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1  Bitcoin / Legal / Cryptsy Lawsuit (class action, join the party if you want) on: October 13, 2015, 04:58:16 AM
In case you're totally out of the loop, I made a post in "scams" about how Cryptsy arbitrarily locked me out of my account, changes the password and kicks me out after I initiate withdraws, then ignores me when I try to contact them, et cetera. Then, about exactly a month later, the Coinfire article is published about federal investigations and purported violent/terrorist connections. About this time, I was also receiving private messages about Cryptsy using account verifications as phishing material, and I had personally been told by Cryptsy that they thought my SSN was incorrect, revealing/strongly suggesting/indicating their attempt to use my SSN illegally.

So, I am suing them. If Cryptsy stole from you using similar methods(or another Skye Bonow type case), and you want in on the case, you can either post here, or PM me your handle and amount Cryptsy stole.

Soon, I will email you with the contact info, and what you'll need to send to my lawyers to join the case(even if you have as little as your handle, name, the amount, and how and when they stole your coins briefly summarized- this may be enough).

You can send this in yourself, or get a service like LegalShield(about $30 a month, legal and notary service, will draft and process legal documents on your behalf), and then have them send your info directly to my lawyers.

This way, you can piggyback off the bigger class action case here and have a much better chance of getting your $ back.

Alright thanks for listening, and no Cryptsy trolls please, save that entertainment for the main post in "Scams". This post is for those who are tired of the BS and want their money back. Thanks all
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: October 13, 2015, 04:38:55 AM
Just a quick update on these BLATANT SCAMMERS.

 As you can see earlier in this forum, BitJohn asked me to "be cooperative" and solve the problem out of public eye....

Since then, they have forced me to password reset no less than 3 times, and then randomly locked me out of the same password which they forced me to reset to.

So, in other words, they repeatedly change the password behind my back in an endless cycle without notifying me, and then pretending it is a "server issue".

After a month of support they finally got me to the point of logged in, in which I requested withdraw- I confirmed it and everything. BitJohn then lies and says to "let him know when I get the coins". I tell him he has to click on my confirmation from his side so it says "processing" instead of pending.

Then they change my password again, and lock me out of my account without notifying me again.

Yes, its that blatant and it's that bad. These guys are so much worse than Gox.

Moving forward with the lawsuit. To all those that have PMed me in support- I thank you very much. If you don't already have attorneys(or even if you do, there are many benefits) consider legalshield. It's only $40 a month, and once you sign up, you can have your leglshield lawyer send your info directly to my Attorneys to join the suit. From the messages I received  it seems there is a lot of interest. I am going to start a second thread for the suit soon. Stay posted.

My Attorneys recommended I file a complaint to the FBI's internet crime center at : . I've gotten some messages about Cryptsy's use/selling/ phishing of info in the process of "verifying" users, and I personally haven't received junk mail in the past 10 years or so until the month after I gave Cryptsy my home address. Also, Cryptsy complained in an early support email that my SSN wasn't correct, indicating that Cryptsy tried to use it in an illegal manner.

I've since put on my credit security freeze, and informed my attorneys about the articles and rumors regarding Cryptsy's purported violent/terrorist connections.

And again, Cryptsy continues to change my password again and again, without ever notifying me. That's pretty much all the evidence this community needs, though there is much much more to state. For instance, how their system does not recognize their own captcha's or passwords.

BigJohn, "John McPherson", John Doe II, whatever you go by, why did you stop "helping" me? huh?

3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 24, 2015, 01:06:36 AM
I've always said from the beginning, I'd rather just work together to solve the problem. I also said I'll be the first one to let the community know you helped me do so.

I'm sure we're both busy people and want to get over this big hullaballoo. I am glad it looks like a server side issue to you. You have to understand the frustration from my end, I feel that I have proven through IP login records combined with deposit/withdraw request information, and withdraw requests from the same IP with login pin 2fa, and withdraw confirm 2fa- that its my account with my funds. Certainly, other users aren't held to a stricter criteria than this for withdraws? Are they?I bet most people who successfully withdraw don't even have to do so from the same IP they deposited the funds from. I've done all this and more.

