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321  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: need best wallet on: December 24, 2017, 12:10:49 PM
which wallet is best for transaction. Blockchain have very high transaction fee.

Hi there amla! Have you tried coinbase? First of all, Iím not endorsing the application, I just find and read it useful. Currently there are more people using it and they have positive feedback about it. One good thing about coinbase is the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency direct from the app, it supports the crypto currency king bitcoin, and a couple of alt coins which includes Ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash. However, if you are just like other wallet the ease and efficiency of the wallet comes with a bit high transaction fee.  Wink
322  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: McDonalds to accept Bitcoin by 2018 on: December 24, 2017, 11:54:21 AM

Hi there Displux! I hope the story is true and not just a mere fake news, but I think it could be more reliable if we could read it in McDonalds own website. Anyway, given the fact that they will accept bitcoin as a payment to their meal, I hope that the transaction fee from your wallet to their POS will be a minimal like one percent or lower. If this company start this first step, I think other fast food chain and big names out there will follow too.  Wink
323  Other / Off-topic / Re: If bitcoin goes to zero on: December 23, 2017, 08:19:59 AM
Rest goes to zero as well?

Which is kinda weird. Everything is measured in BTC. Which makes it the digital gold and bridge between $ (real world) anf crypto.

Hi there Bonanzacoin! It is really weird that the price could go to zero. I think that event would not happen unless the whole blockchain technology and the bitcoin network, including miner were all together wiped out. But if that event happen I hope you have a plan for it cause in my case I got plan B. B as in bitcoin, as an avid user and loyal to bitcoin, I will still be proud and honor to experience the technology it serves.  Wink

324  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I sold everything on: December 23, 2017, 05:59:09 AM
Hi there demesmaeker2! As I read your story it seems that you are happy with your decision, we cannot prevent someone to cash it all out as price goes down and it hurt a lot. That is one of the reason why the price of is still going down, there are plenty of investor that prefer to exit while the price is still high enough to recover their initial investment. But I hope that this even will make new investor happy, due to the fact that the price is low and soon will sky rocketed again after holidays.  Wink

325  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin Jumps High This year on: December 22, 2017, 08:12:24 AM

I'm a newbie and don't know about the large investments in Cryptocurrency. But I see This year Bitcoin Price going very high. How the Predictions of 2018? Can I invest in Cryptocurrency in 2018?

Please Suggest me!

Hi there S.coastapps! If you would like to invest in bitcoin, I suggest to do it now while the price is low. I have huge trust in the cryptocurrency specifically in bitcoin, I hope the price rate increase on 2018 could be much higher than the price rate of 2017. From December 2016 to December 2017, the bitcoin price soar for more than 2,000% compare to several years ago where bitcoin just jump 76% in a year. Moreover, it is better to buy low than wait for the next year high price.   Wink
326  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Am i late to buy bitcoin now ?? on: December 22, 2017, 06:28:05 AM
Hello there one year ago i bought 3 bitcoins but lost them all in gambling... :'(nd now seeing the bitcoin price makes me cryy...
I have 1500USD right now...i am thinking to buy the bitcoin now whatever i can get with them

Should i buy now or not as bitcoin is reached its all time high and in to the moon...please advice me

Hi there Lordshiva! That is terrible thing happened, some people got lucky at gambling but some people have no luck at gambling. At the time of this posting the bitcoin price is around 19k and I could consider it as low price and a great opportunity to buy. Your budget is quite short a little to buy a full 1 bitcoin. However, as we all know the price could plummet and skyrocket anytime due to several factors. But as I observe, you could trade with caution and in not a long time you could probably recover your loss way back then if the price continues to surge.  Wink
327  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Who here lives on crypto currency daily? on: December 22, 2017, 06:11:31 AM
I personally only use crypto currency nowadays. I have a bitcoin debit card (bitpay) that I use everyday to make any payments.

It is nice because I can receive money anywhere in the world and have it sent directly to my bitpay account and then spend it in a irl store within minutes.

What about you guys? Do you invest/trade/use crypto currency?

I live in NY btw

Hi there TimtheYoutuber! Allow me to answer here even though I donít use  cryptocurrency on a daily basis, but I use it once a month for paying different services like internet subscription, website subscription and sometimes buying cools stuffs online. I never have tried bitpay, I hope to obtain one someday. Just like what other respond, there are limitation about government policy that hinders the full utilization of crypto in our country. But I hope someday that I can order coffee and have a meal paying using bitcoins.   Wink

328  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Christmas And BTC? on: December 22, 2017, 05:54:58 AM
I was just wondering, to those experts on bitcoin, because I have seen that bitcoin suddenly lay low in going up, and now even plunges.  I needed your opinion.

