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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why Cash is better than Bitcoin. on: January 31, 2018, 06:22:29 PM
Bitcoin use for online transaction and the price is continue to increase so you can make profit if you have bitcoin.
Cash is for offline transaction and if you have cash the value is still that and the price will not increase.
As you said, Bitcoin can raises its value and FIAT can not do that, right? So, you can call Bitcoin is an asset, a crypto asset instead of cryptocurrency like we are calling, because the value of Bitcoin is not reasonable to using for the world's monetary system.
Cash is used by all the people around the globe.Cash can be used anywhere and anytime but bitcoin needs internet connection.Cash is accepted internationally and any transaction can be done through it.For cash their is no transaction fees unlike bitcoin which charges high transaction fees.There is no risk in cash while bitcoin is very risky.Cash is centralised while bitcoin is decentrallised.
2  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin is an asset or currency. on: January 31, 2018, 05:29:35 PM
Bitcoin is considered as an asset of other people because of its value that keeps on increasing as the time flies. Paper money can be used for transactions, but bitcoin is also can be used and it is more convenient to use, but as of now, the fee using crypto currencies is very expensive but it won't take much of your time. Therefore, bitcoin is an asset and currency for us.

Unless you use crypotocurrency for national transaction, I am sure no service can provides better currency to sending money with cheap fees than Bitcoin, it is the truth. You can compare Paypal to cryptocurrency, but you have to know Paypal has many limits when using Wink.
Actually bitcoin can be considered both as an asset and a currency.Since bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency,the price of bitcoin is very high.So people who do not have bitcoins buy bitcoins and hold them for future price rise.Here bitcoin is acting like an asset.Transactions are also being through bitcoin and people spend their bitcoins for their daily uses.Here it is like a currency.
3  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is 2018 the downfall of bitcoin? on: January 31, 2018, 03:50:51 PM
*Newbie Here!* Because of fluctuations in the value of bitcoin, is 2018 going to be the biggest downfall of bitcoin? What do you think?

I think this year is not a year where the decline in bitcoin prices are so dysfunctional, instead it's going to be the opposite, a lot of speculation about bitcoin prices nowadays, there's also that agree with some that this will spur bitcoin prices next month, maybe bitcoin prices just to take the square off to get even crazier than last year ...

No this cannot happen at all.Bitcoin is the now the leading cryptocurrency and it cannot degrade in such an easy manner.The users of bitcoin are increasing day by day and more people are investing in bitcoin because it gives huge profit rates in shorter duration.Its price increases day by day.Since it is the period of digitization,cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are getting very popular.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Too late to get involved into Bitcoin? on: January 30, 2018, 06:27:49 PM
Itís not too late to get involved in bitcoin. Yes, there are plenty of people become wealthy by the help of bitcoin, and we are reaching the bitcoin limitation. But itís not too late if you are gaining bitcoinís right now its because know that you are starting to earn some money. Maybe, there are only 20% of peopleís population that are using bitcoin.
if indeed you intend to really follow bitcoin, to my knowledge also is not too late in a journey.
it's just that you missed out with other friends who have built the account too long enough.
so at this time there is no word late, whatever your business in managing bitcoin then it should remain grateful.
It is never too late to get involved in bitcoin.Bitcoin is always the first option when someone wamts to earn money and that too in a lesser period of time.It is a good money earning opportunity for those who are jobless and want to earn money without doing any work.Sognature campaigns are an easy way to earn some bitcoins.Investing ni bitcoin is also a profitable task.So everyone should try bitcoin.
5  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin can not replace fiat on: January 30, 2018, 05:36:47 PM
Yes, got you intrigued, didn't it?

Bitcoin is a very good thing to have as an asset. Just like gold. Even better if I may say. It's secure, and unlike fiat money it actually exists and work is put into it to produce it. This makes it great to store value.
However, it cannot and will not replace current fiat money that the entire world it using. It just cannot.
Take paying a cup of coffee for example. To pay your coffee with bitcoins, one must get bitcoins first, either by mining or buying bitcoins with other kinds of money (*cough*fiat*cough). It ends up being a quite complicated process, don't you think?
Until we reach the point where paying for a cup of coffee is as easy with Bitcoin as it is with cash, we will never get mass adoption. And as far as I see it, there is no way of simplifying the acquiring of bitcoins.

