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941  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Will bitcoin stay? What should we do... on: February 02, 2018, 09:15:14 AM
Did someone said that Bitcoin is dying? Did someone just said that this is the end? I don't even feel that we're in hell right now in price. It is okay to feel shocked from the leap of price but it is not necessary to do such action right now. All these noob sellers will soon regret their decisions. Remember guys, it is really unstable cryptocurrency. I think that some people here emphasizes its instability in price and support it because it keeps increasing. Why not support Bitcoin when it is falling down also  Roll Eyes ? What can we do for the current price? Wait, hold or buy more. That is all we can do as for now, unless you are an fully-established man/woman that can start to promote crypto in your country by your own knowledge. You never know how it would impact the people these days, due to them being from "aware" to "educated". We can never do too much to it directly, because this is the Bitcoin we're talking about that is decentralized. Enjoy its benefits, face some temporary consequence in the mean time.
942  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can we all please accept.. on: February 01, 2018, 02:07:29 PM
Most of the governments? Excuse me but so far we see only a few countries (maybe 3-4 or 5) thinking not to ban cryptocurrencies but to regulate.
China has stopped ICO and not Bitcoin: yes and I think it's good, honestly, most ICOs are crappy. So in the end, it helps cryptocurrencies to not get the cryptos tarnished by a bad reputation

Yeah. It is a bit exaggeration to say that Bitcoin is being opposed by every authority or government entity. It is just normal for governments to react to this kind of phenomenon that cryptos can be a scam in terms of ICOs needing a really large capital for their operation but would just end up a dead silence in the end. Let's put in a way that government are just polishing the cryptos and removing those possible threats to investors. In fact that they're even welcoming the cryptos even more because they have time to regulate it where they could just ban it in a single declaration in the papers and it will be the end of all for that country. Don't jump to that conclusion that much. It doesn't prove anything useful and it will just make things worse. Instead of spending your time preparing for the possible ban of cryptos in your country by using VPN and all sorts of IP-Masking software to make yourself anonymous in the network then why not just  simply become the part of promoting of Bitcoin to prove them wrong. Use alternative social sites that isn't widely connected to Facebook, as for the recent ban of cryptos, then say your words and your points out there. Being more aggressive against someone with higher authority is more likely to make the situation worse.
943  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: South Korea Authority implements real-name trading system for crytocurrencies on: February 01, 2018, 12:43:10 PM
Sometimes cryptocurrencies depend on luck on how would they end up in a country. Ban? Regulation? Just neutral? It is in the activities of the people themselves on how government perceives the significance of the cryptocurrencies in the country. Is it really beneficial to the citizen? Does it make a lot of conflicts in their laws before they attempt to legalize it? South Korea government made the right decision to legalize it and implement real-name trading platforms. Did somebody just study it thoroughly or they simply understand how Bitcoin works as a currency? OR what's more is that they could have wanted to volunteer to be part of its development? Why would the authority invest their time in installing these platforms for cryptocurrency even if they know there's a lot of risk in it? These questions is what made up in my mind on the reasons of these actions made by the government. Don't let the real-name trading be interpreted as its disadvantage.  It could prove help stop these money laundering as it is written in the block chain. It could prove transparency even more in the transaction.
944  Economy / Economics / Re: Another Good news about bitcoin on: February 01, 2018, 11:30:09 AM
In fact that the banks already exists and that is our wallets. Banks are centralized and it is under the government. Bitcoin isn't really fully under government. In fact that making more banks for Bitcoin might mean a war between physical vs digital money, because of the different value it has to each other. There are a lot of reasons that we don't really need more banks.

*It denies the concept of Bitcoin being decentralized. This makes it seems like that someone is under it. Although sometimes we can see we have online wallets that makes it somewhat a bit of "centralized" because someone is in charge of our funds but that isn't the full definition of centralization.

*Services in banks in terms of money is already provided in the internet in terms of Bitcoin. Like this forum where you can lend, if you're wanting to start a project in the cryptocurrency. More sites will be provided for services in the Bitcoin. The recently spammed thread related bitcoin and pizza is the sign for this.