You have to understand, that I, the rightful owner of the account, am not just going to walk away and forget about it if I don't get my funds back. That's my life, my future. That's why I put all those security measures on the account in the first place.

Furthermore, you have my drivers license and a picture of my face, a court addressed letter to me, and my university email address- to tie this to my personal identity. So everything's there to give me my funds, from my point of view.I don't see where the debate about this being mine even is. You have to look and see why I'm reacting this way.

I am totally cooperative, but you have to also understand these password issues are very alarming to me as the user. I am following all your directions exactly so far, but has gotten me nowhere. Yes, lets work together and cooperate. However, every time in the past Cryptsy has taken the conversation out of public eye, it ends with me getting stonewalled. This has been going on for nearly a month now. So, I will gladly cooperate with you over PM, but if I am getting stonewalled I have to post here because I have no other recourse when I am completely ignored and can't log into any support tickets, so I have to post.

I also am stating again to be very clear and avoid misunderstanding, only allow interactions from the whitelisted IP-anything else should not be interacted with in regards to my account

So, lets shake and work together. Ok, PM-ing you now.

4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 23, 2015, 09:26:26 PM
 You're not getting it. I did exactly this. I followed your direction exactly as you said. You sent me a new PW and I logged on with it, did you even read my last post?


I was in my account yesterday and took a bunch of screenshots, should I post em here? I also got an email from Mullick acknowledging my login with the NEW PW. NOW THEY ARE SAYING THE EXACT SAME NEW PW IS INVALID. THIS MAKES NO SENSE.
5  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 23, 2015, 07:03:21 PM
Definitely not FUD. To those calling me fake still, I have cross validated myself across here, email, Cryptsy itself, and my real identity. Cryptsy aren't even denying who I am anymore. if Cryptsy thinks anything I am saying is not true, they can go ahead and say it here on the forums.

I am STILL getting wacky errors about passwords AGAIN, which are NOT caused by me.

The error does not say wait 24 hours, the error says invalid password. Big Difference. Meanwhile I was logged in with that very password....which they gave me, I did reset it.

Since I also can't log into my support ticket, I have to post here. If you need pics, I can post them to show you whats coming up (can I just paste pics in the box?)

Cryptsy, Vern/Mullick,BigJohn?

Edit{ Well, I just tried to log in, AGAIN WITH THE SAME UN AND PW USED TO LOG IN YESTERDAY. Now it just says " A security error has occurred" and does not let me log in!

How can it be this bad?Huh? And they are still not responding to my support tickets/emails and I can't log into the support. Guys, this is why I'm on the forums. This circle of Cryptsy errors goes around forever and ever and ever like a Merry go round. Still giving Cryptsy time to make this right.

But I've said it a million times, amongst other things, my IP which I've used all along shows who I am(I used it to log in from the beginning years ago, used it to deposit, and to request withdraws). Cryptsy knows that, and I have the records too. I've formally requested many times that only logins and withdraws from this IP can be considered legitimate. So, if the coins disappear under any circumstances or withdrawn from any other IP, then Cryptsy is liable. I am just saying it publicly one more time.

You call it drama queen, I call it denying me access to my own funds despite complete and total absurdity.
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 23, 2015, 04:48:08 AM
Things just keep getting weirder.

A) COINS NOW SHOWING UP!(Between last post and now the status changed, I logged out and back in, and the coins are showing. weird but I'm not complaining about this.)


So I'm logged in again, using the password they just gave me

When I try to make a withdrawal, it says "invalid existing password". Now, I'm logged in with this password right now, which Cryptsy sent me, and yet when I try to make a withdraw, it says "invalid existing password".

Cryptsy, what the heck is going on? I can't login to my support ticket for the exact same reason.  Please tell me that the new PW in your system just aren't updated across your machines yet....otherwise, bad password errors in this context simply make no sense.

You sent me the PW, I am logged in right now. It can't be a bad password. So.....

