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61  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Rhenium [XRH] Decentralized, private & community driven POS cryptocurrency on: July 14, 2018, 08:57:52 AM
   Someone can help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong, when synchronizing Windows wallet? The most interesting thing is that the synchronization was successful on the laptop, but when transferred to the vps - wallet gives the phrase: the source of the blocks is not available.  I just do not know what to do to sync and went to the vps successfully  Huh
62  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][TALUS Coin] We develop TALUS Cryptocurrency exchange. Click! on: July 13, 2018, 01:15:06 PM
  How long before the team can step on the crypto community on a wide line? Planned subscription company, social generosity? The more interested in TALOS, the greater interest in the coin and a more stable position in any exchange.Change our popularity rating in the first place.
63  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ✅ [ANN] LIGHTPAYCOIN LPC ⭐ MASTERNODES ✅ POS ⭐ MNO AND CRYPTOBRIDGE LISTED ✅ on: July 13, 2018, 05:49:33 AM
I think LPC coin price will up 400k+ Satoshi next month.what do you think about LPC coin.
yeah mate i'm also think that.that's why now i'm invest in LPC coin for future good profit.
I'm also think that LPC coin will going to moon soon. Grin
  I would say that the price is almost the moon, do not underestimate the current state of Affairs. The most important thing longer to stay here, for all fans of LPC.
64  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Elite [MANDATORY UPDATE] 1.337% APR | POS ONLY on: July 13, 2018, 03:24:10 AM
hi. there is an old coin 1337. Long wallet stopped working. Now I'm going to run an Elite wallet. How long to wait for synchronization? I realized there's nothing to change or insert new files except the wallet. dat ?
65  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / Re: [SUMO] Sumokoin - Безопасный Частный Анонимный CryptoNote. on: July 12, 2018, 07:15:25 AM
  like Cryptopia came RYO, but the balance is not displayed in the wallet, there is a little SUMO which is quietly traded. Can anyone tell what kind of coin is chosen exchange? Or there is no automatic accrual? A bit confused I  Wink
66  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / Re: [ANN]⚡⚡[PRiVCY]⚡⚡[6й раунд - c 14 июля]✅[Tor]✅[PoW/POS]✅ on: July 11, 2018, 06:24:25 AM
Последнее обновление в правилах касается только тех, у кого кошелек на бирже?

PRIVCY-MANAGER - Сегодня в 04:30
@everyone Please check your status. If it has wallet in Status, means your 0.001 was received correctly, if no, means you sent from different address or other issues. It should look like:
STATUS: is currently Accepted PXvS6ZB1UrGZAGcuDkMYBwaR3CAt7VEgHD for airdrops.
If you sent it but it wasnt changed, please make sure it's from your registered wallet. If it's, then send me DM with TX ONLY, no hello sir, when moon, only TX.
Всех касается. Так они проверят, что ваш адрес не биржевой. Заодно пересчитают всех активных  Grin
  Есть более простой метод. Открыт кран, но заточен он только на тех у кого верификация адреса кошелька прошла. Получается сразу два дела делается и проверка и махонький приз-монетка, точнее её часть. Особо недоверчивые могут и в чат-боте проверку пройти, всё работает как в анонсе прописали.
67  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ✅ [ANN] LIGHTPAYCOIN LPC ⭐ MASTERNODES ✅ POS ⭐ MNO AND CRYPTOBRIDGE LISTED ✅ on: July 10, 2018, 07:22:07 AM
Do you need a Ukrainian translation?

Ask Dev or Coinman on Discord mate.
  It seems on the first page of a topic announced all the official transfers topic. It didn't start yesterday. Although of course the extension of the translation theme for the project is only a plus, but to do it in the middle of the company is strange. In any case, DEV will decide.
68  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] GambleCoin [ANN] on: July 09, 2018, 06:39:06 AM
  Hello, the wallet does not want to be synchronized, please publish the nodes that help to connect to the network, but rather a ready-made config file. Thanks.
69  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / Re: [ANN] Infinex - PoW & Masternode [Lyra2Z] - LIVE !!! on: July 08, 2018, 11:11:29 AM
   And as production goes? On the branch to watch and not interested in the coin and shows mnrank 1245 mastered. Is IFX worth more to buy on the node?
70  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: [BOUNTY]💰 BITCOIN SUPREME 2,000,000 BTCS ⚡️ 2ND ROUND STARTED (RUNNING) on: July 07, 2018, 05:56:21 PM
###TWITTER WEEK 3 (01/07 - 07/07)###
Twitter user URL:
Twitter Followers : 1124
BTCS wallet address : 1DALvUmoi9Gf2nsLQnaWfJpduHSyjV6Zbk
<list of tweets/retweets>

