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761  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin making it! It broke the 11,000 ceiling heading for 12k! on: March 04, 2018, 07:02:56 AM
It is slow and I'm not putting my all out hype on it because I might expect a good come out from my investment. I would put hype on it if it will jump by day, because that is an indicator of its stability in the increase not just on the stable of the flattening in price. 20k is such a slow dream to happen if slow movement still happens today. What we're gonna put priority is holding off panics as of now due to FUDs that is still gonna continue to come on as long as Bitcoin is still rising today. People will threaten other traders according to their country about it.
762  Economy / Economics / Re: crypto market demand is increasing on: March 04, 2018, 04:24:30 AM
Is it time for the cryptocoins especially Bitcoin to be rare? With this demand increasing, could the purchase of Bitcoin be difficult right now due to price increase it will get from the demand rate it has? The dips already opened opportunity to a lot of new investors to buy some coins at their low price and now we're starting to get a rapid increase in price and in demand. Dumps or selling of coins aren't avoidable, so lot of people could still invest in the cryptocurrency as decreases happens when supplies increases as the demand flattens. It is not always good for its price to increase as new investors could still buy in bulky quantities when dips happen rather than the previous buyers that just bought in small quantities that could have possibly to lift the price up even further.
763  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How Much Should You Invest in Bitcoin? on: March 04, 2018, 03:02:38 AM
The price fluctuation of Bitcoin is certainly fascinating, but how cryptocurrencies (and blockchain, more on that soon) will affect you, your job, your business, and humans collectively is far more lucrative.

Affection in your job or your current source of income is will depend how much you've been dealing with the trades in here in cryptocurrency. Did the greed get to you when you earn a lot from trading? It isn't just about investment and earning profit, it is also how you got curious in the blockchain technology,making ourselves conduct a comparison in the physical transaction process with crypto transaction.
In dealing with time management between your job and cryptocurrency, time schedule isn't that useful unless you've been making some analysis indirectly from the technical analysis plus the price is really unpredictable due to continuous activeness of the market from the sales and purchases.  Sometimes, it isn't just the money and time you're investing but also the potential performance you can excel in your full-time work in link with the time and performance you're risking in trading.
764  Economy / Speculation / Re: Will Bitcoin finally hit 20K on: March 03, 2018, 12:32:08 PM
The price is slowly breaching. It is quite a rough breach but it stabilizes in a line slowly. It is still early to speculate that  it will reach 20k soon as the price is still slow in its rise. If in the upcoming lines like 15k , 16k and 18k , it shows it stabilization then we can safely say its reach to 20k. Maybe it can even reach 25-30k, we never know. It is still stable in a line but generally still unstable.
765  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: For how long will bitcoin exist on: March 02, 2018, 08:03:53 AM
As long as people stop being greedy with selling their coins in their trading strategies that tend to overcome the investment/buying rate in Bitcoin. From the history of Bitcoin that it continues to tank up thousands of USD and still manages to rocket up after a while prove its sustainability to lead out and not just become the long-lasting or even the permanent top coin in the cryptocurrency. Adding up to the discussion that competition makes sense that it symbolizes how demanding the commodity is. In trading here in Bitcoin is quite competition that it isn't just how fast people will sell in the high price but how fast investments also arrive from the dips happening occasionally. Because of this demanding competition, Bitcoin proved its power to last long.
766  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Are you a full time trader or just part timer? on: March 02, 2018, 05:43:47 AM
Being a part-timer is already optimal for my time to trade in the market, judging that my time isn't really that enough to deal with cryptos and my real-life obligations and responsibilities. It isn't really reliable to put on full-time with trading as a long-term patience could be the idea to get your maximize trading profit from it. Stable job is really needed than going all-in cryptocurrency because you can secure your profit in your job rather than going in cryptocurrency where probabilities in the price hike might matter plus the competition in the exchanges.
767  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What will destroy the bitcoin? on: February 28, 2018, 01:41:34 PM
It is us who will destroy not just the Bitcoin but also the whole cryptocurrency itself. People that panics during dips doesn't prove anything helpful to the market as its value will continue to go down, the fact that there are a lot of coins being dumped. External factors like the government could destroy the cryptocurrency by bans not regulation.
768  Economy / Economics / Re: Is it possible for someone to manipulate the virtual currency market? on: February 27, 2018, 02:15:53 PM
Solely impossible but largely possible as virtual currency market is linked around the world's action in the cryptocurrency, meaning the investors from different countries have their own ways of what sort of deeds would they do with their fiat cash and the different coins they're currently holding. There is no direct manipulation in the virtual currency like Bitcoin as it is basically decentralized as we all know. Even a large cooperative or corporation is just a bit of manipulation in the crypto market regardless of the liquidation on their assets in cryptos. Consider the governments putting a side manipulation in the market for its security but not main manipulation that will truly change the coin itself.

