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661  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 24, 2013, 09:55:58 PM
A comment regarding chips being sent to you would not go amiss either. how do you plan on refunding people if you have used the Btc on chips.
Don't forget those are my own personal chips.. If they are worthless, they are my loss, not yours. Regarding my btc address and the funds going in and out: People are getting refunded. Also passing a list of persons to John for refunds. Don't forget that there are people who don't want a refund, and instead they want rigs made of BitFury chips, the ones that could keep up with the difficulty raise. Thus, no funds were lost, even if the difficulty has raised rendering Avalon chips almost worthless.

I don't care for your business, it's non-off mine, I just do not see enough coin to refund batch 2. Look you have had the coin since the 12th That should be in escow, that was the deal. That is not your coin, You need to pass what you can back now.

I do not care for your job either. Am sure you do not work 24 hrs a day. 10 mins to comment out of your evening is not much to ask.

No need to defend yourself, refunding is enough.  Roll Eyes Just get on with it.. you can start a new group when your done.
662  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Off-Topic on: September 24, 2013, 01:40:07 AM
I have no skin in this game.

That aside, would it not make sense that anyone wishing to lead in legal action come forward and state there intention.

And then those who it concerns can vote there preference.

Do not get splintered on this or you will fail. Stand together and fight.
663  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Need a PayPal refund for your BFL purchase? on: September 24, 2013, 01:28:48 AM
Thank you for your PM, obviously this is no help for me and others who payed by bank TX/ BTC .

What we really need here now is someone with a legal perspective on consumer rights within the US to provide advice and a way forward for those remaining.

There has to be someone in this forum with such a contact.  Even if they acted on a 10 % commission fee they could do well.  Shocked

@Josh  The game is almost up my friend  Wink RIP Butterfly Labs

I'd put some BTC into a common legal action
There does not seem to be much appetite for this at the moment, Am hoping this will change when they miss the September deadline.
664  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: BFL and 2 months on: September 23, 2013, 06:37:46 AM

For only $50 a month, you too can now enjoy...

I remember these well, it started with $50 pyramids, within a few months they were $5000 pyramids. A few months later no one talked about them anymore.  Huh
665  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: BFL and 2 months on: September 23, 2013, 02:45:37 AM
It's a moot point.  Since their units were sold at fixed price the more they shipped the quicker the units became unprofitable to buy so the incentive to ramp up was never there anyways.  With units currently unprofitable to buy at all and they can't drop prices since there's still a backlog I'm curious to see their next step.

Their next step was to shift the pyramid scheme over to the monarch, not very successfully so they introduced
the cloudf#cking power pyramid. As each pyramid starts to crumble a new one is built. The ultimate Ponzi Pyramid Scam.

Stay on and take your loss, or jump to the next and loose your sanity.  Shocked Am not playing anymore..I was never sane in the first place.
666  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Klondike - 16 chip ASIC Open Source Board - Preliminary on: September 23, 2013, 02:37:30 AM
Is the K1 fully functional?
I could be wrong but I do not think the revisions where ever tested. Last Word from BKK was his wife going to pick up the new K1 pcb's. He was waiting on these before mailing orders, then my order arrived -k1 pcb's so am guessing there may have been an issue with them.

Am not aware of a third party testing them Bicknellski may have further info on the K1's..
667  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 22, 2013, 11:22:23 PM
A comment regarding chips being sent to you would not go amiss either. how do you plan on refunding people if you have used the Btc on chips.
668  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 22, 2013, 10:48:58 PM
Hi all,
Sorry but i haven't got time to read all questions since i've posted last time. I know it's my fault, but if a day had 30 hours that wouldn't be enough either..

So, update:
- Both batches were asked for refund. Waiting for John to receive the BTC back. Batch 2 has been refunded and i'm intending to send a voting form for batch 2 people also. (You can ask for a refund or you can ask to invest in something else)
- For the ones that want reinvestment in something else, i've made several "BIG" arrangements to have the hosting option possible. This is why i haven't hot even the slightest chance to post on the forum (besides the fact that if i continue lurking the forum during the day, i'm gonna get fired...)
- There will be a bigger reinvestment in BitFury and KnC miners. These two are delivering the soonest. Discussions are on the way to ensure the delivery of this hardware.
- Working on some numbers regarding the total Hashing power i'm trying to aquire. Rest assured: You may have paid for 4.5 GH/s in Avalon terms, but in Bitfury and other terms this will be an equivalent to >10 GH/s. No funds will be lost.

Will post back later tonight, with more info. Apologies for not answering the forum. I'm resding stuff, i just don't have the time to write back. But i promise i'll make time for communication too.