Does Christmas or any holidays affects bitcoin?
Please elaborate. Thanks a lot

Hi there DRAWDE_3691! I cannot claim my self an expert in bitcoin but I think there is a market slowdown during Christmas and even on New Years eve. People behind the trading platform, the traders themselves even thought they use bots or automated trading system, they are still human being than embrace emotion. Holidays, bring peace and joy to everyone, it gives a room for a work break and focus on the family. At the end, people wants to have huge amount of money to spent it for the betterment of their life and family.  Wink

329  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Is DEAD Again!! on: December 21, 2017, 03:15:37 PM

Today, Bitcoin is declared to be dead again as BitcoinCash is surging so high into the atmosphere as many people are expressing their complaints on Bitcoin's astronomical transaction fees and questionable speed. There is a movement right now in the market expressing a big dismay or disappointment on Bitcoin as this is not the Bitcoin that we are supposed to have. Bitcoin enthusiasts are recognizing this problem and hoping that soon the problem can be given adequate and acceptable solutions. Have you already said your goodbye to Bitcoin and hello to BitcoinCash? Do you think the Lightning Network does have the chance to save Bitcoin even temporarily?

Hi there iamTom123! As I observe the market, when the bitcoin fails or price drops all of the other altcoins including the famous bitcoin fork you are talking about steps in a higher new price. As I see it, it is not just one specific coin perform well during this time. Top coins out there are performing very well at the moment. I donít think the lightning network could do a better job at this, but one factor that affect the price is the opening of the bitcoin future market by those big trading company. This problem I think is just temporary issue, and the price could sky rocket after several weeks.  Wink
330  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: would you live in a country that use bitcoin as official currency? on: December 21, 2017, 09:51:35 AM
would you live in a country that use bitcoin as official currency?
assume that you're living there and get paid also in bitcoin. do you think it's possible to live in a country when one day the currency go up or down in 20%?

Hi there CrypTrends! You have point in there, it is somewhat crucial to send and even received payment when the value is keep on changing around 20% every day. But if all of the people live with in or accept the frequent change of price, I think anyone could manage to live with it. I think it is just like a weather, sometimes the sun shines and sometime the rain drops, and not all the people want the sun to always shines oppositely not all people want a rain. At the end, I think the environment around cryptocurrency is quite hard at the moment but I think people could little by little adapt it soon.  Wink
331  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Was bitcoin created by artificial intelligence? on: December 21, 2017, 09:33:52 AM
The last couple of days I have been reading a lot of articles that describe the possibility that Bitcoin was created by AI. First I thought this idea was kinda silly, but the more I read about it, the more plausible it sounds. If this is true, we should dare ask the question why an AI would create Bitcoin.
This video describes that very possibility and elaborates on the motivation of that AI

Hi there Bitcoinbiggestbosss! As I watch the clip I cant found no proof that the bitcoin is created by AI. Satoshi Nakamoto if you ever watch the video is cited, and was the creator of bitcoin. You can even read his research paper about it, and several communication that shows the development phases of bitcoin. You better watch the movie from Netflix entitled Banking on Bitcoin so you could further understand its development. Additionally, the main source code of bitcoin is available in the Github that proved that it is created by a man and not by a machine.  Wink

332  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Does Bitcoin work for online shopping? on: December 21, 2017, 09:17:36 AM
When you buy something on eBay or Amazon, you pay the seller, he ships the product and upload a tracking number.
If you haven't received the item, you can call eBay or Amazon and, basically, what happens is that if they have a tracking number that shows that the item has been delivered, then it is ok, otherwise eBay or Amazon reverses the transaction and you get your money back.
Is that possible with bitcoin? What if I buy a boat online for 2 bitcoins and I never receive it? Is bitcoin able to solve this problem?