Surely, someone has really the power to manipulate the prices, specially those who are possessing great volume of bitcoin. Whales are not just manipulating the price they have the concern for the stability and maintenance of coin. Though they can manipulate the value, they dont still has the full control over all this. There is no way they can put down tge market, it takes great number of people tp do so.

The recent news about the trader buying a hundred million USD of Bitcoin and I noticed a moderate rise in price after that from 8k or 9k to somewhere above 10k. I'm quite surprised how that kind of purchase still didn't manage to leap so far in price. A BTC Billionaire could somehow hold a high probability to manipulate a bit in the market, but I don't think it will reach that really far as for the supply of BTC is still a lot excluding the non-valued coins in such blocks.
769  Economy / Marketplace / Re: How to install a Bitcoin ATM in my city? on: February 27, 2018, 11:01:04 AM
Even a small of that kind of technology could already prove large conflicts depending in your country. Is it really feasible that much? You can install Bitcoin ATM but do your target market, which is obviously Bitcoin users, make your plan feasible. Although it could be feasible, it might not that be of use because a certain internet cafe could be more applicable to them but somehow we can agree that ATM are really convenient in case of such hassle in getting out your Bitcoin into cash because doing a cash-out or even cash-in in Bitcoin takes a bit more time to be registered as it goes through processing. Another thing to consider is how your government sees the Bitcoin under their country. Do they find it dangerous to the economy for its anonymity to get pass from the observation of the government, leading them to thinking that money could be used in suspicious activities? If the government, however, supports cryptocurrencies in your country then I think it would go okay but you still need registration to business agency and expect to pay for imposing license for your business in exchange of its legality to be recognized as a business. In neutral status of the government's point of view in Bitcoin, your proposed business could still take time to be accepted as it will become the major priority of the government to observe in their country on how Bitcoin runs so far in their own country only.
770  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: True BTC believers on: February 27, 2018, 10:44:44 AM
Is it entirely because of the money that can be gained from the potential price increases, or is it because you believe in the tech?
If you do not know whether you believe in it or not, you have not read enough about it, and then you are in because of potential gains.

I personally do not care at all about the reason, and there is not one of the two which are morally 'best'. It is completely okay to invest from the only belief and hope, that the money invested will become more worth. I just think it is fun to see

In my first life timeline with Bitcoin was really about the profit from my investment in a ratio of 1:100 and I was earning a lot that time, because why not? It is beneficial, but it is not the true purpose and significance of the Bitcoin itself. I disregarded its true purpose from its potential to become an instrument to pay in transactions. Through its slow but large development, I was starting to get curious of the new implementation to the network of the Bitcoin especially the LN that primarily aims to speed up transactions in the blockchain while still carrying even more benefits from it aside from that. I am not yet a true believer of BTC and I'm not gonna lie to that. Risks are still there leading me to thinking twice in my decision in investing even in larger quantities soon, however I am envisioning its rise in the crypto market not just in price but also to its function and gain even more exposure to media aside from the regulations we're hearing/reading.

771  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How can something that doesnt exist in the material world have a value? Like BTC on: February 27, 2018, 10:20:46 AM
It is the people that gives it value. Value meaning in both abstract and concrete matter. The early people that invests their time to develop Bitcoin to become a reliable medium or instrument to be used to such payment in common transactions in common practices and to become a major part of the physical economy. Through the development of the BTC, new people that doesn't have a single knowledge in crypto especially Bitcoin starts to become curious of it. As they knew the benefits of it, they're interested on buying it and using its small reliability for payments in micro transactions, because of these purchases from different people, all those bought currency with its specific amount starts to contribute to the demand of the Bitcoin and since it is accessible for purchase globally, currencies vary with their own value causing its instability in price however that isn't the only factor that makes it unstable. Right now we're here keeping the value of Bitcoin from its crashes, I even doubt that it will lose its full value as many investors will arrive. We're gonna keep on developing and increasing as long as Bitcoin doesn't lose its significance and benefits to traders and investors.