Forget your voting form mate.
You have received 140 BTC from batch 2 to your private address, that should have gone back into escrow, and that is now 105 BTC , this needs to be re Escrow-ed Immediately or refunded.

669  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 22, 2013, 09:21:49 AM

Current Status of Batch 1            Funds     -    Held in escrow by JohnK awaiting Instructions
Current Status of Batch 2            Chips      -    Around 800 of 2670 in transit to Steve (this maybe a private purchase)
                                              Funds     -     140.51263 BTC sent to 16dAyPsi5qe81UU5DqvtFyhYS5SkJ23nPM 12/09/2013

Current Status of T13 Known Addresses
                                                                            total transactions            Current Balance

Webstore  1FhKsXT3M1kyhfiUg3iXnf4VGubt13awPx                341.466 BTC                0 BTC

T13          16dAyPsi5qe81UU5DqvtFyhYS5SkJ23nPM            219.43039525 BTC       105.5324342 BTC    Reducing

Transfer    1Ds63TcXi27RQHXcpEHZSUdAStNPbatpr8             323.304608 BTC            0 BTC
670  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 22, 2013, 07:49:13 AM

TOTAL COST IS 11.85000000 BTC
If you transaction was on 2013-07-19 10:09:25  It was payed to the webstore address i posted above.

Shortly withdrawn 3 days later to 1Ds63TcXi27RQHXcpEHZSUdAStNPbatpr8 at which point it bounces of several other addressees before disappearing into the ether...
671  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 22, 2013, 04:12:28 AM
Steve's Address  16dAyPsi5qe81UU5DqvtFyhYS5SkJ23nPM
has transferred  107BTC to 1Ds63TcXi27RQHXcpEHZSUdAStNPbatpr8  
Since 2013-06-18, 35btc in the last 4 days, the transactions to the second address all leave within a couple of hours, leaving a 0 balance.
I think this is an exchange or a Laundry address.
Sorry Guys it looks we may have been Scammed   Angry

Edit - I think 1FhKsXT3M1kyhfiUg3iXnf4VGubt13awPx maybe one of Steve's Address Is the webstore address +100 BTC transfered to 1Ds63TcXi27RQHXcpEHZSUdAStNPbatpr8   
672  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Group buy] Avalon chips Escrow John K / Please check refund list until Sunday on: September 22, 2013, 02:41:21 AM
When I receive my miners from Martin ( made with chips from a different group buy ) I will tip martin some coin to help offset all these gifts as I really appreciate the work and effort he has done for all involved.   Grin
673  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 22, 2013, 02:12:01 AM
Steve,  Are you withdrawing 15 - 20 BTC every couple of days through CoinBase.

You have to come and explain this NOW !!!

Edit : the address googled to a link to coinbase, probably not a coinbase transaction. But still where are our coins going to Huh
674  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 22, 2013, 12:40:18 AM
I'm confused as to why these are being shipped, wasn't a refund requested for batch 2?

Normally I'd not be bothered by Steve's absence, but right now it goes without saying that we need an update on this situation of the batches.

No refund was requested (I guess) because it was combined with the other euro groups. Deals have been done, of which we have no information.

JohnK has confirmered a refund was not requested for this batch 2 and zefir has confirmed communication with Steve, Steve has sent zefir shipping instructions and zefir will ship them.

Maybe Steve is planning to refund from his own pocket and keep the chips himself - I really just don't no...

This is a cluster of clusterf#cks now..  Roll Eyes

EDIT ________________

Looking through the block chain it would appear that the address listed on Steve's profile has received a refund of 140 BTC on the 12th, Group 2 total was about 216 BTC but about 80 BTC was from the web store.

So the good news is it looks like Steve has had (35 btc withdrawn)our coins for Batch 2 minus the webstore ( he probably has a separate address for that).
The Bad News is he is awol and the coins do not look to be in Escrow anymore they are with Steve.

I really hope am missing something here, am gonna ask John to comment.
675  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 22, 2013, 12:28:08 AM