(Also I want to note here that I re-enabled the whitelist for my IP, which was turned off. So, no withdraws can occur from any other IP. Also login pin 2fa and email confirmation 2fa both enabled.)
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 23, 2015, 03:51:37 AM


Well guys, please explain this to the crowd. I just authenticated myself to you over email and reset PW from my whitelisted IP.

I got in the site and THE COINS ARE GONE. You had better say these are in cold storage or something otherwise you have some explaining to do because.....

A) You guaranteed to me the coins were there, surprise surprise, they *poof* disappeared!

B) No record of any withdraws since my last legit withdrawal. No transfers out.

C) My deposit history is still there, so you can see the coins went

Please explain, as you guaranteed the coins were safe in the acct.

**Also, I am cross authenticating myself to you here and over email/support ticket, so there is no question***

If you would like to email me the screenshots of the amount of DASH and NXT are supposed to be in the acct, I'll do that. Strange also that my pending NXT transaction seems to be wiped from the record as well..
8  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 23, 2015, 03:17:22 AM
Big Vern,

Got to this a few days late, sorry.

Thank you very much for your direct reply.  I am going to engage with the PW reset process now. The only reason I came on the forums in the first place is because the endless support tickets go nowhere. So, I will continue to post until the issue is resolved, at which point I will gladly give credit to you.

Ok, so, I'm letting you know here, and I will also simultaneously email you to show it is me making the request, and then shortly thereafter, I'm going to click the password reset button. You can know it is me, because I will be doing this from my same whitelisted IP which you can check against the deposit record you have on file (I deposited the coins from this same IP). You also have my pictures and ID( I can take another dated picture if you like), and my university email.

So, here I go. I will be emailing Cryptsy right now to confirm it is me. Then I will try PW reset from the whitelisted IP. Sound good?

Alright, lets go.

9  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 18, 2015, 12:30:32 PM
THEY CLEARLY DID NOT TELL ME HOW. See 2 posts ago of mine.....

I don't see any response.

Community: these ppl trying to discredit me are Cryptsy's troll accounts. I opened the account with the same IP, put the funds in- they have my ID and all my info... There's really nothing else a human can do to prove the account is theirs, I've given them everything.

Well, at least I have on the record them saying the coins are in the account. So, If/when they mysteriously "disappear", there's going to be alot of explaining to do to the judge. I am just calling it here in advance(again): they are going to say the account is hacked and someone withdraw the $ and that it's my fault. Sorry Cryptsy, its not going to work. Also notice they haven't  done a single thing to contact the "legitimate" owner(an email would be nice). They have done nothing. I know because its my account.
Cryptsy = reverse security. Security intended to keep the owner of the acct out, and put down all security barriers (three 2FA options simultaneously) so a "hacker" can get into the account and fuck around.

CRYPTSY/MULLICK/BITJOHN: Still waiting. Lets just get this over with.
10  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 18, 2015, 12:07:16 PM

Where are you? Can't respond to my threads anymore?Huh It looked like we were making such progress.......

So, how would I go about changing that PW again? Oh, you won't tell me here? (or email me privately?)

So, the status as of now is Cryptsy tells me I need to change the password, then completely  disappears when I try to do so. Whatt's it gonna take? Simple question. My coins are still being held hostage

See my last post. Still waiting. Seriously Cryptsy, is this worth it?

To those who are saying I am not genuine- you're very wrong. They know who I am personally as I sent them all my ID info. I have my whole login history(from the whitelisted IP) for my account. I am still using that IP,  WHICH IS ALSO THE IP I CREATED THE ACCOUNT WITH, AND THE IP I WAS LOGGED IN WHILE DEPOSITING ALL THE COINS, AND THE IP I WAS LOGGED IN WHEN ATTEMPTING TO WITHDRAW THE COINS. Of course they know all this and find it very convenient to ignore this fact.

After giving and revoking my "verified status", they have nothing left, no excuses  to deny me my $, so now they are silent.


11  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 15, 2015, 02:37:11 AM
Ok Mullick/BitJohn,

So you've confirmed that the funds are safe in my account and the security measures won't be removed.

2) I'm willing to change the password to access my funds, but I need your word on this forum  that if I get into my account, then I'll be able to trade/withdraw as you've previously stated I should have no problem doing so, having no remaining reason to deny me access to my funds. Can I get that simple guarantee from you to follow up on your word here?

