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181  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin going $1000 on: March 30, 2018, 04:11:03 PM
Are you ready about this one ?

Hi there nyerok! Yes I think to those people who start several years ago when the bitcoin price is below 1k.  But to those people that invest a way more higher than 1k price, that is a total nightmare.
Theoretically, that could happen but in this day where there are so many traders and investor of bitcoin that can't absolutely happen. When the price of bitcoin will reach 5k or even higher, the traders will automatically buy as many as bitcoin that they could be. That will then result in a huge leap up to the price, and again when the price goes down again, those people will massively buy again. When that scenario is repeatedly done, there could be a long long month before it touches the 1k mark.
182  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin affects students' performance in school on: March 30, 2018, 03:53:16 PM
As far as I can observe being a teacher, I am definitely happy that my students are involve in cryptocurrencies and they earn for themselves and help their families. But, their school perfomance is getting worse. Please give your thoughts how will you help students to earn and at the same time it won't affect their school works?

Hi there fishball! I hope you are a good teacher that will be given thanks by those pupils when they grew up. I think teaching them the right way to manage their time for study and bitcoin is more appropriate than stopping what they have started. There are readings that I have read that in Korea, there are students that even create a club to recruit more students in promoting bitcoin. And I think the university didn't even stop what they have created. But the thing is, just like bitcoin, there should be rules and policies that must be implemented to retain the balance of learning new things and learning lessons from the school.
183  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is bitcoin will end soon? on: March 30, 2018, 03:36:51 PM
As you can see from the last couple of months price of bitcoin going down and down..
Is this the beginning of the end?

Hi there stevemichael! Based on my opinion, bitcoin will never ever end. Even the price continuous to drop the bitcoin will still exist. Bitcoin exist from a price that is even lower than 1k and see, as of today it's price is still more than that. So do you think the bitcoin will end> I think not. If bitcoin end due to it's price, bitcoin should have ended several years from now due to the price. And even a huge drop in price occurs that happen when the mt gox hacking and bankruptcy happened, still the bitcoin continue and even make it more stronger than ever.  
184  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Advantages of bitcoin on: March 30, 2018, 03:20:36 PM
Im wondering what are the advantages of bitcoin than any other coins? I have been using bitcoin for almost 2 months already and I still donít know what its advantages. Please share your thougths.

Hi there Jabiii! It seems that you are just quite new with bitcoin with only 2 months of experience. The number one advantae of bitcoin among other is it's price and dominance. You could notice that most of the cryptocurrency price depends on bitcoin price. When a price of bitcoin goes up, those other cryptocurrency price goes up too. When the price of bitcoin goes down, those other cryptocurrency price goes down too. So it clearly shows that the bitcoin price dominates the market and the community which then drive the price of other cryptocurrencies.
185  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What Are Your Greatest Fears As a Bitcoin Holder? on: March 28, 2018, 08:14:47 AM
What are the top risks for Bitcoin holders?

Hi there TechDirectory! Just like what you have been stated, hacking is also my greatest fear.
If the bitcoin price drops there could be a chance that you can still sell at a lower price and gain back your investment. Lower price still have a chance to climb up, but if you are hacked, there are no chance you could get it back.
If the government impose sunction or restriction in your country, still your bitcoin is present with you and canít be confiscated by the government. And there are vpn that could pave the way for any bitcoin transaction. But in hacking, you cannot use vpn and the worst the vpn could have been pave the way of the hacker.
186  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: As a beginner is it too late ? on: March 25, 2018, 06:34:23 PM

I'm still learning about crypto currencies and willing to buy some bitcoins. Is it good time to buy?


Hi there Bounty_huntD! I love the saying "It is better late than never". I don't know who started that idiom but that worked for me most of the time. It sounds, i am always late, never mine. Another saying is action is better than words. Yeah, start it fast, along the road you could learn, and it is hard to learn something that you are not familiar with. Imagine if you just want to learn how to trade but never experience the actual trading. There is no expert that have done that, so I suggest that buy now until the price is relatively low as of the moment. But again, there is also a saying that regret is always sprouted last.
187  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What do you do with your crypto? on: March 25, 2018, 05:53:51 PM
I mostly mine and hodl, but my friend day trades and says I should start getting into it. What do you prefer to do and do you think there is a better route to take? I personally think it's all up to personal preference, I'm new though.

Hi here cosgui! As of the moment i HODL. I previously bought clothes using bitcoin, I have even bought a bitcoin socks last december. But currently, due to the low price of bitcoin it feels hard to let off some bitcoin just to purchase something that is no a need. However, some cost can't be prevented like internet fee and electricity. By those I use my bitcoin to paid it all off. If you are asking what could be done hodl or trade, i could suggest that follow your friend. If the price is low you can't gain enough revenue by just holding, you need those bitcoins to work for you and that is when the trading comes in.
188  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How to Secure Bitcoins? on: March 25, 2018, 05:37:23 PM
How to Secure Bitcoins?

