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961  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What you think, Bitcoin needs some regulation ? on: January 28, 2018, 03:39:39 PM
Exchanges that were hacked? NEM from Japan? Mt Gox? What's next? A lot of things went wrong already in the cryptocurrency and it really needs more security. In the first place, I didn't like Bitcoin to be regulated in its price, but it bothers me that if no one is in charge of Bitcoin, where could be the safety laying at? Can I rely on my Trezor and just hide it, while I am willing to trade at that season because of the price hike, but the exchanging platform I wanted to trade it could possibly be exploited anytime. Not just bitcoin, but the whole crypto currency might need a regulation. It needs more security regardless of how the site's script was already programmed. In regulation, let's hope that the taxes aren't that kind of a pain for all of us and our investments as it will discourage the use of Bitcoin, because it is a really great long-term investment but then you're just gonna see that your tax buried you and your investments?  I hope that regulation wouldn't be strict that it strangles all the users of cryptocurrency to follow all their rules or they will face legal issues. Taxes should be balanced also.
962  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Why I think the crypto market will be worth about $6 trillion by 2019 on: January 28, 2018, 02:53:43 PM

3. There's widespread and mainstream awareness,  but very little mainstream adoption.

This. To be honest everyone already is aware of Bitcoin. They just don't care what it is,why does it exist, and how is it going to benefit us as a consumer in the market. There are many countries with few people that adopted Bitcoin already and they will make an effort in getting everyone's attention into it on how great could it contribute in the future of finances. The only thing that nullifies this are the regulation and banning of Bitcoin in a specified country. Regulation could be great because government could help promote the Bitcoin in other countries but expect taxes that might cause reduction to investors. Banning is what makes it worst for people to adopt. Only the interested one will do everything to learn Bitcoin even if banning was done in that country although there aren't that many people that will try that because of fear of law. It is quite fascinating that it reaches the media though, it could help the Bitcoin a bit to spread out adoption around the world.

4. We're going to see at least one governments currency collapse soon, with that nation switching to cryptos. That will begin a widespread acceptance of cryptos as legitimate.

It is gonna be a war, trust me. Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin is really decentralized and government will try to take over it by being the one to dictate the price. Investors need to fight even harder to make the government currency collapse soon or prove its legitimacy to the public so we can gain a lot of investors that will believe in cryptos and everyone will follow. Right now, government is stating to put regulation in cryptocurrencies. It is always the time to prove the cryptos are powerful for the future.
963  Economy / Speculation / Re: bitcoin can't push prices higher on: January 28, 2018, 02:35:59 PM
It is not to worry about that Bitcoin isn't going over 12k yet. It still needs time to adjust from the recent panic sellers from the crash. It could have gone below 8k if there were no bulls or investors, but we're really fighting hard to get past through it. I'll stay optimistic that it will go pass by the 1st or 2nd week of February as it already left the 10k - 11k scratch from this last week of January. Bulls could be pushing too much hard already that it might cause a big leap in price this coming month. Also consider that the regulations are being stated in the news, expect people to sell and just worsen the movement of price. This coming February, there will be Valentines Day so expect those "people" again to pull the price down, but since it is out of the initialization boundary of Bitcoin anymore, it might not fall that much worse than previous season.
964  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is it normal to build a crypto currency without ICO on: January 28, 2018, 01:31:24 PM
Without ICO, how you're gonna keep your token or project running if you will base on your own fundings or capital. It's not gonna last long if you just simply sold your token like that. You really need crowdfunding, because it is where the investors will also know your intention inside the cryptocurrency. If you crowdfund your ICO, then it also has the potential to spread good words from other people about the project you proposed. Let's accept that people don't trust ICOs that much because there is always a risk even if the project successfully sold the tokens and they got a great sales. You should do an ICO when you want to build a crypto currency but you need to work hard on it so people will trust you with all their money.
965  Economy / Economics / Re: What determines the after ICO price? on: January 28, 2018, 11:34:14 AM
ICO price, for me,  isn't just determined by how many people buy the token in its pre-sale, middle of the sale, and post-sale. It can also determined by how the team or devs foresees the success of the ICO when it reaches enough capital.  As what everyone stated in here, it is also based on the demand and supply of the token. Price can also be determined by how much can it contribute to the cryptocurrency. How much it can affect the transaction? How unique its effect can be in the finance unlike the other cryptocurrency when it hits the market. The initial investments of the devs in the project can also determine the price and the price will be determined by how risky the investments were.
966  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Buying coffee with cryptocurrency on: January 28, 2018, 09:07:04 AM
Having the cryptocurrency accepted in more and more companies makes me feel both good and bad. In the good side, it already grows in this physical world not just in the internet, people will soon adopt changes or additions in the transactions or trades. If there will be more people using cryptocurrency, it will cause more improvements in the cryptocurrency because there will be entrepreneurs and technopreneurs that will bring innovations in the blockchain technology, more new businesses will be established and it is beneficial for them and to all the users in the market. Generally it is not just about how easy the transactions could be now, but also how many more changes could be brought around the world. In the bad side, because it is growing, we should all expect regulations. Banning might not happen anymore and it will be unbanned around the world because majority of the countries are already legalizing it but expect that government will take legal actions in these. Let's assume that it is already used widely as currency around the world, we already know that there are freight costs, because Bitcoin is already used as a currency there will be also miners fee. In short, there will be additional costs to merge in the transactions in respective trade. However, I think that if government could control it "better" then I think it can manage somehow.
967  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Where do you think Waves is headed this year ? on: January 28, 2018, 08:33:36 AM
I have been observing this platform quite a while because I'm hearing about it a lot in the forum. It is not just the price itself that makes it great. Just like Ethereum, it gives a widespread of token creation without causing any illegal use of the main token itself. Being a decentralized exchange makes it easier for people to trade and I think it will be great against security breach that it will cause stealing from hackers. In such abundance of projects that are growing day by day, Waves might make it more easier to spread out all the projects or ICOs being proposed in the crypto-world. It needs continuous development however as it might get buried by other platforms out in the market.