Because thats the big question here. If you're going to let me back into my account, I have to know there's a point (IE I can actually acccess my account rather than just stare at the numbers which may or may not indicate the actual presence of coins).

If you claim I STILL won't be able to trade/withdraw, then you need to state upfront what it's going to take to solve the problem: rather than string me along again and again and again, with no possible satisfying criteria, because it won't be stated honestly up front. Otherwise, we can go on emailing back and forth for weeks, but I'll still have to sue if there's nothing I can do as the rightful account owner to access my own funds. Lets just complete this and move on.

As an Aside: Take a step back and think about it community: What criteria makes someone the "rightful account owner"?
 I would say that the following criteria are required : A) they created the account B) they deposited and traded the funds C) they requested withdraw.  Finally, it helps if D) the person can be tied to a personal identity.

I have beyond doubt proved to Cryptsy, and can easily prove to a judge/jury that I satisfy ALL of these combined criteria. I can prove manyof these factors SEVERAL ways.

BitJohn/Mullick/Cryptsy: Can you guarantee  2), that the PW change/login will actually give me trade/withdraw access to the account?(as you've already told me)

If so, then I'll proceed with pw change... If not, I don't see any other explanation than ill intent on your part with the "moving goalpost" of endless obstructions to my own money which Cryptsy has refused(and continues to refuse) to state up front.

Show us all you're acting in good faith here I hope there isn't still, but if there's any remaining doubt on your part, after all this, that I am the rightful account owner, you need to state which (A-D) you claim to be doubting up front.

12  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 11, 2015, 12:27:10 AM
Ok BitJohn,

You’re on the record saying my funds are safe and sound in the account as of now. As I’ve said all along, if I get my funds back, we’ll call it a day, and I will post here that you resolved the problem.

Question 1) Before proceeding with the password change, can you guarantee to me and the community here on this forum that the 2-Factor Auth PIN is still enabled, and that email withdraw confirm 2fa is also still enabled, and that you won’t remove either safeguard without my authorization???

Because if you can’t guarantee this simple thing first, it would be pointless to move forward. The people here will plainly see that if you are indeed acting “in good faith”, that you’d be able to answer this question simply in the affirmative.

I think we can ALL agree that if Cryptsy/BitJohn cannot affirm this statement about the 2fa’s, then it’s clear evidence of Cryptsy/BitJohn acting in bad faith.

Show us you’re legit and simply answer Q1 affirmatively. Then we can move forward and get on with our lives.

Thank you.
13  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 08, 2015, 08:45:15 PM
Hi all. To respond to the most important of your replies and say a few things.

1) See for yourself. Try to withdraw your coins(not just a small withdraw), but full. See what happens.

2) BitJohn is LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH. Don't believe him for a second.

1. Cryptsy cant change your password they have no way to do so only users can.


 To the community: use Lastpass and take Screenshots of everything  Smiley  Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley

The idea that I "forgot" my password between Sept 1 and my Sept login attempt is laughable. I use Lastpass, and also have it written offline. My lastpass data(which will be presented in court) will prove that the exact same password was used on Sept 1 to login successfully, and Sept 2 to log in unsuccessfully. Also, you locked me out of all my other accounts with a "Bad password" message......facepalm.

And when I asked about the changed password/account activity/login in formation for Sept 2, I repeatedly get stonewalled.
I was then told there was NO RECORD of the Sept 2 login attempt, which again, I have absolute proof of in the form of the auto-emails from Cryptsy which I saved.

BitJohn won't admit that the password was changed sometime after Sept 1 but before my Sept 2 login attempt.

BitJohn won't say up front what info is required to change a password(because they change it for each person, they keep asking for info until they find a single piece you can't give).

One huge reason for this is that he will have to admit that security measures such as: my Un and PW, my login 2fa pin, email 2fa, whitelisted IP, were all BYPASSED OR TURNED OFF BY CRYPTSY STAFF TO CHANGE MY PW AFTER My SEPT 1 LOGIN, BEFORE MY SEPT 2 UNSUCESSFUL LOGIN.