*More and more people will be against it. Investors that made their savings in the bank will always think twice if investing in the assumed "Bitcoin Bank" would be conditional. Once a crash happens, you can't stop the hate from the investors saying nonsense rants about Bitcoin. They can't do anything physically to it but they can spread out and degrade the image of the cryptos more.

945  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] | 🔥 Signature Campaign 🔥 | 96% SegWit | on: January 31, 2018, 10:58:39 PM
Good day!

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946  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Facebook bans all ads related with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin altcoins, ICO, etc.) on: January 30, 2018, 11:10:13 PM
I don't think this is that much of a major impact. Cryptocurrency has gained the "necessary" awareness to other people, meaning that those people can search the crypto they wanted in the web and just invest. It doesn't matter if Facebook, Twitter or even Reddit would ban the crypto advertising. Crypto is already known in the internet especially Bitcoin. We shouldn't worry too much and no I don't practically believe that this will cause a major impact in the prices of the coin. We shouldn't worry too much because:

- People that already any sort of coins, could advertise in different ways such as random ads (not pop ups), and other people could still be curious to that.

- Bitcoin ,from its development, was already known to speed up transactions and I'm pretty sure that unaware people will search for that kind of convenience. What I'm pointing here is that they might still be curious what could fasten their transaction then they will find Bitcoin

- It is okay that most ICOs being advertised in social media especially is being interpreted as a scam, because to be honest most of ICOs are really just a pure scam or ponzi. There are more other ways for crowdfunding. A closed forum could work.

- When it gets enough development, more and more companies will accept these coins and it will reverse the ban that it got not just from the social media but also from a particular country. It is still a long way for that, but I really believe it will happen.

- Investors light up the attention of the different coins around the world by investing while causing the price to go up. Once the price went up, it will be reported the increase of market cap, and believe me that it will be on news. People will be curious and start to search about it. It is an indirect advertising, because we're using the power of an unstable price (which might go up and down) to generate attention to the worldwide market.

Generally what I'm pointing here is we don't need to try hard to advertise too much in social media and just do what is supposed to be done here. Investing, even outside cryptocurrency, is already hard to trust at even for those who have a lot of capitals and have large members in their cooperative so advertising a coin to be invested doesn't gain much probability to be invested at because before coins even get advertised in social media, more businesses were already asking for an investment and they were scam and now crypto is being advertised, people won't really trust most of them. Just invest and let those investments fly and ring the bell for other people.
947  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: when is a good time to get out ? on: January 30, 2018, 09:18:53 PM
There are times that the shares from your investment could be steady at a certain period. Just like in Bitcoin last 2 days. It is like steadying between 10k to 12k. It is either lose 2k or get it. In short, if the price isn't beating the maximum cap it got at that day then it could be a great way to get it out now. Generally it isn't really that kind of great to withdraw all your investments already as cryptos were really made to be a long-term investment, because it always grow regardless of how long a certain coin is laying in the market.

or are you very very LONG on this ?

This is where you gamble. Deciding between withdrawing it out or keeping it. You never know if a coin will collapse already at some time and you just lost everything. Withdrawing it after it grows or gains is that youc might lose the opportunities that your gonna get from your investments. You will earn by decimals or around 10% a month when you make a short- term investments from it.
948  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: One country in Asia to develop bitcoin transactions legally on: January 30, 2018, 03:03:28 PM
most countries have not made any rules about bitcoin.

It is just okay for it to not be given as a single attention was already given to Bitcoin. It will spread out in the local news like CNN, and more countries will follow. The only thing that might prove difficult for this is the decision made by the government in Bitcoin. There are a lot of things they could possibly do as an authorized entity in their country:

*Ban - really common and the most fearsome threat that arises not just in Bitcoin but also in other coins in the crypto market. Devoted traders will do anything to bypass the law by using VPN to hide their address being tracked in the network

*Regulation - people misinterpret that regulation is the same as banning Bitcoin, but it is really not that. The regulation means the government will provide securities to the exchanges of the crypto market to avoid scams, fraud and other sorts of illegal action that involves compromising act. Expect tax, why not?