The problem with bitcoin is that became centralized, very manipulated by miners and whales and its price is also affected by media.
Bitcoin lighting network can solve the speed of the network but this will come at the price of more centralization that makes btc even worse.
The worse problem with BTC is its PoW which soon or later will make it unprofitable and useless.
Yes it is true that bitcoin cannot replace fiat currency as fiat is used by whole of the world.It is internationally accepted and all the transactions are done through fiat only.Fiat can be used anywhere and anytime unlike bitcoin which requires internet connection to operate it.Since it is decentralised,it is not legalised in many nations too.It is also very volatile and risky unlike fiat currency.
6  Economy / Economics / Re: do you really like crypto coin? on: January 29, 2018, 06:23:49 PM
Yes, I like this crypto currency more than she even can say that the more predictable Crypto currency, and is very practical in life.
Yes , I like this currency, because it helps me to have my own profit in the most unexpected price, unlike in working for government or offering a service, the salary rate were consisitent no matter what the status of the economy, which is somegow good for security, but for crypto makes people more profitable.
Yes I like cryotocoins or cryotocurrencies.Transactions through cryotocurrencies are much more easier than physical currency.Since no taxes are implied on cryptocurrencies,the profit returns are full.To operate cryotocurrencies you just need to have an internet connection and some basic knowledge.Most of the people know how to use internet so they know how to use cryptocoins.They are a good opportunity to earn money.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin vs Ethereum? on: January 29, 2018, 05:27:07 PM
bitcoin is better than ethereum, look at the bitcoin price and compare bitcoin price with ethereum price, there are too different price between them. and the most point of bitcoin is the mother because all off altcoin is depend at bitcoin, ethereum coin will be can not cross the bitcoin price forever because it will be highest than ethereum price. it will be long time to make ethereum have highest price thank bitcoin maybe need ten years or more.
Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency while ethereum is just emerging in the market.Bitcoin's price has reached new heights while ethereum has just started to rise.Bitcoin is very popular and its users increase day by day while ethereum is not so popular.No cryptocurrency has that potential to beat bitcoin.Investing in bitcoin is more profitable than investing in ethereum.
8  Economy / Economics / Re: dropping value on: January 29, 2018, 03:28:52 PM
I can't believe people are making threads about this.

As long as bitcoins has excisted, prices have gone up and down. It's in the nature of bitcoin. If supply is larger then demand, then the price will drop until demand is larger then supply, when the price will rise again.

You shouldn't convert you bitcoin. Just hold on, and wait until the price will rise again (which will happen).
Definitely agree. If you really know the nature of bitcoin you will not get afraid everytime the value of it fall down. Because the volatility of bitcoin is what makes it more popular. And it what makes it more unique than in other currency.
So if the price of bitcoin fall down , be glad because you have an opportunity of buy and hold it till it recovers its past price.
I think there is no matter for concern.We all know that the value of bitcoin is very volatile and its value increases or decreases on daily basis.Although its price has fallen a bit,people have a lot of faith in bitcoin.So its users are also increasing as they want to enroll themselves in bitcoin and more people want to invest in bitcoin as they know that bitcoin gives a lot of profit and a lesser duration of time.It is the topmost cryorocurrency now and is the easiest way to earn money.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Should I buy BTC? on: January 27, 2018, 06:21:24 PM

should i buy BTC or juste buy altcoin with great pump potential like this one ?

I m new and i need advises.


I do not know if that altcoin or ICO is worth to be invested with but all I know is that bitcoin is having a dip so you can pick either Bitcoin or other digital currencies or invest on ICO. Bitcoin is having a dip so if you buy some, you know you will be having a profit when it pumps but it is expensive. In terms of ICOs, you do not know if that will be giving you a good profit since you still do not know if that currency will be a hit for investor or not.
Yes definitely you should buy bitcoins if you have money.It is the leading cryptocurrency and it gives huge profit margins amd that too in a short period.No other cryptocurrency has the capability to defeat bitcoin and overtake it.On other cryptocurrency or altcoin gives as much profit as bitcoin gives.Its price has reached new heights and is still continues to grow.You can save your bitcoins for future purposes too as the prices will rise in future.
10  Economy / Speculation / Re: Should I invest in BITCOIN ???? on: January 27, 2018, 01:39:25 PM
Should I invest in BITCOIN Huh?
The writer himself or other experts can not predict the future, predict the objective story should choose the short-term investment, long-term, medium term or even investment is in you. You have to anticipate the market trends as well as the risks we have made and decide for yourself. Bitcoin has had impressive growth over the past seven years, but things are still changing, or rising or falling. The only advice from CoinAZ.Net is not to be too risky, do not put eggs in the same basket and do not need stigma, run away the opportunity.
And what do you want? Make a poll out of this post? You can see on the schedule how many people sell for 10 000 dollars and for the same amount people buy bitcoin for 10 000 dollars. 50/50, here's your stats. And if you want to hear the opinion of some expert, then there are not any. Trust yourself.
Yes, we should invest in Bitcoin because Investing in Bitcoin in the hope of taking advantage of future price increases is as simple as buying Bitcoin on an online exchange. Bitcoin transactions are subject to few regulatory oversights, which makes transactions fast and headache-free.
Yes definitely you should invest in bitcoin.It is the leading cryptocurrency now and is still rising.No other altcoin has the potential to overtake bitcoin.Bitcoin is the easiest way to earn money and that too in a short duration.Its users are increasing day by day and more and more people want to invest in bitcoin as the profit margin is very huge.It multiplies your money im a short duration.
11  Economy / Speculation / Re: What is the price of BTC in 10 years? on: January 27, 2018, 07:53:57 AM
The price depends on supply and demand like everything.
As can be seen as so far the price of bitcoin has been strongly correlated on the nr of accounts that hold bitcoin.