Hi there Brian Goldman! There are so many ways bitcoin holder do to secure their possessions. What I prefer to do is to enable the two factor authentication built in to the wallet. I don;t know what is the wallet you are using but, most of the wallet provider have that kind of feature. If you have a huge amount of bitcoin let say one bitcoin, it is advisable to get a hardware wallet. Trezor is a great option, I don't have that kind of stuff but based on my reading, that is the most suggested brand. There are a lot of hardware wallet some comes more cheaper but the security and support is what most paid most rather than the cost.
189  Economy / Speculation / Re: BITCOIN AND ITS ENDING? on: March 25, 2018, 12:37:47 PM
Is there any ending or not?

Hi there CurrencyTime, there is no ending of the crypto currencies. As long as there are people who use the technology, there is no reason that bitcoin will end. You could notice that gold is long time use by people as a currency it is then replaced by bank notes and now crypto currency is at its early stage. If crypto become successful as an ordinary currency for selling or buying, it will surely not fail. Bitcoin and the whole crypto will never end just like a song that once been in top list suddenly could go down.
190  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: can bitcoin change our world? on: March 25, 2018, 11:35:51 AM
But what does that decentralized technology really do
To infer what the intrinsic value of bitcoin
I haven't been able to do it maybe somebody else can.

Can bitcoin change our world?I want to learn from your opinion.

Hi there perfryan, Bitcon is indeed changing the world of currency flows. To give an example is much better, let say you want to pay for a certain service or product but you don't want the company knew who you are or your credit card name is. The only option you could do this is to use crypto currencies. This technology comes with anonymity, you cannot be tracked thru the payment method. The decentralize technology let the blockchain perform its jobs. After paying, the public decentralized ledger will be updated for your particular transaction. Since it is decentralized it is hack proof. so any changes to a single ledger will be denied by all.
191  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I am new to Bitcoin, how can I get started? on: March 25, 2018, 11:17:42 AM
Hey, as you know already from the title, I'm new to Bitcoin, I would like you to help me by telling, where to buy, when to buy, where to sell, when to sell, things like that.
Important: I'm 17 years old, some methods may not work if I don't have 18, and that's what I have noticed.
I hope you can help me get started.  Wink

Hi there Delmiro, it is nice to hear that there are 17 years old teen that is planning and learning himself to be in the crypto currency world. If you are living in the US it is advisable to use coinbase. I am no affiliate with that company, I just found it easy to use and with user friendly interface. However, if you want to buy and sell bitcoin, you can visit gdax which is also a coinbase company and equipped with a more robust settings for trading. If you want to knew the price charts or prediction of price there is a thread in this forum name bitcoin price watch. Hope for your prosperous future investing with bitcoin.
192  Economy / Speculation / Re: Will The Price Of Bitcoin Increase Forever? on: March 24, 2018, 10:54:45 PM
As I heard a lot of prediction about bitcoin that it is going to $ 1mn till end of 2020 and people will see it soon. As a holder of bitcoin I am always worried that bitcoin may not go down as I am much money in it. I mostly think that I should sell my bitcoin now and make my money but also fears to post the train of bitcoin. So what are you people suggestions that will bitcoin will always continue to grow or will it stablize at some price or may go down?

Hi there totol05! Yes it will continuous to increase year by year. If you will refer to the price history of bitcoin based on the coin market cap website. You will notice that the price point upwards most of the time. But just the recent drop draw different kind of line. The bitcoin could be considered in its early stage by now, and there are lot of people that didn't know bitcoin exist. By that there is a huge opportunity for bitcoin to grow its users. And if there are growing number of user or holder, there will be a continuous increase in bitcoin price.
193  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: For how long will bitcoin exist on: March 24, 2018, 10:18:35 PM
i have been thinking bitcoin cannot last forever..............i need you guys opinion if what im thinking is right.

Hi there tayecrypto, theoretically bitcoin could last as long as there are people who support it. Supporters what I mean is minners, wallet providers, technical people and the community. All of these people that help each other together to run bitcoin and the blockchain technology holds the life of the bitcoin. If one by one leave or stop generating and processing bitcoin, that will be trigger that bitcoin is soon to dissipate. But it seems it is hard to think about it that all those people will stop doing what is beneficial to them and the community. Again, for me bitcoin would last forever, until there are people who are supporting it.
194  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: teach your children about bitcoin on: March 24, 2018, 10:01:38 PM
like games you need to do a lot of practice to mastered the games , can someone help me about this ?

