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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Cryptocurrency: Is It Still Alive or Dying? Part 2 on: May 09, 2019, 05:24:44 PM
Its impossible that cryptocurrency will die maybe on other countries crypto is banned look at the market there are more people are coming the volume is increasing just like what happen last year and I think we will see the price increase more than 20k value.

If crypto will die the price of bitcoin should be decrease and drop but the price movement is increasing and more people are interested.

It is evident that the cryptocurrency will live long, and partly, it can really replace cash. Crypto will not die, but shitcoins will do it, and it will be good for the market as the better alts will appear.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Intraday vs HODL on: May 09, 2019, 05:21:14 PM
top crypto coins are good for both trading and investing ,but investing in top crypto coins you will need capital more, if you can search good altcoins projects which are developing and working on there product that would be good investment

as for trading many coins will be ok as you don't hold positions for longer time
Isnít it better to invest all your money in few best coins that to do so with so many coins with low prospect of growth? Bitcoin and ETH gives you great outputs in the market these days. Many other Altcoins are also good for speculation. DO not fear the high cost of investment. You can have ETH at around $174 right now and trust me it is going to rise in days to come.

I am waiting for this growth for long. Each day, checking the rates, I do not find that ETH has changed its price greatly. I suspect that this "calmness" is a period before a real storm. Ethereum will go up.
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Everyone loses money when the market is down right? on: May 09, 2019, 04:22:07 PM
There are a lot of experienced traders out there, who purchase the coins during the dips and sell them when the bull rally occurs. Their success rate can very from person to person and also luck plays a major part. As we know, it is incredibly difficult to predict the future prices of Bitcoin (and even more difficult to predict that of the altcoins).
Predicting any of these markets is next to impossible and also the time comes when most of the holders are in loss. Last time when we were enjoying the bull runs there were peoples who bought even at that price and now are holding that amount to have some profits by these coming bull markets so the profits would depend on how you judge your coins and how long you can potentially hold the coin.

Even when the markets are down, there are peoples who buy and sell instantly to make some profits from the coming markets so we can't assume that when the markets are red each of the investor is in loss. There are strategies which would be applied upon to have profits in each market condition.

You will not lose if you do not sell anything when the market is down. This is the easiest technically but the most difficult (psychologically) way to escape a loss. Suppose, many guys understand it now.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin vs USD Storing Value on: May 09, 2019, 04:14:40 PM
Nowadays, people are starting to realize the true "value" of cryptocurrency over fiat. The limited supply of cryptocurrencies makes it invulnerable to inflation and more people are switching to cryptocurrencies. And of course fiat is so much vulnerable to inflation, the government keeps printing paper money, killing its value and not achieving balance in the economy.
Some more years and the whole world will switch to using cryptocurrencies.

I don't think there is no so much people in the world which thinking real value on cryptocurrencies. Because people still looks investment for cryptocurrencies. Firstly, we should use it payment method globally. When its done we can talk about real value rather than FIAT money.

And yes I agree, we may forget what is inflation in future. Because, technically, there is now way inflation with Bitcoin.

A small percent of the population uses cryptocurrencies. Even in the USA, where a LOT of fellows have or going to buy cryptocurrencies this % is less than 10%. Suppose, in future, more people will believe in BTC.
5  Economy / Economics / Re: Crypto replacing fiat? on: May 09, 2019, 04:06:04 PM
I think it is possible. The fiat may be replaced by Stablecoin. In this case the fiat will be controlled by the government

I don't think that crypto will replace fiat because yes, however, bitcoin is bought with fiat apabilla doesn't have mining tools
and it is very dangerous if crypto replaces fiat in the world currency can make a big loss if the country cannot regulate inflation that will occur due to crypto unstable itself