Whatever security criteria BitJohn had for a PW change(which were extensive, as listed), to change my PW after Sept 1, and the criteria he will ask me to change the password now- WILL NOT BE THE SAME. BITJOHN CANNOT SAY WHAT INFO WAS NEEDED TO CHANGE MY PW AFTER SEPT 1,  AND WHAT CRITERIA IT WOULD NEED TO CHANGE MY PW IN THE FUTURE.

Think about it guys. These guys are malicious social engineers- I am not- they will always try to divert the conversation away from the important thing, and avoid questions, and when pressed they will lie through their teeth, such as what BitJohn already did with "1.".

 See my previous posts to see I've pursued justice against other scammers. I'm happy to say Interpol is currently after Alberto Armandi. Please see through their petty tricks.


BitJohn: Address my accusation that records on my account were deleted from your system on Sept 2? Because I was told by you that you only Have login attempts for Sept 1, then Sept 4. Destruction of evidence.

BitJohn now claims they can't send me $ without me logging in. THATS B/C MY CRYPTO HAS (With 90% certainty- the other possibility is that the allow me to login but everything is locked, but that's not likely since their string of lies is going to have to get more and more absurd as they explain why my withdraws and trading are still blocked-Hence I'm asking for them to send me my coins to the addresses posted. BitJohn saying they can't? Again, a BitJohn lies) CRYPTO HAS ALREADY BEEN STOLEN OUT OF THE ACCOUNT AND THEY REFUSE TO CONFIRM OR DENY THIS.  


First, the reason they told me for not being able to login was that I wasn't entering a captcha correctly!(The  Sept 2 login had no captcha, just UN an PW. The second reason they told me for not being able to login: they said I wasn't using the whitelisted IP!!!!!!!!! (I was, now since I've caught them, they are saying I "forgot" the password...)


And again, BitJohn is lying about his point #1, of course Cryptsy can change passwords. Are you kidding me? REFUND MY MONEY
14  Economy / Scam Accusations / CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: September 07, 2015, 10:40:45 PM

So I'm suing Cryptsy. If you can't withdraw your coins, feel free to add your name to the lawsuit. We will win this.

I've got some pretty disturbing news to report about Cryptsy which I believe is going to cause the site to go full-Mt. Gox, very very soon. If you have any funds at that site, I urge you to read this post, you will thank me later.

They've stolen a huge amount of cryptocurrency from me, but unlike other victims of theirs, I meticulously recorded data which proves their direct theft of my funds, coordinated deception, conspiracy, and direct lying regarding my account. Unlike other victims, between what happened and my Data logs(which I can prove are authentic) vs. what they have said(thinking I did not have such data logs), I caught them in a series of coordinated lies/fraudulent statements through a series of support tickets and emails, indicating that Cryptsy directly stole my coins and then covered it up.

I'm not talking about weak system security or negligence, but direct, outright deception and fraud. I think one of the criminal charges which will come up for Cryptsy as a result of this case will be criminal conspiracy, since the process of theft indicates a coordinated cover up/deception plan.

Essentially, Big Vern = Mark Karpeles.

Higher ups in this Fraud Conspiracy run by Cryptsy include: Jim  aka: “Jshock” Customer Service Manager and BitJohn Chief Operations Officer are/were directly involved in perpetuating this fraud/theft. This is in addition to several support and verifications staff, including someone by the support name of “Horus”, who I demanded a real name from, he responded “John MacPherson -- I am not hiding behind a fake support name.” (I am nearly certain John MacPherson is indeed a fake name.) His email signature is “HorusDirector -CryptsyCanada Head of Anti-Fraud and Investigations -”. Also, I am US based so Canada should have nothing to do with it.


1) Cryptsy arbitrarily, blocked, then deleted my withdraw requests from their records. [bT]hey then bypassed all security measures to change my PW and withdraw my funds, without my request, consent, or notification- while continuing(still now) to avoid either confirmation/denial that these events have taken place, and deleting/tampering/altering my login/withdraw/ request info.[/b]

Cryptsy claims even with correct(and unchanged) UN and PW, logging in from a pre-approved whitelisted IP, with 2-Factor Authentication PIN, and email 2FA confirmation for withdraw- they claim they still have the right to block my withdraws and that I must verify to withdraw.