I think DEX will be a vip in crypto exchanges , but the regulation is a big problem , I don't know how will the team face the regulation.

DEX makes it easier to trade in all exchanges. In terms of regulation, gathering a lot of investors might work because they are the one that drives the price and it might deny the regulation. Taxes are to be expected in regulation, but let's hope it will not be that burden that much.
968  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Another bad news from japan on: January 28, 2018, 07:21:30 AM
I've heard of this news. And I should say that this news makes cryptocurrency look at pretty bad shape because of another fud rising.

This will be a big discouragement for a lot of people that aren't using any crpyocurrencies yet but were curious. Lots of FUDs might deny the future of Bitcoin that everyone is speculating. From scams, frauds to stealing, the security becomes the rising issue at this. This should pose a warning to everyone that are investing in exchanges to not rely too much on them. The convenience is high, but also the prone to hacks is also high which could really happen anytime as we all know that hackers are hackers, they will always be active in it because that is their primary role. These stock exchange projects should not just focus on the wide range trading of cryptocurrencies but to the security of the users that relies on them. Not just stock exchanges, but also the online wallets should focus on securities for the same reason of reliance of crypto-user in them.

969  Economy / Economics / Re: Choosing the one | What I think! - Real Job or Full Time Crypto! on: January 28, 2018, 07:04:54 AM

when you have enough money then that = Stability in your life.

Stability in life is the hardest thing to achieve. We can't really base on "you have a lot of money, then you're stable'. It is about the passivity of the money in our lives that makes it stable. The passivity of income in complement of stability is what makes it difficult the most. In your full-time job, the company might fall sometime leading to removing employees to reduce salaries expenses and it can happen anytime. It denies the word "passive", because of conflicts. To achieve that stability in our finances in our lives is all about learning everything we can, to have a plan b-z. We might get removed in the company but the opportunity is so high that all the known companies will find us not us finding them. It emphasizes the word passive because we always have a backup.

 But, I believe its not that easy to work with all if them altogether and you have no assurance that you will get into campaigns all the time and you may not earn the fixed income form these options creating the instability in your house.

Most of the options above need initial investment and some of them are not even fool proof.

We have to agree that becoming manager here is not everyones play so we should consider that option equal to null.

However, real job salary covers all the points in it and we could easily survive! Thats the whole point.