The question is what will bitcoin ultimately be used for. Payments / Loans / Equity / Derivatives?
If its just payments it will be a part of a 90 trillion dollar supply
If it includes everything it will be a part of a several quadrillion dollar global market

There are many alternatives to bitcoin today but bitcoin is still the most widespread and distributed currency.
If it will remain this case looking at history we can expect 90% of the other coins to disappear.

Expect it to fly high if it stays the big gun.

Future cannot be predicted.Anything can happen in ten years.Either bitcoin can rule the market or it can disappear from the world.But if see the current situation of bitcoin in the market,we can say that it will continue to function even after 10 years.Its price has recahed new heights.It has become the leading cryptocurrency now.No other cryptocurrency has the potential to overtake bitcoin even in the future.It can also give competition to paper money too.
12  Economy / Economics / Re: how can the beggars access Bitcoin? on: January 26, 2018, 06:02:47 PM
If all paper money were change into Bitcoins, can it be access and use by everyone? how can the beggars access Bitcoin?
Bitcoin now can be access by a gadget mostly mobile phones with internet. Beggars will be gone when we are already on a paperless society. When that time comes, beggars would be begging for food and not begging for money anymore.
To operate bitcoin you need to have an internet connection and a mobile phone too as it is economical.But I think it will be a diificult job for beggars to use a phone as it maybe complex for them.Bitcoin also is not so easy to operate.Many still do not know what cryptocurrencies are and what is a cashless society.Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are only used by a handful of population only.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Vs Ethereum on: January 21, 2018, 06:21:30 PM
I think this is an absolutely incorrect comparison. These are two different coins with different ideas and functions. But you should keep both coins in the portfolio.

It's correct comparison I think. Since both have huge supporters and investors, we can compare this both.But of this bitcoin is all best one to inverse in money for short term profit. For long term profit and future ,you can try of Ethereum. Now the price of Ethereum reached 1000$+,soon it will reach 3000$ in the January end.
Bitcoin is clearly the winner.Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency now.Ethereum is far way behind.Bitcoin has a lot of potential and no other cryptocurrency can overtake it including ethereum.Ethereum has just started very recently but bitcoin started nine years ago.It has been well estsblished in the market more than ethereum.The price of bitcoin has reached new heights.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What do you like best about bitcoin? on: January 21, 2018, 04:23:06 PM
Us, for now, I like the most is the chance of everybody to earn money that helps to sustain financially for living or even to save more money that can be used in future. The fastest way to pay bills that accept bitcoin that can save time with no hassle at all. To learn how to invest do some trading if you already have the proper knowledge of it.
Bitcoin today is the leading cryptocurrency.There are a few things which makes bitcoin better.Transactions through bitcoin is very easy as compared to physical money or banks.Bitcoin just requires an internet connection which is easily available.It is a great platform to earn quick money.Signature campaigns give us weekly payments.If someone is into bitcoin then he or she does not require any pocketmoney.
15  Economy / Economics / Re: Is this the end for bitcoins ? on: January 21, 2018, 03:24:43 PM
AFAIK, bitcoin is still thriving today, so I don't know why would bitcoin end. It has crashed, but it doesn't mean it going do die. LOL. We have seen this from the past and bitcoin recovered as well.

Very recently I read an article , which assumed bitcoins to be exactly like the Dutch tulip mania , the Mississippi bubble and the south sea bubble.

The author of that article (which was published in the economic times ) said it's now time to move away from bitcoins , the market has ended and the sooner you forfeit the lesser will be your loss.