*Support - this is too wide to state but I would like to try and list the bits of it. In support, it can either that government invests also in the cryptocurrency. Maybe somewhere in that blockchain, a million of USD was being transferred by some authority we know. Support is also done through the promotion of the government in Bitcoin, just like what the OP stated above.
      Government support, in my suggestion, should also focus on hiring more Information Technology experts in developing the network that the Bitcoin currently has right now. In order to shape Bitcoin as the future currency that everyone mostly speculates, the transaction should be fast enough in transactions obviously that is faster than the traditional way of exchanging goods, commodity or product  using physical money.  Security and efficiency are the 2 factors that are circulating in my mind when it comes to supporting the Bitcoin . Its price will dictate itself better when these two changes get an emphasis in the future updates.
949  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Characteristic of trader on: January 30, 2018, 10:56:38 AM
1. Greedy
Greedy is first characteristic that can make us ending in loss. If we trade without profit target, this greedy can kill your profit. Try to make target for your trade for example 50% or 100% from your capital in long term or 5% in short term. Sell your asset after touching the target, if not the price maybe go back to bearish.

2. Patience
This is specially very important for long term trader. Dont ever sell your coin in the bottom of buying price. We should be patient waiting the price return back to bullish.

These two are almost the same to each other, the only thing that makes it different is that patience can also mean that you're finding other coins to trade at and you're willing to risk a bit for it. Patience isn't simply waiting by time. Patience in trading is like being resourceful, but you're not gonna abandon what have you invested previously.

4. Confident
Confident is needed when we try to pick the right coin. Without confident, we can miss the big chance of the profit because waiting too long to execute. But please dont over confident.

Synonymous to being a risk-taker, but you're not just gonna be confident in the way that you have so much capital to buy the coin and you're just gonna buy small. Instead you will learn about that coin and assess if it has a goal that will last long, and people will consistently use it and not just for profit but also for the services the coin offers. Don't gamble because you're confident, gamble because you know it is worth your confidence. Your confidence won't determine the price that the coin will get. It is in your knowledge and unique art or strategy in trading in where you can turn the tides of the price.

950  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Starbucks Chairman Interested in Cryptocurrency Market on: January 30, 2018, 10:25:35 AM
What if larger companies bought a lot of Bitcoins? What if they make a division of their capital with 50% fiat and 50% Crypto? Bitcoin is what will everyone will almost see that most companies will buy or will use if they're interested into it. Look at Microsoft accepting Bitcoin. Imagine that even the recently richest man in the world put an interest in some paper that doesn't work the same way as the paper we use today. I think that due to slow but continuous acceptance of Bitcoin in establishments, those bans that everyone fears of will now be lifted off. This kind of interest in cryptos is the sign that it is definitely that future that the people needs, not want. Life in business is now really hard these days and time is the most common killer of a healthy market. Crypto will cure those difficulties if it reaches enough development. Lightning Network, as we all know, will play a major role for these transactions and this is a big step for its development.
951  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Dark Net users as the new Threat? on: January 30, 2018, 03:34:49 AM
They can be if we as users are not cautious. If we keep bragging about our bitcoin it will attract many bad persons. However the story of this person was a bit different. He was a known trader of cryptocurrencies in the zone. Also he kept most of his bitcoins in his computer as he needed them to do heavy trading. That is not a good practice no matter the situation where you need bitcoins to trade. Even if you keep bitcoins in a hardware wallet this would not be an obstacle in anyone's trading. You can use it to send and receive bitcoins like a normal bitcoin wallet and show to the attacker I only have small amount in my desktop wallet as I lost everything in trading.
Still a very bad example and we should be all be cautious.

I see.In fact that it is a simple manner to not store your keys or even single piece of information in your personal computer especially if you can't maintain its security by your own hand. Since greed is sometimes the one that make us careless in our own security. Just because we're earning a lot from trading doesn't mean that we can't lose it all in a single carelessness.

There are a few problems with this:

1.  Bitcoin usage is arguably declining on the darknet, as a lot of users are frustrated about the fees.  This is difficult to judge but one indicator is to check the dark net markets subreddit.

2.  I doubt that Bitcoin usage on the darknet has a causal relationship with hacks - and even if there is, it will be because of hackers deciding to spend their coins on the darknet, not the other way around.

Just use a VPN (or Tor like them, or both, or whatever you want).  It seems to me like your dislike of the darknet isn't very helpful or constructive.