This. You don't always have the time to earn in here. Campaigns will always arrive, but you shouldn't rely on them too much. Use them as sideline or just allowance, BUT never ever use them as your source of income. You'll fail to be stable if you plan on quitting your stable job to go on full-time in here. Yes, you could also trade but the assurance of the stability of your life is being counted in probability meaning that you rely on time where you can earn a lot. There might be times that you could wait a month and still get nothing. Mining is there, but the investment you need is a lot because we're talking about mining hardwares needed and not just ordinary GPU that you use to play high-demanding graphics games.
970  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Hacking is the Big Problem on: January 28, 2018, 04:53:07 AM
Nothing is safe. It is the internet as it is. You can be lucky or unlucky regardless of how secured your site is. Everything in the internet is vulnerable to hacks. It is just a matter of efforts of those who own the site  to secure it in against of the efforts of hackers that will exploit everything in the scripts of the sites. The best way to avoid those kind of trouble is either get a hardware wallet/paper wallet. Put funds in exchanges that is guaranteed to be only used on trading not for your wallet.
971  Economy / Services / Re: GRAFT - Credit Card and Crypto Payment Processing Network | Signature & Avatar Campaign | [OPEN] on: January 28, 2018, 02:36:01 AM
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972  Other / Off-topic / Re: Money for school fees. Invested in bitcoin. on: January 27, 2018, 05:08:53 PM
You didn't do good nor even a bit. Priorities comes first before you put something to risk at. Education now these days becomes a need and no need to explain that further because that is a matter of different discussion in hierarchy of needs. Don't rely on the word "I believe" because you're risking your need over probability and it is not always "good result". If you can get back your money by withdrawing it, I suggest to do so. You're not gonna win for long because the investment you made is a long-term investment and even me isn't sure that you'll get the best of your investment due to price fluctuation. Make the investments from a percentage from your daily/weekly allowance at school, instead of using the funds you need to sustain the school fees.
973  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Freedom for ICOs?!?! on: January 27, 2018, 04:21:48 PM
ICOs are the one that colors the investing game to everyone. Investing itself is already risky while the ICO being invested adds up to its riskiness . I won't be generalizing ICOs but most of them are pretty much scam because it is unregulated and they always have the choice to just run away with your invested money and disappear in the thin air. Now in investing in ICOs, you can pretty much end up in two complementary negative things: one is just like what I've said, they will run away with your money because the project itself is a scam and has no plans to hit the cryptocurrency market or they could run away with your money because they failed gain enough capital to sustain their operation in the market. In positive side, if the ICO is legit and became successful it has the potential to go for a long-run and it will be giving more benefits in the cryptocurrency world in transactions depending on what is the mission of that coin/project.
974  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: To be honest, how many people use bitcoin to invest on: January 27, 2018, 05:01:40 AM
The real thing is that Bitcoin isn't an investment naturally. It was made truly to make the transactions easier although that isn't fulfilled yet. I am investing in Bitcoin but it is not one of my priority on its uses. It is in the advantage of the price that makes it a great long-term investment. Bitcoin is still gaining lots of investors and it could be the required contribution to its growth. Here in my country, I don't think that there are a lot of investors yet but I'm looking forward that many will contribute to the development of Bitcoin to become a currency in the future. I see few posters in my country saying that encourages investment in Bitcoin, however I don't think that would be enough. Bitcoin hasn't reached that much of mainstream in my country, therefore it still lacks the needed trusts from the people in my country. It needs more attention and awareness.
975  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is your #1 Bitcoin prediction for 2018? on: January 27, 2018, 02:33:57 AM

How will it start changing the financial system during 2018?

I don't think that it will change that much in financial system in the run of 2018. Bitcoin is continuing in its development and it won't be that reliable yet to part of the today's financial system. There are some certain things that needs to be considered to avoid having conflict and before the Bitcoin became a another tunnel to transport finances.

1. Speed - regardless of how much the miner's fee is, there are still conflict in transactions such as unconfirmed transaction or lost transactions. See here: Imagine if your favorite company just collapsed suddenly because the transactions went unconfirmed in the traffic.