The fact you're posting this tells me that you're a materialistic person. To have value, it's not necessary that it should be sold in the market or have a physical appearance. It should just fulfil the needs of the people.
Love, the most important thing in the world, does not exists as a material. You can't buy, sell, throw, play or as a matter of fact, take it inside you. It still exists. Doesn't it?

But Bitcoin isn't a basic need. A commodity will realize its own value when it is known to meet the needs of people. The "love" concept you're defining is more on political and I agree it has some correlation in Bitcoin since they're both abstract elements, both that cannot be seen unless Bitcoin was innovated into something solid which I highly doubt since it was made to be digital.
772  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How to know before the Dump? on: February 26, 2018, 11:35:52 PM

Well, knowing the price before dumping is a very hard to predict because we are not making the whole stock market analysing and accessing the flow of supply and demand.
The only thing is make a research about your coin and the good news that really affect the whole digital economy.

There is no way to actually predicting it unless the rate of trades is measured accurately. We're dealing with global market here as trades don't happen locally. The demand of the commodities in the market is determined worldwide. Measuring it would be quite complex as investors in their own countries have their own currency with their own value that is why it could prove difficult to put rate into it.
773  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Do you think that other coins move faster? on: February 26, 2018, 10:50:37 PM
No, even if other coins have move such faster in a day in their prices. The cons that it might get is a massive sell-out from most of the investors as they tend to expect profit over time from their investment, meaning it doesn't matter anymore how many coins they have because it is still realized to multiply a lot due to its speed in increase because of the incoming investors from it and also because of that other coins die overnight and they became shitcoins after that. It is really great that Bitcoin is now growing slowly as it tanks through such crashes which is occasionally due to season. This proves its sustainability in the market and because of that kind of sustainability it is expected to go in the long run. Like right now, we have the LN which speeds up transactions and lowers fee. Don't put your misconception that due to slowness of Bitcoin in its price hike and development in the network means that it is dead coin. See how it is still the number one in Coinmarketcap even if the market goes frequently goes red.
774  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is just a speculative asset, not money? on: February 26, 2018, 03:29:32 PM
Yes it is not a money as of now, due to its being speculative asset that denies its capability of being used as a money. Due to a lot investors in the whole world, its value always changes. The purpose of it being used as a payment method is quite being incapable. If due to regulations in the future by the government, then many establishment aside from Microsoft will follow-up. But this kind of speculation will still require a lot more time as the adoption or being of the mainstream of the Bitcoin isn't still enough to be supported by the people outside the cryptocurrency.

Ongoing debate but for me it doesn't matter how to classify BTC. It brings me real money and I am happy in the same manner as others who think other way.

A bit of a debate, but it is more looking like an asset as it is still incapable of having a large collaboration with the various markets around the economy.

Money should not appreciate in value. The purpose of money is to be spent, to circulate, not to be "hodled". Why would you use as a medium of exchange something that appreciates up to 1000% a year?
"Hodling" is the exact opposite of money.
Another issue with bitcoin is it is not a unit of account, people when transact in bitcoin they refer to $ and other fiat currencies, they don't have a clue what 1btc is unless it's not converted and expressed in fiat. There's not a country in a world that prices goods and services in btc. There's no reference point, it's not a legal tender anywhere either. Only way btc's value can be known is when it's paired to $.

True. In part of its liquidation, money is meant to circulate around the economy. It is looking like that Bitcoin, at least for now, is a commodity meant to be realize into a fiat value. Unless such modification through Bitcoin will be made, then it could prove its purpose to be a money as a method of payment but somehow it is looking like that it is unlikely yet.
775  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is crypto mining profitable? on: February 26, 2018, 03:00:35 PM
Bitcoin is only minable with ASIC hardware, it all really comes down to your power cost anything over 10c/kwh is going to be tough.