It will not replace traditional money, but there will be people, who will really prefer using the only cryptocurrency when it becomes more popular. I will understand them but will not support. Fiat is needed.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: 🔴🔴🔴[BOUNTY][ICO]📀FERRUM NETWORK📀Network for Financial Applications🔴🔴🔴 on: May 09, 2019, 04:03:08 PM
#JOIN & #Proof of authentication
"Name" of Bounty Campaign (Signature)
Bitcointalk username: yanesna3
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1167893
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: life of a trader on: January 31, 2019, 06:14:25 AM
to become a trader you have to prepare yourself mentally as well as your strategy so that your time will not run out just to trade and most importantly you have to determine your profit target so that you will not be carried away by emotions to pursue excessive profits and ultimately you will get a loss. actually, if you have done it for some time later you will know when the right times to trade so that you will be able to share your time easily.
Each trader and investor, each miner, especially all the beginners should know beforehand that the market has sometimes very long periods of depression. That is why it is always important to have a  stable income.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: please recommend some Altcoins on: January 31, 2019, 06:03:52 AM
In my opinion, it's not a bad time to invest now. Some coins are really very cheap now and I believe the market will recover in the near future.
I want to invest some project such as, Tezos, Cardano, NEM, Dash, Maker, NPXS, Lisk, OmiseGO, Zilliqa, Komodo, Status, Waltonchain, Elastos.
It that a good idea to do it now? Any comments are welcome

No doubt, Ethereum is the greatest altcoin. However, there are several alts that can be the best gainers with time. They will grow steadily, and bring you much money. These are DASH, Monero, Cardano, NEO, and TRON.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: life of a trader on: January 31, 2019, 05:23:23 AM
When I started trading with crypto currency I could not tear myself away from the computer for everyday business but after a while I stopped monitoring the market every 5 minutes.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Who needs today to believe? on: January 31, 2019, 05:20:45 AM
It all depends on what to hold. Before buying coins you need to carefully study the work of the crypto currency market and prospects to not lose money while holding.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Cryptocurrencies are going down on: January 30, 2019, 05:58:16 AM
All cryptos are going down rapidly. What is the reason. Where is the bottom?
Looks like we will have new opportunity to invest with low prices.
there are many reasons for the price of crypto currencies to have all the risks if we know the risks, they are the main capital

I think that now the lowest prices this year on all coins and you can safely buy. Forecasters believe that from the end of winter we are expecting a rapid rise in prices.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Reading Whitepapers on: January 30, 2019, 05:52:38 AM
I do not waste time reading white paper because there are many words that do not make sense and do not guarantee the safety of my money.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Best way to promote an ICO on: January 30, 2019, 05:49:58 AM
There are a lot of ways to promote ICO projects through the net. In my mind it is even impossible to define any tool as the best one. Cryptocurrencies are very dynamic and any instrument could be effective.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: ETH price recovering slowly on: January 30, 2019, 05:42:55 AM
All prices are recovering slowly. This is real problem of course. But sometimes we see price return and goind down. The situation on the market is quite unclear for making investments. It need time to become more confidence about it.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Who will be the new king on: January 29, 2019, 08:22:04 PM
At the moment, Ripple has the greatest prospects. I do not want to say that it is he who will be able to press Bitcoin or Ethereum with time. This is unlikely to happen.
However, Ripple has prospects to become the best cryptocurrency for making payments.

I think that if the ethereum and bitcoin are replaced by other more perfect coins this will not happen soon. Now there are no worthy rivals.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Power Of Hold ! on: January 29, 2019, 08:19:30 PM
You see the history of Bitcoin. And I think that this currency will continue its successful development for the next two years. I am looking for best currency too but on my mind Bitcoin is the best one.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Discussion: Crypto backed by gold, what else? on: January 29, 2019, 08:16:51 PM
To support the cryptocurrency enough ordinary fiatnyh money that provide us with a level of capitalization!

I think that the crypto currency can not be supported by gold because it is two different investment instruments that compete with each other.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ICOs are a legit or Scam? on: January 29, 2019, 08:14:10 PM
for now most ICO scams. my advice you don't need to join ICO. if you want to know that the ICO scam is a fake team, there is no ANN, there is a minimal whitepaper and also an inactive telegram group.

There are a lot of talks about ICOs as about scam things. I don't think that this is right position. There is statistics that says no more 10% of all ICO projects are profitable. Keep that fact in mind when you are going to participate in ICO.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: What are your plans with your Altcoin? on: January 25, 2019, 04:02:07 PM
The last half of the year is like and unquiet ocean with frequent price fluctuations and the whole instability. On my mind it is necessary to be patient and moderate and wait for the best perspective times.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: how to manage losses? on: January 25, 2019, 03:59:03 PM
The market is very unstable and unpredictable at last time. Furthermore there are still a lot of con men on market. Stealing of coins is quite often situation nowadays. 40USD converted into bitcoins have been stolen recently.  Undecided
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