2. Price - as what everyone knows that Bitcoin price is really unstable. Let's put it in an example that you're having a sole proprietorship business and you're accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. 60% of your sales were paid in Bitcoin. What if the crashed happened in that period? You could have burden a lot of losses.

3. People - because human resources are the most important part of management, you need people that also uses Bitcoin. If your company is using Bitcoin as the salary for your employees just like what is happening now in Japan, everyone is really obliged to get an hardware wallet or an online wallet and you could just give it as a benefits for employees. The main concern here is can they trust the Bitcoin and the government banning bitcoin. People tend to follow what government inputted in the law. You can't spend all of your time using VPN just to make the Bitcoin usable. You're not just risking people, but you're also risking yourself and your company. The trust level of people in the Bitcoin is what makes it a bit of a conflict.

4. Economy - not all countries can adopt to technologies especially in microeconomics where specific rural areas in a country will still use physical money for all they wanted and they will deny technology for all they want. It might promote the poverty even more because if the physical money gets replaced by cryptocurrency, everyone is forced to use the internet for the wallet or buy hardware wallet.

5. Security - everyone has the option of the wallet they wanted to use. Online wallet, hardware wallet, paper wallet etc. Especially when it comes to online wallet, it is always the easier option to put your money in it. But since the it is not in your direct control, it is vulnerable in hacks. A site always has the probability of getting hacked, maybe because of lack of maintenance or updates in the page source code. This could solved by using simply buying hardware wallet, but as what I've said previously, it will be like everyone is forced to buy hardware wallet in it. Government support could be the way to solve this

Are more countries going to ban it?

I'm gonna be pessimistic that more countries will ban it, instead more countries/government will put on a support for it The misconception in Bitcoin is what causes it to get banned. They can be right that it has risks in investment, A LOT OF RISKS, but the risks in investments is it because the stages of growth of Bitcoin.

What new uses/applications will it provide?

Nothing much from my opinion from what I've stated above.

Lower/higher transaction fees?

Lightning network could manage all these high transaction fees. It could answer the problem in speed and miner's fee. It depends on how the proposal and development goes. It should focus more in speed because it won't stand out as part of financial system if it will go snail-slow in transaction. It needs to be faster than banks sending/receiving transaction.

976  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Conducting a Study/Proposal for Bitcoin on: January 26, 2018, 03:44:03 PM
Well, There are already professors or teachers that includes cryptos to their lectures or own curriculum. It's feasible, to be honest, but the only concern that I see here is the acceptance of parents and the school itself (not to generalize all, but some). It's easy to conduct a study for Bitcoin to be part of school's curriculum but to defend or to propose in front of the PTA Boards, Principals/Deans, and etc. is another story.

To begin with, Not all parents, nor the school principals/deans can see the good side the way we see it. Another concern is the legality of Bitcoin, you must first find a way to propose your study to your government. Most schools/universities/colleges are regulating strict policies in regards to the subjects, topics and etc that will be taught to students under the Government mandatories. This is why some of the professors/teachers make way or create a diversion to at least share their knowledge about the industry.

I see that it might cause a lot of conflicts in the decision of both parties. Parents that might not agree due to lack of knowledge in cryptos and because of their late adaptation, they might not trust the crpytos that much. For school heads that might not agree due to lack of "legality" of Bitcoin as a way to pay school fees. I see where this is going. It must reach out the awareness of government in Bitcoin first, because they're pretty much the one that will be controlling it when it happens. Government and Bitcoin is a matter of different discussion though.

For all the users that are also teachers and students out there, I'm starting to think if the proposal of the Bitcoin in schools would be feasible.

So your proposal is to use Bitcoin as context or a topic for lessons about economics?

This could be useful. The challenge is that Bitcoin isn't useful to teach all economics lessons, but for some lessons, particularly those about money supply, free market systems, and how world news events can impact the price of an investment. I suppose supply and demand could be introduce with bitcoin, but there are better examples from actual manufacturing and goods production.

What do you need from us to conduct your study? I'm sure many people would be willing to participate.

I ask one favor of you in return for our involvement in your study - please share your results with this community! If anyone is worthy of learning from studies on bitcoin, this community tops the list.

Thank you!