I see. I might be having too much generalization in the dark net. My generalization in the dark net showed the hate I have. I apologize for the misconception I had. I saw a lot of bad things regarding dark net in here and its relationship with the Bitcoin as its currency. Apology for my carelessness in my posts.

952  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Dark Net users as the new Threat? on: January 29, 2018, 10:09:01 PM
I think almost most of us already heard about the Bitcoin trader that was forced to give his Bitcoin over a gunpoint. It is quite scary that criminals are now also Bitcoin as their sort of "money" although it isn't stable to be. Now this made me think of something even larger that could possibly be a potential threat to  all of us. From government banning to these robbers, I'm starting to think that even those people dealing with illegal things from the dark net could be also the potential threat to all of us including those hackers that could just track you with your IP within seconds. I still don't have an experience touching the dark web, because it is really risky but I learned few things about it such as the Silk Market, snuff films, other things that are unimaginably messed up. Since Bitcoin is now growing and a lot of investors are already putting their money at risk in the cryptocurrency including all of us, will these people prove a real threat for all of us? I am not trying to raise a fear here, as I am just curious what could possibly be a threat for us aside from the government that tries to ban cryptos.
953  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: First UK's bitcoin robbery. Stay safe. on: January 29, 2018, 04:57:02 PM
This is such a personal act where you can pretty much can't do anything but to do it unless you're good at self-defense but that won't really do it because you'll expect groups not just one. At this situation that happened, I don't think that someone common will do this even if they just recently learned about Bitcoin. I mean if I was like a stupid person that doesn't know that much about Bitcoin, why would I try to rob this man that uses his Bitcoin for trading? Do I even know how exchanges work? Will that man teach me how to trade and then rob him behind? The person that could have done this is someone that was already using Bitcoin for a long time because they already know how the technology as of now works.

I agree with your views. It is better to stay low profile to reduce the possibility being targeted. Hope everyone stay safe from such incidents.

It is still quite a fear to stay low profile as people from the dark web might surface out and rob and hack a lot of users that uses Bitcoin as it is the primary currency down there. We aren't really that kind of safe.
954  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: FAKE ICOs Bounties. What to do? on: January 29, 2018, 04:09:04 PM
It is really hard to trust most of ICOs because they are deregulated, meaning they always have the choice to where the project is directed into. If they receive enough sales from crowdfunding or pre-sale of tokens, then it is up to them what's next. Will they make the platform hit the market or just stay there and run away with all the money they got from the sales without returns from the investors. I would suggest that ,if you would really like to make sure that ICOs are legit, you should check the manager first and the rank he/she currently has. Newbie is kind of a red flag. If you need further research into it the consult google about it, you will see reviews and thoughts about that token. The results must be spread out and not just focusing in one site. Know the goal of the ICO/project. Does it have enough direction that will lead into better improvement into the crypto world? Is the goal to exaggerated that nobody even reached it yet? Ask yourselves these few questions to make sure you're not stupid enough investing at the wrong project.
955  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is still the dominant virtual currency in 2018? on: January 29, 2018, 03:25:04 PM
If Bitcoin prices passes the 15K, then all the money and all the investors will return to Bitcoin to maximize their earnings. After that, Bitcoin price will go higher and higher as it did last year.

Yes in fact that it will be the slowly accelerating of the number of investors that will follow each other on where to invest now. Bitcoin has dropped a lot and there were a lot of panic-sellers but since it is a really strong currency it didn't dip below 10k. It just stayed between 10k to 12k as of now, but this is just a bit of adjustment and it will pass by it in the next month. The regulation could prove few scares to investors causing them to withdraw it all, but the knowledgeable investors will never ever sell their Bitcoins just because of it. They will see the bright side of those. Bitcoin is being the one now to represent how easier the transactions will be in the future. The future of Bitcoin isn't yet seen in a clear image, but I'm gonna guess that it will just normal, not good nor bad.
956  Economy / Economics / Re: With Hackers everywhere, How safe is Cryptocurrency? on: January 29, 2018, 02:42:00 PM
No one is really safe. We're now talking internet here generally. Regardless of the site you're staying at, it always has the risk of being hacked. Hackers aren't sleeping for daisies. They will always exploit the site's script and will take whatever is in it, but the degree of how safe you can be depends on what instruments do you use in the cryptocurrency. Do you use EtherDelta as a wallet and exchanging platform? The vulnerability of hacks is when people misuse the sole purpose of the site just because it offers the same indirect service as what they have. Like in EtherDelta where you can put your MEW wallet in it, as long as your MEW is there, hackers might attack anytime and you're all gonna be at loss. If you want to be safe in cryptocurrency, just make sure that you're the only one handling it and supervising it. You can't trust anyone in the internet regardless of how much you know them. Greed is waiting in the corner.
957  Economy / Economics / Re: What is the most influential factor that triggers bitcoin prices to fall down? on: January 29, 2018, 02:25:24 PM
As what everyone stated that it is moved through the demand and supply of the coin, but if we stated that it is on demand and supply, in what practical way does it happen? Is it only on the rate of investors over the rate of sellers or whales? Such wide factors affect the Bitcoin's price.