Hi there popping! That is one of a good dad, explaining how technology and money works together. I remember that there are famous investor nowadays which have been teaches by their dad on how to invest as early as 12 years of age. But first we do hope that David like the whole essence of cryptocurrencies. If you want to teach him earning while playing, there is an alt coin which you could accumulate thru completing a certain task or mission in a game. You could check out the company that create crysis, that is one im talking to if i am not mistaken.  
195  Economy / Economics / Re: Is banking still important in the bitcoin era? on: March 24, 2018, 09:44:44 PM
Financial technologies such as bitcoin, P2P lending and crowdfunding are just beginning to take off, and businesses involved in the industry pose little immediate threat to traditional commercial banks. Banks, after all, the country's economic lifeline, so I think the bank is still very important, do you think?

Hi there dwsgh, in deed. Even if most of the people will use cryptocurrencies in their daily business transaction, banks services will still run. Like for example providing loans is still fully operational and may even strengthen. The mind set of most people engaged in cryptocurrencies is to continuous increase their investment and banks is the number one source of loans that can be use in a particular investment. Banks could even expand their services as a wallet provider of cryptocurrencies, they even do it in gold so it can be doable in cryptocurrencies.
196  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin as your main income? on: March 24, 2018, 05:16:15 PM
Bitcoin is a currency. Bitcoin is a solution to many problems. Bitcoin is bringing questions and new problems to this world.
Some people find this as a ride to boost your income, not specifically Bitcoin but also the whole crypto market.
I think it's a great thing! But what are you actually looking for? Bitcoin itself (the currency) might not be your solution.
If you want to "conquer" the world, you can't do it with Bitcoin. Like you can't conquer the world with the dollar itself.
You need to focus the technology. The blockchain along with it, bringing a new economy generation with freedom and decentralization.
It's something that should be written a new bible about in my opinion. Before you learn Bitcoin, learn economy. Once you master this skill, own Bitcoin as one of your cards.

I would like to hear some of your opinions and hear some smart words because I believe people think investing Bitcoin will make their life done financially but I honestly think it's not true.

Hi there cheefbuza, Every one of us had a financial problem. Some of the holder of bitcoin here is a single  mom or a student or don't have a job. Everyone thinks an excellent way to earn more of money to sustain the need on daily life.  For me, bitcoin give as great opportunity to earn more income.  But I donít rely single source of income. I just recycling my money to make my life a big difference.
197  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin as national currency? on: March 23, 2018, 11:48:33 AM
Could it be possible that in the future there are countries that use bitcoin as the national currency??

Hi there Minnasan, I think you haven't read the news about Valenzuela. The country is famous in government illegal activities like corruption, trust and transparency issues are very common as assessed by the world bank. Thus it is a good measure to solve the issue using crypto. And that is what actually happened, they have released and created their own cryto named Petro. This is an oil-backed token with a market value of almost $6B. There is initial 100 million token, currently PetroDollar or its ticker symbol XPD cost around $0.016113 at the time of this writing. You could further see the details in just a couple google search.
198  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Buy when market is Red on: March 23, 2018, 03:35:06 AM
Buy when market is Red, a trick to successful trading. Also dont put buy orders ahead of time.

Hi there sann111, there are several techniques in trading and that is just one part of a huge and complex way of buying. I have seen people that are buying even the charts are green and selling when the charts are red. Yes, that is opposite of what hace you said but they prove that those technique is could be more profitable. Example, when the you knew the price will go down due to the latest news, it is good to sell ahead of time and in contrast you could do the same.
199  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If bitcoin owner die. It means bitcoin also lost forever? on: March 23, 2018, 03:13:22 AM
bitcoin was 21million supply and one man got 1 million bitcoin he was holding and suddenly he died no one can open his wallet is it posible that the remaining 20 million bitcoin forever

Hi there coinsocieties, are you trying to ask what will happen to the remaining 20m or to the 1m that the deceases man owns?, The answer for the first question would be easy. The remaining 20m coins could still be mined if they are unminned or they could be passed to other person or relatives. In terms of the 1m, that could be a stucked bitcoin specially if no one knew about his wallet, it canít be mined again.
200  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Will Bitcoin Die Because of China? on: March 23, 2018, 02:54:56 AM
Can cryptocurrency still go on and have a very optimistic future even without China as part of the equation?

Hi there CryptoBry, I think it is impossible that china will totaly ban all transaction, companies and other activities in relation to bitcoin or the whole cryptocurrencies. There could be several reasons behind, I just state two for you.
First, bitmain which is your famous developer of mining rigs are based on china and china want to be the leader of everything and they will not let bitmain tranfer to other countries.
Second, since bitmain almost reaches a revenue just lke nvidia it absolutely pay a huge amount of taxes which benefited  the government.
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