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161  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Ethereum has a big correction. Support levels in the range of 500 and 400! on: December 25, 2017, 03:18:13 AM
No, it wont have a correction, at least not now. Just imagine how many chaos and fud it can create if ethereum drops to $400.

It would be more than a 50% drop from the all time high, it would be a mess, seriously.

Yes. I tink etherium pruce will make new support not use $500 again as the support.
If its really there, many people will take the advantage.
162  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: your mentality after a huge loss? on: December 24, 2017, 10:36:36 AM
I will be continue to trade and learn what wrong of my trading that i did, stop a few moment and build new trading strategy, new trading plan and new risk management. Also I will devide the money one portfolio for trade and one porfolio into others pasif income like make investing in mining site or lending coin site to minimize the risk.

Take a rest for aome time is good idea to refresh back your mind from the huge loss.
If you say you will build new strategy i think that is no need. Why? Because we just need to review it and not make the new one.
163  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Start with Bitcoin or Ethereum on: December 24, 2017, 10:34:06 AM
Start with Bitcoin, if you want to trade. They are the basis of tradings. Or buy both cryptocurrencies and hold them on long term. Bitcoin Cash is also a good cryptocurrency to begin with, because fees are lower as on BTC transactions.

Talk about less fee i agree when you talk about bch. It is lower that bitcoin itself.
For me, hold two of them bitcoin and etherium is good. Both are top popular coin.
164  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Are you still Trading, Investing in this Chrismas and New Year Time..? on: December 24, 2017, 10:32:08 AM
Real crypto traders takes no vacations.  Cool

Kidding. I'd definitely look at the charts a  bit less until next year, I definitely need to get my head off crypto for a few days. I've set up some alarms via Blockfolio though, just so if certain coins I'm interested in drops in price, so I can grab some for cheap.

I thought that real crypto trader take no vacation. LOL
I do trading everyday just from application, so i always trading although in holiday.
165  Economy / Economics / Re: Do crypto exchange rates matter? on: December 22, 2017, 01:34:08 AM
Ok so I have to buy BTC and trade it for XRP in order to obtain some Ripple. Knowing how the forex market works, im wondering if I bought my BTC at 16k instead of 18k, would I be able to afford more XRP compared to buying BTC at 18k? or is it the exchange rate constant?

Thanks for the replies !!
No i think. You get only one way advantage when you buy bitcoin in small price. Its nkt affected to ripple price.
All coins price in exchange is made by trader, so all depend on how much supply and demand. And it can be lower or higher. If you wish more ripple, just wait till the price decrease.
166  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can any government ban Bitcoin? on: December 21, 2017, 10:32:20 AM
Yes of course especially if the officials of the government with corrupt, and greedy mind who wants to take full advantage of the transaction happening in bitcoin. This speculation of your could happen anytime, with their schemes and evil plot.

Agree if the company or government with corrupt people will try to ban bitcoin anyway.
And government which look at the bitcoin just in bad hole, without care with the pros of bitcoin,  they will also try to ban bitcoin because they want to protect their citizens.
167  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Do you believe bitcoins are worth $300 billion on: December 21, 2017, 10:29:18 AM
Market cap is just a simple calculation of the current price multiplied by the number of circulating coins.

If 25% of all Bitcoin are sold in one day, no way the price stay at its current level.

You cannot compare market cap with a country's GDP.

I dont think so. It is really huge amount for just one bitcoin.
May i know how you calculate the marketcap to know how price working?
168  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I owned bitcoin during bitcoin cash Fork. Do I own bitcoin cash? on: December 21, 2017, 10:27:26 AM
I owned bitcoin during bitcoin cash Fork. Do I own bitcoin cash? If so How do I access it?

In theoritically yes, you own bitcoincash too. Why do you just ask this question? I think it should be after bitcoin fork directly. But anyway, you can check your wallet now to check it.
169  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: wihch crypto should i buy? on: December 21, 2017, 10:25:15 AM

which is good crypto for buy, right now?

for low price, now i buy and then i will wait for years,

I suggest you can choose ethereum or litecoin. This two coins have potential in the market although the price is not too low but im sure this coins have future when you hold it for years.

Yes, etherium and litecoin are 2 altcoin which have future if you like to hold it for at least 6 months.
I will add waves and ripple too.
170  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: France Wants G20 Nations to Discuss Bitcoin Regulation. on: December 20, 2017, 12:32:08 AM
Well they want to create a new world currency to replace the dying fiat currencies, so of course they wantr to regulate Bitcoin. They should be looking at the Renminbi and the Ruble - those are much bigger threats to them.

If regulation really applicable, the transaction of bitcoin will be accesable by company. It will make company easy to see and apply tax. It is nothing for me but bad for some people who hide from tax.
171  Economy / Speculation / Re: BTC gone down today on: December 20, 2017, 12:29:20 AM
Seems on the markets at present time BTC has come down. your thoughts on this and why you think it happened?