What do you guys think about it ?

i think that was a common issues made to make bitcoin price is getting low, because some thing like that was a trick playing to make many bitcoin holder to sell

And please stay away with that kind of articles. You can't compare bitcoin with the tulip mania. Bitcoin supply is limited, while tulips supply is not. That's why the tulip business suddenly die because everyone during that time simply plants tulip in their garden and as a result, the market has heavily saturated. As compare to bitcoin that that limited supply of 21M only, and the demand is getting bigger while the supply can't cope up, making the price goes higher overtime.
No it cannot be the end of bitcoins so early.It has been just nine years and bitcoin has developed a lot.It has gained a lot of popularity and its users are increasing day by day.More and more people are investing in bitcoin so that they can earn money in a lesser duration of time.It is on the top of the list of cryptocurrencies and no other cryptocurrency or altcoin has the potential to beat bitcoin.
16  Economy / Economics / Re: When is the right time to buy bitcoin ? on: January 20, 2018, 12:36:49 PM
Perhaps it will sound silly, but it was necessary to buy when he was 100 dollars. Now would be sold for $ 15,000 and it would be your happiness.
If you want to invest into Bitcoin, I believe the best thing to do is wait till price goes down to the lowest, and when it starts to go back up, you can then invest and wait for it to hit its highest price rate before you can withdraw your earnings, or should I say profit? Lol
There is no hard and fast rule that this is the right time to go for investing into bitcoin. the only thing which you need to take care of before investing into bitcoin is that you need to invest your money into bitcoin at the time when the market value of bitcoin starts falling down and other than this, you need to learn something good before investing in bitcoin as knowledge plays a key role in making smart decisions.
There is no such right time to buy bitcoins.Whenever you want to buy bitcoins you can buy them.But ideally you should buy bitcoins when the prices are low.But we cannot predict the price of bitcoin.It is very volatile and depends on the forces of demand and supply.If you have bitcoins then you should hold them for future rise in prices as it can lead to great profits and money earning opportunities.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How to explain bitcoin to teenagers or children on: January 19, 2018, 04:49:22 PM
I think it is not easy task, besides, I think minors shall not be actively involved in crypto, as much of them have no their own income, and they also have no enough general knowledge and experience to make correct decisions and to risk.
It is really difficult to make children understand about Bitcoin.The children have developing minds which is very unstable.It is difficult to create interest in anything.Bitcoin is very complex and requires knowledge about the market.The minds of children cannot handle such a complex thing.But on the other hand it will not be that difficult to explain Bitcoin to teenagers as their minds have been developed so they can grasp some complex things much more faster and easier than children.
18  Economy / Economics / Re: Do you think cryptocurrencies have the potential to overtake regular currencies? on: January 19, 2018, 03:29:37 PM
I don't think cryptocurrencies are about to overtake fiat currencies. But that even isn't their purpose.
They are too unstable with too much different limitations and the financial system based on them would be too chaotic. But still they have and will have in the future very importnt rule and with time more and more people will accept them.
I think this will be possible later in the future.Since it is time of digitization,cryptocurrencies are getting popular and more and more people have now started using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin,ethereum etc.Transactions through cryptocurrencies is much more easier than regular  currencies.More and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies as the profit margin is very large.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The advantages of bitcoin on: January 19, 2018, 01:41:35 PM
I strongly agree that bitcoin has many advantages. For me the advantages of bitcoin in addition to increase income as well as the right investment for a better future
Based on my experience bitcoin have many advantages because aside from earning extra income you can also secure your future financial state by investing some of your earnings and wait to increase the value of bitcoin then cash out.
There are some advantages of bitcoin.Bitcoin is the easiest way to earn money.Investing in bitcoin is a very profitable deed.It gives huge profit margins in a short period of time.The signature campaigns give decent amount of payments per week.Transactions through bitcoin are very easy.Taxes are also not implied on bitcoin.Bitcoin has made many people rich.It is the leading cryptocurrency in today's date.
20  Economy / Economics / Re: The future of the paper money on: January 18, 2018, 06:57:46 AM
Andrew Haldane said one solution would be for the Bank of England to issue a state-backed digital currency based on bitcoin. Supporting this initiative would be a negative interest rate levied on paper currency relative to the digital currency, with these measures do you think there is more possibilities that sometime:

Paper money will be banned entirely?
How long do you think that happens?
would it work?
What security and privacy risks would it raise?
And how would public and privately issued monies interact?

Paper currency will still exist and will not disappear, and its use is also easier than crypto money in transactions. Crypto money is more suitable for investment than for transactions.
The future of paper money is fully safe and secured.The whole world uses paper money.The day to day transactions are done by the paper money only.Paper money does not require any internet accessibility unlike bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.So paper money can used anywhere and anytime.The government also favours paper money as it is centralised.
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