71  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: 🚀[ANN][PoSToken]First PoS Smart Contract Token[Lending Platform Available] on: July 06, 2018, 10:32:13 AM
  yeah, I've dealt with dying coins too, some of which have led to oblivion artificially, and then these coins, forgotten by many and sold for pennies, suddenly became extremely valuable and sold with unprecedented profit, those dudes who turn such things.
72  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: [BOUNTY] 🔥 MANO - Masternode Foundation 🔥 on: July 05, 2018, 05:08:24 AM
  Dear Manager, do I understand correctly that today is the final day of the companies and tomorrow it is possible to remove the signature? Thanks.
73  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][ICO] Blockonomics - ReImagining Bitcoin and E-Commerce on: July 04, 2018, 09:54:28 AM
   Previously, sites with the reception to pay for bitcoin, were the advanced phenomenon, but now everywhere try to move away from payments in BTC, the reasons I think are known to all. Why not more coverage of crypto signs? more upgraded and cheaper for the consumer?
74  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / Re: [ANN] [CRP] | cryply. | CPU Only | YesPoWer | True Cryptocurrency on: July 03, 2018, 06:46:08 AM
  интересный проект, разобрался быстро, слышно как работает, будем тестить. Хоть мой ноут и не молодой, но думаю сутки, двое без проблем выдержит. А там посмотрим профит и затраты, тогда уже и определюсь с режимами майнинга. Проекту спасибо и удачного продолжения полёта.
75  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: 👍👍👍 [ANN][LIKES] Likecoin | 100% Free Cryptocurrency for All. 👍👍👍 on: July 02, 2018, 04:43:50 AM
  Let me ask you, in a year of hellish work, what have you guys achieved? Or you have a very smooth development, which is commendable, or you are marking time and there is no news? You can proudly showcase your success to today?
 I am interested in your achievements in crypto technology, although in recent updates I see problems with wallets too.
76  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ▌[ANN] NeckBeardCryptoTips [NBCT] PoW X11 + Hybrid Static Staking + Masternodes▌ on: July 02, 2018, 04:13:24 AM
I think that this project should not be expected on decent exchanges in the near future and their wallet is not particularly needed by anyone..If you continue to do, then maybe over time that will turn out..

I think this project is not interesting to anyone.Participants entered it only to get free coins and to turn on the pump on the node. No movement the developer does not show, maybe it's someone who launched a test model.
77  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: [NLG] The great Gulden thread on: July 01, 2018, 11:54:06 AM
   Great coin this coin is better only electronic Gulden. Originally for me, NLG was a very expensive coin, but I was just a beginner in crypto. Now I would be happy to buy some money, but the market is full of new coins with more interesting ideas. Because I believe need to be updated. Mining stability is a plus, but also the strength of the habit. Thanks.
78  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] QBIC [QBIC] - Masternodes, PoW, Secure, ASIC Resistance on: July 01, 2018, 04:39:24 AM
  I'm new to your topic, but it looks like QBIC is still holding a fairly high price, I do not know how much it cost 2-3 months ago, but the fall of alcoin, this is a General trend and I think whether it is now enter the node? Or is it worth a little more look at the situation?
79  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Elite [MANDATORY UPDATE] 1.337% APR | POS ONLY on: June 30, 2018, 12:07:28 PM
  I have a 1337 stopped wallet, there is some amount of coins. Now I'm trying to deal with Elite wallet. Will it be enough to simple replace the file wallet.dat to convert old coins into new ones??
80  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ⭐[ANN] MontBlanc[MBLC]|HIGH ROI|Tiered Masternodes|PoS|MontPay system|🚀🚀🚀 on: June 30, 2018, 07:58:08 AM
  I see that at this stage, POS mining is equal to 3.2 coin per block. But I have a small amount of MBLC. When increasing my amount, I think the frequency of the reward should increase, but tell me the optimal amount for at least 2-3 steaks per day?
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