Do you think it will go back up? if BTC goes down way lower would it be wise to buy more into it

Bitcoin always do its own part that is always go back up.
This happen because some people take profit in some point. But it will not continue to very low price because many bitcoiners hold bitcoin.
172  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Amazon to accept Bitcoin? on: December 19, 2017, 12:54:28 AM
Amazon is the biggest most popular online product platform.Sometimes i buy online product from amazon by other currency Neteller & payoneer.But if amazon accept BTC it's very easier to buy product from amazon.This is big good news for everyone.

If many more company accept bitcoin mean bitcoin demand will be higher. In other case bitcoin also more popluar. But one thing, will you buy goods or stuff if the fee of sending bitcoin is more than the price that you should pay? I dont think so
173  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bubble will occur or Correction...! on: December 17, 2017, 09:17:45 AM
good day!
as the bitcoin is dramatically increase its value, I know that we bitcoiner are glad about it. But while it's increasing, didnt you worry about it? of just go with the flow?

I will refer this situation about the tulip, as it wil getting popular (before) the price of the tulip bud are very high until one they people realize that there's nothing about it....

Will the bubble occur again (and for now it is in bitcoin) or Bitcoin price is just for today and it will correct it soon?


By today the bitcoin price has moved to higher again after a few days just stay in the range of price. Both correction and bubble will happen but bubble first i think then correction. Since bitcoin has strong community where anybody believe to hold it.
174  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Max Keiser: bitcoin to reach 100,000 USD on: December 17, 2017, 09:13:18 AM
Keiser said in an interview in november 24 on RT that despite all the bitcoin bashing from various bankers, the currency will grow from its level of around 8,000 USD at that time to 100,000 USD. He pointed out that bitcoin skeptics have written its obituary hundreds of time, to no avail. According to Keiser, bitcoin will just continue to grow because the US dollar is simply rubbish.

He gave an example from his own trading experience, saying I remember when I bought Apple stock in the late 90s when it was valued for less than 100m USD, Michael Dell publicly said that Apple should shut its doors and stop the embarrassment of being in business. Twenty years later, its approaching a 1 trillion USD market cap, and nobody talks about Michael Dell anymore.

Well Bitcoin's price set a new record on Saturday as the virtual currency rose above $19,000 for the first time on the Bitstamp exchange. The gains came just hours after the currency crossed the $18,000 mark. Bitcoin's value has doubled over the last three weeks, and it's up more than 20-fold over the last year.

My question then is. How far will [Suspicious link removed]ive this year?, I supposed that at a value of $ 20,000, but there are still two weeks to end the year. Who gives me your prediction?

As bitcoiner who believe in what i bought, i believe bitcoin will reach that amount in future. I just can not predict when it will be. Just wait for the exact time.
175  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why is bitcoin price not dropping when sending fees are so high? on: December 17, 2017, 01:36:44 AM
Does anyone know why this is the case?  Surely it would drop right since the fees are outrageous and would move other people to buy other coins?

This is very good question. If anybody know the real answer please tell us here.
I dont really know why? But small anwer maybe worth, the fee of sending bitcoin does not change the trust of people to bitcoin itself. So the fee mean nothing to bitcoiners.
176  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does Social Media Influence bitcoin growth? on: December 17, 2017, 01:34:03 AM
Social Medias are a good way to spread and help growth the informations about Bitcoin, also have an influence to easy connect and sharing the community of Bitcoin.

The influence of bitcoin is coming from information on advertising. Social media is good place to put advertising especially for bitcoin. That information make bitcoin grow.
177  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Person stole 50k dollars from forum! F*ck! on: December 17, 2017, 01:32:01 AM
It'll be impossible right now if your objective is to get your money back. Because the only thing you can do right now is to propose an appeal for this. And leave somebody a red trust.

I am sad to hear this, somebody from community stole money. Its not forgivable.
I think too difficult or nearly impossible to get your money back. $50k is not small money so he will not give your money back i think.
178  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is It advisable to quit my present job for bitcoin? on: December 14, 2017, 11:51:05 PM
Don't invest more than what you can afford to lose.
Can you afford to lose your job? If yes, then go for it and quit your job.

I was thinking the only afford we loss is small amount of money but you said job. Its surprising me.
I also not recommend you or other people quit job because of bitcoin but if have good strategy for your economy life, why not? Full time bitcoiner is  making happy.
179  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does Social Media Influence bitcoin growth? on: December 14, 2017, 11:45:03 PM
Does Social Media Influence bitcoin growth?

Yes it does. Social media is not the only one which imfluence the growth of bitcoin. There are other way too like advertisement in tv or blog or website but social media has its portion to make bitcoin growth.
180  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Person stole 50k dollars from forum! F*ck! on: December 14, 2017, 11:42:21 PM
Hi guys!
A person from this forum with good reputation stole 52000$ (now it is 11,02 BTC). I send it in october. What I need to do? Please help! Undecided

What did you send it in october? Your wallet and key? Why then?
Well i am so sorry to here this but not many thing you can do to get your money back from him. Just learn this experience to prevent such this thing happen in future.
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