Seasons/Holidays - these are the most influential thing to happen and it will always happen. It is just that the Bitcoin is really a strong cryptocurrency that's why it beats the market cap that it struggles to get over in a fall. There will be a lot of sellers during a day to celebrate the specified holiday. The demand is getting beaten up by the massive withdrawals of people causing the price to all

Regulations/Ban - now this. This causes trouble and it always have the probability to happen anytime. Especially for the ban of Bitcoin, it causes a lot people to panic at the banning of Bitcoin to avoid getting trouble with the law about getting caught using Bitcoin. The closure of many exchanges adds up to this panic, because those people don't have any means to trade but locally. They can still trade but it is more difficult and more time consuming.

New coins - now this is quite uncommon as Bitcoin was already known for its legacy/history. Bringing up the new coins, as its potential competitor, makes the investors be curious of the new coin being proposed to hit the market due to its capabilities or uniqueness that you can't find in Bitcoin. If the x coin is starting to get a lot of investors, those investment could be better invested in Bitcoin but instead were invested in other coins, regardless of how much money was allocated. If the coins succeed to crowdfund and it is now popular in the market. More and more investors will be attracted to it causing reduction in the investments to Bitcoin.
958  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What stage of adoption is Crypto currently at? on: January 29, 2018, 01:22:56 PM
I would like to assume that we're going into a war against the banning of Bitcoin and some unnecessary regulations, although regulations are good for the sake of security in exchanges. A lot of exchanges are starting to close due to many people investing most of their savings in the crypto which the banks really hate and some governments do not appreciate because of the political standard they have. We're also now in the rubbing of price between 10k-12k, while I really believe it will be beaten soon because the initial reset of the adjustments of the currency from the past season is almost over and now we're starting to gain price but it is being slowed down by the government's regulation in the cryptocurrency and lots of FUDs.
959  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Surprised fact about Bitcoin on: January 29, 2018, 11:10:36 AM
This is unimaginably great. Something that is decentralized, an open market where everyone has the access to and an unstable market could overcome the market value of these famous companies. We can't even imagine that the company we had always been buying products from were already overcame by something bigger that could impact our lives in the future. Now what's next? Overcome Microsoft's market cap? The growth of investors in these cryptos are still increasing in against of these bans and regulations. There are still a lot of holes or fixes that Bitcoin needs to gain more investors, not just on its price but also on its capabilities in finance. Believe me, it will overcome pretty much every companies if development brings balance to both market and the consumers.
960  Economy / Economics / Re: India's Banks shut down Cyptocurrency trading accounts on: January 29, 2018, 02:15:30 AM
Interesting fact that banks are now getting scared of the invasion of the cryptocurrency, because this marks as the power of cryptocurrency to take over the current financial system. Regardless of how devoted users of the crypto are, but they will all do anything to continue trading in exchanges. This will cause rebel or chaos between government because there will be Indians that might be using VPNs to avoid detection in the network. People can still trade locally and it will be a tough time for the government to exterminate those actions and I even doubt they will do. Crypto these days are now being useful these days not just for trading but also for transactions, which is almost primary purpose. No matter what the government is planning to do in cryptocurrency, negative or positive, people that became part of the growth of Bitcoin will always find ways. Good luck to all Indians!
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