2) On August 28, my ID verification was granted and my support ticket was closed. On Sept 2, they revoked my verified status and informed me via email.

3) As I was actively receiving “support”, Cryptsy staff changed my password without my consent, and without notifying me(bypassing ALL the security measures mentioned above), between my successful login on Sept 1 and Sept 2. On Sept 2, I noticed I could not log in, at which point I replied to my support ticket email and asked : “ Did you change my password for logging in???”. Cryptsy stops responding to my support ticket and refuses to answer the question.

4) Then, between Sept 2 and Sept 7, after dozens of back and forth's with support, they claim ignorance of why I cannot log in- continuing to avoid my question of “ Did you change my password for logging in???” . Of the excuses they give for my lack of ability to log in they say: (a) I need to log in from the whitelisted IP[I did] (b) They claimed I used an incorrect incapsula/captcha [there was no captcha in the first denied attempt, and in the subsequent attempts I did enter the correct captcha.]

5) September 5, support tells me the only way I can access my account is if I change my password. Yes you read that right. The same password that always worked until Sept 2.

{Cryptsy refuses to state up front what data/criteria are needed to change a password, they won't say because they want to ensure the criteria can never be met by me. I would guess/assume the criteria would include having some combination of the original pw, login pin 2FA, using a whitelisted IP to confirm, email 2FA. Meanwhile, they had changed my password between Sept 1 and Sept 2, bypassing any/all of these security measures which they are asking me(the account owner) for. They never informed me of the password change, and refused to answer my direct question about it when I confronted them with the question.

6) On Sept 6, I was told by BitJohn, the COO ,that there are no records of any login or password change attempts between my Sept 1 login and unsuccessful logins on Sept 4. At this point, I had already told them that I was going to sue if they did not solve the problem and give me my $ back.

Cryptsy deleted/removed/tampered with the login attempt logs, erasing all activity between my last successful login(Sept 2), until Sept 4.
ALL login/PW change/withdrawals on Sept 2 and Sept 3 were deleted from their system. I was informed of nothing, and all changes to my account were made WITHOUT MY REQUEST, CONSENT, OR NOTIFICATION.

I tried logging in on Sept 2 (as I have said, the first time I noticed I could not log in) and also Sept 3 a few times, all while in contact with support. I have the email confirms to prove this. Cryptsy erased these records, as well as the password change, from their records.

7) I have asked Cryptsy directly several times if my funds are still in the account. They continue to ignore the question. I can only assume that when they illegally changed my password after my last successful login on Sept 1, they withdrew the funds from my account(Again, bypassing all the security barriers they demanded from me, and which I had in place to prevent exactly this.-2FA for logins and withdraws, and my one IP which they admitted was a whitelisted IP at the time)

Then, they deleted these records (Sept 2-3) to cover their tracks.

Cool Cryptsy still refuses to confirm or deny that they changed my PW, deleted records, or that any funds are missing/withdrawn from my account between Sept 1 and now. They also refuse to confirm or deny how or on what grounds they removed/bypassed my security measures(2fa,whitelist, et cetera) for both PW change and funds withdrawal.

9) Cryptsy also refuses to put these security measures back on my account(withdraw confirm 2fa, et cetera). If they claim in court that the funds are still (as of now, Sept 7) in the account and not withdrawn during the Sept 1-Sept 7time period- Know that they removed all security measures, so that Cryptsy can withdraw funds from a non-approved IP, without informing me, in the future. I have specifically requested(since 7-11, and now) only the whitelisted IP(otherwise, what is the purpose of a whitelist?) may log into my account and withdraw funds. They've arbitrarily removed my whitelist without reason, and refuse to re-implement security measures, essentially locking the door and then leaving it wide open to be stolen by Cryptsy staff.

