is having a high price? on: March 24, 2018, 10:21:33 AM
Internal factors would those who hoard into Bitcoin raising its demand then reducing its supply at the same time. At the external factors, where there are supports from governments happening in different country and that also affects the internal factor that BTC is legalized in their country causing them to feel the safety to buy and invest into any other cryptocurrency. Also like what happened to Russia where miners are being supported by the government to withdraw their rewards from the bank. This also causes not just miners but also other people to invest in.
678  Economy / Economics / Re: Is this basically just another way to make money? on: March 24, 2018, 09:53:52 AM

So then I noticed that there are quite a few documentaries. I started to watch them all. A few from 2015, 2016 and 2017. I was disappointed to say the least. Everything was about bitcoin and the value/worth of bitcoin. It was about highs and lows, crashes and deceit. Only a few times the actual potential of the block chain was mentioned. Mostly it was about money.

Right now I am starting to feel like this is just a way to make money. Nothing more nothing less. You buy into btc or other coins and in no way are you really supporting the project, besides maybe adding to the order books at the exchanges with some minor effect until whales decided to take over. I sometimes have some sort of dishonest feeling, like the money I make through buying (and seldom) selling is somehow dirty as it comes from people that simply do less research, bail out or simply already had their take.

I started with high feelings of morality, being part of some new future where block chain would be the next internet. Right now it feels like a rat race where you have to grab as much money as possible before others take it before you or from you.


We can't blame that other people is using bitcoin or any other existing coins in the market. However like right now, some countries are even having problem to get Bitcoins to use for trades or buying merchandises. I must say that it doesn't yet reach its full adoption that's why this is the only widely known purpose for it. But don't generalize or jump into conclusion that much that it is only for earning fiat money. Some companies are already accepting digital coins as a payment method and that is yet a small step forward to get another purpose of it. Wait until it reaches full adoption and let's see how large corporations will put a view into it.
679  Other / Meta / Re: why every day we must repeat the same q in this forum section it's booooring on: March 24, 2018, 08:59:18 AM
Is bitcoin dead? ...Saving bitcoin or Withdraw?...Is bitcoin worth risking your time and money?...Are you holding Bitcoin?
wtf  2 months later every day i see this topics r we in best bitcoin and blockchain tech forum or at children school

You need to understand that a lot of new people have started to invest in bitcoins. It is actually good for the growth of bitcoins if more people are joining but one thing we should tell them beforehand is that bitcoin investment is very risky. They should not invest with the mindset that only profit is the possibility with bitcoin investment.

But they should also understand that they must read first what are  before even posting all these threads that are keep on getting repeated over and over in the forum. Even if they're new or someone that doesn't really have a single portion of knowledge in the blockchain, bitcoin or even all cryptocurrency, they should learn the ropes first before they attempt to do an act into something in the forum.
680  Economy / Marketplace / Re: market now on: March 24, 2018, 08:45:44 AM
It is normal and it is natural for something that is really in demand in the market globally like different currencies are being used for the purchase of the different coins. Nothing is so out of hand in that.  It is recovering and plummeting lately due to different news but it is not the largest thing we should worry about.
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