I'm still on the planning stage and I think there would be conflicts. Proposing it would be kind of limited and it would only reach to the curriculum of the school while I'm trying to propose is the use of Bitcoin to be used as a payment method in schools. It will be great also to teach Bitcoin in Economics class or make Bitcoin an independent subject. I already have read a thread here regarding teaching Bitcoin in Economics class and I think it will be really great for all the students to learn early about cryptos so they can carry out the future of blockchain technology and make more innovations.
977  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Conducting a Study/Proposal for Bitcoin on: January 26, 2018, 02:34:00 PM
For all the users that are also teachers and students out there, I'm starting to think if the proposal of the Bitcoin in schools would be feasible. In Economics class where the basics are being taught such as the law of demand and supply that is also connected to Bitcoin in its price behavior although it is kind of unstable and we can't depend on that law that much. I already heard that some schools were already accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment in tuition fees. Since the awareness of Bitcoin isn't that kind of evaluated at some countries like mine, I am planning to conduct a feasibility study in Bitcoin as part of its development. It could help educate a lot of millenials earlier about the future of technological finance and economy. I am really pleased to hear/read everyone's opinion about it.
978  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Dont invest all your Bitcoin in 1 source on: January 26, 2018, 10:12:01 AM
It is not always about the returns you will get from your investment. It is all about playing the stock market game where you don't focus on a single known and secured coin. Remember that in investment, it is not all about getting the profit from returns but also contributing to the success of the project because you know its goal and just take credit in the end after the success. There are hundreds of coins in the CoinMarket that are both scam and legit. It is quite a gamble to know which is either of the two, but it is better to allocate investments properly and learn each coins that will be invested at. Don't focus on the most known only, try to explore other coins that must be known.
979  Local / Philippines / Re: Merit and New rank system in Bitcointalk on: January 26, 2018, 08:31:36 AM
sang ayon nmn ako pero ang concern ko is yung pag gain ng merit. s dami b nmn dto. medjo mhirap na nga

Hindi naman problema ang pag gain ng merit especially kung hindi ka naman farmer di ba? Hindi ako quality poster pero I am doing my best every time na nagpopost ako dito, I mostly use links and other information sources to answer some questions here and I don't think that is a good thing to do, but I am still doing it. Mahirap man mag pa merit but I think if we've been merited by someone, hahanap hanapin natin yun. That one merit will fuel us to make quality posts every single time na magpopost tayo dito sa forum. Oo mahirap mapansin sa dami ng quality posters dito sa forum, but I think let's just make them a model and hindi para i-discourage ang sarili natin na hindi natin kayang magpa merit at magpa rank up. Kung talagang gusto niyong kumita ng malaki, sa tingin ko makakaya niyo yun di ba? Ok na ako sa rank ko but I will also do my best to rank up and earn more digital currencies that I love to collect and save.

Of course, being a farmer is more like being greedy ethically kasi nawawalan ng opportunities yung ibang tao habang yung alt accounts nung farmer ay puro shitpost lang naman kaysa dun sa nawalan ng opportunity na may potential pa sanang mas makacontribute sa buong forum. Wala namang masama sa pag gamit ng links and other information talaga in the first place, as long as naiintindihan mo at hindi mo basta ni copy paste yung article or news na nabasa mo, just revise or refine the words originally na nanggaling sa comprehension mo and make sure lang pala na i cite yung link of reference for legal purposes and avoid plagiarism. Accept natin na wala sa atin ay may perfect knowledge sa blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Yung merit ang siyang nakakapag motivate sa lahat ng taong nabibigyan kahit hindi pa siya totally for rank up.
980  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Microsoft stopped accepting payment by bitcoin on: January 25, 2018, 10:38:59 PM
The Microsoft might redo the stopping of acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method. As what everyone stated in here that the idea behind the Bitcoin as a fiat money is quite impractical yet due to price fluctuation. Microsoft might gain more losses due to crashes in price and nobody really likes that to happen to everyone's company. Additionally, I also think they're expecting to gain a lot profit from the Bitcoin but they could have also learned the fees that are being charged in the blockchain and they try to avoid those because to be honest the miners fee is really high as of these days. Price will fluctuate same goes to their decisions that might fluctuate.
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