10) From my same IP, I opened a totally separate Cryptsy account back in 2013, then I also opened several new/totally separate accounts in late August when my withdraws were blocked. Today I tried to log into these completely separate accounts. ALL logins for all these Username, Password combos were denied with the message “bad username or password”. JUST AS WITH MY MAIN ACCOUNT DISCUSSED HERE, NEVER DID I ONCE REQUEST A PW CHANGE ON ANY OF THESE ACCOUNTS, NOR WAS I EVER NOTIFIED OF A PW CHANGE ON ANY OF THESE ACCOUNTS.

ARE YOUR FUNDS BLOCKED at Cryptsy? Try withdrawing now and see what happens, post your story here:
- My personal guess/estimate is that you have about t-30 days until Cryptsy completely jumps ship Gox style.
- Some ways they will block your withdraws: 1) saying you have a wrong destination address 2) preventing you from trading into other coins to make withdraws from that coin 3) leaving your withdraws as “pending” indefinitely, then canceling the request and wiping the records clean that any request was made. 4) Getting notification within the site that your withdraws have been approved, but some of the transactions never go through. In my case, when I made 3 withdraw requests on 3 coins, they all registered as confirmed and approved, the first went through and the other two were blocked. Check to make sure your withdraw actually made it to the destination address.

Open Message to Big Vern, CEO: Return my 5824 DASH and 19,552 NXT by sending to my confirmed, authenticated withdrawal addresses of : DASH: Xc3owNZf65UHZiWRvXdqzEPmNK9YJ3Z3xo , NXT: 17004580999606687589.

There is much more, bizarre and outrageous evidence /proof of Cryptsy's guilt yet to disclose.
15  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: labcoin lawsuit on: February 06, 2014, 11:59:15 PM
Everyone who is involved must contribute SOME amount of BTC, else they risk the possibility of what that may mean if any of the funds are recovered  Lips sealed

Thanks VS
16  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: labcoin lawsuit on: January 28, 2014, 05:07:22 AM
Our people might get to the bottom of things faster if they start in Carbonia, Italy.

Remember when Alberto told you he was going to get married near his home in Sardinia?

Also, maybe we can glean some more info from here to help the case.

Also, what, if anything do we know about the location/whereabouts/background of the Swede? (Of course Sweden would be a good guess, but we can't assum such things). J/W how was the Swede able to cover his tracks but the others weren't? Just being sloppy?

Do you guys thing Sam  Noi = fake person = Alberto?

With Alberto's past, how come there has never been a lawsuit before? (Possibly, no way to fund it?.... Crazy how BTC made the funding of a suit like this possible)

:-). If we pursue justice we can be proud of the outcome.
17  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: labcoin lawsuit on: January 25, 2014, 09:38:09 PM
Just submitted all my info to the Lawyer! Once I get the confirm I am on board from Lawyer/VS I will send that donation right away Smiley
18  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: labcoin lawsuit on: January 25, 2014, 06:51:49 PM
Sent VS a PM before I crashed to sleep. It seems things will be cool. Working diligently right now to make my calculations. I hope I am doing this right. I'll be back here to beetch in no time if I can't figure it out. I plan to just delete all the non-labcoin stuff from my excels, then just one subtraction equation : total BTC-DIV paid... If there's a formula someone wants to paste or its harder fl free since we all have the same format for the excel sheets. I guess I feel like I am cheating on my HW a little. Just want to make sure I get the right answers since the "perfect grade" is imperative here.

Alberto we commin for u.  No rest for the wicked.
19  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: labcoin lawsuit on: January 25, 2014, 07:12:49 AM
When is the deadline-deadline??? Biting my nails, drunk, rushing, trying to do this math- need to scan my ID, working on it now. Big losses. Pls God extend the deadline 24 hours... Working in this now. Will donate BTC. Tell me its not too late

Sorry in advance for drunk panic posts! I did not know the deadline was today

 ? Cry
20  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: labcoin lawsuit on: January 25, 2014, 05:58:52 AM
Will Donate considerable amount of BTC if I can still get in on the case.  Please help. I lost alot and did not see the deadline was yesterday. Trying to get the info from BTC-TC now. Virtualspade, can you PM me about this quick...
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