Unofficial Batch No. 2 orders:
Order No. of Chips Total BTC Address
Website Order 976 79.056 1FhKsXT3M1kyhfiUg3iXnf4VGubt13awPx
2 320 25.92 1Garr2555P4oiAaLQqXkcdAKGg4SMt3RZS
3 5 0.415 12DNdacCtUZ99qcP74FwchaCPzeDL9Voff
4 8 0.664 1DononEbNw8traGfgQpvkV99tRPkat8H7t
5 48 3.952 1EQG1ZdThvkauvm2HBBWMvXTBBJQB5hfjG
6 32 2.656 1AHn9yDZYjpD27z8uweTJJXWvByXnLJfhH
7 72 5.981 153E782s2KyLAMw7dmCfEbY2ox82VBBbSR
8 256 20.706 17uw1gLwywmjZr458gyC44hHZhnvBP26WK
9 16 1.312 1Eh3Az8Q5QxXdon4bqA8C8hTLo5HwfA2Cy
10 70 5.81 12qCi3pKYHWMDKSakjcGXP7B7op1ymLvxq
11 64 5.312 1DM8pdm1KbTfAcChuoawkEEbwEqGVzmqQ4
12 64 5.184 1Lmvj5WCXpje8pMUJLBV1pgmmn9yUESUgo
13 160 12.96 15mAtoxESMvXVGWp24dipEZETMLzE3BBQZ
14 16 1.296 1ja2G6vVyRoExiCviDnjdzLPQnQcxLnSP
15 160 12.96 18du4cY4s5wKhQ6Y8V4t6MB8iiXWVZ9hMt
16 32 2.592 14kMfWZRkSAxrU64YEPymHE6rYttRzeMNa
17 103 8.343 12uVYQBdZs4HWKNcTVw6KUDgYDeMwbKKxz
18 8 0.648 1NoS89H3Mr6U5CmP4VwWzU2318JEMxHL1
19 116 9.396 1FvZzqPfopsaB3nBmReGCsGFmjrYEN8Uef
20 128 10.368 15AtEk6scKEStRVV3rrq9iEvBdUuAX7bGL
21 16 1.296 14nMckbsrtMoYYnz2MK7wWoyjc97jVtked

Should we start to collect shipping to information in Steves absence. Or are people expecting these to still be refunded ??
676  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Group Buy] Avalon ASIC Chips (SebastianJu) Batch 6 ordered (Closed) on: September 21, 2013, 10:45:37 PM
looks good,
Do you need some coin for postage to Marto74 ?
677  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Closed]Avalon Chips - 0.081 BTC (Global+Escrow)-BATCH2 SECURED on: September 21, 2013, 10:09:20 PM
I don't like the fact that obviously about half of batch 1 wanted refunds and half did not, hence some want chips.

Batch 2 got no refund and now gets to unload chips at half price to batch 1 buyers who got a full refund.

Nice.   Sad
Choadmeyer, payment sent.
I Have purchased Choadmeyer's 16 chips from batch 2 at a reduced rate.

In addition to the terms I have agreed with him I would also like to publicly state that if Steve does refund this batch (which appears to be shipping to Steve) then I wish Steve to refund the balance from what I payed to Choadmeyer. ( or were sort it out privately in Steves absence.)

Whilst I will not pay full price for chips, I do not wish to profit in the event of the batch being refunded.  Wink
678  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Why the Bitcoin community HAS to save the network from HashFast, CoinTerra, BFL. on: September 21, 2013, 11:54:10 AM
The key here is watts/hash/$$.

If we can get cheapish miners to the masses we win.

Corps have cost's

I can run 1 kw of miners without to much pain and itching on my electricity bill.

The big miners has huge costs. Dual supply's and Ups's do not come cheap. Genny back up, rack mounts, dual switching networking not to mention static switches.. These all come at huge cost.

Trust me, us little guys can stay solvent way longer than the big boys.

If we can level the hardware costs the big boys are toast, and as they shut down then we make the $$$'s  Grin
679  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: BFL - Non Paypal/credit card orders. - Sorry for another BFL Thread on: September 21, 2013, 07:57:07 AM
Perhaps we should compile a list of denied refunds, make a joint request for refund to BFL giving 7 days notice before filing a joint complaint to the  state attorney general and  Better Business Bureau, with further action if needed.

The list should contain at minimum

Surname/username               date of order           amount of order

I would be happy to compile a list via PM and file what I can by email, If someone is up on drafting the complaint ( someone who has some experience with these things) I would be grateful.

I will keep all personal information private - but keep a running count here of orders/total order value.

Thoughts suggestions welcome.

Am sure it wont take many before this will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, that should gain some attention.

We could do this in rounds, maybe 25 orders at a time, file then start gathering the next batch.

Please do not worry if you payed in BTC - the order was in $$$$ and converted at checkout or afterwards, its a non issue am sure..

680  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Off-Topic on: September 21, 2013, 03:20:10 AM
Another idea is to verify with Yifu whether TH really did order the chips or not. If not that it is for sure scam...
I have shoot an IM to yifu with the remote chance that he will reply.

I mean why spent btc ordering all that chips if he plan to scam everybody from the get go??
Did he request a refund is the question to ask  Wink
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