Hi there berluscoin! Payment processing of eBay and Amazon are only in a form of dollar. Customer with different currency tends to convert it first to dollar before the payment process goes thru. That could be the idea you are looking for, but as far as I know, company that will do or can do that conversion is still not in the list of eBay and Amazon. One thing that you could do is to directly communicate with the seller or buyer and look for a trusted escrow service that will do the job for you.  Wink

333  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Are you OK with Bitcoin being called a token? on: December 21, 2017, 08:59:49 AM
Hi there Real_Person! For me it is more necessary if the cryptocurrency and even alt coins be called coins rather than token. Coins sound great and is referring to a currency, it directly point to a decimal or small amount of value in a certain currency. Just what most of the average bitcoin holder, they hold less than hundreds of bitcoin thus coins is what I preferred most. However, when we say token, it could be a certain object that holds a meaningful value and we canít directly see it as a currency.  Wink
334  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin online payments on: December 21, 2017, 08:32:07 AM
When will the youtube and other websites start to pay us with bitcoin?

Hi there ParveZ219! There could be a plan about that or maybe they will create a new kind of cryptocurrency that is a direct fork of Bitcoin of Ethereum that will be use in all google website and services. Just like the answer of other, if banks could accept bitcoin and those could be converted from the dollars that google pay, so that is the time when we could accept bitcoin as youtube partner. Currently there is a website called steemit that works like youtube and you could be paid by a crypto with extra bonus or dollar.  Wink
335  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin fees make me angry on: December 20, 2017, 08:50:02 AM
What the hell ?

Hi there Nomteck! There are company that grab the opportunity to gain a mouthful of cash as they see most of the people are engaging in the cryptocurrency era. I even notice one of my wallet when I am about to send some bitcoins in another wallet. How much they charge is a very big smack on the face, they charge almost $32 transaction fee for a $32 cost of bitcoin. I even try to check if the price will change if I send a $1 worth of bitcoins, and after a sec of calculation the transaction fee just drop from $32 to $30. I canít imagine how they compute those things.  Wink
336  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Dumping!! on: December 20, 2017, 08:33:06 AM
Why bitcoin price decreasing, now the price is $9,346.22 !! what is the causes of this dump ? Also all of alt coin dumped.

Hi there skba! Could you indicate what is the specific altcoin you are referring. I agree with you that the price of bitcoin is falling down, and the reason behind is the opening of the CME future contracts. The same scenario happen two week ago when the CBOE open the same bitcoin future contracts. One probable cost is that some investor prefer to dump their bitcoin and prefer to buy a much secure contract from the said company. However, this negates the price of the alt coins, most of the famous altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin surges prices after the said events.  Wink
337  Economy / Speculation / Re: BTC gone down today on: December 20, 2017, 08:16:06 AM
Seems on the markets at present time BTC has come down. your thoughts on this and why you think it happened?

Do you think it will go back up? if BTC goes down way lower would it be wise to buy more into it

Hi there worldtraveller321! The opening of CME bitcoin future contracts greatly affect the price of the bitcoin while it surges the price of alt coins. It is the same what happen when the CBOE start to trade their same bitcoin future contracts. The bitcoin have just start to inclined its price when days after the opening of the CME bitcoin future contracts. Comparing to the passed scenario, the bitcoin could stall around 19k for a week before starting to step in another price hike, and by this, I think it is a good time to buy.  Wink
338  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If people stop buying bitcoin on: December 20, 2017, 07:59:44 AM
What will happen if people just stop buying bitcoin? Will bitcoin be as usable as now Or will it be a step towards the end?

How will the market value react to it, people wanting to sell bitcoin but there is no one to buy.

Hi there shamzblueworld! I think that would not happen unless there are bitcoin were wiped out in the whole blockchain system. As I see people, even not in the cryptocurrency scenario, people tend to buy and sell things that make sense. However, let say the scenario you state comes true. The first thing that will happen is that price will drastically fall from the ground which make bitcoin value so small that people will not even bother to use them anymore. But I hope that scenario wont come true.  Wink
339  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does it make any sense to buy Bitcoin now? on: December 20, 2017, 07:43:13 AM
Does it make any sense to buy Bitcoin now? Isn't the price too high? Will it ever offer 30 000% returns?

Hi there drakegon! At the time I answer this question the price is at 18k wherein the previous week it sells more than 20k. Thus it is a good time to buy at this moment when the price is low. I believe that after a week when the CME future contract is stable enough the price will again soar to a new all time high. But if you are asking about the 30k% increase, I think it is not obtainable within a year. This year alone the price surge at about 1,500% as I estimate.   Wink
340  Economy / Services / Re: FastInvest Signature Campaign(FULL) on: December 20, 2017, 07:01:59 AM
2nd week payment received. Thank you sir!  Wink
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