Even with the most powerful GPU, you might get burdened with such electric bills due to the rate of the power being used in your rig. ASIC hardware which the guy I quoted in simply stated. For the question of "is crypto mining profitable" it depends somehow, because you're not the only one mining the blocks you have a lot of miners also. It is really suggested to mine in altcoins as it more wider of choice of what specific coin you wanted to mine at. Bitcoin is still profitable as it is in mining but the rig requirement is quite tight on it. Consider the working environment  you're currently in as you might need additional ventilation externally in your house to avoid dangerous hazards. Don't be like one of the guy in Russia that set his apartment in fire due to lousy set up/short circuit.
776  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin affects students' performance in school on: February 26, 2018, 01:54:16 PM
Get crypto out of its accountability into this as it is for the student's responsibility on how would they handle crypto with their studies. Trading is really complex and it isn't just buying and selling, so it will make most of the students brainstorm about their strategies in trading especially when they're in groups which is to be expected because of either peer or friendship. It is beneficial for student to go a bit in Bitcoin as their sideline but not their full-time because it might be the cause of an excuse that "education is no longer needed and let's just go full into crypto", which is really unhelpful to their lives as Bitcoin won't sustain their lives efficiently. Bitcoin opened opportunity but that opportunity is supposed to be in link on the current stability they have. I am aware that Bitcoin or crypto class is being taught at some countries and the fact that it could prove helpful or destructive to students make it debatable to continue to spread, not in the way of halting it but just limiting it.
777  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin help out of school youth... on: February 26, 2018, 10:48:18 AM
As Bitcoin opened a large door for a lot of people for a lot of opportunities to earn especially in their investments, everyone has the access to it. Yes it will definitely help the school youth, but conflicts are still intact as they might feel the greed to just go on full cryptocurrency and never go to study again. I had heard about a college student that earned a lot from Bitcoin trading and he did even said that college is a waste of time, however it didn't convince me as Bitcoin isn't really the stable investment where you can rely your stability in life. It is still has the fulfilling feeling that you had achieved something and you have your stable job. New millenials coming into cryptocurrency should first educate themselves on how Bitcoin really helps not from the profit that they can get , and they shouldn't just base on referrals from friends that just said that they should go on Bitcoin because they earn a lot. It just ruins the image of the true nature of Bitcoin itself, instead of enhancing its real purpose.
778  Economy / Economics / Re: Implication of regulation and the securities status on: February 26, 2018, 10:29:06 AM
Regulation is both panic for the people having misinterpretation to its effect and an advantages to those wise people inside the cryptocurrency since regulation is what will give the security that the traders need in the market to frauds and scams which are really common, even in physical market. To those people that could hate the regulation due to taxes, it will be part of their losses as taxes inside the cryptocurrency could mean a potential to its innovation in network in the future, meaning that the more the government learned about how the crypto works and how to further innovate the security and convenience to people in the market then the more it will surely provide such easiness to the daily movement of the economy in the market. Political corruption is quite a different discussion as people from their own respective countries will be the one to discuss those.
779  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Do you join ICOs that requires KYC? on: February 26, 2018, 10:22:46 AM
It could be great to join some ICO with KYC unless it is a shitcoin that will just fade out overnight. It is like becoming useless if I joined one of those, but typically it is part of the transparency from the requirements of KYC to both parties - the ICOs and the investors. As long as identity of their customer is put into a great database of information and it wouldn't be vulnerable to being snooped by hackers for the purpose of ruining the identity of the people who joined then it would be great to join one of those.
780  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Advantages of bitcoin on: February 26, 2018, 10:18:07 AM
The function that is really beneficial from Bitcoin is how its transaction became faster now and more on low in transaction fees due to Lightning Network. This concept makes it convenient in the future to lead the transaction methods in paying merchandises or buying anything we wanted, as of now we can't rely on it for that kind of use as the price is still unstable and it will prove difficult for different establishments to get their profit in its maximum as the price of the Bitcoin swings. This is just one of the conflicts yet as of now that hinders it to become one, but generally the convenience of payment makes it to be the potential one to be a payment method.
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